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Dreams and wishes thread Anonymous 1652

Wanted to make a thread for us to write about stuff that we want. Could be:

- Attainable dreams
- Unrealistic dreams
- Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc
- Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
- An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have

And all the stuff in between, I guess.

Anonymous 1653

I really want to graduate as soon as possible (so hopefully once this school year will end) just so I can focus on getting a nice job, so more money and my own appartment.

I also always wanted to visit Japan. My friends and I talked about it and we decided to try to plan a trip there after I or they graduate so we can save enough money for the trip,since they also really want to go there too. Same thing with going to Japan Expo in Paris next year together,but that's easier to do

Anonymous 1655


The autumn thread made me realise how I wanna go on a trip with my boyfriend to a nice cottage with big windows surrounded by autumn trees, fuck nicely and lovingly until we are tired, cuddle, snack and watch some movies smuggleg up with blankets by the fireplace, without a curfew to go back to our daily activities.

Really all I wanted right now.

Anonymous 1701


My ultimate dream has always been to publish a few books. In the most ideal situation, my books become really successful and are turned into films. I daydream about signing books for people and helping the director of the film cast actors. I'd love to be on set and see the actors bring my books to life.

I've also always wanted to own an island and in my fantasies, I become a millionare and I can finally afford one. I build a house from scratch and try to design it to make it look vintage. I own a little boat so I can sail to the mainland and buy groceries once a week. My boyfriend and I have all these fantasies about what we want to have in our house like a movie room with a projector and bean bags down a hallway that's covered in our favourite movie posters, a room for entertaining guests with a mini bar and a modified arcade machine, a sauna and a gym, a library that's hidden behind a secret door… We also want to have loads of dogs lol.

Then another dream of mine is to set up a series of girls' schools in poor areas of India and Africa. I'd provide the girls with uniforms so that they'd never have to worry about buying them, we'd have a garden for growing vegtables that they can just take if they're struggling to eat at home, I'd give out free sanitary products to anyone who requests them (because so many girls drop out of school because they can't afford them), I'd set up monthly second-hand markets where girls can trade books or clothes, I'd have school busses to collect them so they never have to feel afraid to walk, I'd work hard to find them scholarships abroad so that they have even more opportunities, I'd even have boarding rooms for girls who have too far to travel to get there or who don't feel safe at home. But setting up a school would cost so much money so it's really just a fantasy.

Anonymous 1706


This is so cute, anon!

Anonymous 1731


I think that, like a lot of people, I always wanted to work on the entertainment industry, especially as a singer/idol of some sort. When I look at women having fun on stage (even though I know that can mean lots and lots of practice, sometimes even hurtful practice), I can't help but feel a bit jealous, but I'd say is something like.. "white" jealous? Like, I am not bitter, but I definately wish it was me on the stage.
I remember even this specific situation when me and a friend of mine were watching some live show and I just thought out loud "Man, I could do that for the rest of my life", that was like 8th grade lmao

Oh well lol

Ah, also a rockstar. But that's even crazier haha

Anonymous 1734

That's not crazy, anon!
It's definitely easier to have a rock band than become an idol or a famous diva.
Do you play any instruments? Have a bunch of friends who do? Learning to sing isn't that hard either. Practice is the main thing and you can watch tutorials on youtube about singing training. I don't know how old you are but you can also go to music school if your heart's in it or get a singing tutor.
Start by doing covers and stuff!
I know there are probably millions of reasons this feels unrealistic to you (school, job, life) but heaps of great musicians appear every day and with the internet it's easier than ever to get noticed.
Your dream is not impossible~

Anonymous 1736

>>1731 this nearly made me cry because I know how you feel. I had a record deal once and came so close to making it properly.

I'm so bitter nowadays and I find it hard to watch live music. I just wanna run up and dropkick them off the stage and start playing my own shit. Feelsbadman.jpg

Anonymous 1742

my dream is to write and direct a movie. i want to make one of those artsy movies with cool visuals like Wes Anderson. But alas, i don't really have any coherent story or vision in my head (nor the technical skill of video making). So for now, my dream is to get an art related internship.

Anonymous 1772


Thanks, anon! But I think it's kinda unrealistic because I dreamt of being like… Axl Rose or Mick Jagger level of rockstar. Touring around the world and being reckless. But I never took it too seriously because 1- I know sometimes it has a lot to do with luck and being in the right place at the right time 2- Female Rockstars are a dime in a dozen and usually aren't taken as seriously as male ones, which sucks. I feel like we have it even worse right now that in the 70s~80s in that aspect, also. But maybe I am saying that because I didn't live in that time.
I do sing a bit, not well enough, I think.. I think being a smaller idol is actually more achievable for me, like a chica idol, singing locally or even on the internet, I don't know. I can sing on key most of the time, however my voice is not strong enough. I sing with my head voice way too much, and when I sing with my chest voice, more often than not I end up off key, but I now that comes with practice as well. Maybe someday I'll post something online and see what comes from that.
Sorry for the long ass post, and thank you for the encouragement, anon <3

I am sorry, anon! :( Isn't there anything you can do to try it again? Or even start a YT channel? Lindsey Sterling (don't know if I spelt it correctly) started as a youtuber and now she travels around the world performing live.

Anonymous 1815


I want to go study in Japan. I'm a history major and I'd love to specialize in Ancient Eastern history… But the universities over there are quite hard to get into, even with scholarships. I'm going to work extra hard this year to achieve it! I've always fantasized about the student life over there, and now it's a possibility. I might be an anime-inspired weeb, but I want to experience it myself.

>>1731 I relate to you 100%, but I think I couldn't handle the attention… I just sing to myself nowadays. :<

Anonymous 1825


I want to eventually save up enough money to build a small but comfy house in a natural area, and own a few cats and dogs to keep me company. I imagine myself away from family for the most part, without any romantic relationships, and with a stable career and some healthy friendships.

Anonymous 1829


This sounds so cozy, and that housey is beautiful. But at the same time, I can't help but think about the movie Hush kek

Anonymous 1873

Are you looking to study in Japan as a full time student or exchange student? If your school has an exchange program, this should be easy since there is a partnership. If you mean full time study, then there are a lot of lower ranked schools in Japan as well. I'm sure they'd be happy to have you. Don't give up your dream anon, I'm sure you can achieve it!

Anonymous 1890


I'm planning to go as an exchange student. Gladly, my university has quite a bunch of exchange programs and partnerships! I have to meet certain criteria, but I'm working hard towards it. Thank you very very very much for your encouragement, anon!

Anonymous 1945

If your school has an exchange program you should get in no problem. Not too many students study abroad so competition is slim. I studied in Japan for 1 year during undergrad and we got to apply to 2 unis, in case we weren't accepted to our first choice. I had pretty average grades (barely made the gpa cut off) but studied at a top tier school there. If you can, I'd totally recommend studying for 1 year instead of just 1 semester. Time flies and Japan is absolutely amazing! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time and get accepted to a program there anon. Live the weeb dream!

Anonymous 1961


Right now, I just wish I could use the warm nights (I usually hate hot days, but hot~warm nights are really comfy) to run around town while listening to chillhop or other comfy music. Then meet my boyfriend to have a cold beer and spicy food at a local Izakaya.

Of course this is currently impossible; first because is super dangerous where I live so running at night is out of question. Secondly, izakayas are very overpriced here. Bleh.

Anonymous 2024

that op pic is wonderful

Anonymous 2672

I just wish my boyfriend was here and we were getting it on passionately while being candlelit. sigh

Anonymous 2781

I want to be a software developer. I'm in my mid 20s with almost no programming experience besides a smattering of intro comp sci courses I got mostly c's in. I have depression and have trouble waking up in the morning with enough time to work on my projects before my mindless crappy job that requires a ton of overtime. I want to quit, but I don't have the qualifications to get a job in a different city.

Every day it becomes harder and harder to envision the life I want, and I sink further into myself. I'm worried I'll end up settling.

I want a small house, maybe with a life partner maybe without, with an organic vegetable garden in the backyard and pot plants in the basement. I want to go to work part time every day, which supplements working the rest of my day on free software projects that help make free software more accessible to regular users. I want to work on important problems that require 100% of my focus (I have trouble focusing). In this fantasy I'm an expert in what I do and I have a technical blog with thousands of followers and regularly get asked to give talks at conventions.

I have a balanced life with interesting hobbies such as photography or writing comics or maybe I'm even in a band on the weekends. I have an espresso machine and a giant antique phonograph with a massive collection of vinyls. I collect local art and authentic period posters. Every thing I cook is wholesome and delicious. If I have a partner, they have the same values as me and are also experts in their field. If we want kids, we adopt at-risk youth rather than going to the trouble of pregnancy. All of the money I have goes back to my parents, my nieces and nephews, and reputable charity organizations that educate the undereducated.

I know this is attainable, but first, I need to start getting out of bed twenty minutes before I have to leave for work.

Anonymous 2887


I am craving some pho and rice paper rolls so badly right now. It's 4:30AM here where I live. uughh

Anonymous 3424


I know this is somewhat unrealistic (at least for me), but it's been on my mind all week: I really wish I could open a small and cozy Cat Cafe, with about 5~7 cats from a local shelter, stating that all cats could be adopted, giving little discounts for costumers that bring cat food, offering nice desserts like matcha ice cream and açai bowls. sigh

Anonymous 3425

There's a similar cat café in my city, but I didn't visit this one yet. It don't think it's that unrealistic, but there's something I've noticed:
>giving little discounts for costumers that bring cat food
That seems like a bad idea. There are 3 cat cafés in my city and all of them forbid customers from bringing food for the cats, as well as bringing their own cat in the café. I guess it's because they're afraid customers could put something dangerous in the food on purpose or because some of the cats can get sick if they follow a strict diet, idk.

Anonymous 3428


I'm going to help you out, bcuz this is basically how my life went for a while… I went to art school for interface design, the only programming experience I had was some web stuff and some work I did in highschool… before I got out I started programming a little bit in my own time, again mostly web stuff with a little bit of work in C. Fuark I even do photography….

Find a project that you're passionate about, pick a web framework and stick to it until the project is mostly done. When you're done stick it on your resume call yourself a "founder" or "head developer" for whatever you made and you'll find work easily. Right now I work as a software developer for a small company, I've been working there for about 10 months. If you need to take the time for this project quit your job, live with your parents whatever it takes.

Now I'm feeling pretty good, my job is a little underpaid and I've started to look for new work, the response has been absolutely incredible so far and I feel like the work I do continuously improving myself is becoming worth it. When I worked on my projects I remember this abject depressions, but that feeling I got when I had my first job offer made it all worthwhile. You have taken CS Courses, you're more qualified than me, you have nothing to lose go for it.

Anonymous 3437


Oh, I see! I was thinking about sealed packages of dry food though, like if someone brought a 10kg/20lb sack, they would get like 20% discount on the final receipt, but not giving it directly to the cats. I guess in that way it wouldn't be a problem, right?

But as a said, it's rather unlikely this will happen anyway. :<

Anonymous 3440

I wish i could be with my boyfriend. We've been in a ldr for a long ass time and we really want to be together but money is always a problem.

Anonymous 12180

Mining old threads
I want
-to marry before I am 24
-be a start at home wife
-have 6+ kids
-be the mom everyone knows they can count on

Anonymous 12181


>to marry before I am 24
>have 6+ kids

Anonymous 12182

damn this image looks angry
i thought it was more hmm

Anonymous 12185

I'm answering all categories because I have nothing else to do for now.

>Attainable dreams

Have a stable career, own a house outright by the time I'm in my mid-thirties, get BUILT, be married, own cool animals.
That's the bare bones of everything I want in life.

>Unrealistic dreams

Being finance minister of my province. Owning a casino.
Or, super unrealistic, being able to make the same amount of money I want by just drawing comics. Would be tragic, but it's only because my greedy ass wouldn't settle.

>Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc

Get a comfy job as an accountant, perhaps eventually move on to auditing. I think investigating people's books for flaws/fraud would be a bit more fun than just keeping them, but I'm not yet sure. I'm only starting school this fall but I like to look ahead.
I also want a cute small husband who is as introverted as I am and likes to hang around the house with me. Ideally my career would be enough and he can just partake in his hobbies. Other than that I'd prefer he work from home, either as some sort of artist/writer or a freelance programmer or something. Regardless I want a qt househusband.
For a house I'd just prefer something small with a lot of land for gardening and for two dogs (ideally dobermans to keep the house a bit safer). Just a one story home with a basement would be ideal, with medium brown siding and dark brown trim. When it comes to having money I think living within or even below your means is the best way to do things. Even if I become middle-upper middle class someday I don't want to own a house that's too big for two people to use, since that's always come off as unreasonable to me. My mother worked as a cleaner for a time and I remember some of the houses she cleaned were ridiculous in comparison to the size of the family. I don't want that (and I don't want some stranger cleaning my house lmao).
As far as cars go, I'd like a third or fourth gen Dodge Colt. I'm not even that interested in cars, but I like how boxy and friendly they look. And, you know, the whole living below your means thing.

>Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food

I want a bf. :(

>An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have

Aside from stories and shit I make up, a dream I have for myself is to be a successful webcomic artist with a medium-sized online following. Enough people to make their own fun content, but still far from Homestuck level.
Really stupid, but sometimes when considering the characters I'm writing I imagine these pretend-fans in my head sending me asks about them. And making memes.
It's embarrassing and probably unrealistic.
I used to have more fun daydreams as a kid, but now most of them are about my future, romance, and sex. Just a lot of degenerate sexual fantasies most of the time. I hate that part of adulthood but it's too late to change it now.

Anonymous 12186

nta, but it's super cozy. I mean it's also hard, but every life has hardships and you already have a set goal then.

t. mom

Regarding dreams: A career in Geoinformatics OR some bureaucracy ivory tower job that is cozy and interesting and pays enough that I can afford stuff like landscaping the garden without greater financial worries.

Anonymous 12188

I want a job I enjoy. I love programming and I've been working as a programmer for quite a while but I've felt pretty unhappy at my last couple of jobs because of the company/people. I'm terrible at seeing red flags in interviews though.

I want a small house in the current area we live in (unlikely with the housing market here), just enough room for the two of us and or or two dogs.

I want to be able to grow my creative endeavors big enough so that I could make some secondary income off them, but I don't want it to be my main job.

I want to make close female friends. That's probably my most unattainable dream because I can't help but spill my spaghetti when getting to know people.

Anonymous 12190

Why is there so many dream threads wasn't there another one just like this one? I can't remember which category it's in but I know it's on here somewhere because I posted in it lol Why are we bumping old threads that have other threads just like it.

Anonymous 12191

You're right, it's at >>>/b/577
Maybe >>12180 doesn't browse /b/ as much.

Anonymous 12192

Someone wanted to tell us of her dream of being a house wife really badly. Then we all joined in.
I agree, I think there's another thread here and one on /b/ too. We're just dreaming ladies.

Anonymous 12200

I always imagined having this cottage-like house at the bottom of a big, grassy hill, overlooking a rocky coast. No neighbors, no city sounds, just me in my secluded corner; you can't even see the house from the road. The cottage would have a big picture window that overlooks the water and I'd have a comfy chair there where I would read or could even set up an easel to paint. The land surrounding the cottage is thick with tall billowy grass.

There's a big fenced side-yard connected to an indoor/outdoor room. I'll adopt senior dogs from shelters and let them live their final days in peace with me at my lake-/seaside cottage, coming and going as they please, snuggling in piles, etc. No one loves old dogs enough.
There's a small garden with some things like herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc things that can be easily canned or pickled. I'll plan out an acre or two of clover and orange trees, and have an apiary full of bees to take care of. I'd have a goat that ate the grass to "mow" the lawn and a half dozen chickens pecking about the gravel driveway.

Anonymous 17113

I'd love to have a podcast about spooky subjects/mythology or stream myself cooking and eating. I don't want to make money from it, just for the joy of sharing things I'm interested in and making friends. I guess what's holding me back is that I think both are over-saturated and I'm afraid of trolls. I'm also a perfectionist which makes it really difficult to start things.

Anonymous 17132

Oh I had a several wish ;_; But for me this inevitably turns into a quest for attention and fame, then I get disappointed badly and give up, letting down all those who actually watched what I did.

But I would totally view your podcast, you sond way nicer than me :3

Anonymous 17171

>you wanna be my mom

Anonymous 17181

I fear letting people down too. Thanks anon, it's good to know one person might listen at least lol.

Anonymous 17197

You just gotta do it anon. My dream was to be a youtuber and just playing those cute otome games. I'm not trying to quit my job for this or even make money I just thought it would be fun to do. I finally just jumped into it and its been about 3-ish months now. And I actually get nice comments and people actually watch it a little. Getting nice comments are nice anon! Do it.

Anonymous 17198

Aw anon, that's really sweet and I'm happy for you. You're basically living my dream rn. I know that if I start now, I'll learn from my mistakes quicker than if I were to keep putting it off like I'm doing now atm.

Should I be worried about trolls or stalkers?

Anonymous 17199

Doing it because you like to is definitely the way to succeed in that profession. I hope it works out for you two!

Anonymous 19242

nice thread

Anonymous 58539

Did Admin seriously just redirect to a 2 year old thread?

Anonymous 58561

yea, not sure as to why it wasnt done sooner

Anonymous 58736


I wish to stop having ADD. More realistically, I wish my country would legalize Adderall

Anonymous 58739

I want to attend a top tier uni, like Ivy/Oxbridge/etc for a masters.

I used to think these things were impossible, but having met a handful of people who attended these, or went on to attend them, none of them were mega geniuses. In fact, they just seemed to apply themselves well when it came to studying and were sharper than average in their subject (but sometimes dumber than average in other things).

Oh, and all of them were incredibly full of themselves but I guess I can fake that. I suppose you need to have self confidence to apply for these things.

Anonymous 60222

I wish I could stop being dead inside

Anonymous 65208


I want a job that pays well… I want to be able to travel while working, so I can get a taste of life in other places too.
I want to be able to afford the newest fancy tech gadgets, too.

Anonymous 65268

I want to hug and kiss a good fellow

Anonymous 68511

I just want to be able to take care of and nurture a baby, then give be them the best childhood and home I can and then see them grow into a fully fledged individual. I don’t care what the fuck happens to but if I end up childless I’m fucking ending it all.

Anonymous 68522

I just wish to work as little as possible and spent 90% of my time with family, at the gym or chilling alone reading something at the nudist beach while sipping sangria.
Maybe own a little shop some small city in the mediterranean and only work there when I feel like it (assuming there's employees who take care of the shop while i'm away).
Go for breakfast/lunch there and eat lots of tomato and olives, go on chill motorcycle rides with future husband, enjoy some kids movie with the little ones, lay in bed with future husband while we talk for hours before sleeping.

Get high with friends on beaches, go to concerts alone or with future husband, go to a bigger city and spend all day at the museum with the kids… that seems like a happy life. It feels impossible now but i'll never convince myself of that.

Anonymous 68523

>Maybe own a little shop some small city in the mediterranean and only work there when I feel like it (assuming there's employees who take care of the shop while i'm away).
The fact people think running a business of any size ever works like this is always funny to me.

Anonymous 68525

Not anon, but I knew plenty of people like this.
I'm tired of the "hustler" meme or "you know your boss works way more than you!!"

Anonymous 68526

Tell me what those people do for a living so I can start making money like them this instant.

Anonymous 68640


How much of a go-getter that's going to discover the cure for cancer, or an oppressed agender POC giraffe-identifying lesbian, do you have to be in order to win a nationally competitive scholarship?

I'm trying to apply for one for studying abroad in Japan right now, but literally only 6 people from my school have won it before and only 1 of those were for Japan. Maybe I'd have more luck if I was learning some tongue-clicking tribal language in Zimbabwe (especially as a black agender POC giraffe-identifying lesbian) but I'm not interested in any other languages except Japanese and countries other than Japan.

Anonymous 68642

I want to visit Slovenia.

Anonymous 68652

This. I want a child so badly. I get teary-eyed thinking about it. Every holiday I think about how much more fun it would be if I had a child. I can't wait to help them grow and be there for them through thick and thin. Obviously parenting isn't always fun or easy, but I've always loved children and think they have so much light. When it finally happens it's going to make all the bullshit I've put up with worth it.

Anonymous 68663

One cafe, one little take out italian restaraunt, one south america themed shop with all kind of junk
The main thing is that they don't try to make the most money all of the time and become rich and super successful. They own a little shop, they've got a few employees working there and some regular. They spend most of the time chilling and randomly close the shop because they feel like it and it's fine.
We're exactly where anon wants by the way, I live in a small town in the south of France. I think it might be different in the US, but frankly for me it's just the mindset. There is a lot of people who have a business and even when they make good money, they're not happy with it, they just want to get bigger and bigger and get richer and richer

Anonymous 68671

I spent years trying to get one at my university and then when I finally did I decided not to go and went somewhere else instead becausr I felt like I wasn't ready to be in Japan yet. Sometimes it's for the best, anon. Hype yourself up even more, learn the language, find a very nice program there or save up and go when you have a lot of free time so you can enjoy doing whatever you want.

Anonymous 68691


Thanks anon. I'm not sure I'll have more free time to go than now, though. I know there are still opportunities to go post-graduation, but I just haven't been as excited for them because I know it wouldn't be the same as going as a student. I'd rather learn the language at a time and place that doesn't put me through the work culture over there that makes people throw themselves off of a building. I'm not even sure that kind of work culture would allow one to ever learn the language well, in the first place. Unless you're like Poppins from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I guess.

Anonymous 68738

I want to wake up an feel happy and look forward to the rest of the day, instead of just wanting to go back to sleep for the rest of the day.

Anonymous 73259

Same. I'm so tired of waking up with extreme existential dread each day. I feel like I'm in hell.

Anonymous 73260

My dream is to get away from my grey miserable shitheap country, move to a sunny coastal town with lots of beautiful ocean and sand, and finally learn how to surf.

Anonymous 73270

My most unrealistic dream is to be an artist that makes a really, really good living and who’s contacted by all sorts of industries (mostly the high fashion industry) that want my services. I guess since I’m practicing every day and steadily improving I’m ‘closer’ to my dream but it seems too unplausible regardless. and I don’t even know if that’s realistic lol

Most realistic dream: live on my own in a beautiful, almost always sunny place, have plenty of free time to do what I want, earn a decent living and have close friends

Anonymous 73273

I have a similar fantasy, I'm obsessed with beach culture and sub tropical places. Growing up I was addicted to movies like Blue Crush and The Beach, when I was little I loved watching H2O and Bondi Rescue. I'd love a ripped tan beach bum hubby and some cute kids, just living a lovely carefree beachy bohemian lifestyle in some place in Hawaii or Aus, surfing and having barbecues and living off the grid as much as possible.

Anonymous 73274

I want to live in Japan with all the people that are important to me and I want them to bring aling their important people too and hang out with my friends there almost every daya and be rich with a lot of free time lol

Anonymous 73275

I want what Audrey Hepburn had in her later years. An Italian villa with all her close friends and pets. A garden to grow your own veggies. Close to an Italian town to get fresh bread, pasta, coffee and tiramisu. Oh, visiting a cafe would be so lovely. But I’d still have access to the countryside and grow my own tomatoes to make fresh pasta sauce with.
Maybe also near the seaside so I could walk along the beach and smell the fresh salty air.
I’d like an olive grove, lemon trees, orange trees, a patch full of fresh veggies to eat and flowers to smell and decorate my open sunny house and terrace with.
And Rome or some other historical city like florence or venice would be 1-2h away where I could check out the historic sites. And I’d like to read history books on a sunny sunroom or patio
I love the sunshine…

Anonymous 73277

I want to be able to make a living off my art someday. I also kind of want a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Where I have enough money to jump from town to town, a sturdy car to get me from place to place. Maybe even the potential of living abroad, even if it's just one place for a year or 2. I don't see myself ever having kids/life-long partner. I just want some healthy friendships, people I can visit as I pass through towns. I don't see myself settling in a place til I'm in my mid-50s and even then I'd rather live in some sort of communal agreement so I have the option to travel instead of paying property taxes/rent. I'd definitely would want to have a road dog, someone who can hike and explore places with me.

My big fantasy is setting up some kind of communal living for abused/battered woman, ex-cons, ex-prostitutes and help them find a good life in a community of people who understand their pain. The reason for this is for the portion of life I was homeless, I formed a little community with other homeless women, of all ages, and we looked out for each other. The only issue was the drugs that got involved that tainted it. I would like a place where people can safely recover from drug addiction, find hobbies or channel a career and be able to look after their kids without potential harm from male abuse. That's really my big fantasy as it sort of contrasts with what I think is my achievable dream. If anything, I'd just would like to see a place like that.

Anonymous 73278

I want to be able to get better and improve my mental health

Anonymous 73281

My dream is to stop hating every fibre of myself.

Anonymous 96145

Actually, I would wish not to be alive, better yet, I don't want to be human. I'm not suicidal, I'm grateful for being alive but its just so hard to truly connect with people it disgusts me. I often feel like there has been a mistake and I'm not supposed to be alive, like it's some kind of miracle? I don't know, I hope I'm not the only one because it makes me feel so desperate. I wish for meaningful life.

Anonymous 96163

I have this fantasy where I become a famous poster but still attend college. So I get to experience what popularity amongst my peers feels like. For that reason only. Pretty pathetic.

Anonymous 96171


>Attainable dreams
I want to work as a software dev (or maybe a designer) in the city and be married in a nice apartment. Once we have kids we’d move somewhere less dense and I’d work remotely. I’d preferably want only 2 kids, or maybe I wouldn’t want kids at all. I would also try to publish some books, but if that doesn’t work, I’d just self publish and hope for the best. I also want a more close knit friend group.
>Unrealistic dreams
I would be a super high paid software dev/designer for a Silicon Valley company to the point where my spouse wouldn’t have to work and I could retire early and become a very successful author and artist. Or maybe I could become an entrepeneur instead and have my own tech startup. Idk if I would want to deal with the moids though. Also in this fantasy I would marry this specific girl I’m very limerant about rn. Honestly some of these fantasies are a bit hard to imagine without her. I get flustered thinking about it.
>Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
This is very very small but I’m craving trail mix and there’s none in the house. Also the earrings in picrel lol.

Anonymous 96173

>Stuff that you want for the long run
I want to expand my family's farm alongside my brother and have my family be proud of me. My dad always says he is proud of us… but I feel like it's undeserved because I am still working on moving up in my career. I keep wondering,"When will this all pay off?" There seems to be no end in sight. It is quite frustrating. I am going to be 24 this year and am worried I will run out of time. I save almost all my money and don't even go out with my friends (lol not that I even have many at this point).

I also want a nice husband who won't try to take advantage of me and my work. And I want one child that I have been having dreams about. Sounds so delusional, but I can see it so clearly in my dreams that I wake up crying.

Anonymous 96183

Unrealistic: Husband and I have a big anniversary party with lots of friends and we get matching wedding bands. He gets a non-stressful job doing something he likes. I have one or two kids that we raise in our current apartment until we grow out of it. (Realistically I have no friends and pregnancy terrifies me for some reason).

Anonymous 96184

Those earings are really cute. I get trail mix cravings a lot. It's so satisfying!

Anonymous 96196

>Attainable dreams
Marry my bf and become a nurse
>Unrealistic dreams
I tend to keep myself grounded in reality and don't really want anything I can't have. Maybe I would like to redo some parts of my life but overall that might change the aspects of my life I like, if it were possible.
>Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc
Moving in with my bf and being a nurse
>Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
Ice tea/lemonade
>An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have
Just me and my bf, making a comfortable amount of money, in a decent/small sized house, happy (no more issues with depression/anger). Lots of time to ourselves.

Anonymous 96199

Literally me except replace nurse with librarian.

Anonymous 96214


> Attainable dreams
I want to graduate with a top grade from university!

> Stuff that you want for the long run

I want a career in the psych field, not sure what exactly but definitely a 9-5 type job! I'd like a sweet cosy house I share with my partner with a pretty kitchen like picrel. I dream of sharing the rest of my life with another woman who I love and who loves me. I also want to have cats!

> Stuff you just really want right now

Clear skin and some cute clothes!

> An imaginary setting in your head

I dream of being a princess! hehe maybe with a female knight who falls in love with me. I think it's dreamy to imagine brushing my long hair and wearing pretty dresses and strolling around the palace gardens

Anonymous 96233

>Attainable dreams
Getting licensed in my field. Maybe getting a PhD in a few years once I have more work experience. I'd love to be a professor one day and teach what I know, but that's a dream for the distant, distant future. Eventually I want to make enough money where I can be completely financially independent from my parents. And actually afford to live in a cute place instead of a run-down apartment.

>Unrealistic dreams

Not being so alone lol. It sucks not having many friends where I currently live. I'd love to share my life with someone, but there is something in me that prevents me from getting close to people on that level.

Anonymous 96518

>attainable dreams

I want to learn to play piano but it makes me sad to be 18 years old. I feel like it's too late. Even so if I join classes I could learn. I would like to be a musician. My other goal is to learn how to crochet well and be able to sell my creations. Finally, I would like to have a vegetable garden and completely stop any ultra-processed product, I am even planning to create my own tea plants.
>Unrealistic dreams
Live in a cold European country, have a house in the woods, collect dolls and old dresses (I have some but the best ones are too expensive).
>Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food

Anonymous 96519

18 is far from too late
but if you're gonna do it you should be prepared to commit to it without fear of giving up

Anonymous 96522

you know that scene in howl's moving castle where sophie has her own room. she opens it up and there's just her shop, outside only flowers and butterflies? that's my dream.

fingers crossed i hope hard enough it comes true <3

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