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feel like i'm going mad tbh Anonymous 109341

going insane going insane going insane!!!!! i'm doing nothing with my life just rotting in bed scrolling through forums and playing yaoi visual novels i swear i'm going to die alone. i have so much work piling up and i'm halfway through university but no jobs will hire me and i would rather die than go back to my own country but i also miss being in my childhood home. i'm basically balancing on a thread about to snap. i can't go to therapy cause insurance won't cover it. how the FUCK do i get out of this hole i've dug myself into ;;

Anonymous 109346

Everyone dies alone, so forget about escaping that. You should probably focus on university instead of doomscrolling though.

Anonymous 109413

"focus on a useless familial pressure instead of useless internet pressures. it'll make you feel a lot better about your inhibitions!!!"

The average person's life is swarming with chaos of fraying relationships, erratic emotions, worthless pressures from work, & it's a loud buzzing & screaming until the silence of death.

Read some books. Get enough sun each day. Have consistency in your life. Meet a kind person who can offer you counsel in times of need. Take a break from your stupid visual novel crap and think about the circumstances that got you into such a miserable rut.

Anonymous 109414

real books. not a study into "1950's radical woman's suffrage of czechoslovakia". or a cheesy bestseller about how yoga and eating kale every day will make your life any less unfulfilling

Anonymous 109461

non-fiction or fiction?

Anonymous 109515

>replace your visual escapism with text-based escapism

Anonymous 109518



how to change:
1. start immediately.
2. do it flamboyantly.
3. no exceptions.

>music for you: youtu.be/yuBsxV7c-ks?si=q6u1QakByPngMJTx

Anonymous 109519


I can't stop going into female.dorm.areas.with open internet access, posting here saying I'm a guy, and seeing the whole group be banned.
Sometimes lifting speech backfires.

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