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Anonymous 110296

I feel so mad for the mankind for not caring about the environment. Especially in developed and developing countries, people live off too well and they are too comfortable. People excuse their behavior that "its goverment's job not indivudual's" while its true goverment should do it, you cannot act like individual's impact doesn't matter. It does, you can't outsource your actions "but its not my job."

There is no good excuse for this much consumerism and bad choices. I understand that not everyone can go car-free, eat local vegan food or shop everything second-hand or be minimalistic and mindful BUT you can make better choices still even if you dont have the privilage or energy to go all in.

People are not even trying. A person who has lot allergies may need to consume for example chicken to get enough nutrition or person who lives far away might need to use car but you can still choose better. And I am annoyed that people don't. It makes extremely mad, it is unbearable.

Anonymous 110297

the best way to make people care about their environment is to make environmentally conscious lifestyles more accessible. i agree there should also be an aspect of self agency. but the self agency lends itself to making environmentalism easy instead of hard.
yes, its unfortunate that some have no agency at all but those people will be weeded out by the natural adaptions of an progressing society.

Anonymous 110302


>People are not even trying. It makes extremely mad, it is unbearable.
i feel you nona. many people can't even put their trash in the trashcan, let alone sort and recycle it. the other day i decided to take a walk hoping it'll make me feel better but it only made things worse. all i see is trash, trash literally everywhere. I even recognize some pieces/piles of garbage because they've been here for years. people are fucking disgusting pigs. sometimes i pick up a few plastic bags, bottles, soda cans or whatever as i walk and carry them to the nearest trashcan and people give me dirty looks. there was one time when an old lady looked at me with adoration though, that was nice everyone thinks it's not their job to do it, so no one does it. cleaning people don't get paid enough to deal with enormous trash debris that's grown enormous over the years. i guess nobody cares as much as i do.

Anonymous 110316

Environment is a psyop. You are referring to a status quo of a minimal timeframe compared to the age of earth. A status quo that allows many specialists to live in their niche. The human created environment will allow other living beings to take over and in a long enough timeframe new specialists will fill newly created niches

Anonymous 110401

Think about all the companies in China producing plastic for the rest of the world. There is no natural water source on earth that is free of microplastics. Why are you mad at the individuals instead of the companies producing it? The governments should regulate and inhibit consumption, but they only profit from these things. Then environmentalists blame everyone but the major sources, China and India. The air pollution of these countries is 100 times the WHO health limit. India alone has 1.7 million premature deaths annually from air pollution. 90% of plastic polluting the oceans comes from just 10 rivers, located in China, India, and Africa. I think reducing my plastic use is better for my body and my environment, sure, and I take steps to do everything I can. But there isn't much else we can do.

Anonymous 110419

Sure, it's not an individual issue… it's a collective issue on the part of the consumers.

Anonymous 110424

The car was an extension of the horse-and-carriage was an extension of the foot. Propaganda made this so. We built our cities for cars in the name of 'progress'. That's what our forbears were told, and they bought the idea with little resistance (then they bought the car when they could afford it). The car is now a symbol of the individual; personalised plates, custom paint jobs, custom rims, custom mufflers, custom v8 engine, custom leather seats, custom gearstick, custom this custom that. The individual is someone who buys lots of stuff, and apparently being an individual is good. I ride my bicycle to and from work; every day I risk being hit and killed by a fat moron in one of their fat moron SUVs. I wouldn't have as much of an issue with cars if people weren't so easily persuaded to buy superfluously large killing machines. Meh.

Humanity gave in to vice. It became fashionable. The car brought sloth. Fast food a combination of gluttony and sloth. Look at American food - everything has sugar in it, even the bread. They could've rejected fast food from the get-go as nutritionless slop, but instead they let is spread and fester to every corner of the globe. Now our kids eat the trash and leave the rubbish in the gutter (not that it really matters, their packaging isn't biodegradable anyway so putting it in landfill just poisons somewhere else). We have alcoholic beverages featuring all sorts of mixtures of sugar and spirits. Why? To satisfy our gluttonous appetites, to "let loose" and party and give in to lust. What was wrong with beer and wine? Pornography came a bit before the car (it was probably invented alongside the daguerreotype) and it only grew worse. Porn is lust and sloth and gluttony and envy; four-for-one garbage. Avarice conquered the 80s ("greed is good!"). Pride conquered the 2010s (there's a whole month for it now!). Wrath was made attractive through violent TV and movies of the 20th century, and now it's all anyone feels. Christianity gets a lot wrong, but it was right to safeguard us against biological impulses.

I don't respect humanity much anymore; I feel so alone with my discontent. The only people who would agree with me are Christians, but I find them equally insufferable with their slave morality.

Anonymous 110425

>you cannot act like individual's impact doesn't matter
10 million people going green does as much for the environment as one corporation going green so no, individual actions don't matter.

Anonymous 110429


Things are actually looking up because the population is bottoming out. Women don't want to reproduce with dirty moids. Tis a win for humanity in my book.

Anonymous 110430

Fr everytime I think about this I am overcome with joy and relief. We should have a population bust party.

Anonymous 110440

>corporations are not backed by "individuals"
This is a meme. Corporations make money by telling you you're individuals, then telling you what type of individual you are, then emotionally manipulating you to give them money (we call this "marketing")

Anonymous 110449

No they don't. They get government subsidies and backing from banks and investors.
Environmentalism like all other political issues is 99.999% about affecting institutional change and .001% about you making lifestyle choices.

Anonymous 110451

Still a meme. Individual actions matter a great deal, in fact individual actions are mostly to blame for all of this.
The individual let themselves become isolated from community. The individual let TV dictate electoral outcomes, they let TV distract them from the changes taking place right under their nose. The individual let their existence become a miniscule blip against monolithic corporations.
If it weren't for the individual, none of this would have come to pass because communities would've fought against it (and won or died trying). The individual is the most powerful invention the elites could have made. Any attempt to break free from individualism is immediately shut down: "Even 10 million individuals going green barely compare to a corporation doing the same". Apathy kills movement. How are we to affect institutional change without first making a change in lifestyle choices?

Anonymous 110482

You’ll never take my standard of living, treehugger.

Anonymous 110485

I'm kind of interested in how much I'd actually have to "give up" if somebody could snap their fingers and instantly make the world "sustainable" and its population closer to "equal".

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