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Anonymous 110404

My bf is very soft and sweet. I like that about him. He’s kind of dominant I guess but in like an actual dad way. Anyways he had to wear a suit today and he sent me pictures. He looked so nice and his hands looked so nice and masculine. I want him to actual man handle me and I feel like a pervert.

Anonymous 110405

Beware Nonas: the vanilla pervert

Anonymous 110407

Yeaahh lol
I don’t really see the point of letting men abuse me, after I have been abused unwillingly. I don’t have problems with my dad so that’s probably part of it.
I just wanna see my bf jerk off in my underwear as he wears a suit and calls me his good girl.
I don’t think I personally have lore but maybe she was referring to some one else

Anonymous 110408


Anonymous 110504

He bought me a car too. Never gets mad or yells. Reads me to bed every night. Cooks for me whatever I ask for even if it’s silly things like a mash potato volcano. Last week I told him I lost my earring in passing. So he bought me new ones.
Learn to be kind and supportive and maybe you can have that too.

Anonymous 110505

Go back to instagram

Anonymous 110532

Why ?
Im not a pick me for calling someone a hag. Her personality is what makes her a hag not her looks. Learn to be happy for other people. No ones trying to hurt your feelings.

Anonymous 110535

Embarrassing go back to twitter or whoever you crawled from.

Anonymous 110605

Yes, my boyfriend does similar things for me too. One time it was raining, we had no umbrella. Well my bf is resourceful, he started to take a can-opener to his skin and delicately took off his epidermis. He was throbbing red by the end, but he didn't complain, he only whispered: "Don't worry , it'll grow back…" He very cautiously spread out his skin over me and I didn't get a drop of water! It was very sweet, and he was getting all close to me but was careful not to touch me lest I get stained with his blood (I wouldn't have cared). He also makes me little treats, like once when my grandma passed and I was upset he got me goldfish and sauteed them just the way I like. He bought me several vans and once I said "Oh my finger hurts" and the next day he came home with someone else's finger and asked if I'd like to try it on. Very romantic and I wouldn't trade him for anyone!

Anonymous 110625

like back into her mother?

Anonymous 110694


Anonymous 110695

Post of the year.

Anonymous 110697

Didn't read don't care

Anonymous 110704

My bf is softer and sweeter than your bf. He has a cute man chest and delicate fingers, like a pianist, except he doesn’t play piano.

Anonymous 110705

My bf hates trannies so he's automatically better than yours

Anonymous 110706

That’s pretty good, but my bf hates porn and doesn’t even think about other women

Anonymouse 110731

my boyfriend isn't real , hes better than urs

Anonymous 110762


Anonymous 110775

This is just a thread where tourists (or OP) pretend to be femcels seething at anon for having a boyfriend - notice how this happens at large quantities specifically in this thread and nowhere else on this boyfriend-having site. Some posts have gone missing, FYI. So friendly PSA: THIS IS A GLOWSCROTE THREAD THIS IS A GLOWSCROTE THREAD THIS IS A GLOWSCROTE THREAD. thank you

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