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I hate everything Anonymous 111660

I don't know what to make out of my life. All i do is stay inside and do nothing, i have no job, no school, no friends in real life. Literally what do i do?? I tried to get a job but they don't want me, friends? I fucking hate everyone because theyre inherently retarted to a point where i would rather disassociate myself from them. Wtf do i do? I just want to be happy. I could maybe spend time on a hobby but i don't know what. I tried out everything

Anonymous 111663

Well, you know there's always the possibility of taking drugs so you mellow out, but that may just be me.

Also, what do you mean, you tried to “get a job”? You'd have one already if you truly wanted one. I don't think you're uber stunted that you wouldn't be able to get a job in the braindead sectors.

Anonymous 111665

I have a job a school and a boyfriend and I still also feel depressed so maybe that has nothing to do with it

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