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Can not take this anymore i need a bf Anonymous 111539

i know this is isnt a unique post but i cant take this anymore. 24 and a man has never looked at me like he loves me. I hate being a weirdo autist in an eastern european conformist country. Last year i was so desperate that i was hanging out with a guy and got assaulted. Please dont say hobby meetups cause there arent any in my town. Please do not bully me for this i understand this is stupid to alot of yall

Where do i find online a serious guy willing to long distance ?

Anonymous 111540

cat babushka.jpg

Just say you're a woman on literally any discord server bro.

Anonymous 111544

excuse you

Anonymous 111545

I have no advice unfortunately, just want to say that I relate

Anonymous 111551

and look conventionally attractive. even fat discord losers are delusional. they think they deserve stacies.

Anonymous 111559

RPG games? I don't know that's what I saw working for others

Anonymous 111569

Discord dating servers
Just make sure that any man you date can afford a plane ticket and lodging to your city. Best moids for this are those who autists that live with mummy

Anonymous 111572

t. racist moid

I concede one technicality, if he is a social pariah there is less competition. However.. if he is racist because he is terminally online, as opposed to being a genuine southern boy raised different, then it is a red flag, and in the latter case you will want to fix him. So you are incorrect.

Anonymous 111579

OP needs bf and that’ll give her bf. I see no problem with the logic of going for someone who’s otherwise undesirable. Should OP date a loser? No. But will they date OP? Yeah probably.

Frankly any partner attained due to desperation isn’t gonna be that great but only experience will teach her that.

Anonymous 111583

>But will they date OP?
Doubt it. A terminally online racist is likely an incel and they are in fact very judgmental, they expect women to look like their favorite porno stars and celebrities and get very horny and angry when they approach women above their league and get rejected. They're a mess.

Anonymous 112523

no you DONT need a bf bfs are trash

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