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Anonymous 111561

Did anyone else here never have friends? My whole life I struggled with fitting in and the best I could do was hanging out with people at school but after that I never saw anyone. I've never really seen someone else like myself, usually they have/had at least 1 friend.

Anonymous 111589

i'm probably the problem but thanks to my autism i have trouble seeing others as my "friends". acquaintances at most. i can confidently say i have one actual friend maximum. who also has no friends besides me.

Anonymous 111590

yeah I feel like I'm literally uncapable of having one.

Closest I have been to make friends was at one job I had with more extroverted people than usual, but naturally drifted apart when we moved on

Anonymous 111594

>who also has no friends besides me.
I read this to mean: "who else has me as their only friend"

I have no close friends. There are people whom I like and who like me, but I mostly feel a disconnect with them. They do things without me, but that doesn't bother me because they don't do it to exclude me. I'm not the right person for most things and they probably don't immediately think of me. I also don't immediately think of them for doing the things I want to do. Mutually alone.

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