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Should I let him hit? Anonymous 114978

There is this guy in my class that’s been asking me for sex for about a year now I kept rejecting him but he insists now that we’re almost graduating pretty sure I’ll never see him again and it makes me kind of bad that he didn’t get to taste me despite desperately trying to? maybe I should give a goodbye chance?

Anonymous 114983

If you don't have any self respect, then go ahead.

Anonymous 114987

Don't do it, it's a bad idea.

Anonymous 114990

Never do anything you don't want to unless it's actually necessary especially for a male

Anonymous 114992


Why not
Let her stripe the virginity outta em

Anonymous 114993

Please don't. You'll regret doing it more than you'll regret not doing it

Anonymous 114994

Unless he's a complete creep it sounds like a win-win situation to me or maybe I'm just horny because no one is hitting on me anymore :(

Anonymous 115000

He might become too clingy afterwards, besides, maybe he's not even a virgin or OP doesn't care about that if he actually is.

Anonymous 115016


Give it to him

Anonymous 115017

Wish I would have someone ask me something like that ):

Anonymous 115018


Yes but wait until next april fools to do so, and do it while wearing one of these

Anonymous 115062

This is a retarded post

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