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Having a sibling that is more popular than you Anonymous 111251

Do any of you have an older or younger sibling that grew up more popular than you? Maybe they were deemed the golden child and had been given more attention by your parents or maybe they just had better luck in school. They seem to have more friends, got a relationship before you, have better looks etc. How does it feel to be the overshadowed sibling and how do you find ways to cope?

Anonymous 111267

My older sister had more friends than I did but she always hated me for being thinner than her and used to hit me and lock me in the closet.

Anonymous 111268

My younger brother is definitely not the golden child, but he's way more socially adept than I am. More friends, more life experience, etc.

Anonymous 111274

Not to derail, I loved this show to death as a kid and the irony is that Kara always seemed like the better one and was more popular in the fandom. I hated when season 2 onwards changed the art style and ruined them looking like actual twins. They were perfect like this.

Anonymous 111278

>how do you find ways to cope
you don't. just move out.

Anonymous 111357

I'm the eldest, but apparently I was just made wrong. I look like my dad, so I'm lanky and pale as a starting position, and my mum hates me on some level because of it. Meanwhile my younger sister is a carbon copy of our mum, so she's dark and curvy and beloved. I was attacked by a gang of boys in primary school, so I was terrified of all men until my late teens and lost all chance at friendships and relationships. Meanwhile, she was doted on by every man she met and was dating from age 12. Her being adorable is the reason our loaded step-dad agreed to marry our mum. I got saddled with anxiety and depression, and you'd think her suddenly developing rapid cycling bi-polar would put my treatable conditions in the win column, but NOPE, everyone just sees her as a manic pixie dreamgirl and idolises her rampaging libido. She's always had more friends, boyfriends, attention, love and affection than me because I was just doomed from birth. Her being a wreck doesn't even impact her profession or academic life, because people gather around to just fix everything for her. Seriously, people have taken at least TWO exams for her in uni and multiple assignments/tests because they feel so bad about the medication needed to level her out making her feel sick every 3 weeks :(. At her new job, which she got with a degree she didn't earn, she has a small band of simps who do the hard parts for her. Despite that job being working for a commercial TV station, and mine being trying to avert agricultural disaster within our lifetimes, our mum still considers her job vastly more important and has DEMANDED I actively sabotage my career in to…feed my sister's cat. It just hurts.

Anonymous 111397

My sister was more popular but that wasn't the problem, my father clearly favoured her over me and did nothing to hide it.

Anonymous 111399

sister is more popular than me, prettier than me, better at academics than me, more eloquently spoken than me. she even beats me in silly stuff like video games. it’s like i’m the faulty beta test version and she is the flawless complete version

Anonymous 111521

>lock me in the closet.
Oh darling its ok lying to yourself but…. We all know that closet wasn't locked at all.

Anonymous 111525

I wish I could slap you for responding to my post like this. die die die die

Anonymous 111527

I also am the inferior older sister who looks like dad with sister who has model hot moms looks, but instead of her ending up bipolar, I ended up bipolar. It's so much fun being the trainwreck sibling who lives with her parent when she's flourishing in law school and fucking hates me and is basically a high functioning sociopath

Anonymous 111536

My brother, sister and I were all bullied in school…except when my brother hit puberty he got tall and cute and even 20 years later still has women all over him. Sister and I never grew into our looks and she's probably still a virgin like me. She's mostly only friends with our cousins while I have no friends. My parents had the genes to produce attractive, alpha tier sons so that meant mannish, awkward girls

Anonymous 111971

>Her being adorable is the reason our loaded step-dad agreed to marry our mum
>suddenly developing rapid cycling bi-polar
>rampaging libido
I was bracing myself while finishing your post, thought you were about to reveal molestation story…

As for me
>grew up calm, golden child, excelled in school
>brother adhd demonchild, professional liar (negative)
>now broke neet, no friends, cycle between barely suppressed rage and depression
>brother rich successful adult, beloved by all, zenlike temperament
>finance bro aka professional liar (positive)

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