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How do I literally forget Anonymous 104158

I was sexually abused in a very horrible way and lost my innocence, but sometimes when I wake up from a very vivid dream, I forget everything that happened to me and I feel innocent and happy again, I can feel this "innocence" for hours until it all comes back to me. I want to forget permanently, I don't like being depressed anymore and I know I don't have to feel this way anymore, does anyone know much about this?

Anonymous 104166

I’m sorry for the horrors you’ve lived. Someday, they will pay. They will all feel the vengeance of the women they have destroyed. I hope you can live with a quiet mind once again, despite the supplanted peace that has been taken from you.

Anonymous 104178

It's probably easier said than done and doesn't mean as much coming from someone who can't relate, but you're not what happened to you. Your abuser should be the one worried about a loss of innocence. He probably wants you to feel you were the one who it was taken from. Don't give him that pleasure.

Anonymous 104183

you cant forget trauma, but you can accept it, and it will give you the same peace.

Anonymous 104186

therapy for trauma specifically. it helps

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