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i feel so inadequate compared to bf Anonymous 111194

i don't know how to deal with it. he's just better than me in everything. it would be fine if it was in things idgaf about but now i get so envious. for example i've been trying to learn german for years while he speaks 5 languages. he's way more academically gifted than me, more extraverted and charismatic than me, a quicker thinker than me etc.

Anonymous 111654

It's just impostor syndrome, don't worry
You can always ask him, you might be surprised about how highly he thinks of you too

Anonymous 111659

Stopped reading there

Anonymous 111661

You shouldn't feel the need to be better than him, maybe thats why you two r together? Because of your diffrences. Besides yr just a girl so

Anonymous 111666

when will we learn to just report moids and ignore?

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