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/int/+/lang/ Anonymous 95851

Let’s finally have an international/language-learning thread. To strike up a conversation:
>What is your cunt?
>What languages are you learning?
>Share your /int/ experience!
>Help others acquire a language you speak!

Anonymous 95914

>>What is your cunt?
A-anon I…

Anonymous 95951


I know it’s pretty forward anon but OP gets right to the point

Anonymous 95978

Imagine all the cute stinky boys just lounging in the cunt of France

Anonymous 96178

chonky goat.webm

jej; but seriously, burgerland
>>What languages are you learning?
I am strongly leaning towards beginning Japanese for the sake of my hobbies. However, in the professional side, I think I will be forced to learn French if I want to join a prestigious and international NGO; I really don't like it tbh.
>>Share your /int/ experience!
What do you mean here? If by travelling, then I only have with me being born in tacoland and having emigrated to burgerland once I reached adulthood.
>>Help others acquire a language you speak!
Pro tip: Learn Mexican Spanish if you're American/Canadian, or Castilian Spanish if you're British, or so.

Anonymous 96187


tfw learning welsh because i like the language, but hate british "people"

Anonymous 96223

>Learning Welsh
Lol I can scarcely think of anything more pointless. Furlough must be getting to you.

Anonymous 96231

hmmm, is esperanto more or less useless than welsh? surely klingon would be worse than welsh, but i see your point.

Anonymous 96232


wales. can speak english and welsh
mandarin chinese. going decently well, almost learnt all the characters for HSK2
wych! am pa rheswm yr ydych yn dysgu gymraeg? mae e'n iaith anodd ac ddim yn andros o defnyddiol… ond mae ei harddwch yn digymar. iaith yr nefoedd. pob lwc dienw

Anonymous 96261

>I'm Finlandian
>currently learning mandarin
I can speak all nordics, armenian, russian, all of the latin languages, german, arabic, hebrev, dutch, greek and sami.

Anonymous 96262


wtf?? How did you learn this much? What a queen.
Coincidentally learning Finnish rn but I guess it would make more sense to learn more Bulgarian for my family or German for general work, but I love the way Finnish sounds. Only I can't do an alveolar trill, only a short one, and you need it to speak Finnish (the nicest language in the world). So I'm pretty sad.

From the UK, speak pretty decent French because I'm a queen, and would also like to learn welsh like >>96232 because I love Wales and it's a cool language. I'm guessing this thread has some smart people if we're learning languages like Welsh lol.

I don't get why people say this, especially as it seems to come from people who don't know Britain so well as a country with people of varying backgrounds, northerners, southerners, class differences, small languages and rural/urban divides, I can't understand generalising like that. It's a little sad as I wouldn't generalise my american cousins like that, but I guess if you don't know us so well maybe your opinion is based on something you've seen/experienced.

Anonymous 96292


I'd like to learn a Romance language but I'm torn between Spanish, Italian, French and Latin. Spanish would probably be the easiest and most useful but it's also the least interesting to me. Latin is by far the coolest but I'd have a terrible time convincing myself that it's worth it.

Anonymous 96298

french if you want to seem cool
spanish if you want to get a higher paying job
latin if you like old literature

i personally would go with latin. being able to read descartes, spinoza, augustine and hobbes in their original language would be amazing

Anonymous 96314

Ты серьезно? В чем заключается твой метод?

Anonymous 96417

1000% less useless. Sure no country really speaks "Esperanto", but the whole point is that it's basically a mutt-version of English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese. Learning it would give you a solid foundation and basic understanding of all those languages, especially reading.

Anonymous 103266

Studying diligently, I would imagine. It was not that uncommon among the educated to speak multiple languages, but nowadays nobody has time or interest for that.

>Share your /int/ experience!
>Help others acquire a language you speak!
I have never met a single person who actually followed through with my advice. That is because those who genuinely want to learn a language will research how to do it themselves. The rest want to know a language but are not willing to actually study it.

Anonymous 103648

whats your advice?

Anonymous 103827

Круть. Гц тебя.

Anonymous 103852


I am intermediately familiar with Spanish because it's my family's native language, but I learned English first. I feel somewhat guilty for not being fluent in both. I try to learn by reading Spanish but then I stumble over simple tenses because I only ever developed speaking and hearing skills. My late stepdad recommended that I should read Cien Años de Soledad so maybe I'll start there

Anonymous 103862

I'm a BRanon (also known as Anã) and would be happy to answer your questions about portuguese.
I'm currently learning Japanese and trying to perfect my german (studied for a few years, spent ~2 months in Germany but haven't been able to practice for a couple of years already, so I already forgot a lot)
For Japanese what I tried was working both GENKI books from start to finish. I really learned a lot. I like textbooks because they provide a path for you to follow, you just need to do something everyday or every couple of days and you're set.

Anonymous 104083

Nice. My class (and all the classes after it) starting soon is using the Genki series. Any tips or things you've done to help learn the material better or things to pay attention to while using the book?

Anonymous 104087


>What is your cunt?
armenian diaspoo livin in burgeria
>What languages are you learning?
currently am learning georgian (ideological reasons), iranian, n improving my russian
>Share your /int/ experience
i speak armenian, english, spanish, italian, some russian, n hittite (pls no bully i had no friends in middle school)
>Help others acquire a language you speak!
if youre trying to learn armenian (nona why) id highly recommend reading armenian scripture/religious texts as they are often in the most standard armenian you will find (pure, if you will)

Anonymous 104088

արևմտահայերեն ես հասկանում
թե՞ արևելահայերեն։ Ու խի՞ էս սովորել հայերեն՝ չէի կարծում օտարները թքած ունեն հայերենի հետ։

Anonymous 104102

Reminder to read in the langauge you're trying to learn or you're ngmi. Simple as

Anonymous 104120

you now what would do the same? learning any of the languages you listed. that's how romance languages work. plus you can actually use them outside.

Anonymous 104460

Hmm, just that there's not much you can do to learn Kanji, it's just memorization, memorization, memorization. I tried to avoid it as much as I could but in the end I had to use Anki (that flashcard app) otherwise shit just wouldn't stick in my head as much.

Anonymous 104495

Thanks, I never liked flashcards even though its one of the best ways to memorize. I'll look into handwriting -> cards, maybe I can justify getting that ipad.

Anonymous 104520

what does ngmi mean

Anonymous 104524

Not Gonna Make It

Anonymous 104535

wanikani and kanjidamage are good for kanji, they are flashcard based though

Anonymous 104572

how good at a language should someone be to read in it?

Anonymous 104638

Study diligently. I usually give people grammar resources for the language they want to learn (English, Japanese, Russian), then tell them to grind basic vocabulary (using frequency lists), then tell them to read texts for native speakers with a dictionary. But that is too hard and boring, and people want to use some newfangled app that promises 70% quicker language acquisition than boomer pen and paper studying.

Anonymous 104710


Israel's goodest golem
>What languages are you learning?
Japanese, but I also took (((French))) in HS
>Share your /int/ experience!
I have never been outside the US. I'd really like to visit Japan and the French Alps and countryside, though.
>Help others acquire a language you speak!
McGraw Hill has a really good language textbook for nihongo desu that I got for like 40 buckaroos, IIRC it was written by some IBM exec who had to teach a bunch of wagies Japanese on a timecrunch schedule and his methods are pretty good. Duolingo is fun and really good at reinforcing what you've learned, but slow and impractical compared to sitting down and just studying grammar/kanji or whatever.

Anonymous 104725

>Never left the US
>Learning Japanese
Girl you are too online. I'm Jewish and thought "golem" was a Pokemon. I've never told anyone to touch grass before but god you need to

Anonymous 104876

you can tell which chan she frequents the most

Anonymous 105095

you know you wont be more than a white fat gaijin to them right?

Anonymous 105107

why so salty anon? it's not just a meme, japanese people really shower any white girl with attention (as long as she's not very overweight). i know from personal experience that you don't even have to be attractive by european standards. they don't apply the same thinness standards to gaijins either.

Anonymous 105114


t. weeb who never went to japan.
do you really believe those dumb videos on youtube about how to atract japanese guys/girls huh?

Anonymous 105124

She's right, though? I've never been to Japan but I used to be a huge weeb who read blogs by girls who spent an exchange year there or taught English. Almost all of them wrote about getting random attention just for being a foreigner, usually from Japanese girls who treated them like they were Taylor Swift or Anne Hathaway. It's no surprise since they don't have much of a non-Japanese population but they like American movies, TV shows and singers so they project this image onto any foreigner they see.

I guess it's similar to how weebs (or k-pop fans these days) go crazy when they come upon a Japanese person.

Anonymous 105127

>all Japanese woman want foreigners
>certain fanatic subpopulation of women that will date someone because they are a foreigner and no other reason
You bet your sweet ass there is.

t. been to Japan

Anonymous 105174

this sounds much more logical

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