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Anonymous 110840

>Smallest thing goes slightly wrong
>Intense desire to cut myself
Please help, how do I stop this?
I haven't self harmed in years and my scars are almost invisible but nowadays the stress has been pilling up and I'm thinking about slicing myself when I get minimally upset over anything.
I don't want to relapse, I'm trying to date around again and I don't want the first girl I get frisky with to think I'm a mentally ill attention whore (aside from desire to self harm I'm actually really healthy)
I sound so fuxking stupid, I'm just rambling
Please help

Anonymous 110841

When I was a young teenager I started cutting myself to cope with everything that was wrong with my life and as a result it became a habit to relief myself from negative feelings.
Years later and while I'm living a happy life but in my mind the self harm has fully solidified as a response to anger/sadness, so if I let myself be upset over anything the intrusive thoughts appear again
Not cutting is easy but this is so ingrained in my mind I don't know if it's fixable
Did I permanently full my brain up?

Anonymous 110842

I'm going to sleep, I can't handle this right now
Vent over

Anonymous 110856

>>110840 Mind over matter nona, if you're stressed rn then find more outlooks that's not selfharm. Maybe go join the gym to release stress or punch a pillow but don't let yourself fall back into self-harming because it'll be hard to breakout again.

Anonymous 110875

why don't you unironically try open awareness meditation? or journaling (but I've always found the latter's conducive to rumination while the former's conducive to real well-being)

Anonymous 110882

Mindfulness girl, you’re already on the path by recognizing it. Training your brain to think different is all about repetition. Reward yourself when you recognize a bad pattern and successfully avoid it — the only way to get better is self love.

unironically gaslight yourself into new behaviours. You’ll be okay <3

Anonymous 111080

Anonymous 111087

My urges have returned too after being dormant for so long.
I either channel it into exercise (which also hurts and takes some energy away) or, if I really can't resist in the moment, I hit myself. Ideally there would be no self-harm at all but at least it doesn't scar.

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