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Anonymous 110004

My bf rejected a girl's requests to "study together" during after-school hours out of respect for my feelings and she got mad at him and called him/me fragile, implying her intentions weren't "romantic". I don't understand tho, he only refused politely and there was no reason to get mad over it then why did she get offended to the point of switching from polite to mean? I've been told the same before a bunch of time but I don't take it to heart and instead just respect the choice of the person

Anonymous 110006

Female nice guy

Anonymous 110007

Her intentions were romantic.

Anonymous 110014

You should not have friends of the opposite sex, period. Anyone saying otherwise is just coping or has a cuck fetish.

My boyfriend only talks with my bandmates, and still is only when we all hang around together.

And one of them actually slept with him during a time we broke off for 2 weeks, I forgave her but theres that…

Anonymous 110040

>And one of them actually slept with him during a time we broke off for 2 weeks
You're still with this moid?

Anonymous 110045

she had a mask off moment after her ego was hurt because she thought she's way better than you and that he would cheat
She knows what she was doing

Anonymous 110050

Are you stupid? If she got that mad her intention were clearly romantic indeed lmao. She got defensive because she got called out.

Anonymous 110065

Yes, he is loyal, if anything I should blame her for it since it was her who pursued him, but I forgave her too since I know her since third grade.
Our relationship never suffered another break, neither he shows any sign of cheating, so I'm confident to say we are past it, been years now.

Anonymous 110066

I still do not approve him having female friends whatsoever.

Anonymous 110072

Still sounds like a bad move. I mean, he fucks another girl not even two weeks after breaking up? Sounds to me like a slut.

Anonymous 110078

single people don't owe celibacy to their exes

Anonymous 110084

I saw this as a moment of emotional vulnerability of him, since we are extremely close, strong fights/breakups are rare in our relationship, and I messed up for keeping him at distance for that long instead of apologizing sooner. Even tho he apologized to me too.

When you love someone/live with them for over a year, 2 week break drags like an eternity, I cried myself to sleep almost everyday.

To be honest, if he was already fucking around with other girls when we split, I probably would have a hard time forgiving him, or might not even come back to him at all.

The fact it was my friend who went to his house to seduce him, somehow stings less, even after I felt a bit betrayed by her actions, but not much surprised since she flirts with him from time to time right in front of me, under the excuse to "tease" me, he always rejects her advances and clings to me more.

Anonymous 110091

>cuck fetish is bad
>I forgive my friend for fucking my moid
You're contradicting yourself here lol

Anonymous 110105

If anything shes the cuck, she tried to get into our relationship, making a three-way couple or some shit like that, she cried, apologized, said how she felt she was "losing me" because I spend more time with him than her nowadays, trying to remind me how we are so close since we were kids and all that bullshit, and to this day she still can't find her own moid, the highlight of her life was fucking him once, while I get this privilege whenever I want, and way more, for the past 4 years now.

I see people with relationships going on for less time than mine where the moid already mentally checked out and did way worse things to their girlfriends, neglecting them, while my man is still obsessed with me, always listens to me, he is always worried about how I feel, always trying to please me… 4 years straight and going strong, imagine if I threw all this away because of my friend's stunt.
At this point I feel more pity than hate for her tbh. Shes going to die glazing at my relationship, wishing forever desperately to be the side bitch.

Anonymous 110248

Anonymous 110250

wow, truly abnormal amounts of coping in this reply

Anonymous 110446

The mental gymnastics incels have to make to justify how women more bad for the same thing!1! You're just as evil as misandrist SJWs. Kill yourself

Anonymous 110452



Anonymous 110453

what? there was nothing about porn

Anonymous 110454

The tiddy pic

Anonymous 110455

wgat where i wanna see

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