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Anonymous 111523

i look like a moid. my body is masculine, my face is ugly, my frame is wild and big. i have no femininity left. my whole high school people thought i was guy despite wearing neutral clothing and having long hair. this is making me suicidal, i look moid but i am woman. when i put feminine clothing i look like crossdresser, i am so repulsive, it is making me suicidal. idk how long i can take this anymore. i am ugly moid like woman no matter what i do. i am not even super tall or have big feet or whatever it is my overall looks. i look like ugly incel. why God did this to me?

Anonymous 111524

-Frankenstein, 1818

Anonymous 111576

im sorry nona. i would say consider looking into pcos treatment or diying estrogen like trannies do and get a hormone tester. switch to a low protein keto diet, drink more water (fat diet = better fat stores for estrogen, water = puffy face). do not lean forward if you do that in case of creating intercranial pressure (causes your browbone, nose, and forehead to protrude). might be a cope but bones dont stop morphing when were older, you could do intense lower body exercises in the hopes it could change your hip size (if nothing it will at least thicken your butt). walk with your glutes not your core, walk with your legs inwards not outwards. wear clothing that suits you. for everything else, im sorry, you could check out facial feminization surgery.

Anonymous 111899

you dont have to diy estrogen you can just go on birth control that contains estrogen
also try getting your eyebrows done it makes you look so much more feminine

Anonymous 111900

Get help, might be expensive cause of makeup/beauty products but if you say you don't have striking moid features like tall or huge feet then it might be fixable.

Anonymous 111906

people would tell the exact same thing nona, i’m sorry. you’re a woman through and through no matter what they say. if you have facial hair like me try shaving it with those little face razors or get it threaded/waxed. i changed my hairstyle to masquerade my squareish face i got from my dad and it makes my face look a little v-shaped. i feel like mascara, concealer, a colored lip gloss and blush goes a long way too.

Anonymous 111908

not OP, but what kind of hairstyle do you have none? I also have a square face thanks to my dad's gene

Anonymous 111946


something like this, the bangs hide my square hairline and the longer pieces on the side hide some of my face

Anonymous 111947

I am sure you are very pretty and there are many ways to dress flattering for your face and figure even if you don’t have the most stereotypically feminine look. There is no normal when it comes to womanhood and you just gotta own it

Anonymous 112482

me too. idk what to do.

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