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Anonymous 110311

i look too young. i am almost 19 and i look 12 years old, which turns everyone away. even my voice is super high. i understand that its good to look young but every time i talk to moids, they get turned away by me like they dont wanna be me and i honestly think its my looks. its not good to be woman when you havent grow in any way. i had anorexia and im still bit disordered so i didnt get mature (for example boobs didnt grow). i cant fix this anymore and no one wants me like that because people dont wanna be seen as p*dos or whatever idfk. i will obviously age with age but then i just will look old and ugly, i will never be womanly…

Anonymous 110313

ur retarded

Anonymous 110324

why you think im retarded? thats not very nice to say in /feels/

Anonymous 110325

Hang in there nona, you're still very young. I think you'll find that both you and other people will care less as the years pass.

In the meanwhile, is there anything in the way you dress that might add to your youthful appearance? Maybe you could find some new styles that make you look older (and totally rad)?

Anonymous 110332

i dont know how to do make up or so but i dont dress childish either, very basic woman clothing i would say.

Anonymous 110343

Go to a good hair stylist and ask for a cut and a color that will make you appear older, dress in darker colors, darker/mature makeup. There's a lot you can do, grow your butt in the gym if this is about curves. There's a lot you can do.

Anonymous 110358


My coworker told me that my weakness is that I look very young and that it's going to be hard for me to make it. He told me that thought that I was 6 years younger than my actual age when he first saw me.

Still, he told me that it's possible to make things work out at work and I need to develop a "personality" that makes things work for me, like learning to use my eyes as a weapon to express anger, and to use covert ways to make people do what you want like doing small manipulative experiments to shame them and hurt their ego in public if they wronged you.

You're just 19, Nona. There's still some years in your bag to do something. Maybe bone growth is over after hitting puberty but you can do something cosmetically. I'd say 25 is when things are over.

Anonymous 110513

Boo hoo

Anonymous 110527

anon it's ok if you look youthful because all males are closet pedophiles. if they say you look "too young" to date it's more because they care about their image than not wanting to pursue you. but if they're avoiding you in general it's definitely your looks and not in a good way.
>t. 19 and looked 12 once, men were "nicer" to me after i hit the gym and lost weight. it never lasted long however.

Anonymous 110598

Like other said, hang in there.
Soon you will be a bit older and still have the looks of your prime, as if you were still 17-19.
Looking younger is what basically EVERY woman wants after 30 or so.
So play the long game, if you're 19 and look 12, at 30 you'll look roughly 23, at 40 you'll look around 30 and after 65 you could look 20 years younger if you take good care of yourself.

Anonymous 111385

you get me so much… i never came across someone who's experienced the same thing as me… im also 19 (almost 20) i dont think i was anorexic but my relationship w food was always shit growing up and i was underweight my whole life. i guess i never ate enough for my body to develop properly. anytime a moid showed the slightest interest in me is because he was like 17/18 and thinks im the same age…. i just wish i could look hot and normal like other girls my age cause sometimes my self image gets so bad that i cant perceive myself as a woman anymore. i wish i could give u a genuine advice instead of being blackpilled but everything i tried failed miserably bc i have no ass no tits and no thighs. anything i put on doest fit like it fits other normal girls, all bc of my weight and build. im sorry to hear u had a similar experience it sucks but i hope u at least dont feel alone in this lol

Anonymous 111451

Once you hit twenty one, go to bars more…. The alcohol will age you real fast, no joke

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