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Something you wish someone would say to you Anonymous 21124

Whats something you wish someone would tell you right now?


Anonymous 21125

>"yes, your complete sexual dysfunction and numbness of sexual organs is only temporary and your vagina should return to complete function once you finish the withdrawal stage of getting off your anti-depressant"

Anonymous 21127

Hey I just read your post on crystal.cafe and I liked it and gave it a upvote

Anonymous 21128

hey i just read your post on crystal.cafe and i liked it and gave it an upvote

great job, keep it up!

Anonymous 21129

"I know you've been lonely, but I love you and want to make sure you never feel like that again. You make me feel safe and complete."

"Fuck my ass until I bleed, mommy!"

Anonymous 21130


Anonymous 21131

cute! friendly! kind! and joyful!


Anonymous 21133

"Here are tens of millions of Pounds, you might want to sort it over to Euros before late March, but other than that gl hf."

Anonymous 21134


>It's all going to be ok. You don't have to worry any more.

Anonymous 21135

“Hey here’s the all the answers for that exam you have on Monday.”

Anonymous 21145

"Hey Anon, we really like you and we want you to start working for us late September/early October! Congrats, we'll send you the paperwork for you to sign!"


"I know we haven't actually met in real life, but I like you a lot and I want to see where this relationship could go. I'm so glad you're visiting in April."

kms ;_;

Anonymous 21146


"I know you've been lonely for a long time, but I'm here and I'm not going to leave your side. I want to hold your hand."

Anonymous 21147


>you're definitely sorta weird but it isn't a deal breaker or anything
>we are friends, y'know
>so just be yourself. i like that

Anonymous 21148

lets have some cheeseburgers and then fuck in the back of my car

Anonymous 21230


I love you for who you are

Anonymous 21234

No words, I just want a hug.

Anonymous 21235

would you prefer they ask/announce the hug prior, or surprise you with the hug?

Anonymous 21240

"I think you're fine just the way you are"

Anonymous 21261

You're so beautiful, please come live with me in my huge house and marry me. While I'm at work all day, take this credit card and go shopping or do whatever you want with it. Please make sure the maids are doing their job. And please take care of my 2 very cute dogs while I'm out. Also start packing because we're going to Dubai for vacation.

Anonymous 21276

"Let me take a deep breath and eat the sandwich
I didn't want to kiss you. Your thoughts are too naive.
Please remove the defense and restrictions on the wolf
I am a good boy drinking milk before going to bed.
You are a beautiful girl but I want to go home
You said that you and your parents are quarreling to stay at my house tonight.
Stay and live, anyway, my home is big enough.
I have to sleep on a big bed, where do you like to sleep?"

Anonymous 22178

you are beautiful just the way you are, let's cuddle now!

Anonymous 22179


"I thought you were really cute when I first saw you and wanted to get to know you better, and now that I did I know you're so much more than just cute.

I know you might be a bit damaged and sad sometimes but I want to support you through everything and I know you would do the same for me. You aren't broken to me, and I know you can love and be loved back. I know that because I love you.

I won't be like anyone else who you had trouble with, even if you don't believe me at first, I know you'll see that it's true. We can spend the rest of our lives together, we can hold hands and walk through the autumn leaves, walk through the snow, sit together under the sun in summer, and enjoy spring blossoming together. We're in this together now, and with me here you'll never feel alone again.

You make me genuinely happy and I love being around you."

nobody will ever tell me this

Anonymous 22181

>here's next weeks lottery numbers

Anonymous 22182

right in the feels

Anonymous 22191

I want this and not my kink but you do you anon
I actually teared up over this one.

God I want a bf/gf now

Anonymous 22195

I'm so jaded if anyone ever actually said something like this to me I would be 100% sure they were some kind of narcissistic psychopath just lovebombing me so they can inflict abuse later.

People who are genuinely like that aren't even real

Anonymous 22202

So I've never told anyone this before but…

Anonymous 22205

I want to be close with a friend like that. :_(

Anonymous 22400


Sounds awful Stacy to me sis

Anonymous 22448


tfw when no qt socially awkward yet supportive bf

>Hey anon, what's your number?– S-sorry… Was that weird? I-I don't wanna come off as weird!

>Here anon, need some help with that? … Woah, don't get defensive. I'm only here to help, honest!

>… Well, lately you've seemed pretty out of it, so I thought you mind need some help!– S-since we're coworkers, y'know?

>I'm just here to make sure you'll actually do it. … Don't give me that look, we both know you can be preeetty lazy, anon.

>H-huh?- Anon, don't you get what I mean? … Please don't make me say it… I-I-I like you! I like you a lot anon! Probably from the day I asked you for your number!

>I like you even with all your bad points! I can handle whatever you dish out, anon! Just give me a chance! … Please don't laugh/make that face, I was actually trying to sound serious.

Anonymous 22449

Sounds like an otome game character

Anonymous 22462

Sounds pretty gender neutral to me.

Anonymous 22465

You could probably replace bf with gf and post that on 4channel

Anonymous 22672

I will unironically post on certain imageboards larping as a man with similar fantasies lmao

Anonymous 22716

i love you. i dont want you to thiink youre ever alone

Anonymous 22741

everything is going to be alright

Anonymous 22775

>I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Anonymous 22776

frien time.jpg

I just want to cuddle

Anonymous 22779

>"Take this rifle, today we bring down the regime!"

Anonymous 22805


>You're my hero!
>I'm really proud of you.
>I understand.
>Of course I meant it.

Anonymous 22810

>You're my hero!
Damn. You didn't have to hit below the belt you know.

Anonymous 22813

>I used to be a fucking loser like you but look where I'm now. You can do it too, anon.
Followed by a step-by-step guideline on how they got out of their loserdom.

Anonymous 22835

These may be too specific but..
>"I think you're really cool. I know things might not work out, but I'm willing to try."
>"It's been a while since we last spoke, but I just want you to know that I've been thinking about you everyday since we stopped talking."
>"I came back to tell you that you're still the one I think about everyday."

Anonymous 22845

"I miss you. I wanna be friends again."

Anonymous 23002


>you’re really cute
>you’re a lovely lady
>can I see your hand

Anonymous 23004


>You're one of the strongest people I know
>You'd make such a great mom! have actually been told this multiple times, die inside every time
>You're really good at this anon, can you explain how -circuits, car motors, insert one of my hobbies here- work?
>You're a fair, just, and highly respectable person
>When I'm having a difficult time in life, I am reminded of you/some conversation I had and I can stay strong
>You want to be in the Army/Be an Engineer/Tradesperson? That's so badass!
>Any man would be lucky to have you as his wife also been told this multiple times, RIP.jpg

Anonymous 23005

You wanna be a ground pounder? I got mad respect for that.

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