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Is there anything more humiliating than a failed suicide attempt Anonymous 111867

I had enough this time, but it didn’t kill me. I wrote a heartfelt letter to all my loved ones, and even drafted up a will. Now I gotta tell them “sorry I’m fine” how cringe

Anonymous 111872

that "sorry im fine" you tell them will lift their hearts more than anything u can possibly imagine.

its not cringe. i hope you get the love u deserve.

Anonymous 111873

It will come across as a cry for help. Seeing as you probably need help from your loved ones right now, this may help get you set on a better path for the future. Life is better than death, and I hope you come to realize that.

Anonymous 111874

If it was really that humiliating you would just use it as motivation to try again and this time make sure you succeed.

Anonymous 111875

>Is there anything more humiliating than a failed suicide attempt
Shitting yourself on a crowded transpacific flight.

There isn't anything humiliating about what you're going through. Anyone with a modicum of empathy will want to help, and nobody's going to have as much ill will towards you as you do yourself.

Anonymous 111878

Did you actually send them a mail or letter? I don't understand why you would do that if your preferred method is known to be ineffective

Anonymous 111882

A successful one. My life is fucked because the main person in my life decided to OD. Don't do what they did to someone else. It's not fair.

Anonymous 111898

it's okay i've lived for two years after my last failed attempt you will learn to fucking live even if you want to and get a job at mcdonald's where you find a new reason to live slay queen

Anonymous 111901

imagine one of your close relation attempting suicide and having the reaction of "omg that's so cringe, she wrote me a heartfelt letter and everything". All of your friends are relieved that you are alive. You didn't fail your suicide, you've succeeded at staying alive

Anonymous 111923

What method did you use?

Anonymous 111960

Nothing humiliating about being alive and saving your parents from seeing you dead

Anonymous 111984

>omg that's so cringe, she wrote me a heartfelt letter and everything
literally me when my sister failed to kill herself for the 50th time

Anonymous 112239

See >>111984
It's perfectly fine as long as you don't make a habit of it. If it's your third or fourth failed suicide attempt, people will start to think that you aren't even trying and are just using it as an attention seeking tactic.

But your first? Nobody will think that of you. The other nonas are all correct.

Anonymous 112244

You faced death and won 1-0, what's the humiliation

Anonymous 112272

pooping your pants in public is probably more embarrasing.

Anonymous 112306

I pooped my pants once when I had a herniated disc.

Anonymous 112401

yea multiple suci attempts.

Anonymous 112479

at least you had a medical problem, i sharted on a goddamend date once basically because I was vegan. Went back to an average diet, never shit myself ever since.

Veganism, not even once.

Anonymous 113617


How do you mess up something that simple? Don't use meds, use a rope and go to a remote area. Don't do it tho

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