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“looksmaxxing” entering the mainstream Anonymous 108725

How do you guys feel about the term “looksmaxing” being embraced by many gen-zers and tiktok and no longer just for the incels and femcels. As a former femcel who has been aware of this term since 2017, it’s very strange to see its resurgence.

Sure, people have always been narcissistic and into improving their looks but the “bonesmashing”, talking about “falios” and “mandibles” and “maxilos” is strange to me.

Anonymous 108726

I'm a perfectionist so it entertains me however it puts so much pressure on me that I gave up on caring about looks altogether. It's just too much, too much details too much things to fix, it becomes an obsession.
Recently I saw how this moid who got a nose job looks like, he didn't get it to looksmax I think but now his nose looks thinner and it's easier to look at his while face which makes me think that more moids should get looksmaxing surgeries, sometimes when I see moids with hunter eyes and good jaw but they still have some little flaws I get sad and imagine what procedures they should get done to become the perfect chad.
Often things like lip fillers, face fillers make me wanna disappear because of the pressure and how humiliating it is as a woman to have to do this shit to look better or to hide signs of aging.
Last thing, there's this schizo moid youtuber I have been stalking out of curiosity for a fee years now, he had a jaw surgery many years ago but… Recently he got a surgery on his eye area and it was a looksmaxing surgery. His name is Frank Tufano so you can look up how it turned out

Anonymous 110623

Apart from all that bonesmashing bs I can't really notice anything wrong with the looksmaxing trend. Young moids are getting more blackpilled and keep encouraging each other to hit the gym and improve themselves. What's wrong with that? In the same communities I've also seen some zoomers encourage quitting porn which I think is a great step in the right direction.

Anonymous 110644

Lookmsaxxing was always a thing (for women) in the mainstream, it just didn't have that specific label.

Anonymous 110796

Looksmaxing is bullshit, just more consumerism

Anonymous 110816

Eating disorders ig

Anonymous 110920

most of the whole looksmaxing thing is just exercise and diet advice what are you talking about

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