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Worst thing to ever happen to you? Anonymous 111815

You'll never beat mine.

Anonymous 111816

Well I got caught in a snowstorm and almost froze to death. I couldn’t move at all or speak and my phone had shut off from the cold much earlier. My dad got worried that I didn’t come home and drove out looking for me. He found me collapsed in the snow. I was able to recover and didn’t get frostbite luckily.

Anonymous 111817

I'd trade my worst thing ever with yours nona.

Anonymous 111818

It’s not the worst I’ve ever felt like emotionally, but I guess it’s the closest I came to dying and it was very scary for the few minutes I was collapsed because I was aware of it but couldn’t do anything. Also it would be kind of ridiculous if I said moid troubles or bullying is worse than almost dying, but I didn’t have a traumatic reaction afterwards whereas those other things were long-term rather than singular and have had negative effects on me for much of my life.

Anonymous 111819

My husband and unborn children died in a horrific accident. There is no euthanasia in my country so I just have to ride it out and pretend to be normal and seethe at every happy family knowing I'll never have that again.

Anonymous 111820

Not to be insensitive, but if you managed to get a husband once, your odds are pretty good for getting another one.

Anonymous 111821


Mine is probably getting cheated on (multiple times, different partners), pretty minor compared to a lot of stuff…
I hope everyanon is ok

Anonymous 111822

Not insensitive, but are you really suggesting I should marry someone who isn't the love of my life? Not doing that. I can't replace him or our babies. I will probably rope soon.

Anonymous 111824

>the love of my life
You might only feel that way because you’re caught up in your emotions and the loss, but it’s possible you could meet someone else and love them too. There is an abundance of males in the world. If you had met a suitable one before your husband, you’d be calling him the love of your life instead, not because there’s anything truly special about him but because you’re the type of woman to feel that way. You don’t need to jump into meeting men, and maybe your loss will send you down a path of solitude, but a lifetime is a long time. Feelings come and go, and our hearts are swayed. Maybe you’ll feel differently with the passage of time.

Anonymous 111826

Think I'll just remain single for the rest of my days.

Anonymous 111846


My mom told me she wanted to kill herself because of me.

Anonymous 111848


i was trafficked by a female abuser for 5 years along with many exotic animals. i was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her male 'friends' that she would leave me alone with. taking care of the animals and bonding with them is what kept me sane.

it's very difficult to talk about because too much happened in that span of time to narrate. i made many excuses for the female abuser because she was my fiancee. i did not make the connection between the chaos of our lifestyle and trafficking - i didn't think someone who lpved me would do something like that.

before i escaped, her and a man she was cheating on me with raped me. thankfully i had a lot of help from extremely skilled and educated people in domestic violence orgs after, and i managed to save one of the animals that were being trafficked with me.

i am still rebuilding and correcting the course of my life 3 years later.

Anonymous 111849

raped causing many mental issues OP share your story I bet it's pretty bad

Anonymous 111856


it is so hard to articulate just how harmful the experience of a rape is
everything fucking changes. everything falls apart.
i wish you and every other nona who has experienced this healing.

Anonymous 111859

This is all fanfic

Anonymous 111860


I'm so sorry Anon, I could not imagine the pain you feel. I couldn't imagine anything worse happening in life. Please don't spend your days alone, you need to be around family who cares and loves you. Maybe you could move in with family. I recommend keeping in contact with his family as much as you can, they likely feel the same you do and would be touched that you keep contact. I wish you all the best.

Anonymous 111864

a lot of people get trafficked by their partners. i'm just lucky i didn't get straight-up pimped out like the other victims of such bullshit i've connected with in support groups.
if it's hard for you to believe, maybe you're just fucking lucky.

Anonymous 111879

I don't think it's fanfic, just written to look worse than it actually was. Sounds like a bad relationship nona decided to stick around with for too long.

Anonymous 111883

What an awful thing to say. What sheltered hole do you live in where bad things don't happen to others?

Anonymous 111884

Husband and unborn children both killed accidentally. Tried to resuscitate his freezing cold corpse but he'd been dead for house. Screamed for what felt like hours. Couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Inb4 this is a troll guise fuck off back to Plebbit.

Anonymous 111885

My husband was the only person who gave a fuck about me.

Anonymous 111886

being born

Anonymous 111887

same should've died when I was born

Anonymous 111889

Csa that went on for over a year, when I got caught parents blamed me for it and sent me to some kind of criminal psychologist with posters on the wall
>Are you a pedophile? Talk about it with us to learn to control your urges
She also told me she thought I'd be the type of person to drive monstertrucks into crowds of people and thats the reason I was there. Like any 12 year old would. 8 years later I feel completely broken as a person, I can't have normal relationships, I can't hold down a job and flunked out of college. Now they blame me my life is mess.

Anonymous 111897

Wait I'm confused? So you were the victim or the perp?

Anonymous 111910

I’m really sorry you went through that, ignore the ridiculous suggestion that you’ll easily find someone capable of replacing him.

Anonymous 111912

thanks nona

Anonymous 111913

Also, my husband's mother tried to blame my sexual history and miscarriages for his death.
'He just couldn't come to terms with your past'.
You sure about that? His death was an accident.

Anonymous 111914

that's fucked up, and doesn't even make sense. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 111916

Victim, police came to my house and they made me go to a psych and for some reason it was that one. They blamed me for being dumb enough to fall for it.

Anonymous 111917

sorry anon, that's nuts.

Anonymous 111924

Watched my grandpa have a stroke at 10 yrs old and then watched my dad have a heart attack (and tried my hardest to save him and call 911) at 17. Still fucks me up to this day. I miss my dad.

Anonymous 111945

my dad made sexual comments about my ass when i was 8

Anonymous 111948

My father told me "…It was okay".

Anonymous 111955

Your father told you what was okay? Chicken fried rice? The Barbie movie?

Anonymous 111956

kek i wanna know as well

Anonymous 111957

I was ambushed and assaulted by a gang of guys on my way home from school. My brother forced me to recount every detail in front of my entire family. My dad and cousins then dragged me out in the middle of the night and made me point out the ones who did it from a lineup and forced me to watch as they beat them to pulp. The next morning I had to lie to police during questioning. Later that day, I had to walk home from school with the boys' mothers and sisters harassing me the whole way, calling me a slut who tempted them and telling random passersby that I was a whore, then shouting my address to them in hopes one of them would come to my house and rape me.

Anonymous 112035

…so like tiger king?

Anonymous 112120

thats terrible im so sorry anona

Anonymous 112149

Thank you for your condolences.

Anonymous 112332

Eastern Europe?

Anonymous 112337

got raped/molested three times on three different occasions with three different people before i was even a teenager, repressed the fuck out of it
i'm all good now though, i have a nice life and surround myself with nice people. very grateful every day

Anonymous 112521

unfortunately not that interesting
stuff like lizards and rare breeds of dog.

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