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Anonymous 114255

I feel so insecure. I'm uglier than my bf, not very much but he is tall so he does mog me even though his face doesn't that harshly. Idk, I just get uglier each year it's such suicidefuel. He asked friend to looksmatch us and this friend gave 2 points more to him than me so he mogs + the height. I do say he is like 5/10, I'm 3/10 so he is not like super model or whatever. He does say "you are cute to me, others opinions dont matter" but i cant help but let them affect me. He just deserves someone better looking and all. How can I even better my looks?

Anonymous 114256

My boyfriend is objectively 7/10 and I'm 2/10 with a facial deformity. You can looksmaxx as hard as you want, but it ultimately it doesn't matter. Love smooths out the wrinkles in your partner, making me beautiful to him because he loves every individual bit of me as much as the whole. If your boyfriend actually really wants everyone else to find you beautiful, it's because he's more attracted to social station and envy from others than he is to you.

Anonymous 114263

He doesn't think like that yeah. He thinks im perfect the way I am but it doesn't help

Anonymous 114266

Your looks are supposed to be the least interesting thing about you, they're gonna fade anyway. Are you a good person? Do you love each other? Do you give him a good time just by being around? You can heavily influence the mood of other people, you can make them feel good just by hanging out with them. In my opinion making people feel good does way more than looking pretty (oftentimes those are intertwined tho). That doesn't mean you should only care about what makes him feel good or be too agreeable. Just make sure to try and treat yourself as good as possible and be happy or other positive emotions in order to set the vibe as comfy when people hang with you. There's plenty of other non-looks related things that make someone's company valuable. Your bf already acknowledged that, are you going to do that as well or are you going to manipulate your own relationship because you think he deserves better? If he didn't want you, he wouldn't be with you (and if he was with you despite not wanting to, you wouldn't want to be with that type of guy anyway).
You're literally already winnig, don't throw it away because of insecurities.

Anonymous 114267

>Your looks are supposed to be the least interesting thing about you, they're gonna fade anyway
>Hey mum is that uggo you on this outdated digital picture?
Looks are a currency in our society and avoiding looksmaxxing is just a statement of your own sloppiness and that you're totally broke lookswise

Anonymous 114269

Men are meant to be more attractive, you're the catch they must look good for not vice versa, so good for you.

Anonymous 114271

If you view it society wise I agree, but the context is different in an individual relationship when your partner already assured you that he's fine with the way you look. Of course one should still try to look their best in order to get the benefits. It's what gets you furthest in society, but I also think valuing other characteristics of yours more and try to work on them is gonna make you happier in life and therefore impact your relationship positively. Obviously trying to focus on both is an option tho.

Anonymous 114276

Her bf just could be settlemaxxing and OP should start looksmaxxing to avoid being dependable on his decency which is just him being to lazy to settle for high maintainance gf

Anonymous 114281

it's better than being prettier than him unless your bf is treating you like shit because of it. he likes you for you and not your looks

Anonymous 114307

>He just deserves someone better looking
This is probably the backstory of half of all cuckqueans.

Anonymous 114743

Why do you care about the height difference? Taller bf and shorter gf is like the most normal thing ever.

Anonymous 114745

imagine taking advice from someone who makes a mistake like this. this is what parabens from makeup do to the mind

Anonymous 114746

exercise and eat less carbs. it's that simple. Also probably helps if you figure out why you are so insecure, normal people dont score themselves on a relationship like its some points game

Anonymous 114747

normal people are actually very obsessed with looks matching, so much that there are many successful internet couples content about an attractive person with an unattractive (often physically disabled) person

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