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I feel like socially inept women just suffer more than socially inept men. Anonymous 109789

Men are far more satisfied with self-focused and solitary lives. Being unable to socialize hits a woman much harder because we're more socially driven. Yet men get a loneliness epidemic and we don't. Why? Do we not vocalize how we feel enough? What's the board's thoughts?

Anonymous 109791

“Men loneliness epidemic” is the politically correct term for “mediocre men with assbergers so severe they can’t manipulate a woman to sit on their faces”. They are so sexually motivated it’s insane.
When women profess that they feel lonely, it’s usually because they feel disconnected (physically and spiritually) from their social circle. Case in point, women’s loneliness can be assuaged with female friendships, but the solution to m*n’s problems is penis in vagina ir penis in scrotum.

Anonymous 109792

Hm yeah. That sounds about right. They could make friends with other men easily. The reason male loneliness is considered a problem related to women is because they expect us to fix it by having sex with them. As a woman with assburgers I can testify it is difficult to make friends, but all men want is sex they don't care about interpersonal bonds. I mean look at their friend groups, they basically bond over sex and violence and nothing fulfilling.

Anonymous 109801

I want not to generalize, but the thing is, even men with thriving social circles don’t feel fulfilled by those social circles. I think it’s because they restrain themselves from being truly intimate with their friends. That exercise is reserved to whatever poor soul they deem their consort. Women are expected to carry and resolve their emotional baggage and that task comes hand in hand with the whole seduction game. Idk why they’re like this. Is it because their fathers just never raised them to converse intimately or because their mothers conditioned them into the act of unloading on the first female present in their circle? It’s fucking sickening is what it is. Every time a moid utters “i’ve never told anyone this” with the assumption that i would be thrilled at being their delegated confidante, i barely curb the eyeroll induced seizure.

Anonymous 109802

Very interesting insight nona.

Anonymous 109810

>Men are far more satisfied with self-focused and solitary lives
More like they have no other option that to live like that and cope with games, porn, chanposting etc.
>Yet men get a loneliness epidemic and we don't. Why?
Because they kill themselves more which has a higher optics consequences than making tiktoks about deranged thoughts.
Also a big factor is media/culture. They have Taxi Driver, they have both Blade Runner movies, Drive, (American Psycho?), Joker, welcome to the NHK, etc. These media makes their issues visible and easy to empathize with, everyone can watch and think of the several guy losers one has met in the past and get a picture of what's up. What do we have, Barbie?
Even media about lonely/loser women like Watamote is either taken as purely comedic or seen too sexually.

Anonymous 109821

I hate female socialization so much

Anonymous 109836

I guess this is not for asking how to actually make friends (and keeping them)

Anonymous 109842


I get absolutely nothing from socializing. I have no idea what you're talking about. And I'm not socialy enept either, Socializing drains the absolute fuck out of me.

For a woman its nothing but nagging and bitching and chastizing you for every little thing. How the hell can you possibly socialing is more rewarding for a woman ? It's the exact opposite. People are nauseating and tedious and they hate it when you genuinely enjoy yourself or live your own way.

How the hell do you even arrive at this op??????? People don't have good intentions theyre fucking vampires.

Men are the ones that need socializing because they need a way to seek out sex.

Anonymous 109843

I didn't say socializing is rewarding. Just that as an autistic woman my inability to socialize plus being constantly chastised for every little thing is stressful bc I wish I got out of socializing what everybody else seems to get. Being alone on a computer all day makes me depressed.

Anonymous 109844


Lol I got news for you, it doesn't matter whether you're autistic, stupid, smart, pretty, ugly, fat skinny socialzing is a bunch of righteous tripe that only benefits men who make life insufferable for everyone else and refuse to see why. Its like chinese water torture. Everyday a little bit more leaves a crater where your mind used to be. The grass just looks greener on the other side. But people are always faking it and riding out a performance like their lives depend on petty stupid bullshit.

The pleasant and amazing is super rare.

Anonymous 109955

This is absolutely not true. They think their solution is penis in vagina because they're retarded, your first mistake was listening to what men say on its face.
Men absolutely cannot make friends with each other easily, they're so emotionally disconnected from each other than just to compliment one another makes them worry about seeming gay, and they're so afraid of seeming weak or dependent that they'd rather play some game all night than actually talk to each other. This is why they're miserable.

Anonymous 109956

Damn that's a really good point about the media stuff, never considered that.

Anonymous 109960

Not my circus not my monkies Not my problem.

Anonymous 109962

Take care of yourself before you oppress and destroy a woman for your comfortand sex needs and loneliness. I fucking hate these manipulative pieces of shit. I don't give a fuck how lonely they are. I'm alone. I'm not posting pornographic ai and looking at cp because I'm miserable. Fuck them with rusty poles.

Anonymous 110043

Anonymous 110537

all my attempts at closeness with other women are met with belittlement, judgement and saving screenshots of my grievances with my life to laugh about my misfortunes with other women behind my back

i give up

Anonymous 110540

socially inept women do suffer more but society fucking hates women, so our problems matter nothing compared to some barbaric scrote throwing a bullet tantrum because he goes 1 day without pussy. male loneliness epidemic isn't real no matter how hard neckbeard journos attempt to push it. it's just women raising their standards an inch above hell.

Anonymous 110545

>>because we're more socially driven.

Jesus christ speak for yourself. You missed your exit, you're not even in the right state anymore

Anonymous 110546

All people are like this whether you're socially adept or not. Some moron just embraced it an called it socializing 3000 years ago.

You're not missing out on anything when you refuse to socialize

Anonymous 110549

Socially inept men have all kinds of communities they can flock to.
>video game communities
>Warhammer 40k
All these communities are filled with socially retarded men and are unwelcoming to women. Meanwhile, where is the female equivalent? There are no communities for females with bad social skills, they just have to either latch onto some moid who wants to fuck her or suffer in silence.

Anonymous 110550

This is a 'grass is greener' situation. Most people today are lonely due to societal design. "My loneliness is worse than yours reeee!" is just the kind of dick-measuring argument I'd expect to see from a moid. Being alone sucks. Feeling disconnect from the rest of the world sucks.

Don't get me wrong, it makes my blood boil with seethe to see scumbag boys manipulate women with the "I'm so lonely" shtick, but it equally infuriated me in highschool to see Facebook posts from popular girls that would read something like: "I just feel so lonely atm :( cud use sum cheering up," because even though they had a strong friend group (who would do everything to make my existence hell), they were the ones who'd get pity as soon as the moid they were chasing (unsurprisingly) moved on to someone else. Maybe I envied them because I was too scared to make a post like that - how embarrassing it would be to announce your loneliness to crickets.

People complaining about something that barely affects them is infuriating, but I know there are men and women alike who are genuinely crushed by this overwhelming emptiness. It's more common now. People who wake up each morning thinking about the best way to off themselves, because they have no one, and because, like many of you in this thread (like myself a few years ago), they feel that socialising is more labor than leisure. Maybe it's because I've found other "socially inept" women, I feel less alone, although I don't like that label; I don't think it's social ineptitude, rather a reluctance to play along with traditions and niceties that can't be rationalised. I don't really know a reliable method for finding a group like this, but I know that foccussing on men (which includes how much you hate them for what some of them post online) will not help you find groups for women. Avoid them, sure, but don't make them your personality.

Anonymous 110551

>Meanwhile, where is the female equivalent?
Notice all those communities are based around fantasy conflict and combat, little wonder why there is no female equivalent.

Anonymous 110568


Anonymous 110575


Even if spaces like this do exist for women they are quickly over run by men generally

Anonymous 110584

Men are terribly picky even though they pretend they aren't. I personally struggle to maintain good hygiene because I hate myself a lot and my parents have emotionally abused me while we also have a crappy living situation.

Men struggle with loneliness because they ruin themselves on porn, don't take care of themselves, then expect women to take care of ourselves AND them, but then also think they have a right to stay permanently single and be unfaithful as le chad bachelor until they can't get their dicks up anymore. This is why men that can't even take care of themselves are being left behind, because none of us need to deal with that. It's already hard mode trying to put in the effort to be conventionally attractive on top of being social, and men who think all of that is any kind of "easy mode" are willfully ignorant, maybe even outright retarded.

Anonymous 110614

Thing is that the moids there are just as unwelcoming to other moids like they are to women
Are incredibly hostile to other moids, will seethe if you play casual or high powered decks, will apparently baby rage if you play cards they don't like, complains waifu cards; which I'm assuming are monster cards where there are girls in the artwork, troons and kids
>video game communities
Will complain about trannies, women, and casuals ruining them and making games easier and killing them
I constantly hear moids bitch about how women and trannies "pozzed" DnD
Put off by the pandering that WoTC has been doing
>Warhammer 40k
I don't know much about that so I can't comment

I have no clue if the majority of this current crop of men in these hobbies are just particularly bad or what. Moids were always shitty, even when it came to letting other people in hobbies but it feels significantly worse

Anonymous 110616

I think the difference is that moids can go to these things and bitch with their fellow moids over their hatred of women. Meanwhile, there's no where for socially retarded women to go and bond with each other.
>I constantly hear moids bitch about how women and trannies "pozzed" DnD
Moids are delusional and will complain about women ruining things that we have no power or involvement with. Women aren't actually involved in dnd enough to have an impact, they're just butthurt that some tranny wrote a campaign with female characters.

Anonymous 110624

>Meanwhile, where is the female equivalent?
Then make one

Anonymous 110631

Most players don't play the actual card game but the current free2play videogame (Master Duel and Duel Links) so you can play it without being seen as a woman.
Same with videogames in general.

Anonymous 110641

Except you can't make friends in your anon

Anonymous 110642

most moids don't make actual friendships there either, thought we were talking about coping mechanisms
internet relationships are fake and gay anyway

Anonymous 110777


I can't believe you just realized this.

Anonymous 110779

>>user-friendliness and bonds
Has the person who wrote this ever even used the internet?

Anonymous 111061

LOL true

Anonymous 111069

my theory is that in the 21st century playing the victim became the prevalent way of moving up in life, and now that the kids that were born in this age are turning into adults its having an impact on everything, from culture to politics

Anonymous 111573

Society in general is cruel. If you have no friends people treat you as though you must be a bad person. I have autism and don't feel like talking much, and when I do I somehow say the wrong thing and people are cold and disinterested, if not hostile, despite my best efforts not to be cringe. Probably hits both men and women in various ways to different degrees, don't know, might be easier for men because 2 nerds can just sit quietly playing video games and don't need to constantly chit chat. The internet didn't help, it explains like 90% of social alienation.

Men obsess over sex more, when they are social failures they complain about the lack of sex rather than their lack of social skills and difficulty fitting in, which is ironically the root of their lack of sex.

Anonymous 111598

>listening to what men say
Men so desperately talk about their loneliness, lack of meaningful companionship, lack of affection, but every time someone stands up with "hey, what if guys provided those things for one another? any volunteers?" they all vanish, no longer wanting it.

They want those things from women, and the reason why is they want sex and they think these things will surely lead to it.

The only difference between lonely and socially fulfilled men is whether or not they're getting laid. Husbands don't even notice a lack of emotional intimacy in their marriages, not even when their wives point it out and cry about it for years upon years. The inevitable divorce is always a big surprise for them. The thing they're really sensitive to is a dead bedroom - not nutting in someone is the only thing that makes them lonely and unhappy.

Anonymous 111601

>his joy
you dont deserve pussy after carrying a girls bags up the stairs or simply being friends with them lol, no one deserves sex for simply that. typical low EQ ni​gger shi​ts​kin entitlement. thanks for proving the comment above as correct.

Anonymous 111604

Men make more of a storm from their suffering because their privileged position in society means they're bigger failures and they know it.

Anonymous 111606

>squaring 2% of women who love psycho abusers as the other 98%
>not understanding goods & value
its true what they say. nig​g​ers arent good at math

Anonymous 111608

people who obsess over sex tend not to be getting any, there is more to life

Anonymous 111609


poor performing males when not sucking alpha males' dicks: acting mean to girls

imagine how pathetic you have to be to go on a female board to smash the keyboard lmaoo

Anonymous 111619

>their privileged position in society
What privileges? Can you actually specify some?

Anonymous 111642

They have testosterone which is a massive advantage
They don't have periods
They don't have to carry children

Even lonely men have it easy

Anonymous 111643

Those are biological, not societal

Anonymous 111644

id like to know too lol.

Anon, what privileges do men hold over me societally?

Anonymous 111646

Go out at night without fear
Be raised without being expected to know how to take care of a house
No beauty standards battle pressured even by your own mother
Time and freedom for your hobbies instead of being a forced babysitter for little siblings

So on and so forth

>I didn't have that

Congrats, it doesn't matter

Anonymous 111649

Extra…Men being taken at face value for being male. Men not having to constantly prove themselves useful in order to not be told to go back to the kitchen. A woman says something and has to constantly prove herself/get pointlessly argued with/get ignored by the other men even when she's a professional while some scrote says the exact same thing word by word, everybody listens and think it's a genius great idea/opinion and it's immediately put into practice/praised/agreed upon by the other men. Generally males are taken more seriously for the fact they're male.

Anonymous 111651

Oh yeah it can go for ages, on every single aspect of life
Pretty sure there are books written about it

Anonymous 111653

Being male sounds amazing
Makes me want to be

Anonymous 111656

God, males are so gregarious its not even funny. If you show them some megalomaniacal scrote like Caesar or Napoleon, chances are they will subconciously think fondly of them, think they were great men, or even be willing to die for them (as countless actually did)
These imbeciles always glorify people who literally send them to their deaths, and has been this way since forever. Countless will gladly abandon their life's work and their families for a pointless death at a moment's notice

And THEN they have the sheer fucking audacity to claim women aren't the "rational" sex

Anonymous 111657

Why don't you just have sex with women and forget about men
Clearly you're not interested in men

Anonymous 111835

i see through your tactics, groomer

Anonymous 111837

Read the rest of the sentence scrote. My point is men who do, won't be told to go back to the kitchen/go back to serve men AKA "to their place" because they're so dumb and inferior to men and that's why they failed in the first place.

Anonymous 111838

And why women need to prove themselves to be capable.

Anonymous 111870

Are you blind?

Anonymous 111877

>Meanwhile, where is the female equivalent?
I days long past there were sewing circles, beauty salons, church socials, bingo nights, and book clubs

Anonymous 111881

Purposely nitpicked a part of the sentence to miss the whole original fucking point…typical scroteoid.

Anonymous 111961

>Meanwhile, where is the female equivalent?
Every fandom that had a female majority got taken over by tifs

Anonymous 111962

Trannies you'd fuck?

Anonymous 111963

Tifs are the only potentially fuckable trannies tbh.

Anonymous 111964

does tifs mean men who trooned out or women who trooned out?

Anonymous 111981

Women are more socially focused which also means they are more socially competant. No one talks about the female loneliness epidemic because women simply arent as lonely.
Also, women who ARE lonely arent fucking deranged like lonely men are. Lonely men talk about how they want to strip away our rights so we have no choice but to be with them. There havent been any female Elliot Rodgers. Lonely women dont behave like this.

Anonymous 111982

>they just have to either latch onto some moid who wants to fuck her or suffer in silence.
This really is the life holy shit
Myself and so many other lonely women I have encountered have compromised and just dated some below average moid to fill the void.

Anonymous 111993

Why screenshot a deleted post just to reply to it anyway

Anonymous 111994

Ah yes this is the life of every woman. Lol I wish. Wake tf up.

Anonymous 111995

Well it obviously wasn't deleted at the time I screenshoted it now was it.

Anonymous 111997

Good for her, cry more

Anonymous 111999

Gamer rage toward women is literally a skill issue. The ones who scream racial slurs are the same way.

Anonymous 112011

They really should just date women if they hate men so much
I'd give the same advice to incels

Anonymous 112012

Sexuality doesn't work that way dumbfuck.

Anonymous 112018

Yes it does
You're just to scared to try it

Anonymous 112032

you are revolting like a tranny, stop grooming

Anonymous 112064

>In denial like an incel
If a hot girl forced herself, you wouldn't say no.
Same with an incel but for men.

Anonymous 113581

That's a made up story even if it was real it would have to be disregarded as survivorship bias.

Anonymous 113584

Definitely. There is no male loneliness epidemic. There are some guys that made the choice to be alone and never help or show interest in anyone but themselves for 40 years, that are now sad their parents that loved them anyway are dead and they have created zero social ties of their own by choice.
It is a lonely narcissist epidemic.
Females basically only wind up alone for real reasons like social problems or being hideous.
A male can buy a gun, shoot himself in the foot, cry on the internet about how it’s a woman’s fault, and get sympathy. Hell that’s the van gough ear story. A female can get shot in the face by a random stranger and people will ask what she did to piss them off and quietly complain that she’s ugly and bitter now.

Anonymous 113618

This is particularly frustrating when you enter what appears to be an implied fem space, feel something off about the vibe, only to find out that most of the people you're talking to are mtf troons
It doesn't help when they're attempting to imitate a vibe you dislike even with actual women in the first place. I fucking hate cutesy tumblrspeak, but that seems to be the default to most female "socialisation" spaces over the wider net

Anonymous 113706

>men get a loneliness epidemic and we don't
Actually, I think the female loneliness epidemic is quite real. People have been talking about a loneliness epidemic that affects everyone, saying that basically since covid, people have been less likely to try to "forge new connections." That being said, to all you saying that the men's loneliness epidemic isn't real, I think it is. Is it any coincidence that the majority of men past their 50's have no friends? My dad is almost 50, has no friends outside of his "work friends." Whereas my mom has several close friends. I'm not saying that men are lonelier than women, but I think loneliness effects everyone differently. Also, society tends to act like men don't have feelings or mental health issues, and I think mental health is something that can affect anyone. But I'm not supporting those disgusting fake tranny moids who fake eds and stuff.

Anonymous 113707

Since when does loneliness equal lack of sexual motivation?

Anonymous 113722

Males on average are worse at taking care of themselves in general, being in adopting shitty behaviors (smoking, drinking, shitty dieting), or doing the necessary self care of adults (shower hygiene, going to the doctor etc).
As for girl failures, they are a statistical anomaly, and because society assumes that women are more well behaved, they receive far less support than what they should get…

Anonymous 113725

>they receive far less support than what they should get…
80% of government handouts go to women, what the hell are you talking about.

Anonymous 113731

you will never be a woman. ack yourself groomer troon

Anonymous 113781

I wish there was a book discussion club or something in my area because women read more than men, but nope, nothing. Historically we actually had these spaces, but thanks to technology it's nearly completely gone.

This pathetic new generation of people is too scared to even go outside. It's really a disgrace. I hate Discord and texting. I love in-person interaction. I also like phone calls, but for some reason that's out of style too.

There are so many moids who bitch and whine about being lonely while deliberately choosing to stay isolated at home 24/7. You have to give them credit though, at least some moids actually go to those shitty Yugioh clubs full of smelly losers to socialize and make new friends.

Unfortunately, young women choose to self-isolate even MORE than men which means practically any space you go to is going to be 95% male and 40+ married women which usually guarantees it's going to be shit or mediocre at best.

When I actually do meet people my age (mid-20s), it's even worse. It's like everyone from Gen Z is constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown. Always talking about "prioritizing" their mental health, yet they manage their mental health worse than any other generation. They are so socially incompetent, close-minded and afraid of anything new unless it's some form of narcotic. I can't stand having to deal with these people. Millennials and even Boomers are on average way more fun to hang out with. It's clear to me, most of Gen Z wants to be ALONE. It is what it is.

I'm considering moving to Latin America or somewhere with low-prices and an extroverted culture. I'm sick of spending so much money just to live next to these depressed weirdos. I doubt I'd be dating much abroad since I'm very dark and unattractive, but I don't care. It's not like any decent man is going to respect me up here either. I'd just love to relax somewhere fun where my salary's actually worth a damn and eat delicious food without having to think about the bills.

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