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sexual dimorphism and diet Anonymous 112769

why does it seem like sexual dimorphism fails at enhancing both genders? like, if a country produces tall men, they must also produce tall women. or vice versa. that's kind of sad. i feel like in an ideal world, all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like. it's just hawt, i dunno.

i can only really imagine that maybe diet can enhance both genders' sexual dimorphism. apparently, sexually dimorphic diets do exist in nature, with the siberian ibex's (a type of wild goat) eating behaviors containing more biomass, while the female siberian ibex eats lesser foods, but with higher nutritional quality. it's interesting to think how sexually dimorphic behaviors evolve in different species of animals, and how humans have unconsciously (or consciously) adopted these types of behaviors as well.

Anonymous 112770


great apes in general don't have as much sexual dimorphism as other animals. But generally, sticking to birds here since op's pic is birds, a large breed of chicken will have large roosters and large hens. Sexual dimorphism doesn't have any bearing on what sort of like… ideal femininity scrotes decide is. Picrel. Plus in raptor species, the females are larger than the males by like 1/3rd.

Anonymous 112771

The development of sexually dimorphic traits is the result of hormones and sex chromosomes, not diet. Also your idea of what a woman should look like is kind of pornbrained, obvs no one should be fat but tall and hunky women are fine.

Anonymous 112776

>i feel like in an ideal world, all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like.
Unfortunately it seems that in real life an overwhelming supermajority of men instinctively prefer taller women over shorter women, and have to be socially conditioned out of this preference by a wave of formative sexual rejections from taller and generally older women during puberty.

This intense social and sexual pressure from undeveloped and genetically disqualified males then causes tall women to develop an intense self loathing that ties directly into this cycle of bad sexual attention from obviously inadequate males. The LC thread on her told me that Belle Delphine is at minimum 5'9" in real life. I don't know if that's true, maybe she really is the claimed 5'6" and every other woman or e-celebrity photographed near to her massively overstate their own heights. It would explain a lot.

However, we can see that refusal to engage in this ritual has left Gen Z men (and will leave Gen Alpha males) unable to overcome or repress their instinctive giantess fetish. I expect that as AI generated and augmented media continues to advance we will find the average female height in male-targeted media will exceed human possibility at which point simple male gene line extinction might finally work this issue out.

Anonymous 112777

idk my brother is a lot taller than me. people should just go for increased sexual dimorphism as opposed to fixed traits

Anonymous 112779

also, lifestyle also plays a role in sexual dimorphism. if a male is stunted height wise due to nutritional deficiencies, it may seem he is not genetically sexually dimorphic, when in reality, its due to environment.
of course i dont actually think sexual dimorphism should be forcibly imposed on humans in some shame-humiliation ritual. what do you think i am, a moid?

Anonymous 112780

Whole lotta words to say "I'm too tall for guys to want me" geg

Anonymous 112782

t. seething manlet

Anonymous 112785

>i feel like in an ideal world, all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like. it's just hawt, i dunno.

I know it's not a popular opinion around here but, I feel the exact same.

I feel like humans are, in practice, a lot more sexually dimorphic than what our naked biological forms show because we typically deliberately make ourselves even more masculine/femenine with choice of clothing, hairstyle, conscious choice of behaviour and voice tone, etc. There's even makeup, choice of gym activity (weights vs cardio) and stuff like that too.

I think we haven't physically become like peacocks or gorillas with even more pronounced default sexually dimorphic physical forms because intelligence and making and using inventions has just been too strong of a sexual strategy over the millennia.

Anonymous 112801

it’s advantageous for males and females of the same species to consume similar resources because that way they can share them. obv there’s gonna be a lot of animals that go against that, but for mammals and birds and such it’s generally true just because of their mating strategies

Anonymous 112822

>Unfortunately it seems that in real life an overwhelming supermajority of men instinctively prefer taller women over shorter women, and have to be socially conditioned out of this preference by a wave of formative sexual rejections from taller and generally older women during puberty
This is the weirdest nonsense I have ever read. Men have always preferred shorter women.

Anonymous 112823

When men say that they mean 1 to 2 inches shorter than themselves. They do not care that this sounds like they want someone shorter compared with other women.

>Men who are taller than 6’0” generally prefer women of about 5’8” to 5’11”, while shorter men in the range of 5’8” to 5’11” tend to prefer women in the same height bracket.
Very, very few women are above 5'7". And yet somehow that 1.5% of the population of women by height receive numerically as many swipes as women whose height matches 30% of the population, meaning that being significantly above average provides 20x the attention.

Obviously there's more to life than dating apps. And that means more spaces in which tall women have a serious advantage. Tall women can reasonably expect to get away with murders for which shorter women would be convicted:
And get significantly better pay and more frequent promotion along the way:

Anonymous 112838


A common theory is that there was less selective pressure for women. When women were pregnant it was up to the man to wait at a watering hole, hurl a javelin and chase down injured game over 15 miles in the hot sun, so the survival of their child depended more on the man's performance. Evolutionary psychology seems to be a point of contention among feminists, but I see the logic in this.

However at the olympics men are only about 10% faster in the 100m and the marathon while 40% stronger in weightlifting. Strength seems to be more significant, while the extra power and range using weapons is useful in hunting, there might have been selective pressure due to tribal warfare or perhaps controlling women and social dominance. There are certainly some grim elements of human nature, on the internet the edgiest theories will float to the top, though I'd like to know the truth. I'd rank all this as speculation.

Anonymous 112847


I feel like it's also neurological to a degree, even if you have the raw physical speed and strength, you still need the right brain to pilot the 'ole flesh golem around in a way that is able to outdo prey that has evolved to avoid you, figure out the best way to be lethal to enemy tribes, etc.

Just look at how much men sperg over combat in videogames and its strategy and details. They're hardwired to desire to become efficient hunters and murderers.

I don't think it's a bad thing, specialization is useful, but it might be overlooked if you only look at speed/strength performance.

Anonymous 112867

Oh, nevermind. I thought you meant women taller than them or 6ft and above.
But I also think that men don't really know what 5'11 women look like since it's so rare.

Anonymous 113475


i found this pic and thought it was cute

Anonymous 113491

>all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like
Soooo incorrect. Women should be far larger than the men, it's way hotter that way.
Ans I'm angry at how hard it has been to find men who are tiny (I have one right now though and he's pretty cute).
Spiders have it right.

Anonymous 113497

the fuck is this retarded troon thread. if we were significantly ugu shorter uwu smoll beans, then we'd be put into a sex slave status again in no time.

Anonymous 113498

If men wanted to turn all women into sex slaves they could easily do it right now. They wouldn't need to wait for women to be any smaller and weaker than they already are.

Anonymous 113501

you can have a small slave caste of manlets that breeds tiny women. only female offspring will be conceived from manlets and male offspring from the tall men

Anonymous 113620

heres another late night rant
nothings wrong with not being sexually dimorphic, but also, don't be afraid to be sexually dimorphic. so many people try to make a competition out of how "masculine" or "feminine" they are, everyone else becomes afraid to express sexual dimorphism because of how obnoxious those people are. they become afraid of expressing their gendered qualities, even if they actually like it deep down, because they get told that only "x" person, or "x group" is sexually dimorphic. nothings wrong with sexual dimorphism, and no one should feel ashamed for wanting to express it. a lot of people actually like it. so many people suppress their gender because other people are obnoxious about it
stop caring. trust me, everyone finds those people grating.

Anonymous 113640

> i feel like in an ideal world, all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like.
Wow I hate everything you stand for
Sexual dimorphism is the source of like 98% of the problems on earth

Anonymous 113650

This. If men and women were more alike there would be less gender related problems like rape, because it is easier to rape tiny woman than one as big and strong as man

Anonymous 113664

>i feel like in an ideal world, all the women would be tiny and the men would be muscley and bear like. it's just hawt, i dunno.

Then you sound like a depraved fucking degenerate that likes men overpowering and physically/sexuALLYabusing women. Go stick a knife in both your eyes for all our fucking sakes and dont come back. They should be the same size and not able to mentally manipulate or physically abuse each other. Period. I spit on you, I spit on your grave and everything you stand for you degenerate filth.

Anonymous 113665

you sound like a moid larp kek
its not even a secret that lots of the women on here like conventional sexual dimorphism for their gender just as well

Anonymous 113666

its not a moid its oral-fixation-chan

Anonymous 113672

CC is full of pedophiles who like young virgin men so the opposite is true actually

Anonymous 113762

Is it the source of the problems… or is it the reason things work at all in the first place?
Think about it if you remove sexual dimorphism and just make every animal the exact same then wouldn't that also decrease some of the pressure to find a mate? Because why would you need to team up with someone who is exactly the same as you? Wouldn't it be more useful to team up with someone who is different enough that you each have unique strengths to cover each other's weaknesses?
But in reality there are species that are very dimorphic and plenty that are barely dimorphic at all. Both strategies clearly work. The crazy thing is I think humans are more on the "barely dimorphic" side when you really look at it. It's not at all unrealistic to have a male and female human that are similar in nearly every way. Men are what 10-20% taller than women on average if that and have only minor mostly nonfunctional differences in terms of features. This would be unthinkable in certain other species. The dimorphism of humans just seems exaggerated to you simply because you are a human so it's personal. So it's hard for me to believe that dimorphism causes so many problems for humans if they aren't even very dimorphic.

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