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Uncaring friends Anonymous 111275

I don't have many friends but the few I do have seem to have no problem cutting off people they were once close with. Like straight up cutting them off, maybe a short explanation but it ends in "you're getting me down lately so I don't want to see you anymore". It's not one or two people, it's a bunch of them. It just leaves such a sour taste in my mouth about them, I feel like I have to watch my behavior because they had no problem ditching other people, why would they treat me any different? Having no friends is better than this shit, I've stopped reaching out to them because I don't want to get too close anymore. Does anyone recognize this? I don't think cutting people off is inherently bad but treating friends like they're disposable is so vile.

Anonymous 111277

This is why friends can be counted on a few fingers and acquaintances are plenty.

Anonymous 111300

I think it's natural and I don't feel bad when other people ghost me either. Friends are replaceable and not really necessary or enmeshed in your life at all. It's nice to have fun with people, but if someone is going to start making my life unpleasant, I wouldn't want to deal with it either. Life is hard enough without that crap.

Anonymous 111310

Some people are just like that, they have enough people that care about them already.

Anonymous 111381

Friendships are a type of relationship at the end of the day and people want em for different reasons.

Personally I think it's pretty scummy too, but it's just a matter of finding friends who have the same idea/values of friendship

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