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r9k Anonymous 88029

r9k is currently fucking chaotic. I went up there to see what's going on and BAM. Literally hundreds of moids talking about how radfems and TERFs (including FDS) are actually so much smarters than libfems, and how they'd like to have a deep discussion with a radfem.
The same men who otherwise talk about how raping and killing a woman is extremely based.
Why this sudden change you ask? They found one (1) TERF on Twitter with a nice body. That's it. That is literally it.
Moids talk about how women are fickle, and yet they will change their most core values simply because someone has a nice ass and hips.
That is literally all it takes to transform a moid from an incel to someone who talks about how nice radfems and TERFs are. Good hips and a nice ass.
They are simplistic animals.

Anonymous 88032

I'm getting sick of 4chan. Going back now only brings disgust.

Anonymous 88035

If you go looking through a dumpster you're going to find garbage.

Anonymous 88039

So the gays and coomers have joined anti-T alliance, it seems.

Anonymous 88042

oh my god not anna

Anonymous 88043

Capture 1.PNG

if nothing else then at least she is convincing a few moids to beat their dick less i suppose

Anonymous 88045

i hope all the coomers beat their dicks so hard they stop producing sperm

Anonymous 88054

Mens idea of an acceptable radfem is a femdomme who verbally abuses them and forces them to be sissy in an attempt to create an all female society.

Never expect anything good from the oo oo ah ah coomer apes we refer to as the male of our species

Anonymous 88081

Anonymous 88111

the hilarious thing is just how obsessively misogynistic moids are, even when talking about shit that has little to do with sex or gender.
e.g. I used to try frequenting 4chan's /mu/ board, only to find that every other fucking thread has something about women being inferior or wh*res, etc.
The same moids will try to explain to you that women have it rougher than moids, lmao

Anonymous 88259

I had the same experience on /lit/. There were so many threads with 200+ replies talking about how much they hate women. The only thing /mu/ and /lit/ are good for are their media charts which you can find in their wikis.

Anonymous 88261


Idk, it seems like most of them dont agree with her, its just a few coomers who are projecting some sexual fantasy on her

Anonymous 88279

how do you seethe this much over one woman you don't even know?

Anonymous 88295

i love how i know exactly who they are talking about kek

Anonymous 88330

Vanessa Vokey again?

Anonymous 88331

Why you even care about arrr-nine-kay?

Anonymous 88424

/r9k/ is kinda boring. Too much porn and shitposting.

Anonymous 88577

Isn’t the r9k the place with, like, their female lolcow of the year that they obsess over? It’ll pass quickly, especially without lewds or sex supplied to fuel their simpism, and then they go back to hating us. You’ll see.

Anonymous 88646

Ehh. While Vanessa is a very beautiful woman, I don’t see her being the TERF these r9k dickheads were talking about.

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