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Weird set up Anonymouse 110587

I live in a pretty boring area and the men around aren't the greatest, so I sometimes talk to guys online even if it's just to be friends. I'm not too crazy about jumping into relationships anyway. Recently, I got out of a lame relationship with my ex who cheated on me a few weeks into us dating (wasn't feeling great about that one).

My online friend, K, suggested this guy to me, I'll call him W. From her description, he didn't sound like an amazing person, but honestly, what the hell did I have to lose at that point? If I'm sad, might as well make the situation more interesting, right? I've been talking to him every day for maybe the past few weeks, and honestly, I don't think I like like him, but I'm definitely attracted to him despite him being a weirdo!
Something about this guy screams to me that he'd throw me in front of a moving train just for some giggles, but he's fun to talk to. He larps all the time as different people for jokes, and it's hard to tell if what he's saying is the truth or not (K did tell me he did this kind of thing, so I wasn't surprised). Though he seems to have stopped because I've mentioned his addiction to larping in DMs. He's been to jail and is a little deranged, but besides that, we both really get along.

Apparently, online he is well known around and has lots of connections in the community I found K in. Apparently, even my ex knew who he was. When we first started talking, it was because K told me he wanted a girlfriend (I was more interested in the fact that all the stories existed about him, and to my surprise, he was happy to tell me everything). She told me I would be perfect for him. I can't really tell if that's an insult or if she's 100% correct.

I want to know what others think of this situation, I think its funny, just felt like sharing (not sure if K is trying to help me, or if she's trying to kill me)

Anonymouse 110588

I POSTED TWICE- im so sorry yall i was half awake, please delte one of them aarrggh

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