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Self Defence Anonymous 86486

Hello miners. Do some of you carry weapons for your self defence? Guns? Pepper spray? Knives? Do some of you learn how to fight? Discuss self defence tips.

Anonymous 86488

I just posted in a semi related thread but I carry pepper spray and at least one seam ripper. If I feel really paranoid I will keep a boxcutter in my pocket. I'm really excited to use them!

Anonymous 86489

Box cutters are always handy honestly. It's good to have some around.

Anonymous 86516

I carry pepper spray and a rape alarm. At the least, the alarm is good to have if pepper spray is illegal where you live

Anonymous 86519

I have never heard of rape alarms. It's pretty good that those exist!

Anonymous 86528

What are the chances they'll get ignored like car alarms?

Anonymous 86535


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah, you're right anon. I guess it's still a nice thing to carry around with a weapon. Don't rely on the rape alarm to save your ass but have it by your side.

Anonymous 86536

The power of the rape alarm isn't getting someone to show up, it's spooking the moid that someone will show up and making him fuck off.

Anonymous 86574

it's so retarded that as a woman i have to be fearful of men trying to rape me

i mean never before have i just sat down and thought about it, but think about it: men never have to worry about women doing this shit to them, only other men. why are men so disgusting bros

Anonymous 86576


Men are literally more likely to commit violence and crime, and the horrible thing is that women are easy targets for them. Women do not have this autistic level of violence so there's no reason for scroids to fear us.

Anonymous 86579

I carry a straight razor. It is a simple item and a pretty good deterrent. And if somebody gets you by surprise and grabs you from behind you can whip it out and use it in that kind of extremely close range which you can't really do with a gun or spray. Also when I was living homeless for a while the homeless shelters would confiscate weapons but a straight razor they would let you keep.
Usually you will be raped by a moid you know. You are a lot more likely to just be mugged. Women are common targets for muggers.

Anonymous 86595

I don't think it's retarded, but it's certainly unfair. Maybe moids would be less willing to rape women if we showed a greater propensity for violence. I see some handmaidens in this thread bemoaning how "barbaric" men are, turning helplessness into a virtue, when you could just go the opposite route and make every woman a dangerous target.

Then again, rape in a random back alley isn't the statistically most likely variant. Three times out of four you're getting raped by a moid you know personally.

Anonymous 86631

Unrelated but Megan Fox is gorgeous and will forever be the unlimited gigastacy. Fuck Michael Bay

Anonymous 86662


I carry brass knuckles and a knife, I am trying to get a gun.
I don't really have any fighting tips, but just general safety tips that most of yall probably already know.

>Don't go anywhere alone

>Don't go anywhere while your phone is dead
>If an uber pulls up ask who they're there for before you get in
>Make sure somebody you trust always knows where you are if you go out
>Don't put in headphones while walking anywhere alone
>Park close to street lights and close to entrances

Anonymous 86663

Men who are violent are going to be violent no matter how tough we seem to them, and some of them even get a kick out of feeling like they are "knocking someone down a peg" if they manage to hurt a woman who is strong and not to be fucked with. Sure it will scare off some men who are more frail, but a lot of rape boils down to power and anger, and a lot of men get pretty damn mad when they think a woman can handle herself.
I agree that we need to be a lot more dangerous for men to touch, but I don't agree with saying that men would be less likely to rape if we just act some particular way, because there's all sorts of shitty flavors that rapists come in that.

Anonymous 86664

*didn't mean to put "that" at the end

Anonymous 86714

revolver anime gir…

EDC is a snub-nosed revolver and a plenty sharp pocket knife.

Anonymous 86841

lol have you seen her thumbs? yeesh!

Anonymous 86845

So due to being poor as a kid and working in some dangerous areas as an adult, I have some experience and I guess I'll share my thoughts.

Pepper Spray/Mace - Useful, but treat it as step one. Foam spray, which produces a stream of thick foamy bubbles is always my first choice - particularly if it has a marking dye which will stain their face and hands and scare the absolute shit out of attackers when they consider they're half blind, choking and can be easily identified. Foam spray presents the advantage of being able to move forward with the spray, rather than having to jog backwards like with most others.

Batons - I won't say batons are useless, but if you're resorting to one because you lack the strength or precision for a knife, you're back to square one - no sufficiently determined attacker is going to retreat because you hurt them. The best you can hope for is a really good hit to the head to stun them, but that's unlikely and will probably just get you grappled or disarmed.

Knives - Not the best, but if the attacker is right on top of you, being able to slash through clothing is important. The deterrent of knives isn't the pain, but mutilation. Do not use small, folding self defence knives, as they are effectively useless and will only encourage you to get in close, then do nothing to help. A box cutter will work on thin clothes and open up deep, wide, bleeding wounds with just some wild, random swings. This can scare the wounded attacker into running, but some small stabs from your 3-inch pocket knife will not. I carry a Fairbairn–Sykes style knife, which can pass through jackets/coats and has the added benefit of being able to easily penetrate joints with stabs. One good thrust to the shoulder can easily end a fight.

Anything unarmed - Just avoid. Brass knuckles, keyring-defenders, stun guns ect. are useless and will only get you hurt. So many women buy them and it gives them the same false sense of security a small pocket knife does, leading them to try to use them, only to find they're now in grappling range of a larger, stronger opponent with no training to get them out of it.

Tasers - High situational and not anywhere near as threatening as you think they'll be. Half the time it won't connect if they're wearing two layers and even if it does hit, you've only bought yourself a few seconds.

Guns - Anything small, concealable, slim and chambered in something larger than .380 will do. Stopping Power is mainly a meme, as most of the time 9mm passing through centre mass will cause such incredible shock the attacker will either run or simply collapse. If you're really worried, go with something larger. I carry a Glock 29 in 10mm with 180 grain hollowpoints, as it will kill a moid attacker as quickly as it will fend off larger predators.

Martial Arts - For self defence, most are memes. Anyone telling you to just train Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Krav Maga ect. is dumb. There are plenty of self defence instructors who will teach you the fundamentals of breaking grapples, disarming and subduing. Also, practice running. The kind of moids who will attack you on the street are not athletes, and taking up running every other day will save you more often than training for a decade to become a Krav Maga expert.

Anonymous 86860

lol I’m gonna buy a tessen. But I suppose that’s just cause I love tessens ever since I grew up in Japan. I also know some basic moves. That’s besides the point though.

Know and learn pressure pressure points. I’m not talking about bro marital arts. Real pressure points that actual hurt and will actually save your life if needed are:
The pressure points located directly behind your ear where your ear and jaw meet. But you want to press like your life depends on it. It hurts. It’s a lymph node. The other is the armpit, it’s the Brachial plexus.
Fight dirty. There is no such thing as a fair fight when you’re fighting for your life especially against a man. Poke his eyes out, bite his ears and fingers, and everything is a weapon. and I do mean everything
Punching upwards with the palm of your hand as hard as you can to their nose will break it.

And martial arts are not just memes. That actual is such a western thing to say. Of course the bro martial arts are lame. MMA, Krav Maga, Jujutsu. But (and this is a huge BUT) you have to do your research finding a reputable dojo that teaches actual skills not just “cool” techniques, bro.

Home defense is a pump action 12 gauge shotgun. Period. Two Birdshot. Four buckshot. Then slugs.

Out and about is 9mm micro compact handgun. The point is to shoot to escape. Not to kill. But as the other anon said, the Glock G29 is small enough and packs a punch and will shoot to kill.

Just be sure to get your concealed carry permit and don’t be stupid. All guns are loaded unless you check yourself.

Not everyone has access to guns because they live in a place where there legal though so there are options. Just with tasers get the ones without the strings or whatever. The ones that you have to shove to a persons body.

Finally. The best defense is just not being there in the first place. Don’t be stupid.

Anonymous 86861

Guns are for Texans or Arizonians. The best gun to carry is the Glock with a Red Dot Backup/Sight for Glock Handguns it will be almost impossible to miss any target with that unless it's afar af.

Anonymous 87346

I live in a country where weapons aren't allowed, and nobody has even seen a gun.

So I carry a meat hammer and self made pepper spray from recipes I've found on the internet

Anonymous 87353

I didn't even know there was such a thing as pepper spray recipes on the internet. Good to know, thanks for sharing anon.

Anonymous 87419

If you don't have access to guns, you might as well forget about it. I'm not kidding, you would most likely just escalate the situation with these useless toys and end up even worse.

Anonymous 87422

nice try moid

Anonymous 87426

stop giving bad advice, someone might actually get killed because of your naruto power fantasy bullshit.

Anonymous 87433

Yea someone who had no method of defending themselves. Go jerk off elsewhere.

Anonymous 87544

iirc theyve done studies where the analyzed outcome between doing nothing and fighting back violent rapists and violence escalated regardless in many cases, i believe. it sounds sensible to us that we'd consider trying to not piss them off, but the thing is that they're sadistic people anyways and if you end up raped by them, they have even more reason to kill you or attempt to do so. the odds of being raped are cut in half if you fight back.

Anonymous 87551

“Oh you won’t kill them so don’t bother” is such a moid cope. Rapists are cowards 9 times out of 10 and will fuck off if they think your rabble-rousing will get them caught

Anonymous 87553

probably less likely, rape alarms are excruciatingly loud and piercing, unlike car alarms. i definitely recommend a good rape alarm (or two on your keychain, even)

Anonymous 87749


Same. Posting as motivation. I know she's not ripped ripped, but I would kill for this build, she's gorgeous and looks so solid.

Anonymous 87751

When was the last time you or someone you knew heard a rape alarm go off and went to help?

Anonymous 87756

she used to be a chubby weeb, now she's does chun li cosplay that are accurate AF

she's absolute goals

Anonymous 87757

who is she

Anonymous 87778

giulia valeriani. let's do it, ladies. almost want to do like a motivational workout thread where we post our workouts and challenge others to do the same workout and post when we're done as accomplishments, if we don't already have one. if i have a group thing going it's so much easier to work out at home… i still don't feel comfortable going back to the gym

Anonymous 87783

>she used to be a chubby weeb, now she's does chun li cosplay
Wow what a fucking inspiration. Gym closed but I’m going tomorrow now

Anonymous 87785


Anonymous 87815

could a moid in plain sight be any more obvious?

Anonymous 87986

Read "Meditations on Violence" and "Facing Violence" by Rory Miller, its a fantastic introduction on the topic of self defence and helps you avoid the things that are only memes to take your money.

Anonymous 89410


Buy a Gun.

Anonymous 89427

dont get a gun if you have thoughts of suicide

Anonymous 89963

girl boxing.webm

do boxing

Anonymous 91216

I've done a bit of boxing, and it doesn't look like the guy was trying there.

Anonymous 91225


Getting into boxing is still good advice. I assume the average scroid doesn't know jackshit about boxing so it's good to have some basic fighting knowledge to keep yourself safe. If you can already overpower the average moid you're pretty much set since the average moid doesn't know how to fight anyway.

Anonymous 91275

Its very telling that most examples like this where the girl beats up the guy has the guy not trying at all. Doing some contact sport can be great, but you shouldnt be under the impression that youll be a badass action movie star. Most people who do martial arts avoid fights more than normal people, because they know how easy it is to fuck up and get knocked out, break something or sustain some other nasty injury. And thats a lot more true for street fights than for organized sports, no matter how good of a fighter you are you can get poked in the eyes, elbowed or attacked in some other way thats illegal in your sport so you were not trained to deal with it. The other person might pull a gun, call friends etc etc. All of this is even worse for people with small frames, heights and body weights, which, you know, is mostly women. An average woman would have to train for years to be able to fight an untrained but enraged moid. And it would have to be actual training that includes serious sparring, not just some dancing around with forms.

Point is, if you actually care about your safety fighting isnt the way to go. Best defense is carrying a gun. Second one is running. Most men have terrible endurance, if you run twice a week in a couple of months youll be able to outrun most men (by running I mean sprinting not jogging)

Anonymous 91722

I daily carry either pepper spray or pepper spray AND a concealed handgun. thing with pepper spray is you can't rely on it. if you need to spray a guy, prepare to run. someone in the news sprayed a hobo and then retardedly hung around after, and the hobo came back and beat him into a hospital bed. always wear shoes you can run in and be prepared to spray and then haul ass for dear life. make a note of the guy's face, because you'll most likely meet again if you live in the same city, and he'll remember you and want revenge. all reasons not to rely on pepper spray. there were riots in my city last year and the industrial grade police pepper spray didn't stop rioters. you think it will stop a rapist? it might buy you 20 seconds. spray and run. do not stand around trying to call the police–he will come back and stab you.

guns are great but carry is a nightmare as a female. our clothing and most holster types are just not made for our anatomy. ever notice how most womens clothes are thin and form fitting, and even our jackets are cut ridiculously short? you can't carry in clothes like that. i try to carry every day but sometimes it's just too much of a pain in the ass, so i only take the pepper spray. mainly that's when i'm going to work because my office has a no guns policy, which is ridiculous and anti-women. purse guns are also retarded. they take 5x-10x as long to access as AITW which means you are fucking dead.

the spray needs to be accessible. it doesn't do jack shit in the bottom of your bag. i have it either in my pocket with my hand around it and thumb on the corner of the turn trigger, or in my sleeve if i have no pockets. if you can't deploy it in less than 4 seconds it's worthless.
concealed permit is a meme.

Anonymous 92159

If you are going to do a martial art do Muay thai or kickboxing. MMA is probably better overall but if you really just want to keep moids at bay you need to do a striking sport with basically everything allowed. Moids overestimate their ability to fight thanks to pop culture making it look so easy. You probably wont knock out a moid especially if he comes in to grapple but you can make it difficult and use the fighting skills to make enough noise to either scare off the attacker or attract attention. You probably wont win, but you will greatly increase your chances of survival.

Anonymous 92348

Could an athletic woman overpower a skinny man? Is there a situation where a woman is stronger?

Anonymous 92381

I mean yeah if you take a muscular professional female martial artist amd put her against some small skinny untrained mam shell wil every time. Hell, shell most likely win against significantly bigger men too if theyre not trained. But most women arent professional martial artists and you cant really become one easily, that shit takes a lot of time, discipline and dedication.

Anonymous 92383

>make every woman a dangerous target
Start going to the gym and/or open carrying

Anonymous 92384

>Don't go anywhere while your phone is dead
How the fuck is this going to prevent you from getting graped, though? I hardly ever carry my phone on me anymore.

Anonymous 92404


I think most raw strength studies show the strongest 5% of women are stronger than the weakest 5% of men, so basically no. Get a gun and make smart choices.

Anonymous 92412


In general no. Unless the man is quite small and the woman is quite strong and skilled the man can just use his large size, strength and stamina advantage to overpower the woman. If you give him enough time he can outlast the woman and break through any defences. Even a small man is surprisingly strong if he really feels like he needs to be.

Sure if a black black in Brazilian jujitsu comes up against a small and skinny untrained man she is going to win, but the taller he is and the more pounds he packs on and the more skilled he gets the more the chance of winning starts to evaporate.

Most of self defense is learning to avoid situations where you might come up against bigger and stronger opponents, and good self defense for women should be focused around buying time for help to arrive and maybe scaring away an attacker rather than dreams of knocking out a rapist with an upper cut.

Anonymous 92542

anon it will never be some skinny gamer twink assaulting you. it's always a filth-covered 6'3 220 lb hobo. always. anons ITT are talking about fighting men covered in feces, urine, dried cum, street gunk, gutter sludge, BO, lice, and drug remnants with AIDS ridden needles sticking out of their pockets. you anons are crazy for even considering grappling with one. even if I were a 7'0 300 lb moid with pure muscle mass I wouldn't want to touch a hobo enough to knock him out.
you will never be strong enough to overcome a moid, and open carrying is retarded. it paints a target on you and isn't legal in most places. think before you post.

Get a gun and concealed carry it. Not in your fucking purse either, in your pants AITW. otherwise you will literally be raped and murdered. crime in my area is up 800% from last year.

Anonymous 92597

>you will never be strong enough to overcome a moid
Thats stupid, if a woman has just as much muscle mass as a moid does she is just as strong as him. Women just generally have less of it, but just as with most sexually differentiate characteristics overlaps are possible. Also marital arts are a good compensator for strength gap (you should train yourself to be able to use it on street tho). Btw funny how women who say shit like "all women are weaker than men!1!1!" are never athletes themselves, makes you think

Anonymous 92598

Thats just not true. Give a source instead of showing "funny pictures"

Anonymous 92599

>if a woman has just as much muscle mass as a moid does she is just as strong as him.
except it's way harder for women to gain muscle mass so it's never that simple

Anonymous 92606

I hope it's okay to post this here. When I was a teenager, there was a huge spike in home invasions. The perpetrators would go into a house, tie up everyone and take their time to rob them. One of my closest friends was a victim of this. On top of their material loss, the women were sexually assaulted and because it was in a third world country, no one was ever caught.

I currently live in another country, but I still have a fear of home invasions. I have discussed this with my husband and told him that I want to get a gun, but he doesn't want to have one around our children. He argues that we would be fine with a bat, a stun-gun and/or some tasers. The problem is that with the exception of the stun-gun, his alternatives require us to be in close range with the assailant. Besides, I am a small woman, I am scared that they would just take the bat/taser from me and start using it against us. Am I being too paranoid? Is he right?

Anonymous 92612

It is extremely unlikely for a woman to have the same amount of muscle as a moid. He would have to be really short and scrawny.

>Also marital arts are a good compensator for strength gap (you should train yourself to be able to use it on street tho)

That just tells me that you have never done any serious martial arts. If you had then you would know that unless the woman is really fit and strong and well trained and the man is none of those things the woman is at a serious disadvantage. As moids are usually taller and have broader shoulders they can outrange you when striking and if they close the distance and go in for grappling they can use their greater muscle mass and grip strength to take you down and break through your guard.

Anonymous 92701

buy a firearm anon. and don't keep it locked in a safe where you can't access it quickly enough. teach your children about firearms and that they are not toys. my father owned guns and i never got into them because i would have had my hide tanned. he took me to a shooting range and taught me about firearms so it satisfied my curiosity. you want your kids to feel the same about guns as they feel about a wrench or hammer.
all home invaders are armed with firearms. if you have a bat and he has a gun who do you think is going to win? he will get himself killed trying to use a bat and taser against a guy with a gun.
>they would take the bat from me and use it against us
>am i paranoid
Anon, that is literally what happens.
check youtube for videos on home defense. usually it's a friendly middle aged white guy teaching you how criminals think and what it's actually like to be in a confrontation, so you have movie-esque delusions shattered and learn to think realistically.

i recommend a shotgun for home defense. it isn't fun to shoot (hurts your shoulder due to the force) and kids will not get at it, and it fucks up invaders. personally i do not have kids and live in a non-first-floor apartment, so for me a handgun is more practical. if you have a house, you will probably do best with a shotgun. all gun selection is circumstantial. if your moid is hesitant, take him to a gun range. you can usually rent firearms to shoot with. men find it fun, and he won't think of guns as scary evil monsters anymore.

even i can take a bat away from someone (there's a trick to it). if you go at a criminal with a bat he will grab it from you and smash your temple in. thinking otherwise is delusional. Remember: no one ever thinks they need a firearm until they do, and then it is too late. Just keep tabs on it and watch your kids, and your kids' friends if they bring any over.

Anonymous 92956


The graph is from Reddit, but the data is from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011-2012. Here is a documentation of the procedure (https://wwwn.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhanes/2011-2012/manuals/muscle_strength_proc_manual.pdf) and the variables (https://wwwn.cdc.gov/nchs/nhanes/2011-2012/MGX_G.htm). The experiment has been replicated numerous times in Britain (https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0113637) and Germany (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dieter_Leyk/publication/6614766_Hand-grip_strength_of_young_men_women_and_highly_trained_female_athletes/links/54ddeb6c0cf22a26721d51a3.pdf) with similar results. The former one has also included data from female athletes to compare against the average men and women.

Anonymous 92957


Maximum hand-grip forces (Fmax) of young adult men (M, n = 1,654), women (W, n = 533) and female elite athletes (FA, n = 60). Values are median interquartile (25th and 75th percentile) and absolute range.

Anonymous 92999

Here's your daily reminder that requesting a source is just an smug way of saying you disagree and don't want to find any evidence to change your opinion. Either prove them wrong or move on.

Anonymous 93000

Sounds like you don't have a source to me tbqhwyf.

Anonymous 93001

You manage to miss all the other people posting sources/data?

Anonymous 93004

Well I'm not here to argue about that data since I'm not the anon you originally replied to. I'm saying crying about having to back up your own arguments is lazy and indicative of not having a source. Your reminder is applicable to more than just this specific situation and it's dishonest of you to suggest otherwise.

Anonymous 93007

Nah, it's lazy to gaslight other people into doing work just to waste their time. Google exists, reverse image search exists. If you actually cared you'd look into it yourself to get even more data and context to form an even deeper opinion. The reality is, asking for a source is just glib disagreement because you don't like the point they're making.

Anonymous 93009

If you're taking the time to try to "educate" people you should be prepared to back yourself up or be dismissed, ESPECIALLY online where fake infographics are regularly shared without source and are taken as reality by dumbasses who don't know better. Learn what gaslighting is by the way, telling you that you have the burden of proof is not gaslighting.

Anonymous 93010

You misunderstand. There's no "burden of proof". I don't have to do jack shit for anyone, especially if they're lazy, ignorant, and opinionated. Nobody ever, in the history of the internet, has moved a conversation forward by asking for a source, because even if you waste your time doing that then they just attack your source and continue being dismissive. I'm not going to change anyone's mind by providing a source. They have to want it.

Anonymous 93012

If you're taking the time to find the graphic to make the argument,the extra second to provide the source isn't asking for much. You're projecting your own laziness and ignoring the fact that you're in a public space and posting a source can sway people other than the ones asking you. It's nonsensical to suggest that it's somehow too much effort to provide a source when you went looking for it and are the one taking the time to argue in the first place. If you don't want to share a source, don't bother sharing your input in the first place. It takes even less of your precious time and energy that way.

Anonymous 93019

You have fun with that conceal permit is a meme shit.

Anonymous 93028

Does anyone have any experience with kicking a guy in the balls? I have heard mix advice about it. I figured I would ask since it's almost always brought up immediately. Is it really as effective as it seems?

Anonymous 93029

If you hit it the fucker will drop like a wet fish and be in agonizing hell for 5-10 minutes. If you miss you just went and angered a violent animal.

If you are confronted with a bear you don't try to gouge it's eyes. Just run. (except when he's already down, at that point you are just preventing future crimes by squishing sth)

Anonymous 93030

I accidently kicked my brother in the balls and he started convulsing on the floor, it wasn't even a strong kick

Anonymous 93031

yeah kicking men in the balls usually does that

Anonymous 93037

A kick to the balls will drop a guy instantly but it's way harder to hit a guy in the balls then you probably think.

Anonymous 94469

I see this stupid study posted all the time and it's really misleading. Grip strength involves the muscular group which has the highest level of sexual dimorphism by far. Not only that but this measures maximal strength with no account for muscular endurance which is higher in women (https://journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/ajpendo.00098.2004)

In an unarmed fight a woman can utilize better technique, slower fatigue, lower body strength, etc… average female has 70% leg strength of an average moid which btw can be easily trained to surpass them. Yes I know this for sure, I can bench, squat, and deadlift more than both my bf and brother, simply because I lift and they don't.

But let's be realistic, if someone is trying to mug or rape you there are more than likely weapons involved on his end, and if you try to fight him he can just stab you or pull out a gun. So I still agree with: get a gun and make smart choices.

Anonymous 94472

I normally only lurk, but I'm going to make an exception to state very clearly that, if you carry a gun, you ONLY DRAW IF YOU INTEND TO SHOOT AND YOU SHOOT TO KILL. I can't emphasize this enough. Laws in basically every country are so biased against anyone defending themselves that you are expected to only draw if you believe there is an immediate existential danger. Drawing in any other circumstance is brandishing, threatening, aggravated assault, etc. and comes with very hefty prison terms. If your attacker survives, they will press charges and it will get ugly when they get up on the stand struggling to tell a sob story over however many photogenic injuries you left them with.
If you have trouble carrying because of your clothes, consider pocket guns or dedicated carry accessories. Quite a few holster manufacturers make purses, fanny packs, etc. specifically for carrying.

Anonymous 94518

first half of post is correct, second part is trash. gun purses are ass. they take the time to draw from 1.5-2.5 seconds up to 6-8+ seconds. if you use a purse gun you will die. that's all there is to say about it. the moid will kill you in that time.

the first part is true though. do not brandish. the laws are absolutely fucked. unfortunately if you draw you had best shoot to kill with no hesitation or you will be the one going to prison because a moid decided to assault you that day. ain't democrats just GREAT? my recommendation is for everything you don't intend to kill, get pepper spray for. but if you need to use the gun don't hesitate.

Anonymous 94530

It's 65% at the same weight class of elite power lifters. Untrained, with men weighing more… Just stop trying to say women can be stronger than men.

Anonymous 94551

moid propaganda

Anonymous 105105

The best way to protect yourself against moids is avoiding moids altogether. A woman can never win in a fight against a man, unless you're a freak of nature high T female. If you don't live in burgerland you're not allowed to carry a gun. You can wound yourself with pepper spray if you don't know how to use it. Melee weapons are not meant for self defense.

Anonymous 105125

I want to learn Krav Maga, but as for now, I carry pepper gel and a stun gun. I attract a disproportionate amount of creeps, and I'm a 90 pound 5'1" girl, I'm not going out there without something to defend myself.

Anonymous 105130


My little brother taught me how to put on an (I think it's called) guillotine standing choke because he wanted me to know how to defend myself. He told me to knee in the gut or crotch any creepy asshole that gets too close for comfort and then put one of these on.

He even insisted I train putting him in it (he wore like two towels in his groin lol) until he thought I was doing it properly. I can't tell if he was exaggerating but he told me if I didn't break the hold when he'd tap he was moments away from blacking out.

I can't explain exactly how to put someone in this hold, I personally needed to see it being done and then do it myself, but I don't think any of you would be worse off if you knew how to do it, so look up how to YouTube vids of something that looks like pic related.

Anonymous 105179

>I want to learn Krav Maga
Hope this doesn't sound mean but what makes you certain it will be useful? Sometimes I see cool female self-defense stuff but it's always a tall woman and I feel kind of hopeless at 5'0" 105lb. I don't just mean having a full fight with someone, even escape tactics seem impossible to pull off at my size.

Anonymous 105197

I don't think that women "toughening up" will solve anything. There's a difference between being non-confrontational and being helpless. Moids, especially "tough guys", like gangersters, are actually more likely to be victims of violent crimes (except rape) than women are, in part because they go starting fights with other moids, or continuing fights rather than fleeing, to show off how "tough" they are. Women should absolutely be prepared to fight in case a moid decides to pick on her and there's no other way for her to escape him, but we shouldn't try to be "tough" like men or try to be more violent. That clearly doesn't have a protective effect, seeing how many moids end up getting killed by each other.

Anonymous 107462

i wish i could conceal carry but my libshit state doesnt allow it for anyone under 21
i just want to be safe

Anonymous 108773

wing tsun is always worth a try, it's very effective, especially against bigger and stronger opponents than oneself

Anonymous 108821

> Overconfidently assuming you can take on a moid
Yeah, don't make that mistake
Get a gun, or practice screaming really loud.

Anonymous 108853

What a dumb bitch holy shit that was hard to watch

Anonymous 108859

dont bother with a fucking standing guillotine, a guy would just hit you in the stomach once and youll drop unless you train taking liver shots.

Anonymous 108862

>if a woman has just as much muscle mass
no, seriously, no.
testosterone is a performance enhancing drug. if youre curious compare records across weight classes in classic open division

Anonymous 108943

true, and I frankly think the most at risk women are the tall one. Every tall friend I had always thought that a moid smaller than them were "safe", for some reasons. Terrible mistake

To be fair, a lot of moid don't know how to fight and are out of shape, so if you're a very athletic women and you do a serious combat sport, like boxing, but especially a grappling one, you could win. There was some mock fight I don't remember when, where a moid said that he could take "any girl in a fight, even trained" and an out of shape, ex MMA women took the challenge and he was ridiculous. He lost like a bitch, was out of breath in ten seconds, and struggled like hell.

Anonymous 109142

youre right, there are definitely outliers that a fit woman could beat up, but take into consideration the kind of moid that would actually attack a woman. they probably wouldnt be a soyboy.

if your life depends on it, get a gun.

Anonymous 109175

Are you talking about the boxing match between Joey Buttafuoco (fat untrained old man) vs Joanie Laurer (WWE female fighter)? He beat her ass and won despite not knowing what he was doing.

Anonymous 109179

I think it was Rhonda Rousey orsome shit, NTA though

also I am half convinced set ups like this are propaganda

Anonymous 109381

No, it was another one
And besides, boxing is majorly in favor of males, it's all about strength. When you get to grappling, there is much more technique involved. Taking a moid into a pure boxing fight is just stupid, especially when most fight you will run into will end on the ground anyway

Anonymous 109382

I don't know, it depends on your age and where you live I think
Like if you get harassed by random guys or attacked in the street, I agree. But the soyboy out of shape that think he can totally wreck anyone shit, even if he never, ever lifted once in his life, and his prone to "anger issues" can sometimes try to hit you because "you deserved it"

Anonymous 109496

Remember: anyone discouraging you from learning self-defence or carrying a weapon is a scrote who wants his female victims to be vulnerable when he strikes.

Doing both will give you the best chance in an emergency situation. There is literally nothing you can lose by learning self-defence, but so much you can gain.

Anonymous 109519

Boxing is not all about strength. If anything even a lower weight class person has a punchers chance in a boxing match. In terms of grappling matches at similar skill once someone twice your size has a hold on you its over before it begins. Size mismatches won by grappling are grapplers vs people who don't know how to grapple. Which if you put a boxer vs someone who has never boxed then the boxer will win even if the guy is bigger too. In terms of self defense it is important to know how to grapple, but your priority should pretty much always be on keeping your distance and trying to get away. Even if you subdue one person with grappling theres plenty of footage of people doing that and then the guys friend kicks them in the face. Basically learn how to grapple, but don't take people down on purpose.

Anonymous 109522

No offense, but do you know what you're talking about?
Boxing is mainly about being stronger, heavier and faster. In jiu jitsu I regularly see girls winning fights against them because it's not about who is the biggest. I mean really, if you follow martial arts, brazilian jiu jitsu was made by a small moid who wanted to not get rekt by bigger moid. And getting to the ground when you're good at grappling and the other person is not is actually how you win
But yes, on the street, it's stupid and you should run anyway, if we're talking self defense. On that I agree

Anonymous 109539

Yes it is true that if someone has no experience grappling they will be like a fish out of water on the ground and yiu can submit someone much stronger than you. What I am saying is that between skilled competitors there is more leeway in terms of weight class in striking than grappling. That's why you sometimes see middle weight men beating heavy weight men like back in early K1 days they only had a heavy weight division and Andy Hug beat much larger opponents at the highest level of competition in that sport. Obviously there are limits to this I'm not saying that a 120 pound woman is ever going to beat a 200 pound man in standup competition just that she wont in grappling either. If you use examples like Royce submitting much larger opponents that was, because they were generally either completely ignorant of grappling, or not prepared for the submissions. On the modern mma it is always at the grappling range and particularly the clinch where the bigger stronger person has their greatest advantage, because people know what they are doing now.

Anonymous 111205

but women can be stronger than men, an average woman who does powerlifting squats 200 lbs, which is a lot more the average male can

Anonymous 111209


here's the vid, she pretty much destroyed him

Anonymous 111210

Anonymous 111214

jesus the male cope in those comments

Anonymous 111215

Anonymous 111216

It is genuinely very rare for a woman to be able to fend off a man who is dead set on raping her, unless she is taller than him, well-trained, and has genuinely a large amount of fighting experience while the male is completely untrained.
This is why i always have pepper spray on me. It's basically essential.

Anonymous 111217

Anonymous 111218

>well-trained, and has genuinely a large amount of fighting experience
Yes…that's why we're promoting self-defence classes. If you're not trained in fighting, a man is going to easily rip that pepper spray out of your hand. You've been conditioned to think that there's no point in fighting back so that you'll close your eyes and think of england while someone's raping you. Maybe the person/people who told you that didn't want to rape you but they were getting you nice and well-prepped for the next guy.

Anonymous 111219

Yes, switchblade, hand gun, pepper spray. I don't have official fighting skills, but I was homeless for a while and I learned ways to quickly defend myself. When a man is trying to harm you, there is no fighting dirty, there is only defending yourself.

Anonymous 111223

i knew a bunch of guys who actuallythink there's like a magical force that will make women unable to defeta a guy in a fight, no matter if the girl can lift more than them, can grapple and strike better than them have more experience in fight etc, they actually think a fat, sedentary guy on his 30's can beat Miesha Tate
so when they see things like this they go crazy, hell just see vids of some women outlifting some guy pr, they just can't believe it!
things like cute girls squating 250lbs or winning a bjj tournament against guys just turn them into a psychotic mess

Anonymous 111224

damn! that chick actually beat a fucking marine in less than a minute, like it was nothing

Anonymous 113425

That 1st is kind of an example of why its dangerous to use grappling in self defense vs a bigger person even if you are more skilled. She taps the guy and its awesome, but he also slams her twice and that 2nd one on pavement… Not good lol. The last video is pretty cool. The guy has no idea how to strike and the girl has some good kicks. Shows striking isn't all strength like some people were saying earlier.

Anonymous 113851

I don't understand why we have gender segregated sports. This proves that men and women can compete with each other and only the technique matters.

Anonymous 113852

>.t never did a sport seriously in her life

Anonymous 113855

Because at the high level of the sport the males will also know what they are doing.


"Rijker was sometimes dubbed by the press "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World".[1] She is widely regarded as the greatest female boxer of all time.[2]"

Anonymous 114249

Pepper spray and a rape alarm, had it in my backpack since middle school.

Anonymous 114494

Brass knuckles are just going to hurt your hands and twist your wrist if you actually land a punch. They're not particularly good weapons even for man hands. At best brass knuckles in a woman's hands will cut skin. You're better off adding weight to your fist by squeezing a roll of coins.

Anonymous 114495

>squezing coins

Mechanically wont that prevent you from making a proper fist?

Anonymous 114496

It still works depending on hand size and diameter of the roll. You can make a good fist even through layers of handwraps and a boxing glove's grip bar. I think hammer fist strikes with brass knuckles could do some damage and not be too painful. Brass knuckles is one of those types of weapons that you need to practice and train with before you depend on to save your life.

Anonymous 114497

I've heard of a tactic that I'm not sure is true, but sounds legit.

Like, a smartphone is a solid, hefty object with a sharp edge. You could use it to swing it down hard, edge on, at a surface with bone close to the skin, and it will hurt like a bitch.

Like, just tapping my phone on my collarbone is already unpleasant, imagine swinging that thing down hard on a moid, then running while they're recovering.

Anonymous 114628

Also, depending on the laws where you live, carrying brass knuckles is a felony and using them can land you an "Assault with a Deadly Weapon" charge.

Anonymous 114671

Keeping House -Hom…

I was in the army and my husband was in the coast guard. We both enjoy target shooting, and I carry a compact 9mm with +p hollow points. I think some martial arts can be helpful (we did some basic stuff in the army), but with the disparity in size between men and women, I can't recommend a gun that you train with enough. Weapons are the great equalizer! They're useless (and even a liability) if you don't train with them regularly though.

If you can't legally carry one where you live, I'd recommend you practice with whatever you can carry or martial art/self defense class you have access to (your boxcutter or knife is going to get taken from you and maybe even used against you if you don't train with it). Another thing my husband and I do occasionally is practice techniques from an old WWII manual called "Get Tough." You can find PDFs of it online. What it shows and describes is simple, effective, and brutal. If you ever get into a situation where you need to defend yourself, never fight fair and use the most violent and brutal means at your disposal to get to safety. I really can't stress that enough either. I learned pretty quickly in the army that a lot of stuff you see in movies with women or smaller guys beating up men/bigger guys is mostly crap. A person who is taller than you has a huge reach advantage in a fight (they can effectively strike you while staying out of range of your own strikes). A person who weighs more than you has a massive advantage over you in a grappling situation (at 100 pounds, even with good technique, I know I'm not going to effectively grapple with someone who is 150 pounds, let alone 200.) I have a better chance if I dig my fingers into their eye sockets or mash their crotch up into their throat.

The best self-defense though is avoiding conflicts/fights/danger to begin with. Stay out of bad neighborhoods. Stay out of unlit streets and areas at night. Go places with friends or family when possible. Have a sense of propriety (not being physically alone, vulnerable, or compromised around men) are best.

Anonymous 114712

This is cool and all, but in a serious, real situation on the street or somewhere outside of sports I wouldn't be so confident because anything goes. I think the best thing to do is kick balls or poke eyes and run especially if he weighs more. Maybe it would be safe to chokehold a skinny moid that doesn't have as much weight to him

Anonymous 114772

Poking eyes isn't easy on a moving target

Anonymous 114809

>man and wife
why does it say man and wife wtf the man's a man but the woman is just a partner to the man? What an annoying quote to see posted unironically

Anonymous 116979

These graphs are always misinterpreted. What % of women go to the gym (and do any sort of strength training, not just treadmill)? What % of women work physically intensive jobs? If you do either of the two, you're already in the top 5% of female strength. The male strength average is massively raised by bull-necked construction workers and gym rats. All these graphs show is that a woman who does some strength training will be stronger than a decent amount of men (30-45%). "Female elite athletes" is also a useless metric, female athletes in sports that rely heavily on strength are much much fewer than those that rely on more balanced disciplines.

Getting into that top 25% of men's strength is probably impossible short of winning a genetic lottery or heavy drugs, but getting close to the male average is definitely not out of the question.

Anonymous 117120

I dunn seeen't it.…

>if a woman has just as much muscle mass as a moid does she is just as strong as him
jesus christ anonette, I've seen bigger more muscular women get bodyslammed by smaller and skinnier men in wrestling and kickboxing classes.
Some girl asked our coach once about self defence and he had our most experienced girl go up against some new guy and he just grabbed her throat when she got close enough and she couldn't get it off for a solid minute till our coach called it.
Men have denser bones, faster reflexes, better coordination, and more dense muscle fibres. Carry and train with a gun, or knife, or brass knuckles, don't ever rely on strength and training to win a street fight/robbery.

Anonymous 117147

>Carry and train with a gun, or knife, or brass knuckles, don't ever rely on strength and training to win a street fight/robbery.
never "or", always "and"
always carry a backup, a knife if you have a gun, another knife if you have a knife, or a plane ticket out of your shithole if you can't have either

Anonymous 117176

>a plane ticket out of your shithole if you can't have either
are there any countries where you're allowed to own both that isn't a shithole though.

Anonymous 117238

Obviously you do what you can but most people won't find three forms of self defence carry and training to be reasonable. Most aren't even willing go through with one, so to expect someone to do three is unrealistic

Anonymous 117493



Anonymous 117964

Grip strength is more inherent than just muscles though. I don't think that's the best metric of comparison.

Anonymous 267157


Revolvers are cool but make sure it's a wheel gun that's purpose built for conceal carry if you intend to keep it under your shirt or in a bag. One with the hammer either an internal hammer or shrouded hammer so you don't have to worry about it getting stuck on something when you have to draw it. After all in such situations seconds to matter.

Anonymous 268237

Anything in .38 Special (or +p)
Hammerless (internal hammer) or shrouded hammer.
The best ones are the Smith and Wesson Model 642, 442, M&P bodyguard 38, Model 638; or the Ruger LCR.

Anonymous 268365


If you are gifted with the ability to buy a firearm for self defense, it is a no-brainer. You will not be Marvel superhero beating any man, but you can Indiana Jones shoot them. Get a gun and TRAIN with it.

Anonymous 268377

What if it isn't legal to carry weapons on the public transportation system that you oft must use for the commute? Sure, the trains may have attendants, but once you are off of them, how would you defend yourself? How much trouble could you get into if hypothetically you violate the regulations and carry weapons onto like the Amtrak or shit?

Anonymous 268378

Break the law. Carry something. Anything. Mace or "bear repellant spray" in your purse or pocket. A pen, as in the writing utensil. A pair of craft scissors. A company called Cold Steel makes a product called the honey-comb, which is a hairbrush that hides a polymer stiletto in the head. It shouldn't even be picked up by metal detectors.

Once you have something like that practice with it. Drawing with it, stabbing it, and putting it back. There's an addage: Failing to train is training to fail. So train. If you're using pepper spray or mace Saber makes a practice kit for that. Also carry a signal whistle or something that's loud enough to deafen someone close and gets lots of attention. An Aztec Death Whistle is also s good choice outside of the meme. When your assailant is hurt don't just stand there, RUN. Get away from him as fast as you can. All the judo and karate you can learn is no substitute for not being in the situation anymore than you have to be.

As for trouble, it could get you fined or banned from the service. It probably won't get you arrested, but check your local laws. Call an attorney to make sure.

My 2¢: any place that says you can't defend yourself is saying that you are worthless, it's saying that you must make yourself a target of violence or rape to utilize the service. They don't care about you, your feelings, or even your very life. Unless you get caught then you are not obligated to follow their rules. This is akin to being in an abusive relationship. See if there are any alternative whatsoever to using the system that wants you raped or dead, nona.

Anonymous 268379

Another thing that I wanted to add is that if a law is designed to keep you helpless and make you a target then you shouldn't hold yourself beholden to follow it.

Anonymous 268384

the same attendants will stand by idly while you get your head bashed in by a moid, act accordingly

Anonymous 268392

I carry a 9mm pistol. Concealed of course.
I started carrying a really big bowie knife before that but ended up feeling kind of ridiculous because a small gun is much easier to wear subtly.
Since there's a bit of a debate around it ITT I would probably just add that I actually was maced before when I was in high school by a girl who started a fight with me she couldn't finish. It stung like hell and it impaired my vision a little but I was still able to see enough to make sure it ended far worse for her than it would have if she didn't do that. I would never trust my life with something like that.
The bottom line of self defense is: if you lack the ability to overpower an attacker, whatever force you do use against them necessarily has to be (potentially) lethal. A knife would be ok but you have to be willing to drive it into them proper and do it in a spot where they will bleed like a sprinkler.
There is no third option. And unless you live in a draconian state that basically encourages men to rape, you should learn to not be afraid of that. If they want to harm you, you don't want that for them, your life inherently matters more on that principle alone.

Anonymous 268491

I've seen some fat piece of shit at my local gym squat more than that. Suffice it to say, he was horrendously out of shape.

Anonymous 268496

Fat people compete in triatholons and even cross country events.
That means jack.

Anonymous 269239

I own a berreta 92 for daily use. I also have a Mk18 back at home which was really a kind of a forced gift by my dad.

Anonymous 269241

A man I met in Uni (not dating, but kinda close) gave me a pocket knife. Told me that he hoped I would never need it. Never saw him again. I think he was autistic. Handsome though

Anonymous 269259

FYI, if someone ever puts you in a headlock using one arm, do your best to use your chin as a wedge at the fold created by their elbow, once you've got your chin between their upper arm and lower arm keep pushing down with your head as hard as you can and this will actually free you from their grip even if they are really strong. At that point they will most likely be very briefly surprised that you got out of the headlock which is your best chance to as turn around as quickly as you can and knee, not kick, them in the balls as hard as you can. At this point it's time to start sprinting, but ideally you if you can: whip out a knife or gun and go to town. If gun, aim for center mass, if knife, stab, slash, and twist for maximum damage. Even if you manage to absolutely wreck them, still get the hell out of there as soon as you can, you should probably even prioritize that over fighting back because they could be on some crazy drug like pcp that dulls pain quite a bit. I guess you can skip kneeing them in the nuts but imo chances of gtfo'ing are higher if you do and it can be done literally one or two seconds after breaking the chokehold.

Anonymous 269378

Cool trick, until he feels the pain in the crook of his arm and starts punching you in the back of the head until you're more retarded than your mom Internet Though Gal post.

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