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Anonymous 106960

I don't want to be a lesbian

Growing up I used to watch lot of half naked women, especially watch those American music songs despite not knowing any English. I watched over and over the parts which especiallu focused on women's butts and boobs. At 11 years old I discovered porn and soon it was lesbian porn only. At that time I didn't know what homosexuality is and didn't take it in that way.

Later in life I started to dream about family and having kids, but I never wanted guy to be in the picture or I imagined myself as the father. I have dated twice and the both have been internet relationships with a guy. I did love them as a person but that's it. I don't find men attractive at all, there are some good-looking men but they are good-looking only with clothing on. As soon thats away, I find the slighly repulsive.

I have tried to watch some neutral videos related to homosexuality, but I can't just accept it. Even semi normal ones from 70s and 80s where homosexuals tell their experiences around that time but I can't accept it. I feel sick, I feel like I am mentally ill and damaged for liking women this way.

I have tried to cure myself, change myself but I always come back to this. Women are too beautiful, attractive and sexy. I cannot stop lusting after women, if a woman outside walks past me and she is wearing reveling clothing I cannot look away. All my dreams include some kind of contanct with women. I even dreamed about going abroad to a lesbian bar.

But I don't want to be this way, I feel wrong, bad, damaged, not good. I feel terrible human for having these feelings. I feel like a bad person for wanting family without father figure, watching pornography for the whole purpose of seeing naked women. I feel like a coomer is watching girls. I don't want to live this way. I tried to seek God and looked into Christianity but my impure thoughts didn't go anywhere.

When I looked into Christianity, I found out about adelphoiesis and started to dream about that. I would really want to be in that kind of relationship with a beautiful woman. I feel sick of thinking like that. I wish I was normal, like everyone else.Everyone knew I was lesbian before I knew. They would insult that or other LGBT people would be with me and try to get to know because they thought I was one of them.

I am sorry if this was rude post for some people but I wanted to share my thoughts because you cannot really say these things in LGBT places without getting muted and banned.

Anonymous 106961

So you're gonna go through life being at war with yourself? Sounds tough.

I don't know your circumstances, upbringing or why you feel that wlw is inherently bad or shameful, but that might be something for you to reflect on. You said yourself that prior to knowing what homosexuality was you engaged in the same behaviour without shame or fear, so what changed?

Anonymous 106963

>I wanted to share my thoughts because you cannot really say these things in LGBT places without getting muted and banned
Totally not trying to be rude in response, but yeah, a lot of people would feel uncomfortable because you're basically saying by proxy you view them as disgusting as well. I get being yourself is hard, but I'm saying this as someone else who's WLW, this also hurts the gay women around you. I really recommend getting some professional help to see why you hate yourself for being gay. It's not something people on imageboards are going to solve for you and respectfully most other queer people have worked through their self hate and don't want to hear how their same sex attraction is "wrong, broken and damaged" as you put it.

Anonymous 106965

It's not bad in the country I live and I never thought it as bad when I was younger. I told my mom that I wish I was boy when as younger and she just said "I thought you would say you like girls." The more I have learned about homosexuality the more I feel like going against it, can't really explain better.

Yeah I understand that so that's why I don't do it anymore. I don't necessarily think lesbians are dirty or sick, it's only about myself. I don't want to offend anyone but I want to also share this to someone. I don't think you should not say it even if it offend someone because there are probably others who have similar thoughts and only seeing one kind of story isn't that good after all. It's lonely because everyone else seem to be fine, they don't want to change and their problems are basically homophopia not wanting to be different but just get accepted. But not everyone want that.

Anonymous 106966

Gonna urge you to look into finding an LGBT center near you or a councilor or therapist experienced with treating these issues. I get that venting on an imageboard feels nice, but these places can be harmful when bearing your soul and it's definitely not a good space for you to air out your experiences with gender. It does sound like your family is pretty supportive though, which is great and I suggest opening a dialogue with people you trust in real life who you know aren't bigoted.

Anonymous 106976

>I don't want to be a lesbian
Too bad, nona. You are a lesbian and you have no choice.

Now start working on all those self-hatred and patriarchal social programming about this "father figure".

Lesbians are cool.

Anonymous 106990

you can't change who you love, nona. heavens knows i tried. its something we just have to learn to accept, or else we spend our whole lives fighting our own feelings.

Anonymous 107004


What the fuck are you doing on this website? Go back to twitter. It's called a lesbian.

Anonymous 107286

haha i feel exactly the same op. i have given up on finding love and am currently celibatemaxxing because i loathe my sexuality and i cannot accept myself being a lesbian.

Anonymous 107291

Inb4 the other lesbos itt dogpile me, but I wonder if women like OP just haven’t met the right guy. I mean I’m straight too but I never wanted to fuck random guys even if they were attractive. But now I have a bf and we’re in love and he’s super attractive to me. I want to jump him all the time even though I never had a sex drive before. I think it’s totally different when you find someone you love. Also sounds like you were heavily influenced by unrealistic depictions of women that messed with your perception of reality. I think returning to your values and what qualities you like in people would help you rather than focusing on sexuality so much.

Anonymous 107294

And here I am wishing I was lesbian so I wouln't have to deal with men's disgusting perception of having sex with a woman.

Anonymous 107307

mindless nitpicking.
its possible, but I doubt it.

Anonymous 107320

I personally have dated man and I loved him deeply but I never wanted to sleep with him. Just the idea alone disgusted me even tho loved his persona and all. He wasn't still attractive to me, decent looking but not like women. So yeah I don't think it's like that. I feel like gays are never questioned "really you don't like women in that way?" but soon as woman doesn't like men no one believes her. Idk it seems like it's so unbelievable to not be attracted to men sexually.

Anonymous 107321


I feel it too. I love the aesthetics of heterosexual women. I also have many other defects. I understand that I am a bad person and deserve to suffer in a heterosexual relationship if I suddenly don't get cured. Dimon's book "Sexual Fluidity" gives me hope, although it is written very strangely and poorly. It describes that homosexual women in middle age suddenly felt heterosexual attraction. I also saw articles that oral contraceptives change orientation. I'm listening to the heterosexuality sub-finals right now.It's sad that I'm shit.

Anonymous 107322

I do not know if it is a lack of empathy, or if I do not understand the question. I perceive men only as friends, I can't imagine such a spiritual fulfillment in a man to want to date him. I don't have a misandry. It's hard to explain. But when heterosexual women say that they are not attracted to girlfriends for a relationship, they believe them. Will you believe me?
Lesbians, including me, are not attracted to male genitals and appearance in principle. They make them antisexual right away. Such as childhood age. I love my friend, but if she turned into a replica of a guy, she wouldn't attract me sexually. I don't know what about love, but initially I fell in love with a girl and for me she is a reborn girl. Why do you claim that women's attraction to men is basic? Because of the vagina? It also surprises me that I constantly see this take about "if you love, you will get excited", which will break preferences. Is that really how it works?

Anonymous 107345

I'm sorry, I made a mistake, Diamond's book. Subliminals, sissy hypnosis can also help, create an extreme situation and look for a guy, then an emotional connection will be created. Or in case of a panic attack

Anonymous 107370

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107378

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107415

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107428

I know that feel.
I’m already black and introverted. Living as a homo would make my life much more difficult.

Anonymous 107429

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107434

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107436

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 107455

Anonymous 107463

I used to feel this way about my bisexuality, Nona, but then I discovered that that studies show that the vast majority of women are not completely straight. This biologically makes a lot of sense, and helped me feel a lot more normal. Everyone makes fun of the girls who claim to be bi but only kiss girls when drunk, but we never, ever see straight men doing this, now do we?

Women are simply more beautiful, more loving, more empathetic, more nurturing, and more caring. We also will understand each other and our wants and needs far better in a relationship with another woman than with a man.

You do NOT need to be cured, and remember that God condemning homosexuality is in the same passage of Him condemning people who wear clothing made out of mixed materials—and he claims that He will incur a punishment of the same severity as for, “man who lies with man.” If anyone tells you that homosexuality is a sin, ask them to read the label of their clothing,” to tell you the materials listed on their clothing, and then tell them that that is also a sin. It they don’t believe you, refer to the Bible. Trust me; it works every time. Also, remember Matthew 7:1, the passage of the Bible that implores that Christians not judge others.

Also remember, the Old Testament is a book of fables written by man, not by God himself. Although there may be some truth to the stories and scientific evidence that these events happened, the individuals who wrote the Bible did not speak directly to God.

I hope that this makes sense. God makes no mistakes, and there is also some scientific evidence that suggests that Jesus himself was mentally ill, but, even if he wasn’t, He loved and accepted everyone as they were. He dined with and forgave thieves and prostitutes.

Unfortunately, the church has been dominated by lots of sociopathic and narcissistic preachers who try to play God and make a very convincing case as to why it is such a crime to love who you love.

Being a lesbian is the least of the Bible’s worries. Don’t you think that He is more concerned with those who commit serious crimes against humanity such as murder, rape, child sex trafficking, theft, exploiting, manipulating, and violating the rights of others for profit, and/or genocide rather than a woman who loves other women? But, even then, He gives those people a second chance if they let Him into their heart and genuinely wish to change their ways. This is not to say that you need to change your ways, but is rather mentioned to prove my point that God has far greater and faaarrr mare evil and sinister people—who are still forgiven— to deal with than a woman loving other women and to show how minuscule that your romantic and sexual preferences are in the eyes of God. God wants you to live and to love generously and with pure intentions in your heart and soul, no matter what the sex of the person you love may be. Do good to others and serve God; reach out to Him, and He will reach out to you.

Hope this helps (:

Anonymous 107531

I love bisexual girls, usually they are the girls of my dreams. you feel safe with them in terms of friendship. not to mention that these are often great personalities.they want to give love all the time. It's probably awkward, but I want to express my support. If anything, I don't think that heterosexual women are worse, just this is my experience.

Anonymous 107532

*I want to give them love all the time

Anonymous 107536

>we never, ever see straight men doing this

The guys I'm around do that shit a lot, actually. Especially when they're drunk

Anonymous 107556

It's pointless to feel bad about something you can't control. If it bothers you that much (although it shouldn't, there's nothing wrong with you), just don't date anyone and don't watch porn.

Anonymous 107634

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 108093

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 108191


If you’re serious about all this why don’t you look into a (safe) conversion therapy treatment? I feel the same way but sadly conversion therapy is now illegal in my country thanks to LGB rights activists. They forgot that some homosexuals don’t want to stay/be homosexual…

Anonymous 108200

Conversion therapy can’t make you not gay, at best it can just make you enough into Jesus that you don’t mind being foreveralone or having a frigid partnership with a moid solely to produce children

Anonymous 108201

Conversion therapy is fake and gay.

Anonymous 108209


my theory is the faith-based conversion “success stories” are just a bunch of bisexuals that were unknowingly always open to a het life. There are entire organizations of so-called former homosexuals that embraced het lives and now have spouses and kids but I contend these folks were always subconsciously open to het life, they probably just didn’t realize it. I love God and don’t mind the idea of homos wanting to follow the natural order / abandon a lifestyle they deem sinful, so I don’t criticize faith-based conversion therapy, but I do agree with you that it hardly “works” and only for a subset of ppl.

A truLez or truGay would have much more difficulty with the de-conditioning and would probably just become nuns/clergy or accept being foreveralone….

Personally I am trying to accept being foreveralone but the lesbian perversion is so hard to renounce, I totally feel u OP

Anonymous 108212

I'm not the original nona but I wish I was straight or even asexual bc I feel like a creep for being around other women. Like they wouldn't want to be around me if they knew I have sexual feelings about women.

Anonymous 108213

You're wrong. If you are beautiful, then it will be a compliment for them that even girls want them.
I feel awkward around other lesbians, because my arousal towards women is masochistic, I think about how to please her and worship her body and soul. While others are more callous and subjective than me.

Anonymous 108214

God why. You are so blessed. I never think lesbians are creepy, just living in another blessed universe i can't. Sorry if that comes off ignorant or patronizing but .. I don't think lesbians can be creepy. I mean name one serial killer lesbian or even aggressive lesbian that rips your headphones out on a bus because you weren't responding to their attention. Meh I know I'm ignorant but I wish I could be one

Anonymous 108215

Anonymous 108219


Sameeee, I felt the same way too but then my straight bff blackpilled me: she said that avg normie straight women are basically so self-absorbed and conceited they thrive off any type of attention, even from lesbians. She said they “don’t take lesbians seriously” and, since lesbians are considered “nonthreatening” compared to moids, they are more OK with attention from lesbians than attention from a nonChad…. obvs this is a generalization - and it reinforces the existence of str8 women’s internal lesbophobia which sux - but nonetheless it got me thinking.

Like >>108213 points out, good looking lesbians seem to “get a pass” and even boost the ego of str8 women. I had an experience related to all this and the OP and considered making a thread about my experience bc it seems we lesbians are literally always being used by str8 ppl one way or another, will lesbians ever find peace?

Anonymous 108229

Probably true for some of them but denial can be a hell of a drug. Homosexual people have been forced or pressured into het relationships throughout history (and still to this day in some places). They probably just disassociate from the sex or tell themselves it’s worth it to be in line with god’s will

Anonymous 108231


>They probably just disassociate from the sex or tell themselves it’s worth it to be in line with god’s will

yea that is pretty intense… those converts/repressors are so strong, I wish I could be strong like that

Anonymous 108234

This thread will not fall

Anonymous 108267


Hey guys! I posted this thread some weeks ago and I wanted to say that I feel lot more okay and comfortable now, thank you for all the replies. To be honest I felt as comfortable as I thought even being open to date women.

Anonymous 108270

I'm so happy for u nona! The path to accepting ourselves can be hard, I still fall back on shame and self hate some days, but I love my gf and wouldn't trade our relationship for the world.

Anonymous 108286

You just got a taste of what coming out feels like.

Anonymous 108422

This thread will not fall

Anonymous 108423

This thread will not fall

Anonymous 108427

That shit os vile. Fucking disgusting. Sexual orientation is not something to be cured or influenced in any way. What OP wants is to be comfortable in her own sexual orientation, not to be hypnosed into somethyshe already is. You have a tremendously ugly soul if you're honestly recommending this to people

Anonymous 108478

What ignorance, hypnosis changes brain activity, which means sexual arousal as well. If you look at the forum, you will see a lot of posts where people wrote that helps. These men were straight. But hypnosis changed their orientation. Right under the hypnosis record there is a review of a homosexual woman who felt attracted to men. Moreover, women are more sexually fluid.

Anonymous 108482

You are twisted and demented

Anonymous 108483

"female sexual fluidity" is a misogynistic and lesbophobic idea

Anonymous 108499

some people see it as sin/disease and want to get rid of it, nothing wrong with that.

im a lesbian - if i got a $ for each "lesbian" or "febfem" that ended up with a man, i could retire before age 30. most women are straight and this is a fact!! but sadly when you consider (1) the LGB propaganda and (2) women being more impressionable than men, this leads to many women believing they are lesbian when they in fact are het or bi. sexual fluidity is, sadly, real imo but that's only bc women are so desperate to fit in with what ever is trendy/safe. this is not misogynistic - might be lesbophobic, but most women are lesbophobic unfortunately

Anonymous 108505

well yes, those women were never lesbians in the first place, they were "political lesbians" aka straight/bi women who hate moids so much that they want to be lesbians (which is understandable, but it does not make you a real lesbian). real lesbians are stable in exclusive same sex attraction. if a woman is fluid, then she was never a real lesbian.


i'm not sure because some studies say bisexuality is more common in women but other studies say its actually not and men just want it to be bc its a male fantasy. i think a lot of straight women kiss women and say they're bi just to entice men but they're still just straight and don't have an ounce of lesbian attraction.

Anonymous 108512

internalized homophobia and self-hatred is a btich, nona. I used to feel the same way when I was younger but now I've come to accept and love this part of myself.
We're all human. One day you'll fall in love with a woman, have a romantic relationship with them, and realize that being attracted to woman is more than sexual. It is also spiritual.
Either that or you'll continue to hate yourself for the rest of your life and continue to live a lie.
Good like, Nona! Best of wishes.

Anonymous 108514


>real lesbians are stable in exclusive same sex attraction

Where do real lesbians tend to be? I've only ever encountered a handful IRL. The rest seems to have been 1 of 3 categories aka fake ones:

1) Transbians
2) Straight girls just wanting to not be straight because it's not as attention-grabbing or cool
3) Political lesbians

Anonymous 108516


Yeah..that's why I said fake ones. I don't consider transbians actual lesbians obv.

Anonymous 108518

you encounter multiple troons irl? scary. and political lesbians irl? where are you going!? i thought political lesbianism died out in like the 80s

and yeah, its hard. my best friend in high school was also lesbian but like we met by chance, talking about vidya in elementary school and then came out to eachother in high school.

Anonymous 108519

nona didn't compare them to lesbians she said they're not

Anonymous 108520


Yeah cus I was CS. It goes without saying but there's tons of them there.

>where are you going!?

I had briefly joined my college's LGBT club so it had alot of them there too. They will have their own stomping ground at pretty much any US college campus, I think.

>i thought political lesbianism died out in like the 80s

No, I've seen multiple posts here about nonas trying to get a GF just because of how much they hate moids. That's gross. I wouldn't want to deal with another larping straight girl just because of her moid hatred. This is a YWNBG - You will never be gay moment.


Don't mind. This is like the third or fourth time I get replied to by someone with a severe lack of being able to read so w/e.

Anonymous 108522

ah if you're in computers yeah that'll do it. scary. liberal college groups tend to contain mostly female nonbinaries tho i think, a lot of male troons are hilariously conservative. they're literally 4chan boys.

Anonymous 108523

my school is pretty liberal and sadly there are a ton of TIMs in my major (stem). surprisingly there are no nonbinaries or TIFs that i've seen.

some TIMs work at a cafe on campus, im a huge terf but when i see them i have major poker face yet somehow it's like they can smell my terfdom and they get nervous around me. sometimes i think they can smell terfs from a mile away and can sense us, the way we can clock them instinctively/immediately.

Anonymous 108675

>this can explain why so many people are repulsed by homosexuals and it's basically considered unchangeable but you don't see the same for women
You're confusing respect and objectification. Most women are (a) lesbophobic. b) identified with a male gaze. They do not consider homosexual relationships serious, the most serious lesbophobia in words comes from women. They consider female sexualized interaction to be sexual. Because the female body has such a phenomenon as non-conformity. And tanya's arousal may not be combined with her identification. Therefore, there are women who, because of the LGB representation, may decide that they are bisexual/lesbian because they felt a genital response. And they did not dig into themselves, whether they are attracted to women's bodies in isolation from porn and whether they fall in love with women. It was written above that women are trying to bring their sexuality to the option that is considered socially desirable. But it is sexual behavior. Political lesbians will not become lesbians. With regard to sexual fluidity. There is a book by Dimond "Sexual fluidity". The book is lesbophobic, but it describes an important thing. There are women who fall in love with a person, and then they find themselves attracted. Personalized sexuality. I suppose this can happen mainly in women and asexual men. I think it's about libido. The author of this book insists on calling this sexual fluidity, rather than a variant of bisexuality, and considers it a feature of female sexual orientation. But this is not about all women. Given that sexuality is FORMED and people's tastes in sex may change during their lifetime (but within the framework of orientation), is it possible that sexual development is inhibited in people demonstrating fluidity?

Anonymous 108677

Sexual fluidity is a variant of bi-curiosity, BUT IN ROMANCE, and since sexual attraction does not automatically lead to the development of romantic relationships, then we get women who say that sexuality is a matter of choice.

Anonymous 108679

agp transbian tims are often uncomfortable around women period because theyre jealous/intimidated. especially around smart or assertive women and ESPECIALLY around lesbians.

Anonymous 108721

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 108735

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 108736

Have you ever thought that you were attracted to the thing you wanted to be when you were a teenager?
Try watching less pornography, it warps both mens and womens brains

Anonymous 108745


Reading through this thread was an interesting experience. I am glad you're feeling well now, OP. Hopefully you'll learn to accept yourself more and more as time goes on. Please don't beat yourself that much over it. In this Era we live in, you will be far less judged or pressured by society over things like this, but of course, you still have your own thoughts to deal with.

In my own experience as a bisexual with a preference for other girls, acceptance was kind of tough, especially due to the fact that I started considering the possibility of being attracted to other females at a young age. It does feel wrong at first, because same-sex attraction, even if it's not something you're against, it usually isn't an experience that you'd imagine yourself going through. Once you realize there's no actual harm in it, you'll live a lot happier, I guarantee you!

Wish you the best of luck regarding your self-acceptance journey!

Anonymous 108765

Sexual arousal cannot be confused with a feeling of admiration or envy. The author of the thread shows a fixation on the genitals and she clearly liked semi-naked women. As usual, I see the stupidest hetero projection or fantasy of men that chan wants to be a bimbo from the age of 0.

Anonymous 108766

>is the case for all lesbians but it's become something i've noticed where a lot of these women clearly are fluid with their sexuality
It upsets me that people deliberately distort the concept of a lesbian. They will never call a "sexually fluid woman" bisexual, they will consider her a lesbian. Lesbians can't be attracted to men, that's their disease. They will not find a good guy who will awaken their sexuality, because they are sick, men are not good for them. Puberty women often see that at first their attraction was to men, but then it appeared to women, why do you think that bisexuality cannot be so revealed in adulthood? Here oral contraceptives change orientation, it is worth digging in this direction for the author of the thread

Anonymous 108806

The thread will not fall

Anonymous 108842

men are just as "sexually fluid" as women if not more, the denial of male bisexuality stems from extreme cuck anxiety from straight-identified and even gay-identified moids

Anonymous 108858

There are heterosexual and homosexual people of both sexes, as they always want to hurt men, but they always confuse women. There is no sexual fluidity, there is bisexuality, which develops gradually. If a person could be attracted to two genders, he is bisexual. Bisexuals want to erase orientations, but at the same time complain of biphobia. Bisexuals claim that homosexuality is a matter of choice.Perhaps there are more "gradual" bisexuals than ordinary ones, but this does not mean that there is no monosexuality
>I am not into being submissive but I'm hetero so my mind can't see heterosexual relationships as not sick and I dream of spending my life with a woman non sexually instead of with men.
Disgusting. All you need to do is find a man who is prone to submission, gentle in nature and develop an equal or femdom relationship with him. No, we need to generalize that all men are like that and therefore we need to use women dirty. You're wrong about women. In lesbian relationships, there is complete heteronormativity, there is always a controlling person and a submissive one. Why do you think some lesbian couples use strap-ons, and all lesbian couples use penetration at least with fingers? This is dominance.Not to mention communication and appearance. You don't even take female aggression and dominance seriously, what kind of relationship do you have with a self-respecting girl? Women are not toys that you can take and play with, because men are bad.

Anonymous 108859

OK true, "sexual fluidity" is not universal but still the idea that men are all either gay or straight while most women are bisexual to some degree is very much incorrect and yes, rooted in moid cuck anxiety. Homosexuals and heterosexuals exist but also there are far more bisexuals than just the people who self-identify as bisexual, I'd even say most people who fit the definition of bisexual do not identify as such actually.

Anonymous 108860

>All you need to do is find a man who is prone to submission, gentle in nature and develop an equal or femdom relationship with him
>In lesbian relationships, there is complete heteronormativity, there is always a controlling person and a submissive one
so you believe there can be equal hetero relationships but somehow not equal lesbian relationships? wtf
>and all lesbian couples use penetration at least with fingers? This is dominance.
…what about switching?

Anonymous 108864

Is anyone else tired of the notallmen sex positive whores on this website nitpicking and getting defensive? Have critical thinking skills at least. Hetero positive women are the dirtiest pigs yet afraid to get dirty through being more rebellious against the gross concept of hetero dating. Nobody also said that they want to have a lesbian romantic relationship but just a platonic partnership. And femdom serves men, its cringe

Anonymous 108874

Can you please stop shitting up every thread with your bullshit? We got it, we got it, straight women are submissive dirty pigs and lesbians copy everything from them. Also, they both are getting tired of you

Anonymous 108876

Men may have less gradual bisexuality, as their puberty looks different. They start masturbating earlier and thinking about sex. Also, in twin studies, women found less genetic basis, unlike men.
> I would even say that most people who fit the definition of bisexuals don't actually identify themselves as such.
It's a pity that these words often hide a gender theory, where if a woman wears a short haircut, then she becomes a man. This is especially what they say when a woman loves feminine guys, when a feminine guy has nothing to do with a female body and a female face. It's the same for women. But still explain your point of view.

Anonymous 108881

The irony is that anon herself is straight too.

Anonymous 108882

How miserable her life must be then, with constant self-hatred, because she cannot change her own nature. But I wonder, how does she keep being attracted to men if she despises them so much?

Anonymous 108883

Why did you decide that? Because I don't speak masculine? I am a lesbian and I have studied the lesbian community. It's really heteronormative.

Anonymous 108884

I don't despise men. I am constantly trying to evoke love for men, I try to always think positively about them, I will be treated for homosexuality. It hurts me that straight women free from a terrible disease use women, they can't give them love, they give them friendship. I don't understand why you deny my pain, what's the problem with admitting that women are also worthy of true love?
>>108867 my opinion

Anonymous 108886

Being a lesbian means feeling like a psychopath or a disabled person, literally. Salvation lies only in non-binary and ftm transition. Fortunately, pills can help, but what's scary is that I've seen those who haven't been helped by them.

Anonymous 108887

Even if lesbian orientation is just a phase for many women, it's still a punishment and very frustrating when your sexuality is perverted and vile. Sorry for the nagging.

Anonymous 108892


its ok to be a lesbian, nona

Anonymous 108911

>Then go suck a dick like most women who call themselves lesbians.
And then you accuse me of lesbophobia? I wrote anti-lesbian posts and my whining is directed only at me. I don't feel in harmony with myself when I'm not butch and I love women. Even according to Diamond's schizo research, 20 out of 80 women turned out to be bisexual, do you understand how "most lesbians are not lesbians" is overblown? Why do teenagers call themselves lesbians when they are actually bi? because of lesbophobia. In your mind, lesbianism is fun and normal when in fact it's much worse
> and call anyone who says lesbians don't suck dick a bigot, a transphobe and a hater.
Any adequate person is against mtf transgender people and their policies.
>You will meet the standards, I don't understand what the problem is.
In my orientation, which has not yet been cured, but you don't care, you are happy with the rhetoric of queers and their changing genders and orientations 10 times a day and spread it to everyone, erase women. >Women love public approval so much that on any other social media they delete any lesbian who doesn't like troon dick, and the rest of you can join #notallmen normie moralfagging women too.
Instead of bullying women infected with lies who, like you, send sick women (lesbians) to men, you can direct your anger at mtf. Here's a surprise.
You are also a woman by the way, I see that you separate yourself from them. I constantly see such callousness in other lesbians, although lesbophobia is imposed by heteronormativity. If each of them had sat down and thought who was to blame, she would not have resented the women who dared to be dissatisfied with the disease.

Anonymous 108912

>rape can program a woman to become obsessed with male attention,
this is called retraumatization by the protective mechanism of the psyche. It is impossible to force yourself to sincerely masturbate to certain things without imprinting.
> the female body enjoys submission, which is why women have fractures to rape or degradation.
Classic "pickme"fantasies about the female body and other women. The only thing that is exclusive to the female body is the release of lubricant so as not to injure the vagina and noncondency of arousal. Even the buchy ones, imagine that.And the mechanism of obtaining "pleasure" from pain is in two sexes. But women, by virtue of socialization, tend to eroticize the pain and position of the victim, because the subjectivity of a woman is ridiculed (attitude towards femdom, women who do not depend on others), they do not enjoy rape. They protect the psyche in this way. They are engaged in revtraumatization. They are eternal victims because their injuries do not allow them to be subjects. After rape, women consider themselves and their bodies dirty, just like men. But women tend to acquire masochistic kinks, and men also do sex reassignment surgery. Gender-non-conformal women, as always, talk nonsense, nothing changes. How to hate women, gender is definitely mentioned as a marker of dumb.

Anonymous 108918

>"delusional gaslighting"
>does the same thing to the other anon

Anonymous 108923

>Another round of delusional gaslighting, and you're trying to portray me as some kind of evie patriarchal picm who thinks women are submissive because she's evil.
Further along the text, you can see what an obedient patriarchal pet you are who echoes men ignoring female physiology and sexology. You don't even have arguments, all you have are the slogans of men. You remind me of a deranged misandrist who is trying to create some kind of backward theories that the female body is as sexually dominant as the male body, but this is hidden by evil brainwashers who create conditions for women, as if women do not have their own brain. That's right, you don't see the difference between physical inequality and sexual behavior. When a man abuses his power, it's rape, and you, like obedient parrots, repeat after men that you need to equate all sex with this. There is a lot of practice in sex and a woman can negotiate with a partner. The female body does not have a subordinate role by default. These are the inventions of men.

> The female body plays a receptive, not a dominant role sexually.

Men have an anus and to rape a man you only need a penetrating object. But you're completely blinded by the male gaze. A woman cannot play any role she wants in a rape situation, the problem is that society sees women in 1 role and ridicules femdom, which is created for female pleasure. >femdom is the most creepy baby shit in the world because it's still the same as any other heterosexual sex dynamic. Complete nonsense based on the words of the same washed dominatrix. There are many practices in the femdom and the word is always with the woman. I know a lot of dominatrix who are not babysitters during the game. They control and hurt submissives and enjoy it. >Defending yourself from sex without acknowledging its reality is a trait of an ordinary woman who tried to be a cool girl. The reality of sex is that it may not be the way a man sees it, but aimed at the physical and psychological health of a woman. A woman can pu

Anonymous 108927

The questions are removed, this is a brainless moid, which should have been proved.

Anonymous 108931

What the fuck is going on in this thread? What fucking troon is linking fucking sissy hypno and bumping this shit thread?

Anonymous 108933

do you agree?
>Debates persist over whether bisexuality is a temporary stage of denial or transition, a stable "3rd type" of sexual orientation, or a heightened capacity for sexual fluidity. The present study uses 5 waves of longitudinal data collected from 79 lesbian, bisexual, and "unlabeled" women to evaluate these models. Both the "3rd orientation" and "fluidity" models had support, but the "transitional stage" model did not. Over 10 years, 2/3 of women changed the identity labels they had claimed at the beginning of the study, and 1/3 changed labels 2 or more times. Yet, contrary to the "transitional stage" model, more women adopted bisexual/unlabeled identities than relinquished these identities; few bisexual/unlabeled women ended up identifying as lesbian or heterosexual. Overall, the most commonly adopted identity was "unlabeled." Bisexual/unlabeled women had stable overall distributions of same-sex/other-sex attractions but greater absolute fluctuations in attractions from assessment to assessment than lesbians. All women reported declines in their ratio of same-sex to other-sex behavior over time. These findings demonstrate that the distinction between lesbianism and bisexuality is a matter of degree rather than kind
who identify as bisexual sexually fluid? Some are and others are not. Sexual fluidity is distinct from bisexuality. Sexual fluidity may be experienced by people with any sexual orientation identity, including people who identify as bisexual, lesbian, gay, or heterosexual.

Anonymous 108935

Just some strange hoes with weird dangerous patriarchal mentalities or some incels

Anonymous 108937


I'm shocked that you don't report bastards who give out misogynous things.

Anonymous 108996

Please tell me why you think I'm not a lesbian, if these are reasons other than "you don't write like a man." This will give me hope for a happy future without perversions and will give me support in the struggle.
anon >>108884

Anonymous 109025


Anonymous 109032

I think it's common for lesbians to go through periods of hating themselves before coming to terms with their orientation, but being a lesbian is a wonderful & beautiful thing. I now find it precious, but it took a long time to really accept it and stop trying to make myself feel something for men. You can't change it, so you may as well embrace it. To any anons who are struggling accept being a lesbian, there are lots of women just like you, and there's nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Don't try to meme yourself into liking men if you don't.

Anonymous 109057

This orientation is literally aimed at suffering, unlike happy bisexuals and heterosexuals. Heteronormativity, lesbophobia, beatings in female relationships are common, the inability to find a woman who will not drag everything from hetero porn to sex.

Anonymous 109058

high domestic abuse in lesbians is a myth caused by misinterpretations of statistics

Anonymous 109070

You're talking as if men don't beat their wives and children lol

Anonymous 109077

It's nice that you defend lesbian relationships, but it's only about lesbian couples that the news is constantly that someone has been stabbed

Anonymous 109095

Anonymous 109097

Gay men have low crime and a low percentage of violence. But in lesbian couples, ESPECIALLY IF YOU CONSIDER THAT THERE ARE FEWER COUPLES IN NUMBER, it goes off the scale.

Anonymous 109100

…sorry nona i can't help you, i have internalized lesbophobia about the criminality rate too i still haven't gotten over it

Anonymous 109102

Percentages aren't about numbers though. It's odds.

Here's something.
>43.8% of lesbian women and 61.1% of bisexual women are raped, the recipient of physical violence, and/or stalked by a partner at some point; this is true of only 35% of heterosexual women
>Only 26% of men who experienced near-lethal partner violence called police
So what are the chances that gay men simply under report or are afraid of coming out?

>Any human is at risk of partnering with someone who turns out to be abusive. No matter what gender you are or what gender you prefer to be intimate with, there is always the potential that a partner can become abusive.

>Abuse doesn't know gender any more than it knows race. Femme women can be abusers of butch women; small men can be abusers of large men. We must grow to understand that the stereotype of what abusers and victims look like is just that: a stereotype, not reality.

Anonymous 109103

Okay, there's more information on that statistics. tl;dr moids

>The study notes that, out of those 43.8%, two thirds (67.4%) reported exclusively female perpetrators. The other third reported at least one perpetrator being male, however the study made no distinction between victims who experienced violence from male perpetrators only and those who reported both male and female perpetrators. Similarly, 61.1% of bisexual women reported physical violence, stalking, or rape by their partners in the same study with 89.5% reporting at least one perpetrator being male. In contrast, 35% of heterosexual women reported having been victim of intimate partner violence, with 98.7% of them reporting male perpetrators exclusively.

Anonymous 109106

>43.8 × .674 = %29.5 (lesbian, only women)
>61.1 × .895 = %54.7 (bisexual, only men) %6.4 (only women)
>heterosexual = %35
the "domestic abuse" for lesbians is lower than straight women.

this study seems biased tbh because if they wanted to get accurate results on violence in relationships why did they include "stalked by a partner"? that's too subjective. stalking is creepy it doesn't necessarily mean violence. anyway thanks for posting these nona

Anonymous 109107

Yeah, they could've been more intricate and specific with the questions maybe. Maybe they did but the 43% gets sensationalized.
>women are raped, the recipient of physical violence, and/or stalked by a partner at some point
So even those who aren't raped, or went through violence, but were stalked goes in there. And someone who wasn't raped or stalked but just got beaten up which is what the 43% gets stressed about goes in there too.

Anonymous 109108

Also there's a reason why moids are violent, at least violent in a bodily way. Testosterone, which is well known to cause disinhibition in the brain. Women can be violent but their violence is mostly verbal.

Anonymous 109109

a large part of moid violence is actually related to prenatal masculinization of the brain, which is why gay moids are less violent and straight moids who troon out stay the same amount of violent

its possible this also applies to lesbians since lesbians are gynephilic, this would explain some studies showing lesbians having higher crime rates than straight women & gay men (albeit not as high as the crime rate of hetero men), i have a lot of self hate over this

Anonymous 109110

Nona, you're not responsible for what people who belong to the category you are labeled by do. You don't owe them or anyone else anything.
t. displays psychopathic traits [machiavellian]

Anonymous 109111

An estimated 91% of victims of rape & sexual assault are female and 9% male. Nearly 99% of perpetrators are male. - U.S. Dept. of Justice, Violence Against Women Report, 2002.

The United States Sentencing Commission, reports that 93.6% of sexual abuse offenders were men.

A 2000 global study on homicide by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that men accounted for about 98 percent of all homicide perpetrators worldwide.

In the United States, 15,094 murder offenders in 2022 were male, compared to 2,107 who were female.

In England and Wales, 93% of killers are men.

A study conducted in Sweden found that 90.4% of deadly violence cases were committed by men.

Anonymous 109112

I think this is relevant to the other thread where nona was talking about doing bodily changes but despite all those things she gets hit on.

Rape is about power. Aggression and violence.

Anonymous 109114

thanks nona

Anonymous 109244

On the topic of sexual fluidity and the normality of lesbian orientation. There is evidence that most trans women experience changes in sexual orientation. Mostly, "lesbians" became bisexual, and bisexuals were less attracted to women on HRT. FTMs showed a smaller change. Moreover, a significant part of ftm is gay, despite testosterone.There is evidence that the brain is feminized on HRT. There is also evidence that transgender people have disorders in the prenatal period in sexual differentiation. I don't consider trans women to be women, but maybe a broken hypothalamus is enough to cause sexual fluidity?

Anonymous 109297

Ayrt and half of the links are about murder too. It was in response to posts like >>109057 .

Anonymous 109308

>The idea that you can't choose who you love is one of THE MOST retarded things I've ever heard
Can you fall in love with a given person on command? Is that what you're saying? I'd be interested to hear YOUR definition of love.
>no one with a proper mother and father figure becomes gay
I would describe my father and mother as proper father and mother figures and I'm still bisexual. Pretty much everyone has some kind of trauma.
There's nothing wrong with any of what you want. the only thing about you that you should focus on changing is your self loathing. Yeah, kids probably do benefit from having a father and a mother but almost no one grows up in a picture perfect family anyways and most of us turn out pretty okay. I don't see a family with same sex parents as being better or worse than a family with a single parent raising them alone, or a family where grandparents or aunts and uncles have to take on the roles or parents. Lots of hetero parents end up seriously damaging their children so I don't see any reason that two well intentioned women shouldn't be given a chance to raise a child. They can't do worse than some straights have done.

Anonymous 109332

There are many women with absolutely terrible childhoods and they remain straight. If this is the result of Stockholm syndrome, then with treatment, sexuality should become healthier and a person should be liberated. Still, it's not just life experience that affects.

Anonymous 110126

"I will also show that excitability has a greater daily effect on men's sexual desire than on men's sexual desire, for reasons related to women's hormonal cycles. related to female hormonal cycles. If we consider these factors together, the factors indicate that women's daily sexual desires should be more flexible and changeable than men's. The second phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the "disorientation" of romantic love. Although we usually assume. that sexual orientation directs people's romantic feelings along the same path as their sexual desires. sexual desires, this is not the case. On the contrary, what we know about the evolutionary origin and neurobiological mechanisms of romantic love suggests that it (1) functions independently of sexual desire, having other biological bases; (2) can develop even in the absence of sexual desire; and (3) does not have an "orientation" in the same the same as sexuality. As a result Thanks to these features, we can fall in love with someone without feeling affection for them, even if this person does not match our sexual orientation. sexual orientation. The third phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. This connection allows you to start with strong platonic (i.e. non-sexual) feelings of love, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and sometimes new and unexpected sexual desires.
The third phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. This connection allows you to start with strong platonic (that is, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and as a result experience new and unexpected sexual desires for him, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and as a result, sometimes new and unexpected sexual desires for this person arise. This is because love and desire, despite being separate processes, nevertheless have strong cultural, psychological and neurobiological links between them. One experience can contribute to another. We all know that sexual desire can turn into romantic love, but the opposite can also happen: romantic love can lead to sexual desire. Given this two-way connection between love and desire, we can to develop sexual desire for a person of the "wrong sex", just like we do we can fall in love with a person of the wrong sex. Such atypical desires may be limited to one special relationship. Such experiences may be more common among women than among men, because there is substantial evidence that the cultural, biological, and psychological pathways leading from love to desire are more durable among women. How does fluidity work? - 203 Taken together, these three phenomena provide a possible explanation for the fascinating turns that the women in my sample have experienced over the past ten years: the changes they make in their sexual thoughts and feelings in different settings, situations and at different stages of life; sensitivity"
What is your opinion?

Anonymous 110939

Hey where is opinions?

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