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Am I being weird? Anonymous 109554

So my long distant bf came and visited me for a month or so. While he was gone his sisters were always texting and calling, mostly cause he wasn’t responding very much. Then they like got on his WhatsApp and got my phone number which I feel is a breach of my privacy. It’s not the biggest deal and I’m not mad about it. But then they went on his Amazon.. he sometimes buys me things. I don’t ask him to he just does it cause he feels like it’s a way to provide for me. His dad literally had to tell them to mind their business about it. Now one of them has invited him to dinner and he’s pretty sure it’s gonna be about that and other stuff that deals with our relationship. I think his sisters are too involved and I think it’s kind of odd. I don’t have any siblings so maybe I’m being weird. I don’t know but I find it uncomfortable regardless.

Anonymous 109578

i think it’s strange they even had the idea to look through his amazon/amazon purchase history. like, i assume maybe he’s mentioned briefly purchasing items for you before because , that’s really random if not. if they’re older, i can see how they might feel overly protective and maybe worry that he’s being used for his money if he’s repeatedly buying u things and the relationship is all online . howeverrrrr they can feel however they want and it doesn’t matter as long u and him know your relationship dynamic and are happy

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