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people who do not leave you alone Anonymous 114629

what the fuck do you do when someone continually harasses you, actively tries to sabotage any effort in you feeling a sense of community, literally just targeting you everywhere you go?
i do not know what the fuck to do. i genuinely think of killing myself because this person follows me on every online space i use, has hacked my email and sms accounts in the past, and actively tries to humiliate me in any space i go to.
i don't know what the fuck to do. i hate these people i dont know how to get them to leave me alone. they get some sick fucking thrill out of choosing someone to just mentally fuck with for literal fucking years, i dont know how the fuck to get them to leave me alone.

Anonymous 114630

i can't fucking do it anymore. they make fun of everything i do and everything about me. my race, my mental health problems, anything i post online, my suicidality, my family. i even tried making my own fucking site and eventually they started referencing things i posted on there. i don't know why the fuck they won't leave me alone. i tried asking them so many times to stop and they just continue to harass me. i don't know what the fuck to do, i can't fucking escape these people.

Anonymous 114631

if anyone has any advice, i just need some fucking reassurance that this isn't something that just fucking happens. i just want them to leave me alone.

Anonymous 114632

>has hacked my email and sms accounts in the past
If any of this true then why don't you get the police involved? They broke the law so there's an actual reason to report them.

Anonymous 114633

there's no digital trail, i don't know who the fuck they are except that they're possibly russian/brazilian/or american. i reported things to the fbi when they made a threat to bomb my address, that did fucking nothing. its all just fucking online and i dont know how theyve managed to get into the accounts they did. i just want them to leave me alone, i don't know how to get them to fucking stop, i don't know how they were able to hack into any of the things they did. i don't know what to do, i fucking hate these people and nothing i do or say gets them to leave me alone. i don't know how to get them to leave me alone

Anonymous 114634

i cant do it anymore. they actively, continuously try to violate any privacy i try to obtain, they just started harassing me one day and wouldn't fucking stop. i want them to fucking leave me alone, and nothing i do or say gets them to stop.

Anonymous 114635

Are you being gangstalked op? It sounds like you are. See the gangstalking thread in x.

Anonymous 114636

Reddit also has a gangstalking sub, which has a lot of helpful videos, feedback. You can at least talk to others. Its a witch hunt. You basically give them no reaction and they give up. Happened to me for a long time, is still happening to me. They're bottom dwelling cretins, like the very bottom wrung of society, who have nothing better to do than to stalk people.

Anonymous 114637

i like people who leave. me the fuck alone when ive said so, so many fucking times. i dont care if theyre a group or an individual, i dont what the fuck im supposed to do when someone derives entertainment out of your distress, i dont know how the fuck they hacked into my accounts. i met them on 4chan and the discord servers there, and ever since, ive been dealing with this literal fucking parasite that wont leave me alone. i dont know what the fuck i am supposed to do, i want advice or reassurance that this is not something random that just fucking happened to me.

Anonymous 114638

thank you, ill check it o it. i didnt even fucking know that this shit just happens, i cant fucking deal with it anymore.

Anonymous 114639

was that some sort of troll? theres no gangstalking sub. im not some schizo, i swear to god, im just some random fucking person who met assholes online.

Anonymous 114640

>i met them on 4chan and the discord servers there
Stop using those spaces if you already haven't. These corners of the internet aren't for making friends. I second >>114636 in that you need to stop reacting because your neuroticism is what they're feeding off of.

Anonymous 114644

Ohhhh… Same kinda
Is it a woman?

Anonymous 114645

>I dont what the fuck im supposed to do when someone derives entertainment out of your distress
Relate… Those people will turn anything against you, any of your vulnerability or even abuse you went through, any misfortune or anything shitty in tour life making you lower on human hierarchy. They will use any of your suffering against you

Anonymous 114646

i dont know how. they say these things to get under my skin. they wont stop interacting with me. i dont know how to not react. i dont know how

Anonymous 114647

i cant fucking do it anymore. they know i use this site too, they go on this site and if they notice my posting style they say the things that get a reaction. i dont know how not to react. i cant fucking do it. they constantly say things to get under my skin and i dont know how to not react. its the equivalent of water drop torture except entirely fucking psychological. i cant fucking do it, why cant they fucking leave me alone. i loved this site. i used it since i was in high school, now its just another proxy of getting creepy fucking people who wont leave you alone i cant fucking do it anymore

Anonymous 114648

i cant fucking do i hate them so much. i cant fucking do it i want them to fucking leave me alome

Anonymous 114650

i cant do it. i dont know how to not react and not become neurotic and give them the response they want because they wont fucking stop in the first place. they do everything in their power to make me feel ostracized and humiliated i cant fucking get them to leave me alone

Anonymous 114651

i cant fucking do it. i loved the internet. it was the only fucking place i could be myself. and it was ruined by some fucking weirdo who just wont fucking me alone. ive tried using other sites but they were somehow able to figure those sites too because i was an idiot who didnt understand opsec. i used to fucking love the internet i used to love this site i cant do it anymore because i dont know how to get them to leave me alone

Anonymous 114657

i hate them. i actually just fucking hate them i cant do it. they dont fucking question anything, they dont ask any questions about the nature of their behavior because if they did they would realize how fucked up they are for this shit i legitimately want to kill myself over this i want them to fucking leave me alone. i hate them i cant get them to leave me alone i need them to leave me alone i cant take it anymore.

Anonymous 114660

leave me the fuck alone. please fucking stop interacting with me leave me alone. someone please fucking tell me that i am not random i do not deserve this this is fucking wrong.

Anonymous 114662

yes. lately
i just want them to leave me alone

Anonymous 114663

i used to use this site just for venting. when they realized i use this site they started going on here too. not just this site, others. i didn't know basic online security. i just want them to leave me alone. i dont know how to get them to stop interacting with me. i just want them to stop interacting with me, stop harassing me, i cant fucking take it.

Anonymous 114666

so is it doxxing or hacking or gangstalking? I don't know how to be more helpful if you aren't more specific.

Anonymous 114668

Well M, you could always just turn off the computer.

Get a new email address with a completely different name. Erase the past and become someone new.

Anonymous 114669


Anonymous 114676

i just want them to leave me alone. they're predators, i didn't even know people like this existed on the internet. they made it a hobby to basically just pick a target and try to damage them as much as possible mentally. they are fucking parasites and coming across them was just by completely fucking random chance because i misused some site and its discord servers and came across the awful people who used them. i dont know how to get them to stop harassing me because i dont know how to not react in the first place. they know exactly what things get a reaction out of me and i dont know how to not react.

Anonymous 114677

>stop using the internet
i dont know how. the internet was basically my life up until some fucking assholes ruined it for me. i wish i never fucking met them i dont know how to get them to leave me alone and it pisses me off that they made me a target, for what fucking reason? what fucking enjoyment do you get out of constantly mentally fucking with someone all the time? its fucked up i fucking hate them i dont know how to get them to leave me alone

Anonymous 114679

also, i'm sorry for spamming, but a lot of this is also just informing to others that these people actually fucking exist. i didn't know people like this existed until they started harassing me one day. i didn't use vpns and i was too trusting with giving info about myself to strangers on discord. a lot of it was due to me being ignorant. but it pisses me the fuck off that anyone should do this to another person, just mentally fucking with them all the time. no one should have to fucking deal with this shit, with parasites.

Anonymous 114681


it sounds like we've had the same experience, it's extreme but the only way to stop it is to break with all previous accounts (and whatever ways they can be linked together) it's not an exaggeration to say these kinds of people will do this shit for years even with minimal feedback, it's low-cost for them to mess with you

there is ONE advantage you have vs a group of losers though, in that you control what you give them, so the channel of communication is actually really narrow. the way i thought of it was managing 20 people through a single channel, instead of 20 people individually attacking me and it helped

Anonymous 114682

i like people who leave me alone. they do basically as much as possible to involve themselves in my online activity and its creeping me out and exacerbating my mental health issues. ive changed the password to my email account and put 2FA wherever possible. its just their insistence on maintaining interaction wherever possible on sites they know i use and the fact they were able to access a site ive created myself.
its really fucking creepy and has violated every sense of privacy i had. i want these people to leave me alone. there is something incredibly awful about someone making it a life goal to just fucking harass you for as long as possible and i don't know how the fuck to get them to stop.

Anonymous 114683

Create a new email, factory reset your devices, and change your router password. That's the best you can do aside from embracing stoicism.

Anonymous 114705


The only way I was able to beat out my stalker is that he got bored and I more and more ignored his taunts. It was hard because I'd basically developed a reactive streak and a social media addiction, so I kept lashing out. For the longest time. It took willpower and medication to bring back anything resembling normalcy. It still traumatized me, but I guess I am in a better place.

Anonymous 114786


this is one tactic they would use to try to get a reaction out of me. they would dogwhistle constantly to mess with my mental state.

Anonymous 114787

it otherwise makes you seem completely irrational for acting out or trying to explain someone's abusiveness to other people.
again, these are people i came across completely randomly on 4chan and 4chan discord servers. these types of psychologically abusive people absolutely do exist, and they isolate random victims and target them to use their tactics to mess with their mental state for entertainment. they're not some high level organization, they're just fucking assholes

Anonymous 114843

i can't fucking handle them anymore. by the way anons, never reveal anything about yourself on 4chan or any other sketchy site, even if you think you're "anonymous". guarantee shitty people will use whatever bit of information they get on users to bully them and isolate them as a sort of punching bag. i genuinely don't know how the people who started harassing me were able to track my online activity but it's actually starting to fucking get to me. i can't use any of the sites i used to without getting a creepy fucking post after using it.

why do people do this? it's genuinely fucking creepy and i don't understand how things get this obsessive or mean spirited over random online people. i hate them so much. i need them to fucking go away and die. why are they doing this to me.
how does one be stoic if they are constantly trying to get a reaction out of you? its just fucking bullying at some point.

Anonymous 114845

i feel like i am actually losing my mind. why are people so mean. why can't they just stop?

i had mental health issues before but everything just got significantly worse after this whole online stalking thing. i was just a stupid person online posting things. why the fuck was i targeted. why can't they just stop. who the fuck goes to the extent of hacking into someone's fucking email and text messages just to fuck with them?

my perception of online privacy has completely shifted. i have never been more hateful of someone i don't even know. and that's the funny fucking thing - i don't even know them. they are literally just a random fucking person who hates me and wanted to deteriorate every aspect of my mental health at completely fucking random. why? why the fuck would anyone fucking do this.

i am so completely bewildered at how completely random it is to be targeted and harassed by hateful people. you could be doing fucking nothing and have random people think it's just funny to harass you and watch you spiral and go crazy because, it's entertaining to them, and that's it. i was so stupid with how i used the internet but the fact that such awful people exist is what really feels like a soul killer. it was just completely fucking random and now i have a bunch of parasites i don't know how to get rid of.

there are people that are just unreasonably evil and i wish i didn't know that because now it feels like nothing matters anymore if some people just don't care about doing the right thing in the first place and i feel like im going crazy. they are unreasonably evil, there is nothing you can do or say that will make them stop fucking with you because they are just evil. there's no point and now you have to live with the knowledge that they exist.

i wish they didn't know me i wish i never met them. i feel like i'm going crazy.

Anonymous 114847

and >>114640
you're definitely right that they, the people stalking/harassing me, feed off my neuroticism. i think they just enjoy getting a reaction out of me because it probably relieves them to see someone is psychological distress. maybe they feel better about themselves for not being in my position.

Anonymous 114848

i just can't fucking deal with these people and it pisses me off they won't leave me alone.

Anonymous 114894

Holy shit just get off the internet. It shouldn't matter if you "don't know how to stop using the internet" if you're this upset and pissed off to spam the thread this much and say it over and over. Jesus. Get offline.

Anonymous 114898

it's not just internet shit, they literally would reference text messages to my family and friends, random info from my gmail account and other linked services like online journals i put in docs, i would get weird texts and calls from people claiming to be some stranger i've never met before in my life, so much shit that i have to live with the fact that some fucking creep has my personal info, online activity, and deliberately wants to cause me mental harm. god if it was just social media shit of course i would "turn off the internet."
and they probably fucking do this to other people. and i have to fucking live with it and i dont know how because they are just random fucking sociopaths and i dont know how to cope with it or anything. its not the worst thing to ever fucking happen to someone but i dont know how to fucking cope because its like no one knows how to deal with people like this, i'm sorry.

Anonymous 114899

Sounds like a keylogger or RAT. Did you open any weird links or download any files from these people? Idk what to tell you other than factory reset your devices and change your passwords.

Anonymous 114900

it literally just feels like they are obsessed with causing the people they target mental harm for basically fucking forever, its been almost a year since i met these people, and i don't know how to "cope" with it or anything and it feels like i am going insane because of it.

Anonymous 114901

i don't remember opening any obvious phishing links directly from people on my devices but i don't know, i could've. ive opened sketchy links on 4chan threads from anons before.
>factory reset your devices and change your passwords.
i've already changed my passwords. i honestly didn't think about factory resetting everything before, but that might fix things. i'll work on that, thanks.

Anonymous 114902

Hello OP, here's what I learned about online stalking, and how I managed to stop it when it happened to me.

1. Delete your social media accounts. Make new ones, do not post personal info, don't post your face, location, anything. Just be anonymous. Get a vpn if you must, but I don't think it's necessary.

2. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. Use passwords that are extremely difficult to guess. Look this up if you don't know how.

3. When you meet people, make sure they are people you can track down, who have accounts with their friends and family on it who have to be accountable, preferably someone with mutual contacts in real life. Do not disclose info to people who don't have accountability to others.

I hope this helps you. Also try to run a scan on your pc, with a trusted antivirus software.

Anonymous 114909

It seems like the answer is pretty obvious, delete and remake all your accounts, get a new phone, new number, everything. Just replace literally everything they have targeted you on. And if they've found you here, don't post.

Shitty but it seems like you're desperate.

Anonymous 114982

nta but can you elaborate your third point? i find it very interesting.

Anonymous 115003

nta but basically become a creep and seek non-creeps

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