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Traumatic Experiences Anonymous 34206

What was the most traumatic experience of your childhood (before 20)? I'd say mine was losing my house and a lot of my belongings in a fire.

Anonymous 34212

getting punched in the face by my crackhead uncle

Anonymous 34230

My dad stalked my mom and I after a messy violent divorce, we had to move several times and I had to constantly switch schools. Restraining orders didn't work, begging my court-ordered therapist to tell the courts not to give him custody didn't work, and I was becoming somebody that I really disliked.

Anonymous 34231

getting thrown into sea as a toddler to learn how to swim. I did actually learned how to swim that way, but I almost drowned and didn't go deeper than waist until I was 14

Anonymous 34232

Something so traumatic that I can't remember.

Anonymous 34403

Same. All I know is it was a really invasive medical exam when I was 3. I have no memory of it and I am a-ok with that.

Anonymous 34437

Discovered I'm the spawn of my mum cucking my dad with my oldest brother's best friend when he was like 12.

It completely tore the family apart, and even though he says he loves me and nothing would change that, every time my dad looks at me, I can see the pain all over his face.

Anonymous 34438


Anonymous 34439

There's no waking up from this nightmare.

Anonymous 34452

In sophomore year of hs, a college counselor told my crush my grades and standardized test scores while in a private meeting with him. The implication was that I wasn't smart enough to get into (insert prestigious school here). She also claimed I could never be a programmer because I got Bs in French class, because spoken languages and programming languages are the same thing.

Anonymous 34472


Painful vivid memory of saying goodbye to my dad for the last time when my parents got divorced and me and my mom moved away. I spent the morning drawing with chalk on the sidewalk before we left so he would see the drawings later and remember me.

Anonymous 34474

What happened to him after that?

Anonymous 34478

Are you in some society where programming courses are really prestigious

Anonymous 34479

>traumatic experiences
Dad beating the shit out of me
>most traumatic experience
That time he beat the shit out of me really hard

Anonymous 34504

How did you even discover that?

Anonymous 34546

I became really close with him (let's just go with J) because he was so close to my brother and, since J's a geneticist, I asked him to organise a DNA test because I distrust 23andMe. He was really hesitant, and when some things just didn't add up, my mother became really defensive and I arranged a paternity test. When I confronted her with the results, all hell broke loose and the whole lie unfolded. J came clean and revealed he'd known since he was 13 or 14, and been in constant tension with my mother over it, wanting to tell me since I was little. My dad organised paternity tests for my brothers and that was it, family detonated.

I decided to look back at photos and found one of all of us in a big picture from school with J standing right behind me, same eyes, same hair, same skin and same ears…right next to my brown eyed, brown haired, tanned brothers.

Anonymous 34547

I am sorry to hear that. are you still in contact with J ? how is he coping with being assaulted at 12 ??

Anonymous 34548

We still see each other, and he's still friends with my brother, while my other brothers despise him and hold him accountable for destroying the family. He's always been very fatherly and protective of me, but now he's just more open about it. He says he forgave my mother years ago, but the vitriol between them is proof enough he still rightfully harbors resentment and I think it shows my mother really doesn't believe she did anything wrong.

Anonymous 34551

thanks for this story. this is very sad and I wish you both the best.

Anonymous 34917

i guess what truly marked me was one of the many bad things mom said to me even though i cant remember any specific thing
but what i can remember best is having trash thrown at me and later on being made to apologize for it

Anonymous 47010

Seeing a decapitated head. I cried on the bus ride to uni.

Anonymous 47015

When I was in middle school, we went on a big family vacation, and apparently I took too long to get ready or something because my father screamed at me like he had never screamed before. He called went on about how much I was wasting his time and money he had spent on taking us somewhere nice and called me an ungrateful, entitled little bitch. I know that sounds mild compared to what some girls go through at the hands of their fathers, but I was a sheltered and sensitive only child who basically derived her self worth from doing well in school and making her parents happy, and it shattered my world. Not all at once, but the cracks started to become canyons later, when I started burying my emotions as best I could around my parents, or found it hard to believe my dad whenever he said he was proud of me, or with self-esteem issues I still struggle with in my 20s. I think he bottles up his emotions until they explode, like a lot of men with low emotional intelligence. I'm sure he regrets it, but frankly I don't really care.

Anonymous 47016

jesus christ, where do you live??

Anonymous 47025

ice tea is very nice wink

Anonymous 47148

Mexico, unfortunately.

Anonymous 47157

I was walking home from my first job when I was 16 and stopped on a street corner to take my jumper off and put it in my bag. These three aboriginal guys, stinking of glue, immediately surrounded me and took my bag, then my phone and wallet. When they realised I only had about $5, one of them just grabbed me by the hair and stuck his fingers down my throat before dragging me into an overgrown vacant block. They started stripping me as I started vomiting and choking on it. I was so panicked for air that I couldn't do anything but struggle to get the vomit past his fingers and out of my throat. Suddenly he pulls his fingers out and scratches me across the eye. I sat bolt upright to see a huge guy in a black hoodie proceed to physically lift the man off me and slam him head first into a pile of concrete chunks. He kicked another guy and sent him spilling out onto the road before just knocking out the third with a punch to the side of the head. He called an ambulance for me, gave me some water, looked after me and just kind of awkwardly looked around, then shuffled off while apologising as the flashing lights got closer. In the end he inflicted permanent spinal and skull injures on #1, a broken sternum and ribs on #2 and permanent brain damage on #3.

It was traumatic, and really wrecked me emotionally for years, but now I can think about it and discuss it without any discomfort.

Anonymous 47158

Oh anon abos are notorious for this type of thing kek.
Even when you recover from PTSD stuff it still afflicts us.
Hope your life is going better now.

Anonymous 47228


vives en ecatepec o cerca de el?

Anonymous 47280

vivo en el norte, amiga.

Anonymous 47284

>>47157 damn what a hero

Anonymous 47301

Yo tambien. En Sonora. Ten cuidado nomas no hagas nada estupido nunca y jamas va a haber problemas.

Anonymous 47302

It's more uncommon that you think but it can happen I guess. The only irl gore I have ever saw was in a transit accident in a highway, it was a dumb driver that got over confident and wanted to possibly overtake the front of the car he was behind and didnt see the bus in the other lane so he ended up crashing against the bus, that's it. His head was pulp thankfully his car was red so the blood spill was hard to see. But that was an accident and the driver's own fault. Seeing a legit crime is another thing…

Anonymous 47365

>Seeing a legit crime is another thing…
That's why it freaked me out so much - it was pretty obvious the man had been killed and his head dumped. The city where I live is violent and full of crime, but it tends to be somewhat peaceful in my neighbor. It was pretty shocking to leave my house and discover a decapitated head just a couple of meters(yards for the burgers)away from my house.

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