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Anonymous 110491

this guy asked me out on a date and of course i went. it was nice, and i'm guessing he enjoyed it too. w start talking about our types and he says either twink men or muscular/fit women and i just sit there confused because im most most definitely not a fit woman. im fat as fuck and yeah i lift weights but not in a way that makes me look strong i just am strong. why would he ask me out knowing im not what he wants? maybe im missing something, but i dont know what it could be. he even said as he was driving home that we should do it again sometime. idk i feel like im loosing it.

Anonymous 110492

you don't have to be his exact type for him to like you, maybe he can notice you're strong and that's why he likes you, even if you don't look bodybuilder strong

Anonymous 110496

i asked him why he went on a date with me evn though i wasnt his type and he told me it wasnt a date so yeah im actually delusional ig lol

Anonymous 110503

Bullet dodged tbh why did he waste your time in the first place? He sounds like a jerk.

Anonymous 110521

Nah he's just gaslighting you op.
If he asked you to hang out alone and said the things he did it was just a date with plausible deniability.
It's a sign of low confidence and sneakiness on his part, not worth it. You'll find someone better.

Anonymous 111083

I swear wtf is up with ‘straight’ men dating/sleeping with twinks and keeping it secret? Two of my exes cheated with twinks.

Anonymous 111085


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