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Femcel rant Anonymous 112049

I don't feel any solidarity or sisterhood with beautiful women. There I said it. Maybe I'm bitter and jealous but I think there's pretty women and then there's rest of us. Pretty women can't and will not ever be part of experience of average and below average women. Whenever a pretty woman makes post about her woes, I can't relate to it. I can't relate to their problems and their life. They seem aliens to me and somehow we are forced to feel solidarity and sisterly feelings towards them just because we are of the same gender. It doesn't make any sense to me. To me it feels like how an average person is told "look billionaires and millionaires have problems too"

Anonymous 112050

honestly same, (i know how cruel and rude this sounds) but i really cant stand pretty women talk about all the attention theyre getting as a negative, i know males are really showllow and rapey so their compliments mean nothing but at least they PRETENDED to see you as a human being

Anonymous 112051

Understandable, although grass is always greener. Must suck being valued on such a simple and short term concept as looks. Don't really envy them either

Anonymous 112053

I hate pretty women

Anonymous 112054

>but at least they PRETENDED to see you as a human being
Are you srs that desperate for crumbs

Anonymous 112055

i have a thing for rather ugly girls.
my last crush was a 28 yo girl with a crooked nose and a recessed chin

Anonymous 112061

Same. I'm not even a femcel I just think women hotter than a "7" might as well have grown up on a completely different planet.
>talk about all the attention theyre getting as a negative
I think this stings so much because while it's true they never attempt to quantify how much better their life was/is because of their beauty. All of the good things that happened to them were either "normal" or something they think they actually earned. Lookism begins when you are BORN.

Anonymous 112062

Kristen Stewart as…

I understand your point, but you are defining these women by other people's reactions to them, kind of like victim blaming. Don't we always tell incels that sex isn't everything in a relationship? We are not frogs with a batch of frogspawn that needs fertilizing.

>look billionaires and millionaires have problems too

Are our problems unimportant because people in the undeveloped world live in poverty? We must all check our privilege, attractive people are more likely to get job interviews and so on, however how much difference does that make really? Beautiful women can be femcels due to mental illness, or just realizing how worthless moids are.

I have gotten into so much drama by doing literally nothing. Moids of course, but sometimes jealous girlfriends and wives, even though I am just trying to study or work then go home to sleep, regular people bother me then get mad at me. Like really mad.

Anonymous 112063

>Don't we always tell incels that sex isn't everything in a relationship?
Yes, and it is always intended malevolently in order to further highlight the distance between them and what a normal person would consider an acceptable human existence. It is never in response to any sincere belief on anyone's part that sex is the fundamentally important part of a relationship. It is obvious to absolutely everyone that incels define sex as a dividing line between paying for a stranger's ear with a meal and having a relationship for the same reason that everyone else on Earth also defines sexual intimacy as such a clear dividing line for meaningful intimacy. This is an extremely bad thing to cite when trying to appeal to common decency since I've told plenty of incels that sex isn't everything and I know exactly what I meant and how I intended them to feel.
>Beautiful women can be femcels due to mental illness, or just realizing how worthless moids are.
And this, right here, is you personally using sexual relationships as that same dividing line.

Do you actually believe that attractive women receive more hostility from partnered women than unattractive women do? Life is not a movie. Wives and girlfriends will rush at the throat of an ugly girl her SO glanced at just as readily, if not infinitely moreso. It's not because they care about your relative position with their nigel. It's because he was callous or contemputous towards her and it's driving her to madness. An ugly girl is a more convenient punching bag for those frustrations than a pretty one because no-one will defend her and no-one will level an accusation of jealousy or vice.

Anonymous 112069

I'm a pretty woman and my entire family were killed. Why do you think beauty precludes us from suffering? You are so lucky your greatest misfotune is being ugly rather than some avoidable tragedy claiming your entire existence. Do you want to trade problems, anon? Because I would trade with you.

Anonymous 112072

there will never be solidarity between different classes. this includes pretties vs uggos.

Anonymous 112074

Ugly people face every kind of suffering pretty people do and more. Obviously everyone has their own hardships, but OP wants to be around women she relates to and she’s not wrong for that either. Your anger is entirely misplaced.

Anonymous 112077

To an extent they can honestly never understand.

Anonymous 112078

I'd probably feel it if they showed any back, but time and time again they have proven themselves to be incredibly judgemental, cruel and vapid. They've shown to be the kind of people who would set back women's rights if they could, since it's easy enough for them to find a bedickened money dispensary. Fuck the rest of us who can't get on by male attention and actually have to work for our existence, am I right?

Anonymous 112081

I'm not angry. I'm jealous. Jealous that OP's biggest problems is being ugly.

Anonymous 112082

She never said it was her biggest problem. You're just assuming that and whining about how she has no problems. You know nothing about her.

Anonymous 112123

You're right, having to constantly think of new ways to one-up and disregard people who already lead a miserable existence is so much harder.

Let me try. My entire family was killed in a bombstrike in the Balkan wars, except I was also born ugly. The war took away the only people who ever have or will love me. No one wanted to adopt me from the orphanage because of my disfigured face, so I rotted away while the caretakers and the other kids abused me because I was an easy target. My teachers expected nothing from me and treated me like shit, so I got awful grades and failed to go to college. My classmates didn't want to be friends with me, so I learned CPTSD instead of social skills. All my job interviews flunked the moment they laid their eyes on me and no one in this corruption-riddled country wants to give me a recommendation, so I ended up landing a shit dead-end job. No one has ever stood up for me and no prince has shown up to make me feel like my existence brings light to this world (financial compensation and free real estate included). Everyone in public gives me the stink eye and dislikes me without me even doing anything. My coworkers want nothing to do with me because "she looks so weird ahahah". My psychologist says it's all in my head. But at least I'm not beautiful! Can't imagine how hard that would be. Fin.

Anonymous 112129

marry me

Anonymous 112135

>My psychologist says it's all in my head.
Made me cackle. Good post

Anonymous 112136

Whenever I hear "woe is me!! so many men desire me I get messages everyday saying I'm beautiful :(!!"

I'm like "die u bitch"

Anonymous 112148

Jesus! Incel moid logic. All your problems are not because you're ugly but because you pity yourself. My best friend is ugly, autistic and grew up in a council house and she has a paid off house, a fabulous career and an active sex life.

Anonymous 112246

I’ve been invisible my whole life but I don’t envy women who have pretty privilege. I see it as a massive target painted on their backs that can either benefit them or severely harm them depending on the situation. They’re always being looked at and targeted by people who may or may not have good intentions. The thought of living that way fucking terrifies me, and that’s why I sympathize with them.

Anonymous 112273

The thing is, even Stacy isn't good enough for men these days. Men are attracted to extremes, so normal looking girls like her don't cut it. If she ever saw his porn folder, my point would be proven as it would be filled with impossible, ridiculous proportions. Either that or super skinny loli bods, but not normal or average girls.

Anonymous 112280

wrong, i wont elaborate

Anonymous 112282

You sound like a terminally online pornsick moid. Are you the same pedonig​ger brazillian from the other thread?

Anonymous 112283

No woman can compete with this furry porn because it isn't real. Stacy is bound to either get cheated on or become a porn widow because she's not a cat girl with a micro waist, huge ass and massive tits bigger than her head.
Stacy can't just be cute, she also needs to be selective and smart or she'll become a cuck. This limits her options.

Anonymous 112284

I'm a long time poster, I just understand men to a certain degree. Most moids are raised on porn to the point where even Stacy isn't good enough.

Anonymous 112285

>I just understand men to a certain degree
Something that 80% of the women that frequent this place can't boast. You let a tidbit of understanding out and they'll shreak "moid", "scrote", or "tranny" because they don't value anything that doesn't conform the opinions they formed on Tumblr, lolcow, or 4chan.

Anonymous 112288

Stacy has options, she'd never be with such chronic-porn addict. She'd never be with furries. These type of moids will die alone.

Anonymous 112291

There are multiple anons in this thread with different opinions, you know? In fact, there's probably about 3-4. That must be where your confusion comes from.

Anonymous 112331

I love how this post will be ignored.

Anonymous 112333

they message the pretty ones more.

Anonymous 112334

Men are uglier than women, that's not news and not what she's talking about.

Anonymous 112336

You missed the part where I mentioned porn widows and cheating. Men will date a ugly woman for emotional validation and because they benefit from marriage more than woman. Men benefit from marriage while women end up with a lower quality of life. Men are like miles on a car. Men know this, which is why they obsess over virginity.

Anonymous 112340

I feel you anon. Whenever a woman suffer from violence, especially from moids' SA/harassment, society would judge her looks/status first and many of us deemed "too ugly to be raped", and nobody bat an eye toward the injustice and we even serve as scapegoats by their handmaidens because we are "worthless" and easy target to abuse while stacies get sympathy and support. Stacies claim that they are harassed in all their life while in our entire life we too get harassed by men, except those men are uglier and older ones because those creeps think ugly women are "easier"

Anonymous 112341

All moids harass women, but the ugly and desperate creeps go for unattractive women, especially when we femcels would rather die alone than getting involved with ugly/old creeps, speaking of my experience of being groped and SAed by these middle-aged fat creeps nobody bat an eye or help because being deemed "too ugly to be SAed"

Anonymous 112358

This incel roleplay is deranged and men will literally gaze on anything that gives them a crumb of attention, I think you girls forget that most men lack female attention, most of them are desperate, if you aren't trying to interact with male models or ~~ chads ~~ or some shit, you will find one.

Anonymous 112360

>An ugly girl is a more convenient punching bag
Unattractive people become punching bags, attractive people become targets for genuine fear, insecurity and jealousy. Different kinds of hostility yet hostility nonetheless.

>everyone else on Earth also defines sexual intimacy as such a clear dividing line for meaningful intimacy

A relationship is friendship + intimacy. Friendships can be stronger than relationships, however without intimacy technically it is not a relationship. Incels are retarded moids who get horny and absolutely obsess over sex, it would be very easy for them to get sex as well if they were more social and sought friendship, which is the irony.

Anonymous 112361

>most men lack female attention
That's a bullshit incel talking point. Men are more likely to end up with a partner than they are to end up single. Even if they are single, every man has a boy mom who frets over them and showers them with love. That's just not the kind of love that they want so they shrug it off and seeth online when out-of-their-league girls give them the cold shoulder.

Anonymous 112362

Not to be insensitive, but what do you mean by "ugly"? It's very hard for a women to be ugly if she looksmaxxes.
Makeup maxxing can do wonders in this regard. You can get great quality makeup for cheap at drug stores, just watch tutorials and find out what products are good
>I'm fat
While it may be hard and takes forever, weight can always be lost. Liposuction can get you a great head start. Most moids don't mind weight so long as your waist is smaller than your hips, so coolsculpting or a tummy tuck are also good options.

Anyway, tell us your problem areas and we can help you.

Anonymous 112364

"looksmaxxing" "makeup maxxing" why would anyone listen to you

Anonymous 112367

you sound male lol not gonna report tho cuz you could be female that just came from 4chan
> great quality makeup for cheap at drug stores

imo past high school (after pretty women have been taken advantage of by men and no longer think the validation means theyre superior) i think pretty women have a lot more in common with the rest of us. Unless its one of the ~5% ish of women who never grow out of it because they are just as shitty as the moids.

Anonymous 112372

If she wanted to improve she wouldn't be here.

Anonymous 112374

kek "she" does sound like a moid

Anonymous 112377

But some rich people can become poor just like some pretty people can become ugly or ugly people can become pretty, I have experienced it in a way.

Anonymous 112396

>implying moids know shit about maintaining appearance
Anyway, I stand by what I said. It's hard for women to be ugly with looksmaxxing at our disposal. Sorry for sounding male, I'll try to add more "uwu" and "XD" next time.

Anonymous 112397

"every man has a boy mom who frets over them and showers them with love" anon you are literally retarded

Anonymous 112399

Okay okay not ALL men but most of them

Anonymous 112402

download (26).png

So i'm very much ugly and below average, have been my whole life, bullied and unpopular in school and didn't get any guys even attempt to ask me out as a nonjoke until I was 18. a few years back I realized that I didn't really need to look hot to get that kind of male attention online, I just needed to have a personality people would find endearing enough to compensate for it.I ran into all the kind of problems girls with pretty privilege complain about and let me tell you, they are playing it up. It's really not anywhere near as much of a burden as they make it out to be, or as shitty as just being viewed and ugly and unloved. That being said I'm kind of a prime example you don't need to be pretty to get all that stuff, you just need to lower your standards way down and appeal to the right people. I don't do that kinda stuff anymore, I don't find it worth all the effort that pretty girls basically get for free. But it is possisble to get that same attention and love

Anonymous 112404

ok moid

Anonymous 112406

they didnt love me, they just loved having something to use to suit their sexual needs. Also my experience isn't universal dude, didn't claim it was

Anonymous 112407

>>112406 (112402)
sorry, most of them didn't love me. Some did. It's harder now beacuse I've put on like a hunrded pounds

Anonymous 112409

Good. The less incels in the world the better.

Anonymous 112410

he's automatically an incel because he's ugly?

Anonymous 112411

>>112410 (112402)
he's an incel because he said as much. saying femcels don't exist, and the male counterpart of the femcel (meaning, an incel) in the post would just be dead on the floor from loneliness. He implied it. For what it's worth, having an endearing personality can get men the rest of the way too. Most of them don't care enough to try though. They see an obstacle and give up.

Anonymous 112412

>and the male counterpart of the femcel (meaning, an incel)
read again dumbo, i said the male LOOKSMATCH counterpart, meaning a guy that is as ugly as her

Anonymous 112414

>>112412 (112402)

So he'd just kill himself for non incel related reasons? He's just depressed. He's ugly but can still get a girl if he wants? That's even weaker. I don't at all believe that's what you were implying but if he isnt an incel and he's just as attractive as me and he still chooses to kill himself because
the world is still too hard for him from ugliness somehow? Yeah i'm with the other girl, good riddance.

Anonymous 112415

he'd kill himself because if you are ugly and female you can still make it as women are the hypergamous gender in terms of looks - however, if you're ugly and male, you're going to live an extremely miserable life with no love and affection

Anonymous 112416

So you are calling him an incel now? Otherwise you're claiming that he can't get love and affection but can somehow get laid. Again you're the one who implied my "looks match counterpart" was an incel

Anonymous 112417

you dont get it. you can always get sex. you cant always get affection and love, which is the only thing that matters really as sex without affection is retarded and can be bought anyways

Anonymous 112418

That's what the pretty girls complain about, that was the point of original post was that there are worse things than the stuff they complain about, that being fake affection and sex coming from a place of lust and emptiness instead of from a place of genuine interest. She was saying it's worse to not get any affection at all than to get hollow affection because at least then there's a chance at something real.

Anonymous 112419

>worse to not get any affection at all than to get hollow affection because at least then there's a chance at something real.
i agree

Anonymous 112424

It's bullshit how we have to deal with being compared to men or treated like men or socially classified with men even in this very thread just because we're ugly. We're the only category of women who are expected to be grateful to be recognized as female and it is insane that this extends to text-only communication on imageboards.

Anonymous 112426


theres a bunch of men in this thread that literally cannot wrap their minds around the existence of ugly women. they think youre just a pretty girl who would look better if you just wore makeup or nice clothes so they are shitting up the thread with looksmaxxing and shit like this >>112425 thinking that it will cause a transformation like picrel. Ugly women are invisible to these males. In fact, they dont classify you as male-adjacent, they just don't consider you at all.
It creates a lot of confusion especially when women online pick up false male narratives and start using their lingo (if I give some people in this thread the benefit of the doubt and believe theyre not men). For any women still here just undersatand a lot of the posters on cc are male, trans or otherwise, and trying to get you to think in a way that benefits them.

Anonymous 112428

I don't care about moids and their degenerate opinions. What I do care about is when normal looking women say they understand my feelings because they are ugly too, it just pisses me off. There is a difference between you being attractive and thinking you're ugly and me being ugly and thinking I'm ugly. You say "I'm not photogenic" and yet you've made a million selfies in your lifetime while I've spent hours trying to take one, then deleting it and crying myself to sleep. "I thought everyone hated their face", but it's not you who can't look at your own pictures, it's not you who doesn't wear makeup because it makes you look like a drag queen, it's not you who can't look good even under the best circumstances. We're not the same, you're not in my ugly club. Yes, I am gatekeeping ugliness, you pretty fakes better get out, do some positive affirmations and keep your normie looking noses out of our ugly whining.

Anonymous 112432

this means nothing since both ugly men and ugly women will throw a tantrum if you tell them one has it worse than the other. and ugly women will always argue that they have it worse than ugly men (regardless of weight). so what this divulges to is whether this is true or not. for sample purposes, even the stacies on this board agree
pretty girls > ugly men >>>>> ugly girls.
not a femcel but their argument to this would probably be:
>you are the exception to the rule or lying
>men may have lower standards but will only love us to the extent of our looks and will never reciprocate our level of love
>with bezos money even an incel can get a woman to genuinely love him while femcels cant for men
>women are paid less or not selected for non-appearance-based jobs if ugly
ergo ugly women have it worse than ugly men.

Anonymous 112439


Anonymous 112443


>this thread

Anonymous 112446

Stop responding to males retard. Enjoy your ban

Anonymous 112450

>mods are slow

Anonymous 112477

It is bump

Anonymous 112522


Anonymous 112529

90% of males on that site are only looking for sex, so women turn down the majority of them. Meanwhile, moids turn down 50% of all women (all of who are genuine). This just proves moids are full of shit when they say they can't find a girl. They can find a girl, they just want Stacy Thundercunt so they can ghost her after they nut.
Male definition of loneliness consists of
>whaaaa I only laid 2 witches this month and one was fat

Anonymous 112530

She would not be so ugly if she lost weight.

Anonymous 112531

I've been thinking about this woman's phenotype and bone structure for the last 2 days and I have to agree.

Anonymous 112533

>so women turn down the majority of them
Those are swipe rates. You have to swipe yes on someone before you even get a chance to talk to them. So women are rejecting 95% of men before the men on looks alone.

Anonymous 112539

>looks alone
You can see some of profile before swipe. Also 90% of moids are super degenerate and trashy looking

Anonymous 112540

Men who are old/ugly/fat/weird always think they have a chance with attractive young women. So they message these women thinking they have a chance and get shot down.

Anonymous 113622

just quit coping and fucking accept that women on average are more lookist and selective than men. it's been proven over and over again. be ugly and male, make a tinder account, 0 matches. be ugly and female, dozens of matches

there are biological reasons why this is the way it is. women have evolved to be the picky gender because of pregnancy being hard and risky and limited ovaries.
and yes, plenty of men that an ugly girl would match with are also looking for a relationship and not just sex - you just dont notice it because sub5 men are invisible to you.

Anonymous 113623

>trashy looking
just proving their point again kek. i hate you shallow lookist pieces of shit like you wouldnt believe

Anonymous 113625

>Personal preference, preferring the way some people looks over another, that's not a bad thing and it never will be.
it is indeed a terrible thing. and deep down you suspect being lookist might be kinda bad, which is why you felt the need to write this post, probably because i caused some kind of cognitive dissonance in you. not everything that is natural or a result of evolution is necessarily morally good. people should appreciate others based on who they are and their acts and deeds, not based on things that they did not get to choose like race or looks. its unreal that i have to state this, it just sounds like the most fucking basic common sense shit ever

Anonymous 113627

fundamentally, to be happy

Anonymous 113629

>You do not have the mindset to ever be happy in life
what mindset are you talking about?

Anonymous 113630

I guess it doesn't matter.

Anonymous 113631

you're assuming way too many things just based on a couple posts.
i bet you're ISFP kek. writing long comments and then changing your opinion after 2 minutes and deleting them is such a common ISFP trait

Anonymous 113632

I didn't delete it. It was the mod. Apparently I said something wrong, something she didn't agree with.

Anonymous 113633

wtf she's so based

Anonymous 113634

Indeed, she's correct, happiness can only be found from outside rather than within. If nothing makes you happy, kill yourself.

Anonymous 113635

again making weird, unrelated assumptions about me.
is everything okay?

Anonymous 113636

No that wasn't about you this time, it was just contradicting my last, deleted statement. Apparently that is the correct answer.

Anonymous 113638

I don’t feel any degree of sympathy or kinship with attractive people in general. They may as well be a different species.

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