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NEETS Anonymous 238

I know you're out there! Lets share some NEET feels and talk about our situation.
>why are you a NEET?
>how long have you been a NEET for?
>do you like it? why or why not?
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
>how do you spend your free time?

Anonymous 243


>why are you a NEET?
my mental & physical health are shit and I grew up visibly disabled in a rural area so no friends
>how long have you been a NEET for?
I had one job for around 4 years but other than that lucky break I've been NEET for almost 10 years. (late 20s)
>do you like it? why or why not?
It's comfy but I wish I were healthy enough to hold down a job or further education.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Therapy, physical therapy, rehab clinics (for my illness), trying to force myself, meds, drugs, etc
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Honestly? Probably forever. If I could find a home office job I'd be happier though.
>how do you spend your free time?
internet 24/7

Anonymous 248


>why are you a NEET?
no one liked me in school because i was quiet, my mental health went to shit, began hating everyone and pushing everyone away, and i live in a rural area where its just impossible to make friends when you're out of school
>how long have you been a NEET for?
few months. i had to move away from my dads which meant leaving my job because he was abusing me
>do you like it? why or why not?
hate it. i'd rather be working because i think too much about how lonely i am, how i feel lost and like a failure, and how i'll never have any sort of semblance of a social life when im just sitting at home all day doing dick
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
there's not a lot i can do. this shit is out of my control. i've taken pills for my mental health as if thats going to change my environment…
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
i got to get a job in at least a few months so i'll be working but ill still be the same loser i am with or without work/education
>how do you spend your free time?
staring at the wall, staring at the computer screen trying to muster up something to do on the internet

kill me

Anonymous 252

>why are you a NEET?
Because I'm a weak, socially anxious mess. I'm too afraid to step outside of my comfort zone for fear of judgement and embarrassment. Instead, I choose to hide and put off what I know I need to do, enabling my life style further.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Around 5 years now I think, save for maybe one or two semesters of college.
>do you like it? why or why not?
Not really. It's comfy sometimes but boring. The days pass slowly but eventually you lose track of time and before you know it a year goes by.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
I'm going through the process of trying to improve things again but it's a constant cycle of try and quit.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
I don't know. I could see this continuing on for several more years if I don't make an effort to change but imagining myself close to my 30s and still being NEET is sickening. In all honesty, I'd probably an hero if it gets to that. Or if my parents die.
>how do you spend your free time?
Mostly online.

>rural areas
I feel you guys. If I lived in a bigger, more populated area, I could see myself easily adjusting and improving via exposure therapy but options are limited when you're in a small town. Really hinders any growth.

Anonymous 262


>email from tutor

>"URGENT PLEASE READ: I'm very concerned…"
>close emails immediately

See you soon, NEETs.

Anonymous 263


stay strong, anon

Anonymous 272


Welcome to the pack.

Anonymous 329

Today I realized I go out so rarely that I wash my bed sheets more often than my daywear clothes. Feelsbadman

Anonymous 331

I have about 12 of those in my inbox.

これは本当回避性パーソナリティ障害、ね ;__;

Anonymous 332

Bruh. My mind is blown

Anonymous 333


Please speak English here because a lot of people probably don't speak Japanese, although I have the same thing. Wish I was one of those people who likes staying in touch, social media, and replying to emails.

Anonymous 334

Anon I'm just fucking around, don't be so anal.
This isn't lolcow, we don't need to have a rule for everything and if somebody wants to post in another language, you can't seriously expect to try and police them. If somebody wants to know what it says there's always Google translate.

Anonymous 336

12? What did you do, and how did it get to this point? I'm terribly interested.

Anonymous 342


I was in my second year of university (日本学 wwwww) and everything was going wonderful, I was really flourishing.
I was getting excellent grades, I'd just gotten my first choice for my study year abroad in Japan (Hosei University, Tokyo), but then at Christmas something bad happened in my life. At first it left me really depressed, but I thought I could just pick myself up and move on, but then something even worse happened. That one crippled me pretty bad, and at that point I was effectively dragging my limp body across the ground towards the end of the semester. Then, almost immediately after, something REALLY bad happened to a close family member. Like, really, really bad.
That one was pretty much a headshot. I developed full blown depression and my anxiety returned in force. I didn't have the energy to go into classes any more, to write my essays, to study, or do my exams. I just didn't care any more, I only wanted to hide and sleep and sleep and hide, and so I just stopped going in altogether. Now I'm watching all my uni friends prepare for their year abroad and I'm smiling and wishing them well and I basically want to die :'D

Worst bit is I already did a year at a different university before, so even if I try and come back to redo my 2nd year again, I won't be able to go on my year abroad or do my 4th year and graduate since my funding is all gone. So now I'm a NEET. My accommodation tenancy runs out on the 07/07/2017 and I'm shitting bricks. Oh and I can't move back in with my mother because she's raising my nephew now and there's no bedroom for me. FML.

Anonymous 343


>I just didn't care any more, I only wanted to hide and sleep and sleep and hide

I really wish I didn't feel exactly like this all the time.

Anonymous 347

Can this be the general isolation/outcast thread too, or should we make a different one for that?

I'm still in college but that's literally all I do. Haven't talked to anyone other than my cats and parents in over four months.

Not really sure what I'm going to do once I finish college. I could get a job with my degree, but I'm too anxious to make a resume and hand it out.

Anonymous 352

I'm a former NEET but still feel like a NEET at heart.

Basically, I'm from Moldova. In case you're not familiar with it, it's pretty shit. Having a job is unheard of without strong connections and 2 bachelor's degrees at a foreign university.

I was a college student, until I met a guy online. He was German. We talked for a while and he asked me to visit him, so I did. I saved up for months to be able to buy that plane ticket, but when we got together I cried at the thought of ever going back because being with him in a really nice city was so amazing and it was my first time out of the country. I couldn't stay for long, didn't have money to visit him even once a year, and he didn't want to do an LDR so he just straight up proposed. We got married.

First nobody wanted to let us even rent an apartment because of me. Then they wouldn't let me open a bank account. Then I tried to get into university but didn't get in because I didn't go to a German high school or whatever. So for 3 years I NEETed it up. I had no friends, still don't, couldn't find a job because most people asked for native speakers or people fluent in both German and English (which I'm not), still can't.
I finally enrolled into university and I'm a good student but I'm honestly not holding my breath because I have no work experience and nobody wants me. I've been with my bf/husband for 5 years now and I love him just as much as I did at first but most people just… don't believe me. Like, I wouldn't have come here by myself, and while it's much better than back home I don't want to sit around and be a housewife, I want a job. But it seems like no matter how hard I study I'll never be like the locals and whenever recruiters hear a foreign name and my accented German they run for the hills like I have the plague. Once I tried applying with the same credentials but with an English name just for fun and people actually responded a lot of the time.

I feel like I have no choice but to get back to being a NEET after I'm done with uni, I don't really have money to move abroad.

Anonymous 362

>first nobody wanted to let us even rent an apartment because of me. Then they wouldn't let me open a bank account
Wait what the fuck, just because you are Moldavian? Is that even legal?
Also I know about Moldova. Only because of this Youtuber, but still.


Anonymous 363

Lol I was actually expecting Epic Sax Guy for some reason. And yeah, it was stuff like
>well ummm we don't know how long you're gonna stay here so we can't let you open a bank account without a German ID
>Well I don't have your rental history and you're an East European so you might fuck me over or steal something lol idk
>Well we don't want you to subscribe for our PAID phone service and BUY a phone from us because you might leave the country and never come back so we need a 300€ deposit first

I've since discovered that it doesn't matter where you're from as long as you have lots of money. If you're poor though, you'd better not have been born behind the Iron Curtain because that automatically makes you a car-stealing criminal.
Ironically, in my country it's criminals who have the most money and they have no problem going abroad and buying secret condos in Monaco, but that's neither here nor there.

Anonymous 365

Epic Sax Guy is the best thing to have come out of Moldova lol

I am so sorry for your experiences though. I don't know about how you've handled such incidences in the past but if I could offer you any advice it would be to read up on your rights. A lot of companies may claim that they have the right to refuse custom/tenants, but there are also EU laws in place to protect against active discrimination. If you pursued action against these companies/firms they would have to provide legitimate reasoning behind their decision to refuse you and "uhhhmmm well she's Eastern European" would not cut it in any EU court of law, and they know this too.

You'll actually find that when challenged most places will immediately fold as soon as you start quoting legislation. You just need to stand up for yourself, assert your rights and don't be afraid to get mean with people.

Anonymous 377


how do you guys handle the loneliness?

Anonymous 379

browsing the internet, living through movies/tv/manga, and fantasizing about my husbando.

what a life

Anonymous 380

I integrate myself into online communities like this one and use it to partially fulfill my social requirements.

Anonymous 387

internet 24/7

Anonymous 389

fanfiction, MM books, daydreaming imaginary friends

Anonymous 390

I'm an ex-neet, but what helped me the most during my time being one was reading. More than just browsing the web, etc. If you enjoy reading look for interesting PDFs or buy a couple physical books (or go to a library). It makes life more bearable and I wouldn't feel so alone or overthink my own problems because I was immersed in the book.

Anonymous 393

>look for interesting PDFs

libgen, mobilism, soulseek and irc
also get calibre for other formats

Anonymous 396

Is it that bad? I'm from shitfuck nowhere with decent enough german (studying for fluent level but that'll probably take a while), fluent english, my native language, and acceptable french. I had "moving to germany" as a plan B if things don't go as I planned, but if it's that bad then I'm screwed

Anonymous 399

I'm German and we're prejudiced as fuck against pretty much everyone, but if you're white and clean up well, you should be fine. Of course it depends on where you live. If you go to Berlin, you'll have many opportunities to find places even if a landlord doesn't want you; you can sublet or join a flatshare.

Anonymous 475

Hey, >>252 here. Anticipating a job interview tomorrow! I'm incredibly nervous, not 100% sure I'll follow through, but it's part time and all I'll essentially do is stock shelves so I'm thinking it's a good entry level job for me to finally go out into the world with. I just need to get past the interview. I'm feeling rather anxious about it though and am hoping it doesn't catch up to me later. Trying not to over think it too much but wish me luck guys!!

Anonymous 477

Good luck anon, you can do it!

Anonymous 488

>but if you're white and clean up well, you should be fine
Yeah nah. I'm white with a very obvious Slav name and perfectly presentable looking at all times, speak several languages, have several marketable skills and a good Bachelor's diploma. Never get callbacks for anything other than waitressing and nursing jobs (or au pair gigs) because Germans simply think they're better than everyone else and only feel comfortable giving us slave jobs.

Anonymous 510

I've been NEET for 2 years I think. I wouldnt mind getting a job but with my mental health I can only really handle going to work 2-3 times a week. Ive tried to get jobs before but they always want me to work full time or almost full time hours and I just cant handle it and I end up quitting out of stress

Im thinking of trying again soon but I really want to make sure I can get the hours I want…. But the trouble also is that even if I get part-time hours they can bring me in like 5 days a week for 4 hour shifts and I dont want that either. Going to work just ruins my entire day and always turns into a whole day ordeal for me. ESPECIALLY if I have a shift later in the day. All I can do up to it is worry about going to work.

Is there anyway I could nicely tell my employer I only want to come in 2-3 days a week? I dont care if they are 4 or 8 hour shifts.

Anonymous 511

>is there anyway I could nicely tell my employer I only want to come in 2-3 days a week? I dont care if they are 4 or 8 hour shifts

You're seeking a zero hour contract with minimal shifts due to ongoing educational commitments, however are available to fill for other employees.

Anonymous 516

>why are you a NEET

i took a demanding STEM academic route that meant i had no time for work between the ages 16-21, but i still failed the degree (with no hope of reapplying or retaking) so now i have no degree and no experience.
there are shitty jobs available in my city but with my mental health i wouldn't be able to hold them down, so i need to get a less-than-totally-shitty job…with no experience

>how long have you been a NEET for?

about a year

>do you like it? why or why not?

i like having lots of time to myself, for the first time as an adult being able to really focus on self-improvement.
i don't like feeling ashamed for enjoying this, and for being on welfare.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

yes but not very hard. i really want to get better at networking and bullshitting because there's no way i'd be jobless if i knew the right people in the right way, experience or no.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

i'm hoping to start an art degree in late 2018 (something i'm actually good at and would be difficult for me to fuck up), but ideally i'd have some sort of job before then

>how do you spend your free time?

mostly i waste time on the internet but also
playing vidya
working on my portfolio for degree
working out
reading textbooks from the stem degree that i miss a lot
tattooing friends
learning python

Anonymous 560

>why are you a NEET
social anxiety, insecurity and bouts of depression.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

i just got out of college for the summer a week ago, but my overall NEET status started less than a year ago

>do you like it? why or why not?

well, i have always been kind of a homebody. i enjoy going out with friends (when i do, which is rarely), and if its my bff, i wouldnt mind being out all the time with her, but i like being in my comfort zone, not in large groups of people, so i kinda like it. but, on the other hand, i feel extremely insecure and ashamed about my situation as i am 19 and no drivers license and no job.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

i applied once for a job two years ago, but i really havent done much. i am just now starting to get therapy for my mental health, so hopefully it gets better. i also have to start driving and apply for a job soon

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

i dont know. like i said, i have to try and change my situation in the next couple of months, but whether i do that or not, we'll see. and, i will prob always be a homebody who doesnt like working

>how do you spend your free time?

youtube, drawing, (rarely) reading, video games, sleeping, role playing, writing, going for walks, and working out…i wish i had more a social life but my social anxiety is holding me back

Anonymous 590

>graduated with a STEM degree over a year ago
>landed an internship through nepotism alone
>internship ended, got a short term contract job a few months later
>contract ended a few weeks ago
>want to apply for new jobs but I've already tried going through the recruiting process twice and both times the pressure/anxiety of the situation got the better of me and I self sabotaged before I had a chance to get through many interviews
>still convinced that even if I push myself through the interview process I still won't be good enough for anyone to actually employ

Guys I really want to just take a shitty retail job or data entry or something while I sort out my anxiety and mental issues so I don't have to move back in with my parents, but I don't know if doing that is just throwing away my education/limited experience in my field and screwing me over for when I'm actually ready to pursue a career.

Anonymous 612

>why are you a NEET?
financially incapable for school. hobbies, etc
>how long have you been a NEET for?
since 5th gr. i'm 18 now
>do you like it? why or why not?
i don't enjoy being a dumb worthless freeloader because i have to watch my mom struggle everyday to put food on the table, keep a roof above our heads and seeing all my friends move on with their lives just reminds me of how i'm just wasting away not contributing anything.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
school isn't free where i am from and when we do find something like a GED here it's all in our native language which i'm not fluent in. they also don't hit us back up when we apply?? i've also tried applying for jobs but they don't accept anyone unless you're at least a hs grad. i'm gonna try to make my own cleaning service though for dorms.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
hopefully not any longer. we're saving up enough for me to move to another country and work there. hopefully continue studying as well.
>how do you spend your free time?
pathetically finding things to do on the internet but ends up trigger self by seeing other people live their happy secure lives, crying, sleeping, taking long showers which wastes a lot of water, playing w my pets, hang out w my boyfriend and fucking.

my boyfriend's sorta broke but his dad gives him a weekly allowance to do whatever. he's also an extrovert and goes out a lot.

Anonymous 642

>why are you a NEET?
Drug abuse when i was 15, no more school for me then. Also mental health, no self worth and stuff
>how long have you been a NEET for?
For eight years with breaks. I went to school again when i was 20 and worked a few month
>do you like it? why or why not?
i hate it. I feel judged for being a lazy cunt all the time. It feels like the only self worth you can get is from work here. (Germany)
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Applied for a few jobs. Contacted a psycholgist, i have an appointment in a few month
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
One month. Im going to start over again. Maybe just praktimum but when im stable enough i want to follow my dreams and study.
>how do you spend your free time?
Bad days: crying in bad, internet
Good days: doing housewife stuff, watching movies, sex, internet, vidya

I wish you all the best.

Excuse my bad english omg

Anonymous 648

>why are you a NEET?

Basically I graduated from Uni and found out I have epilepsy around the same time, mum pulled me out of life for all the testing I need done/adjusting to meds.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Right about 6 months
>do you like it? why or why not?
I like it when I have good vidya games but when I'm not distracted I get pretty self loathing
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Trying to right now, finally got doctors approval to start driving again so I'm looking into cars. Where I live you literally can't get a job without a car
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
6 months to a year at most, I don't want to go into my 30's like this
>how do you spend your free time?
Vidya games, binge watching TV, art rarely but I lack creativity in this state

Anonymous 649

Do the shitty retail job route for a bit, your STEM skills don't expire. It will make you appreciate your actual career in the long run and is better than moving back in with parentals.

Anonymous 658


>why are you a NEET?
I couldn't stay motivated when I was in school so I flunked out of uni. I think I was/am depressed but it's too late to do anything about it at this point.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
3 years.
>do you like it? why or why not?
No. I'm a total failure so I hide in my house and avoid social media so I don't have to explain my situation to anyone. I wish I could apply to another university but I think they'll reject me because I got expelled, and I'm terrified, so I avoid it.. it's like… why bother?
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
I learned some code, like Python, Ruby, C++ and web developing shit, but I don't have any networking skills or an "in" at any company. I'm hoping to take the JLPT level 2 exam this Winter, but I doubt anything will come of that either. I also tried opening an Etsy/art shop and promoting myself through blogs but my social media skills are no good so nothing I create gets any traction. I might try my hand at creating phone apps or some kind of mobige soon. I also tried camming but surprise, surprise nobody wanted anything to do with me.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Until my boyfriend dumps me, then I'll probably just kill myself.
>how do you spend your free time?
Nowadays I read visual novels and do small crafts. I like to draw, paint, or write if I'm having a good day.

>Pic related for anyone curious and lurking this thread. NEET lyfe sux.

Anonymous 665

I feel you, I'm too ashamed of my state to even post about it here much.
I'm >>329 ITT and I've been making an effort to go out once a day, at least to walk to the store (5 minutes) and buy a drink or a small piece of fruit/veg for my pets. I don't cook for myself because I'm too depressed and unmotivated.

I've only skipped on really bad days, maybe 3 times since my last post. Everything else in my life is still shit, but hey.

I love your gif btw

Anonymous 667


>why are you a NEET?

because depression, basically. i can't find the strenght to even call up my friends anymore and they stopped inviting me to stuff because i always refuse. they're concerned but i just keep telling them i'm just studying hard and will go back once school is over.
i'm doing REALLY bad in school because i keep skipping classes and i'm already looking for excuses to not get out of bed on school break.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

1 year and a half.

>do you like it? why or why not?

no, i really want to go and get out with my friends and get better grades. being a depressed slob is awful because you don't even take the time to better yourself, you just lay in bed wishing you were dead and literally forcing yourself to take a fucking bath.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

yes, i'm back at the gym to better my self-image and i'm currently in line for therapy.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

honestly i can't take one more second of this. i really want to get better by the end of the year or else i'm afraid i'm just going to get worse.

>how do you spend your free time?

lay around like a potato sack and wish i was dead, blah blah blah, muh self loathing, also internet.

Anonymous 1040

>why are you a NEET?

I have really bad agoraphobia that only goes away with either ritalin or xanax. I tried entering the work force as a dental professional but it totally backfired on me when I started to work with the dentists. I have to go back eventually, but I got pregnant so I have an excuse to stay NEET throughout the pregnancy and into the baby's first year.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
I was a NEET from ages 16-21. I got out of highschool by graduating early via independant studies. My mom convinced me to go to a trade school for dental certs at age 22. I am licenced now but have become a NEET again for the past 10 months.

>do you like it? why or why not?

I really do. I love being the person at home who is in charge of all the cleaning and food making. I feel like I still contribute even though I do not contribute to household income. I live in a multi generational home and I love being around my family. It will also be nice to be able to be there for my child when she is young instead of using a daycare. As a child I hated going to school because of all the people, it was over stimulating. It's very difficult for someone like me to integrate into society but at least I tried. I will probably have to try again in the future for my daughter. It will be tough.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

Yep! See above. I failed miserably. It was very stressful working with the public for 9 hours a day. I felt like god had blessed me when I got pregnant and my partner said that he didn't want or need me to work.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

Probably until my child is around 2 years old. I can see myself having to get a part time job when she does not need to be breastfed anymore.

>how do you spend your free time?

Right now I chat to people all over the world to fill time, learn how to make fancy tea and coffee drinks, play games sometimes, and spend time with my partner when he gets off of work. I also do the majority of household chores which I actually have come to like. I just got some new dish rags to use in place of paper towels and I have been having fun laundering them and folding them into neat little piles all over the house.

In about a week I will be spending most of my time fulfilling my daughters needs. Lots of poopy diapers and rocking chair time to sooth her I am guessing.

Anonymous 1071

Saged for being slightly OT. The other night I was drunk as shit and I read this thread. Simply put, it helped regain my motivation to do well in college since I've been allowing myself to slip away. Good luck to all of you anons, I believe in all of you.

Anonymous 2515

>why are you a NEET?
I'm shit at studying so I'm dropping out college for now until I get back on my feet (which is probably never tbh).
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Less than a year.
>do you like it? why or why not?
I basically hate my family so no. Not having to go to school is cool tho.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
I tried looking for a job on the internet but I can't postulate because of personal restrictions or lack of skills.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Sigh… My parents will kick my ass if I don't go back to college or get a job so I don't have much time left.
>how do you spend your free time?
I mostly lurk on forums. I pray when I don't forget to but it's hard because I'm lazy as shit anyways.

Anonymous 2516


>why are you a NEET?
Social anxiety and depression
>how long have you been a NEET for?
One year
>do you like it? why or why not?
It's comfortable because I don't worry about the stress of work and my boyfriend enjoys me staying at home
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yep currently working in my mental health
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Until the end of this year
>how do you spend your free time?
Music art protects I've had for forever and reading a lot

Anonymous 2517


My depression was caused by my mother telling me I had a spirit inside of me.

Like she was sitting in the sofa and started crying telling me to go away … that she was scared.
She was the only person I had in this country and she was scared of me.

I was 16.
By 17 she had issues with my abusive stepdad cheated on him and let me home with him whilst she went on holidays with her new boyfriend
I worked under table jobs for a while and even in construction to avoid being with them until one day they rented my room and couldn't even go home after work

I was homeless for a week.
When my mother decided to get pregnant I knew it was time to get out

I left but my stepdad hacked into my computer several times ( IT guy ) printed my entire Facebook history and showed it to my family because he was " worried " about me being a metal head and seriously believed I was posssesed because of the music I listen to.

TLD: the little family I had in this country thought I was possessed then told me depression isn't real and I just need to eat bananas.

I became a NEET after running away from them because of depression and trust issues

Anonymous 2519

>why are you a NEET?
I have kind of a long employment gap (2 years) which makes finding work difficult. I'm also terrible with people, don't socialise well and don't really have any connections/nepotism to help me get a job (my parents don't work)
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Most recently, 5 months - but before that, 2 years (I was briefly employed for 2 months)
>do you like it? why or why not?
No, I hate it. I didn't mind it at first, because I was young, freshly out of university and didn't really feel much pressure to do anything. I volunteered 3-4 days a week too, so my parents weren't on my case too much since it looked like I was doing something productive. It's different now though, since I'm in my mid-20s with no ambition or direction and can't find proper employment.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
For a long time no, but I'm trying now.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Hopefully not too much longer, but I'm in a pretty bad way, and I could see it going on indefinitely.
>how do you spend your free time?
I sleep for about 12 hours a day, and when I'm not sleeping I mostly just shitpost. My brain's a bit is fried, so I can't really watch TV or play video games too much, since they don't interest me anymore and I don't have the patience for them. Kinda random, but I really love the novel All Quiet on the Western Front, and I read it over and over again very often, usually several times a week (it's a short book, only takes a few hours per reading)

Anonymous 2521

This is my first week out of NEETdom. See you on the other side, maybe.

Anonymous 2527

I want to enter NEETdom. I really, really want it. I fucking love being by myself, alone with my computer. I thrive in it. Too bad I could never afford it. Working 40 hours a week and being forced to socialize is horrible.

Anonymous 2529


Congrats anon on being in the other side !!! You can do this !!

Anonymous 2530

Trust me, doing nothing all day and feeling ashamed of yourself 24/7 is by no means a fun time

Anonymous 2532


It's pretty bad if you're poor and/or financially dependent though, which most NEETs are. I'm sure it's not so bad if you're a rich NEET who doesn't have to work, but the life of an average NEET is bad and it's not really something you should be aiming for (unless you're just looking to retire early or something).

I'm a highly introverted person who hates socialising too, but the years of being a NEET really do wear you down. It's easy to sink into a depression, which is made worse by the fact that you eat like shit, aren't physically active and your sleeping schedule is all over the place.

Anonymous 2533

Being stuck up in the house for so long has really started to make me anxious and I'd really like to start taking walks or something, but the "issue" is that I have sort of a social phobia. I'm so scared of being around other people or being seen by other people. Even looking at them or walking passed them is a huge issue for me. Idk, it's weird. I guess I have some fear of scrutiny or judgement. Do you guys have any advice for keeping my mind off of frivolous thoughts like this and just reminding myself that everything is okay and nobody gives a shit? It's irritating having a bit of an idea of what the solution of your problem is but having a hard time reaching it.
Sorry if my post is kind of babble-y, I've not slept yet.

Anonymous 2541

I feel like rich NEETs are just called trust fund kids.

Anonymous 2572

>why are you a NEET?
struggled too much towards the end of primary school, got worse in high school
>how long have you been a NEET for?
7-8 years
>do you like it? why or why not?
at first it was like yay im not at school! since i was a kid at the time. suffered a lot at the beginning with my parents forcefully trying to make me go
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
many times, many things
currently trying to work up the courage to join a club in the hopes of finally having some friends, its hard to be optimistic since ive tried meeting people before
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
depends how much longer i can handle living with my terrible family and having no friends, i think about suicide a lot
>how do you spend your free time?
drawing, playing instruments, watching youtube, playing free games, pirating other games, crying about my life, contemplating suicide, reading fanfiction, reading webcomics, sleeping because i have nothing to do, listening to music, daydreaming about the life i couldve had

Anonymous 2573

lonely man.jpg

I'm not exactly a neet, i've got friend and go out a lot. But i prefer spending my day in front of the computer, browsing imageboards, talking to new people, torrenting new material, learning c++, anything internet related.

I like it this way, whenever i feel like i want to be alone i spend my day indoors, when i want to hang out with friends i go out and do that. It's the ultimate comfort and I don't want to change this.

I'm doing shit in school though

Anonymous 2583

I was semi-NEET for 2 years after graduating uni. The last year of uni I stopped socializing. Then, I spent the next 2 years self-studying. I didn't socialize, but I learned a lot (I just moved back to my hometown and had no friends). I basically just stayed in my room for the most part. When I went out, it was for "formal" activities/settings. I became very depressed during this time and went on antidepressants.

Issue is I am now in graduate school, but the 3 years of isolation has made me socially-inept. I have a hard time not being serious. Like, I can't loosen up and just have a good time. I used to be a rather lively person for reference. It's gotten to the point that people online have even commented on my robotic style of writing. I want to be able to return to my happy self and stop being serious 24/7.

I also haven't dated in 3 years, and can't imagine someone wanting to date me because I don't seem fun or lively at all. I'd actually like to get married someday so the fact I have a difficult time even cracking a smile or laughing is a bit of an issue…

>>Pls help

Anonymous 2584

That's because rich NEETs don't have to worry about their futures. They also have tons of spending money and can go out and do anything. Or work at their dad's company as a top executive if they don't directly inherit it.

Anonymous 2585


>why are you a NEET?
My bad childhood and sexual assault have made me snap and drop out of school after a suicide attempt. Years later I'm still a NEET.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
About 3-4 years, I think. I've had a job briefly but it took too much of a toll on my mental health.
>do you like it? why or why not?
I like it and I don't. It's comfy and it lets me enjoy the little things but at the same time I feel very useless.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yes, I'm currently restarting therapy.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
I'm not sure, I might become a NEET housewife in the future as my partner prefers me not working.
>how do you spend your free time?
Browsing the internet, watching movies and TV shows and I workout regularly.

Anonymous 2602

>why are you a NEET?
Social anxiety, never learned good social skills or built a support system (aside from parents), got depressed from that.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
3 years with a month of working in there.
>do you like it? why or why not?
I don’t like it because I want to provide for myself and feel normal. That plus the other usual reasons no one wants to live with their parents as an adult.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yes but I’m terrified of going out in public or interacting with people. I’ve actually come really far and matured, especially in the past year or so. Right now I’m dealing with the desire for friends and a relationship, along with trying to actually motivate myself to work on skills and hobbies.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Family needs money desperately, so I’ll probably be getting a job soon. I kind of want one, except for the fact that I got really depressed after I got used to working before.
>how do you spend your free time?
Browsing the internet, playing video games, listening to music, watching movies. I want to learn to produce music and draw, but I don’t actually like doing those things so I don’t even know.

Advice from me: if you have the choice to go NEET, don’t do it. Being mediocre or taking it extremely slow, though they almost sound like worse options, are better. The NEET life is hard to escape.

Anonymous 2618


I'm wondering if it's even possible to maintain friendships with non-NEETs after a certain point. I'm scared that I'm close to hitting that point, after being NEET 2 years (I'm 25).

All of my friends I met while I was in school. One by one they all went on to work, or to start serious relationships and get engaged/move in with their bfs, and they're hitting all these milestones that I am not and don't see for myself any time in the near future. We still get together sometimes when they visit but the conversation gets strained…I feel like there's always this "oh shit" moment we reach where we have nothing left to talk about because I have nothing going on in my life and it's embarrassing to say. When they ask me what I've been up to, I can't exactly say I've been holed up in my room for three days watching anime and crying on the internet. I live at home with no job, but my home life is also very chaotic and bad. So the only thing that fills my days besides the internet is whatever craziness my family engages in that particular day.

Most of my friends have grown distant and I only had maybe 3 that I was still close with. 2 of them I know for a fact cannot relate to me anymore, they get awkward and confused about my life because it's bad and I'm depressed, and I know they want to help but they can't. My last friend had depression as well for the longest time, but lately she's really been coming out of it and building a life for herself, and I'm worried she's going to distance herself too because I'm not getting better and I'm just a constant downer when she asks me about my life. I tried to text her today and genuinely couldn't figure out how to carry on a conversation- I defaulted to talking about my family and immediately regretted it. But I have nothing else going on, and nothing to say. I would be very sad to lose her as a friend but I can't even blame her at this point.

The only close friend I have left is also NEET, but she's not as depressed and I don't want to bring her down.

I don't know, it all just feels like a lonely shitshow sometimes. I wish I could peek into the brains of someone who isn't NEET but has NEET friends to see what they really think, and see if I'm just over-analyzing this way too much or if they do feel the same kind of hopeless inability to relate or help that I think they feel.

Anonymous 2666

I was a neet for about 8 months 7 years ago. I had really bad anxiety, depression and history of bulimia at the time so I quit my job and eventually dropped out of school. I became absorbed in an mmo and met my bf, but he lived in another country. He was a neet too for about 8 years. I went through therapy, we broke up and I got a job and have slowly climbed out of that hole. School has taken me longer than others my age and I feel old in college. I failed a lot of courses but I'm a good student now, I go to online college. I also hooked back up with my boyfriend after 6 years apart and moved to his country. He's not a NEET anymore either. I don't think he'll ever go to school or anything, but he works full time in retail for us while I try to become a citizen and he's a one of the best workers I know. We both are content with a quiet, minimalist life at home with no plans for kids so it works out.
I still have anxiety leaving the house but my depression is better.

We both miss the neet life sometimes. I hate the feeling of being supported by my mom for so long, she still does sometimes because now its my boyfriend who supports me. I go to school but I still get to sit at home all day. I feel less guilty cause he "chose" to support be instead of birthing me but still. Thing is, I feel really lucky but sometimes unlucky because he doesn't want me to work. I could sit at home all day and he'd be happy cause we both clingy people. His idea of ideal future is we both work part time and able to support ourselves so we can spend a lot of time with each other. It feels unlucky because I do like my field of work I am aiming for and I don't want to be sitting at home my whole life cause it just makes me depressed. I actually have some drive now.

Anonymous 2674


>>399 What if you're not white (East Asian) and from North America with a good degree from a good university? I'd like to live there someday and I've been learning German for a while. (I'm also sorry for hijacking since I'm not a NEET.)

Anonymous 2694


I've been NEET for 2 years without any friends or anyone, sometimes I talk to people online but it doesn't stick. I want to kill myself more and more every day (I'm in therapy and take medications but nothing has changed that, my lifestyle is what makes me depressed). I just want friends but I've done nothing with my life for so long that I don't have hobbies or interests. Nobody would want to hang out with me even if I knew people to hang out with. I hate being isolated and every day is a nightmare, I cry when I wake up from dreams where I'm normal and speaking with other people because its not real and I want it so badly.

Anonymous 2695

How old are you anon? I can relate (also isolated NEET for 2 years + on antidepressants). Although I'm finally getting out of the situation (graduate school abroad), I'm still rather isolated and having a difficult time adjusting. I'm 27. If we are similar in age, maybe we can talk.

Anonymous 2701

This seems like an incredibly toxic co-dependent relationship tbh

Anonymous 2703


Reading this made me very depressed, god. It was very relatable to the old me. I was a NEET for 2 years in the past. Wish I could be your online friend, anon, and make it last.
Wishing you the best and letting you know things CAN get better, I swear, but it's a long process, and it'll hurt, but it'll be worth it. I'm not a "normal" person yet even though that was years ago and now I am graduated, I've had a job for a few years and all of that…but yeah, your post was right in the feels.

Pic related - cats cuz why not?

Anonymous 2724


>why are you a NEET?
semi-NEET because of my grades are shit after graduation + my social skills are pretty much shit
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Give or take 7 months since December last year (worked a bit for 3 months)
>do you like it? why or why not?
definitely not

feels like I'm bottom of the barrel scum

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

just applying for jobs not that I have much heart for it since I have applied for so many and all I see is rejection

I'm also thinking of going back to gym once I have received payments from my crowdwork

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

Possibly 6 months more. If I can't still find a job, I might go back to uni or do TAFE

>how do you spend your free time?

watching anime, movies, reading shit on internet

Anonymous 2732

Ex NEETs whats your advice on giving up neetdom?

Anonymous 2736

unnamed (17).gif

Every neet has different reasons to be one, so your reasons/first steps will be different from someone else's.

I stayed home for two years after finishing HS because I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, or what major I wanted to pursue (I'm >>2703). I was also very depressed and bitter at life and everyone around me.
I only started getting my life together when I went to uni. I got a scholarship and FORCED myself to take it, even though I really didn't want to. It was hard, but I knew I wouldn't go anywhere if I didn't take that chance. My first year was miserable, just like the other 3 following years (lol), but slowly I made progress in my life.

But a really important thing that people rarely ever mention is physical exercise and a good diet. I think that taking better care of yourself makes you want to improve yourself in other aspects of your life too. It may sound silly, but it has worked for me.

I went through a major change in the way I see/value/love myself by the end of my last academic year, and it started with eating right and exercising more. Not necessarily because you look better, but because you feel better.
One thing tends to lead to another, and these changes give you motivation to work on yourself, and can help you change your mindset too. I think that most neets tend to forget about their health and looks, so maybe trying to change that first would be very beneficial to some people.

Start small: eat better. After a couple weeks, or a month, start doing some yoga or light to moderate exercise. You can do it in the comfort of your own bedroom.

I think mind and body really do complete each other, and feeling better in general hopefully can help other neets to gather strength and motivation to change if that's what they want. At least in my case, and in the case of many neets and ex-neets I've met on and offline, a very important factor is motivation. So there you go, that's an easy way to motivate yourself more. I know that starting is hard, but it's doable if you really want to change your life.

Most people I have interacted with do know what they should or could do to break free from their own neetness, but they're too comfortable in their loneliness/misery to do something. I think this type of behavior is very common among neets.

Sorry if this was all over the place, heh. Hope it helps someone.

Anonymous 2737

I’m still overcoming NEETdom, but realizing the root of my NEETdom was the first step for me in escaping 2.5 years in my bedroom at my moms after graduating college.

Deep down I already knew why I became NEET, but knowing the changes required on my end to fix things was overwhelming and I was scared.

For myself, I hated Western society and wanted to immigrate out of the U.S. I don’t dislike Westerners ironically, but despite living in the wealthiest part of the country being surrounded by degeneracy ruined it for me. Even condom, alcohol, and lube ads would trigger me. The worst part were the drug addicts and gangs…

I’m studying in Europe for a Masters in order to immigrate to somewhere more traditional and with less drug/gang issues. I’m not a big fan of Europe, but it’s already better than California imo. I was scared I wouldn’t receive support if I opened up about my feelings, but when I opened up to my family, they were incredibly supportive.

As I grew older and after living in Asia for a couple years I became much more into feminists and traditionalism. I had actually always been odd in that I wasn’t even raised this way, but society around me didn’t encourage even wearing skirts (as a female…)

It’s not even a popular opinion online so I was really fortunate to receive support in this as well, but I’m highly considering moving to a Muslim Asian country or at least like Singapore and reverting to Islam. I basically already live an Islamic lifestyle.

I think once you become honest with yourself about what you truly want and then you are honest with those around you, leaving NEETdom will become easier. Even if it’s not common, you know yourself better than anyone else and no matter where you go you can’t escape yourself.

I’m not happy living in Europe, but at least I’m finally making a clearer path for myself.

Hope this helps a little anon.

Anonymous 2739


> more traditional
> considering moving to a Muslim Asian country
> reverting to Islam
Robot or..?

Anonymous 2740

My first thought, too

Anonymous 2797

If you are looking for a low-stress job to ease into normiedom, try being a part-time cashier in a grocery store. I thought it would be exhausting as a hardcore introvert with anxiety but it's actually not that bad because you basically just repeat a script all day long to every person you interact with. "How are you doing?" [wait for response] "Your total is $9.99. Have a nice day." These jobs are high turnover so they're easy to find, you'll probably only be working less than 20 hours a week, and if you really get too overwhelmed you can just quit with little consequence.

Anonymous 2942

>basically. i can't find the strenght to even call up my friends anymore and they stopped inviting me to stuff because i always refuse
I regret losing my friends so badly. I know you posted this a long time ago, but please try to reach out to them if you still can.

Anonymous 4170

Sigh, which jobs are you referring to? I've tried this so many times with failure after failure. Every cashier job I've tried has SHIT hours, and too many expectations. For example, I worked at a place for less than 3 weeks until I resigned. They wanted me working 8-10 hours a day. I was coming home 12am most nights. I told him I am flexible with any day of the week during my winter break, and he misunderstood it for working more hours. So I reminded him that I want to work 20 hours a week, so I could balance college/home life, so my manager gave me work 2 days a week for 10 hours. I hated being on my feet for that long, and coming home late was nerve wracking especially since I use public transport. My manager said its my responsibility to have reliable transportation and basically "fired" me for that reason, seeing as I couldn't work the desired shifts like "his previous employer did". They also make me clean the entire store, including toilets. Its more than just "heres your change, have a nice day". Most retailers push you to sell credit cards alongside their company, people ask questions that I have no idea about and have to call someone down for assistance, arguments about coupons, and overall drains my energy out like crazy. I guess I've just had bad luck with retail cashier jobs. A NEETs best option is to just find something online, but those are hard to come by.

Anonymous 4785


>why are you a NEET?
Dropped out of art college after being put in a project with a psychotic evangelist. That and all the absurd non rules and illness inducing doublethink in that school. Because I had left my abusive mother and had no family on my side there wasn't alot to break the fall. Drugs followed, mental ward followed, a friend with heavy borderline/ psychosis followed and eventually depression hit hard and broke my spirit. Fortunately my bf stuck with me through all of it, while studying for top tier STEM degree. I would probably be dead if it weren't for him.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

2 years

>do you like it? why or why not?

No, I'm a pro escapists but you can never run from your fears, shame, guilt and hate. There are better ways to live.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yes, always talking big plans but never really pushing through. I'm holding on to hope tbh.
Started doing some volunteering at a nature organisation (lots of free thinkers, very quiet and people don't try to normalise you there) Going outside in nature helps me breathe.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

Not too long.. i hope.

>how do you spend your free time?

There is only free time in Neetland
I'm picking up reading books by great writers, discipline to draw and practice, learning to cook healthy and weightlifting in the near future

Anonymous 30170


Has anyone been met with prejudice from male NEETs?

I just stumbled upon pic-related and it's crazy to me how out of touch with reality some guys are in regards to female NEETs.

Anonymous 30174

He's right though.

Anonymous 30175

He's not right and he's not wrong. It's because getting laid and getting a relationship is two different things for women. Men can be desperate enough or horny enough to fuck women that are below whatever degree of "attractiveness" they'd wish for in a girlfriend. But even though they'll fuck those women, they won't date them. Because of that, there's a certain portion of women who could get laid if they put themselves in the correct position, but they still wouldn't be getting a relationship.
That experience is totally alien to men. If women are willing to fuck them, they're willing to date them - and inversely, if they can't get someone to date them, they can't get someone to fuck them either. Thus, when an incel tells you that women can't be incel, it's because to them, whatever makes them unable to get a relationship and is the same thing that makes them unable to get laid. Hence, women don't "fully" qualify as incels from that perspective because women could get laid if they were willing to debase themselves enough.
I know you were talking about NEETdom, but the screenshot your posted seemed like it was talking about relationship instead.

Anonymous 30182

Is this the NEET subreddit? Male NEETs on there are extremely bitter and obsessed with female NEETs who don't give a shit about them and barely even post there anyways. So many shitposts about Tinder, evil golddigging roasties, prostitution, stay at home moms, customer service jobs etc. Even the lowest of the low also have to find their own personal group to demonize and bully and make themselves feel better about themselves and the pass the time. Dating somebody doesn't make all of your issues that led you to being NEET and the pain and shame of being NEET go away. For some of them it might help motivate themselves to change, but a lot of them don't change, and if they want to the change really has to start with themselves. I don't get how these tards seriously think that just because somebody is dating that instantly makes every problem in their life go away. But these are males and redditors so don't expect to read anything intelligent on there. Also I disagree with that post, I've seen posts from male NEETs on there who weren't like a shut in porn/internet addict NEET but actually went to the gym and had hobbies and did have dates and some girlfriends. A lot of men don't want to date unemployed women who don't do anything either. I feel like for quite a few NEETs even females the issues that lead them to becoming a NEET and the side effects of that lifestyle would cause them to feel uncomfortable hanging out with normies from Meetup/Tinder and also would cause problems and failures in romantic relationships. Not shitting on NEETs btw, I struggle with it too and I know I have issues to sort out.

Anonymous 30183

this is why the only good NEET is a hikiNEET
normNEETs are just entitled unemployed people

Anonymous 30188


>why are you a NEET?

A multitude of mental health problems, mainly depression, a lot of it coming down to my undisclosed childhood sexual abuse that I still carry with me as a secret to this day therefore have had no treatment for it and Aspergers. A lot of the jobs I want are in the city and I don't drive and live in the middle of nowhere. I have been turned down from multiple jobs because of this. I also don't plan to learn to drive due to the cost (I'm in the UK) and I just generally don't feel comfortable with the idea of it.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

9 months

>do you like it? why or why not?

I like having the spare time to do what I want and concentrate on my projects and art. I hate feeling like a failure and watching the people I know around me progress in life where as I just sit and stagnate in my own issues. I also just hate leaving the house and feeling like everyone in the world looking at me sees me as worthless to society and a waste of oxygen for not being a contributing member of society.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

Kind of trying to at the minute, trying to get a few bits of art together to possibly set up an etsy and start tabling at cons. My own issues with self confidence and worth are mainly whats getting in the way though.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

Honestly, I don't know. It depends on if I'm offered a job I would enjoy but at the minute I have no idea what that actually would be.

>how do you spend your free time?

Drawing, sewing, crafting, listening to music, giving time for my special interests, browsing image boards.

Anonymous 30189


>internet post with assumptions about a certain group of women
>internet post doesn't apply to own personal life
>know other women whom it doesn't apply to either
>"he's right though"

Anonymous 30190

the problem with these types of men is the only thing they care about is sex. thats their definition of success. it genuinely doesnt enter their mind that their are other goals in life so the idea that people have difficult lives when they cam have sex doesnt make sense to them

theyre retarded and sad tbh. incels need to be executed

Anonymous 30191

Now I'm a NEET on unemployment benefits; look out world!

Anonymous 30196

Are you sure? Have you tried?

Anonymous 30232

The screenshot says you just have to be female + go out to get numbers, get asked out etc. If that was true, don't you think it would've happened at least once by now? Not even old, wrinkly, perverted grandpas have ever hit on me and according to other people, they shamelessly hit on everything with two legs.
I'm not complaining about the lack of interest from random male strangers, by the way, I just don't get how there are real people out there who think being female equates getting automatic (romantic) attention from the other gender. Although it could just be a cultural difference between my country and the country/ies those people live in…?

Anonymous 30251


>why are you a NEET?
I quit my last job because it was too stressful for me; long drive, and management never cared to show up half the time. I was a security guard and was often the only one on duty. I'm 100 pounds for the record. Why the fuck was that a good idea? Had a guy try to grab my ass, management didn't give a fuck. I quit after that, but there were many situations leading up to the fact that I consider far worse. I was on midnight duty and had a guy try to follow me home, luckily he fucked off because it's almost an hour drive.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
6 months
>do you like it? why or why not?
Neutral. I don't love or hate it; I might love it if I didn't live with an abusive family that is at each other's throats all day. I may also love working, but not in retail, which is the only thing available to first time workers. I have severe generalized anxiety and, at the time, had PTSD flashbacks, which made my job incredibly difficult because you had to be alert and confront every customer leaving to check their bags. Not to mention, I might also be a (high functioning) aspie.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yes, currently have a small online business. I'm probably going to apply for more jobs soon, since local opened up. Being a line cook seems less shitty, although equally stressful. I'd rather get yelled at by a higher up for not being fast enough, than by a stranger who could take my life for telling him to put the hunnie mussie back he didn't pay for.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Hopefully not longer than a year, probably less than 3 months, because that's how long a call back usually takes.
>how do you spend your free time?
On the web, just reading, unfortunately. I'm getting back into reading real books and gardening, leaving the house more too. I need to go back to the gym.

Anonymous 30552

>why are you a NEET?
cant work bc blablabla, studying costs money

>how long have you been a NEET for?

6 months-ish

>do you like it? why or why not?

no. depression got only worse after i went neet, im also fatter, less healthy, dumber, etc bc of it

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

no, i like to put the blame on my depression but its honestly my fault

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

only a few more weeks, gonna start job hunting soon

>how do you spend your free time?

hobbies, studying here and there, housework, but mainly gaming and internet and laying in bed being depressed

Anonymous 30742

We are?
Could be regionally dependent, but that's not how I'd perceive the situation? Do you live in rural Sachen, or what?

Anonymous 30755

>why are you a NEET?
Social anxiety, too much adrenaline makes me a shitty interviewee and I just gave up.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

~9 years.

>do you like it? why or why not?

I'm resigned to it, I guess I turned into a nihilist who doesn't give a shit about the real world, I just live for my own personal happiness.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

I went to community college for a year but then they got rid of the program I was going for and I never re-upped for financial aid.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

As long as I can, but tbh I really have to find a job before I end up a useless 40-50 year old when my mom dies.

>how do you spend your free time?

Internet, video games, TV, books, doing surveys to afford little things. But I am the only one around the house who remembers garbage day and I cook dinner half the time. So it's not all just lazing around.

Anonymous 30758

I hate being NEET so much. No friends, no money, no motivation, constant shame and it's just a waste of life, all in all.

Anonymous 30807


Do you want your life to be different?

Anonymous 30814

Was a NEET for like 4-5 years, depression and anxiety and terrible home life
Recently started working at a place that employs people with occupational and emotional difficulties 3 times a week. It's pretty great. It's not very challenging work and it pays hardly anything, but I get to have an excuse to get out of the house and go to a workplace where everyone understands my difficulties and the bosses are understanding and supportive. I don't feel so useless anymore. It makes the transition into a legitimate workplace seem less threatening

Anonymous 32826

>trying to change by actually going outside
>tell parents I am going for a night walk
>get yelled at by mom and called psycho
>dad ended up coming with me even though I wanted to be alone
>still had an okay time

I guess I can understand since it was night time, but we live in a small town so not much happens here.

>Today I tell parents I am going to go to the park while it’s daylight out

>get yelled at again

Ffs I don’t go out at all I get yelled at, and when I actually have the courage to go out I get yelled at again.

I’m 18…

Anonymous 32844

So. How are you doing now?

Anonymous 32846

Just don't tell them

Anonymous 32905

I wish I had something like that in my city. I've been a neet for 4 years and honestly want to at least get a part time job or something. But the thought of actually working anywhere terrifies me.

Anonymous 33177

[OldCastle] Saint …

I know you're out there! Lets share some NEET feels and talk about our situation.
>why are you a NEET?
disability. im autistic(not the meme kind, really genuinely autistc. level 2 ASD.)severe OCD, GAD, complex PTSD from child abuse/neglect, and have autoimmune problems and lax joints. no, i did not diagnose this myself as i dislike tumble dumble self diagnosing it harms real people to do such a thing.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Couple years. I was in highschool for 5 years(was held back due to chronic absenteeism) I'm 21 now. I had a part time work for about 10 hours a week for a couple months but i kept having meltdowns on the job despite it being a fairly simple job which lead me to hate myself even more. I resigned from my job quietly via email one day when i spent my whole 3 hour shift shaking and crying on the toilet wishing i was alone.
>do you like it? why or why not?
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
yes, i have. i went through a voc rehab program right after hs graduation, actually. it took a year; thats whow i was employed a couple months. i worked very hard and just ruined it all again an d I wish i was not disabled.
I've also been in therapy over a decade and go regularly to that, and see my physical doctors sometimes, too.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Well, since I review disability allowence I most likely could a long time. I also have medicare. but someday I hope to get and hold down a quiet, stress-free part time job. Someday….I really hope….
>how do you spend your free time?
Oh, using the computer, playing vidya, watching anime, reading books, petting the dogs

Anonymous 33264


How do you resist bad posture when sitting down most of the day?

Anonymous 33266

write a note that says "posture check" and put it above your computer screen

Anonymous 33267


Look at this picture

Anonymous 33278

>why are you a NEET?
In general I'm just a fuck up, I guess. I have GAD and OCPD, which don't help.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
I have been NEET off and on since finishing high school. Recently I got a 18hr/week job, ending a 1 year NEET period. The longest was just under 2 years.
>do you like it? why or why not?
I enjoy not working, but if I don't work, I'll have no money. I feel ashamed when I'm not working. If it weren't for the shame and need to support myself, I would love it.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
I have been in therapy, but I have little money and the free services here are not very frequent. I went to an employment center that helps people with disabilities (how I got my current part-time job), but even with that support, I'm struggling.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
I worry that I'll be stuck in this pattern of working a job until I can't stand it, then quitting and being NEET until my savings run out, forever.
>how do you spend your free time?
I paint, draw, write, bake, cook, search for recipes, try to learn languages, and browse the web.

Anonymous 33314

bionicle inspekcja…

>feel extremely uncomfortable around people
>spending time with my partner and family
it doesn't add up anon

Anonymous 33322

your attitude reminds me of incels who tell other incels they are not true incels because they are not as deformed or retarded and it ends up as a contest to see whose dick is tiniest, dragging eachother down to make sure nobody improves.
anon is autistic and not very social but she has loved ones, which is in no way contradictory, good for her.

Anonymous 33332

>she has loved ones, which is in no way contradictory
Having a partner is kind of contradictory. Not so family.

Anonymous 33357

>why are you a NEET?
Depression that 10 years of therapy and drugs can't fix
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Since I graduated high school
>do you like it? why or why not?
I don't like or dislike it, it's just the only thing I can consistently do without killing myself
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Just about everything short of joining a monastic order and devoting my life to prayer and contemplation
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Until I kill myself, my brother kicks me out or some kind of therapy works
>how do you spend your free time?
Just browsing the internet, gaming, baking, cleaning and sleeping

Anonymous 33366


I finished college two years ago (so some of you might not consider me one since I have an education) and haven't been able to get a job since. I keep getting turned down because I have no experience but I can't get experience if nobody is willing to hire me? I took some unpaid work for "experience" but it didn't improve anything and depressed me to know I wasn't getting a full-time job at the end of it. I felt kind of used. It also made me feel like a big fucking baby who knows nothing.

I've been living with my parents, living on benefits and applying for jobs ever since. When I was younger and browsing imageboards, I used to think being a neet/hikki sounded cosy but now I realise it's hell. My whole life has been put on hold and the longer it continues, the harder it gets for me to get a job because potential employers keep pointing out the gap on my resume. I can't move out with my bf even though I desperately want to so we can have peace and privacy and I don't have money to pay for lessons to drive (my mom is paying for my much younger brother to get lessons but babies me…). Everyone in my life acts like I'm just not trying hard enough and tells me to lie on my resume/in interviews but I can't bring myself to do that. I think maybe they're right because I'm the only one from all my college courses who doesn't have a job yet. I've even started applying for jobs abroad but no joy.

I've been trying to keep a routine to keep myself sane. I try to wake up early, walk the dog, set a goal for a number of jobs to apply for each day. On occasion I'll walk to the library or coffee shop for a change of scenery (my brother is at home all day skipping classes and stressed me the fuck out by autistically screaming at video games and blasting bass boosted music). It's just getting harder and harder because my mom is now pressuring me to go back to college but I don't want to because a) it's a big commitment and would take years b) it means I won't be able to move out and she'll continue to baby me c) I don't think it's necessary? How many degrees do you need to get a job?

It's just so fucking hard. I hate my home life but I can't escape it. I feel like an autistic baby who can't function like normal people. It takes so much for me not to have a mental break down on a daily basis. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I'm seeking a diagnosis for autism but it's probably going to take months. Sometimes I just want to end it all. Especially when I see friends getting promoted or engaged or moving out. I'm so, so happy for them but at the same time, knowing how stunted I am mentally and how it's holding me back from achieving the same things makes me want to fucking curl up and die.

Anonymous 33368

What did you study?

Anonymous 33370

I recognize myself a lot in your last paragraph (except I haven't gone to a doctor to get diagnosed for anything). I've been heavily considering dropping out of my PhD because I simply cannot take it anymore, but your post has made me rethink it. I am afraid I will fall into the NEET trap and just never get out.

Anonymous 33372

An arts degree initially and then CS.

Idk how my post changed your mind anon because I have multiple degrees and they aren't worth shit apparently. But I would encourage you to finish your PhD anyway.

Anonymous 33373

I feel your pain.

I'm currently studying EE on 2nd year. Courses are running but I have been unable to do anything. The teachers and professors running the things have been nice enough to give extra time to return assignments but that was a month ago and I still haven't done them. Now I should pick new courses and decide by minor/major but those have been running for 3 weeks. I have to play catch up for half a year worth of courses and I can't get out of the slump. I feel tired 24/7.

Anonymous 42275

>why are you a NEET?
Was a neet in training since birth, parents made me stay home except for going to school 'for my own safety' because they're retarded controlling immigrants. Never gave me any life skills except cooking cleaning and shutting up.

>how long have you been a NEET for?

Officially 3 years since I dropped out of college.

>do you like it? why or why not?

I want to die/them to die. Treated like a disgrace and made into my mom's personal slave so she doesn't have to cook/clean. But I'm too inexperienced and scared to stop being neet.

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

Sent some resumes, nothing much.

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

For a few more years until they kick me out/I muster the courage to re-enter society.

>how do you spend your free time?

Animu, cooking and cleaning, radfemtard shit, discords. I used to like radfem but I hate it now. Just made me more anxious/depressed. But I can't stop. After a lifetime of having to suppress my anger I finally get an outlet, it's uncontrollable.

Anonymous 42280

Same boat, anon. One died and the other sank into degeneracy. I ended up getting a job, and now I'm afraid of being a bum. Enjoy what little freedom there is, while it lasts.

Anonymous 42284


In a about a month I'll be giving up neetdom for a chance at university. I'm really nervous and I'm gonna definitely miss watching movies and playing games late into the night but at least I'll get to develop some social skills.

Anonymous 42287


Good luck anon!! Make sure to attend all your classes please. Even if you aren't 100% prepared, it's still better than skipping the class.

Anonymous 42336

miku with da gorce…

Thanks, i'm worried about fitting in and stuff but i'm gonna do my best. I really hope i'll be able to make friends outside of the internet

Anonymous 42614


>why are you a NEET?
Lack of motivation to do anything and fear of the outside; men/society
>how long have you been a NEET for?
4 years now, knew I was going to be a neet after highschool and I even told my parents about it
>do you like it? why or why not?
It's nice, I know it's not healthy or a good idea on the long run but it's easily the years I've been the happiest
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Lots of trying to better myself, finding something that can net me money from home that isn't lite prostitution like Onlyfans or streaming.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Hopefully until it can last, either money runs out, my parents kick me out or I die, either way I don't want to leave
>how do you spend your free time?
Browse the internet, play gacha games, learn something whatever. Just indulge myself into some sort of escapism so I don't have to deal with the real world.

Anonymous 42619


>why are you a NEET?
No one hires me.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
Since I tried to kill myself, late 2018.
>do you like it? why or why not?
I like it, but I know I can't stay like this for too long. My parents won't live forever and eventually I'll need a way to support myself. Besides, having my own money is nice too.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
I did a course on dog grooming before the pandemic started and since then I've been sending my resume everywhere, but people are reluctant about hiring begginers. I've also worked as a freelancer in some places but I'm pretty sure they didn't like how my work lmfao.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
No idea. But I feel really bad for being a NEET so I hope I get a job soon.
>how do you spend your free time?
Internet, anime, games, taking care of my animals.

I'm gonna be honest, I'd be a NEET forever if I could. Sadly, reality will knock on my door sooner or later. I'm in my 20s.

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