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Anonymous 110460

i cant control myself im so pathetic. i got mad over argument on internet and destroyed my apartment by hitting things and whatnot. this happens so fucking often nowdays. i cant control myself either i hit stuff or i cut myself. why i am like this…

Anonymous 110461

sanest crystalcafe poster. book an appointment with your doctor please.

Anonymous 110467

What did the desk do to deserve that?

Anonymous 110469

you should smile more

Anonymous 110470

I wish your apartment were by boss and I could beat the shit out of him.

Anonymous 110473

OP here

i dont trust doctors anymore. i had enough experience with these sadistics at psychiatric clinics and psych ward as a minor.


im sorry, this feels like you are mocking me. are you being genuine or sarcastic?

he was in the front as i keep my computer there and since i put my anger on the mouse, hand mirror and table that were there besides computer. dw my computer is also broken.


why you wanna beat him? sorry i didnt really understand, and i just wake up.

Anonymous 110474

She is mocking you

Anonymous 110477

okay. i have autism so hard time of understanding it sometimes.

Anonymous 110478

full offense this is something that a man would do. i agree the psychiatric/mental health system fucking sucks, so touch some grass nona

Anonymous 110499

How do you afford all this damage?

Anonymous 110500

>why you wanna beat him? sorry i didnt really understand, and i just wake up.
He texted me "love u" after I finished a task he gave me. He's being very creepy and repulsive as fuck. Sometimes puts his arms around my chair but JUST ENOUGH to make sure he doesn't touch me. I feel uncomfortable and I'm struggling to even start talking about this without making things awkward because I fucking work under him.

Anonymous 110506

"touch grass" is from someone who hasnt experienced it and thinks its so easy to stop.

i dont. however when i get super mad i try to aviod damaging things thati dont own.

i see, thats upsetting situation for sure.

Anonymous 110510

>i try to aviod damaging things thati dont own.
I feel if you are smashing up other people's stuff we are past the point of intervention.

Anonymous 110511

i dont do that, thats why i aviod it and put the anger on my own stuff like the table instead of the wall for example.

Anonymous 110512

Well that's progress. Can we talk about why you get so mad that you want to destroy things?

Anonymous 110519

well i dont know, it can be very small things that cause that reaction. it doesnt have to be something big, just even a slight anger and i cant control myself.

Anonymous 110520


Try xanax or weed

Anonymous 110526

I wish I could be as unhinged as you nona, I have so many mental blocks I can barely launch a thing on the bed those rare times I get upset enough to, it's not full strenght and I regret it because my arm hurts and feel a weird stretch anyway

Anonymous 110531

>even a slight anger and i cant control myself
You recognize the problem which is good. You just need to take the step of not acting on your impulses. Try thinking of something that would make you mad but not act out in response as an exercise.

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