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The guilt is unbearable Anonymous 110052

Anons I posted about a mutual friend to another female imageboard (you know the one) and I recently found out that they frequent that site. I feel bad because if they find the post they'll know it's me. I sent an email to the mod team asking to take my post down but no reply. I'm scared anons. What should I do?

Anonymous 110053

I don't know the one

Anonymous 110054

It's lulcor, anon.

Anonymous 110055


Anonymous 110056

Yes anon.
To be fair the mutual friend is a huge cow who takes advantage of everyone around her, most notably a close friend she mooches and leeches from constantly, doesn't pay rent, is a munchie, etc. It's hard to hear all the things she's done and not want to compile a list of it all. But now that I know she uses lulcor I'm scared as hell she'll find it.

Anonymous 110057

I mean, what's the worst thing she can do? Stop talking to you?

Anonymous 110058

Tell people. I did use some mean words. Plus a lot of that information shared is stuff I think only I know about. I feel like this could break my friend group and support network and I feel bad for posting it. I definitely shouldn't have posted it. But I was caught up in my feelings.
I feel like in the grand scheme of things her karmic outlook is definitely more negative than mine, but I'm still scared.

Anonymous 110060

Do others in your friend group know what she's like? If yes, how would a description of how shitty she is break it?

Anonymous 110061

Well I did call her retarded and I did say tranny a few times so my trans rights friends would be pissed kek.

Anonymous 110062

Well, if all you said that she looks like a tranny, trans right people shouldn't take it as an offense because according to them, trannies look okay.

Anonymous 110063

She's nonbinary kek that's why I mentioned "tranny". A lot of the information also comes from a very close friend of hers. So I guess I couldn't get all the blame…?

Anonymous 110089

How on earth would she know you were the one who posted it? Sounds like she deserves the wake up call.

Anonymous 110114

Kek I saw your posts on LC

Anonymous 110134


>What should I do?
sit back and wait for consequences of your actions? retard.

Anonymous 110137

That's what ya get for being friends with snowflake activists. I wouldn't care to lose friends who care more about a slur directed at a shit person than that person's shitty actions.

Anonymous 110160


Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions.

Anonymous 110162

What happened?

Anonymous 110163

Oh, nothing. I was shitting on the OP.

Anonymous 110164


learn from your mistakes, be a better person going forward. Apologize sincerely, but only one time, and most importantly GET BETTER FRIENDS THAT YOU ACTUALLY RESPECT.

Anonymous 110241

OP here. I do respect my friends but my friends do have some weird and questionable friends themselves. I'm not extremely close with her, and my opinion of her soured immediately when one of my actual friends began ranting to me about how much this mutual friend takes advantage of her kindness with little to nothing in return. Like, it's a really bad situation. That's the entire reason I even posted about her in the first place. I was extremely frustrated with my good friend's situation and how most people are cool with the mutual friend. They wouldn't be cool with her if they knew she's ebegging online pretending to be disabled kek.

Anonymous 110340

How do you access lulcor? I don't see any results for it when I search it up on Google.

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