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Anonymous 112016

are you girls also tired of seeing those typa straight relationships where they're only dating bc they're both conventionally attractive? they be at a function and u can just TELL they have absolutely nothing in common….. and they never make it through a whole year together bc being just pretty isnt enough to make it last…..

just something i noticed happening recently more than usual. what r ur thoughts?

Anonymous 112020

They shouldn't fear loneliness that much.
It doesn't kill you (or it does but very slowly)

Anonymous 112033

I'd rather be with a 6/10-looking guy who is truly my best friend, always makes me laugh, shares my opinions and interests, etc than a 10/10-looking boring ass normie who's used to women bending over backwards for his approval bc he's conventionally attractive and is therefore more likely to cheat.

Anonymous 112034

no, i love having a hot bf. it's great

Anonymous 112137

Go back zoomer

Anonymous 112311

ok Stacy

Anonymous 112322

>only dating bc they're both conventionally attractive

thats something they have in common, they can relate with their experiences and what they are in society

Anonymous 112346

I don’t. Every time I go out a Stacy wants to lure him and they do everything to draw attention to their boobs and butt in his presence. Like doing the pose where they lean over intentionally to show cleavage and pushing their tits together with their forearms. Or accidentally dropping something near him and bending down to pick it up. Or she keeps adjusting flapping her cardigan and the fabric movement draws your eyes there because she keeps moving/adjusting her cardigan …
It’s sickening. Why do stacies do this why can’t they accept the fact that an ugly girl like me got a conventionally attractive man.

Anonymous 112395

I think young people (I'm talking high school to early 20s) today just don't know how to connect with people on a personal/emotional level. I blame porn and social media addiction.

Anonymous 112400

true, but I believe it was like this even before the internet. It just enhanced it. Conventionally pretty looking people, who also happen to be healthy mentally, are mostly so bland and boring that they don't really have expectations when it comes to relationships besides "is looking good" and "isn't annoying". There's nothing special about them so why would there be anything special about their relationship? Purely transactional.

Anonymous 112438


The truth about attractiveness is that it's necessary for the first impression and first impressions are super duper important because they actually start the conversation. After a while though, your face doesn't seems good looking or ugly anymore to the other person, it just becomes a familiar face. Think of it like looking at your mom's face. You don't think "She's so ugly" unless you put your mind to it but have a stranger approach you and you immediately start thinking about their looks. So, yeah. You do need to have things that click together and also be half-decent I guess.

Anonymous 112466

>I'd rather be with a 6/10-looking guy who is truly my best friend, always makes me laugh, shares my opinions and interests

I've dated men like this. You fall head over heels for them because you think they really see you. Then because of their moid sensibilities, they slow fade you and you go crazy and start chasing them until they dump you. On net, probably not worth it. It's hard to fall for boring normies in the same way, and that reason in conjunction with their mental stability makes for a generally long lasting relationships that don't scar you.

Anonymous 112478

AYRT; nah I dont fw online dating its a waste of time + he proposed to me already and are living together, have pets we take care of, and the wedding is in just a few months. Words of affirmation every day, lots of quality time together. If anything our love for each other gets stronger every day.

IRL > net

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