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Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is

Anonymous 37676

>Cares about others and the environment even more than me but not going to the overly woque territory
>Could pull girls but didn't because he wanted to be with the one he wants to be with forever, and it is me
I wrote an entire essay on him, but deleted it. No point in putting it in words… He is the biggest thing in my life, and I have a lot of things I've worked for and earned. And yet, he is the best thing that happened to me. And we can talk about literally everything. Literally. I feel like a teenager in love with him, and yet we've been together for a long time and are not so young anymore. Even though I love my career, and what I do, for the first time in my life I can say that with him I can be just a housewife and I would still be happy with it. Luckily - he doesn't make me choose. I feel bad for bragging.

Anonymous 37687

>green eyes
>youre his first gf
>literally genius iq
>likes poetry and birdwatching
>gets into online arguments that your body type is the best one
>big DICK
>plans to marry you and have hella kids
there's obviously more but we mostly just fuck around and watch anime and i take us out to do wacky spontaneous shit. we rabu each other

Anonymous 37698

I wish someone wrote an essay about me.

Anonymous 37753


>I wish someone wrote an essay about me.
2 days ago, anon posted a message on /feels/ that they wished someone would write an essay about them. Now, given the dearth of information besides this one particular post this will prove difficult. What we can infer, besides the desire of someone writing a short essay dedicated to them, is a longing that another would be enamored of them and know enough about their personal quirks to, in and of themselves, feel compelled to write such an essay. Essays being as they are often totems of devotion. Unfortunately, given all we know is the singular sentence anon wrote we can only appeal to what we can fancifully deduce. Given the context of anon's post, namely this thread, we can safely affirm anon is a qt and is likely wanting of such an essay, but life and circumstance rarely meet us where we want to be. Therefore, in concluding this short essay, I hope anon's wish has at least been partly met. Any deficit is on the part of the essayist.

Anonymous 37754

Nta but this is very cute anon

Anonymous 37755

Maybe someone would if you weren't such a boring, uninteresting person

Anonymous 37762

I just moved in with my bf of nearly 2 years so let me gush a lil

>has his shit together, lots of work and life experience

>is a chef, cooks tasty meals for me whenever I want
>Frequently takes me out to dinner, lunch, breakfast just because (pre-covid)
>can be just as goofy as me, entertains plenty of nonsensical inside jokes that shouldn't even be funny
>handsome, tall, deep voice with a gym body
>is emotionally intelligent and a very good listener from years of therapy
>great sex
>wants to actually resolve conflict if it arises and doesn't start arguments for no reason

I'm a huge worrier so I was terrified that moving in together would kill the vibe but so far, so good

Anonymous 37770

tfw no bf

Anonymous 37783

tfw you will never experience any of this

Anonymous 37799

I would do this but I'm kind of worried I might jinx my relationship or something.
Cute Anon is cute.

Anonymous 37815

Guys who put too much effort into relationships are usually trying to cover up and distract you from the fact that they're cheating.

Anonymous 37817

This is "women don't really love you, they only care about your money" levels of cope.

Anonymous 37820

My sister was dating a "perfect" guy up until a little bit ago.
>son of a doctor
>studying to be a doctor himself
>brought her a vase of flowers every single time they saw each other
She couldn't wait for them to both graduate so they could get married.
At least until she checked his phone and found the texts from his side girl that he'd been seeing every time she went out of town for the past several months.

Anonymous 37828

if he is the perfect male that attracts many other girls why the fuck he would settle?

Anonymous 37830

Basing your opinion on a single anecdotal case is not a good way to go about life. Besides that was a "too attractive" problem, not a "tries too hard".

Anonymous 37831

I honestly can't stand people like you who go around assuming the absolute worst, most malign intentions of others. You make life harder and suck the life out of those around you. Die.

Anonymous 37832

Lmao cope

Anonymous 37834

The desire the reproduce with as many women as possible is hard wired into the brain of every make by billions of years of evolution.

I'm not saying every man will cheat, but if he
1: Is as amazingly attractive and charismatic as some of you are saying, and could easily cheat with any women he wanted
2: Puts lots of effort into making big, distracting gestures for you
Those are really strong signs he's cheating. But hey, keep telling yourself "but MY perfect man is different, he's happy to settle for me even though he could be fucking a different Stacy every night" if makes you feel better.

Anonymous 37854


OP here. Those are some of the most obvious surface-level observations that came to mind, but thats "putting too much effort in" for you? I feel bad for you, girl.

Anonymous 37859

>petite manlet
>Cute dreamy eyes
>Fat ass built for pegging
>Nice day dick too
>Cute soft tumby
>Get to tickle whenever I please
>Sub but still acts like a man
>Owns a sweet white cat I get to play with
>Live with now

Anonymous 37861

So it's half true?

Anonymous 37862

A lot of men want some wife at home to raise his kids while he goes out and fucks other women on the side. Settling is an illusion.

Anonymous 37863

>Fat ass built for pegging

anon you are living the dreeeaaam

Anonymous 37882

>but MY perfect gf is different, she's happy to settle for me even though she could be fucking a different Chad every night
Copity cope.

Anonymous 38134

>VERY cute!
>soft and warm
>we never run out of things to talk about
>hella funny
>occassional pegging
>can take care of himself

i… i made it, queens

Anonymous 38143


>occassional pegging
That's a plus for you?

Anonymous 38150

I would love to peg a guy. My crush has the nicest ass, it’s so plump like a peach. I can’t stop thinking about biting and licking and fucking it.

Anonymous 38151

And spanking it too ofc. I remember he jokingly asked me to spank him once and I was like :o

Anonymous 38525

>blue eyes
>brown hair
>muscular wih sixpack
>He's German, so he speaks English with an accent, makes his voice seem deeper
>very intelligent
>knows a lot of random stuff about different topics, always interesting to talk to
>knows a lot about history
>calm, introverted but confident personality
>sometimes he has bursts of extroverty is not afraid to do the most random dares/pranks (think of youtube channels, who do these kind of things, but without recording them)
>is into urban exploration and has taken me to see some really interesting old factories, gigantic warehouse complexes and even a pristine, but abandoned manor house
>really wants to include me into every aspect of his life
>has no problem with me looking at his phone or going on his computer (One of my exes had a mental breakdown, when I did that)
>stopped watching porn for me
>amazing Sex
>when we went to get some old stuff from my room, the pervy neighbour was in the house, who once grouped me in front of my father (my pathetic dad of course didn't do shit and just said "Oh, that makes sense. He told me he liked you", when I told him about it)
>he wanted to touch me again and go for a "hug", but my boyfriend shoved him away, put him on the ground and made him apologise to me and swear to never touch me again and GTFO of the house, when we visit
>also gave shit to my dad for his shitty reaction, my boyfriend was absolutely fuming
>sometimes reads poems to me, he also wrote one for our anniversary
>says he loves me more than anything in the world and also admitted he sometimes holds back, because he doesn't want to come on too strong, but when I egged him about it, he talked for hours about how much he loved me and wants to stay with me forever and have kids, his eyes were getting teary and I cried

Anonymous 38537


>emotionally mature/vulnerable
>socially intelligent
>slightly sub
>well educated
>manly physique
>grey eyes
>good facial hair

I feel so lucky.

Anonymous 38538



>Emotionally stable
>Loves his mother
>Full of interesting facts
>Literally filled to the brim with love
>not a push-over

The only person I would be willing to do anything for

Anonymous 38540

How did you meet those qts? I feel like anywhere I try to find someone, men are either absolutely fucking horrible beings or I just have nothing in common with them ;-;

Anonymous 38541


Meeting people in order to date them is the most unsuccessful strategy. Get to know someone before you even think about being with them

Anonymous 38542

But almost every man I know is repulsive in terms of personality. Every time I have a crush and think I found a valuable guy, he ends up showing his true colors and disappointing me with his selfishness or cruelty. The only guy that didn't show this type of behavior was gay. At this point it's becoming exhausting to try and get to know men…

Anonymous 38543

I met him on a very obscure German Dating Site, I don't want to mention here, because of doxxing risks. It only has a very small userbase.

Anonymous 38546


you're never selfish or cruel?

Anonymous 38547

he sounds perfect, im so fucking jealous of you. dont ever let him go anon, istg ill find you and break your neck if you attempt to cheat on him ;-;

Anonymous 38548

What kind of acts of cruelty do they commit that breaks the deal for you?

Anonymous 38550

just an FYI for ya'll but there's apparently a thread about this thread on r9k lamenting about chads or whatever, watch out for baiters

Anonymous 38551

I just looked through the thread really quickly. This is one of these moments where I am reminded how glad I am that I am no longer friends with mentally unstable people like that. They were really an incredibly drain on my psyche. Impossible to build up. Always threatening suicide, self-harm or spreading toxicity to gain attention from me.

Maybe having a mental breakdown and threatening to kill yourself, because another person surpasses you at something, is a worse quality to have than the thing you are worried about in the first place.

Anonymous 38552

I don't know, I think these guys just have a very warped perception. When I'm talking about my perfect husbando, it's a total fantasy. Fantasies very rarely line up with reality, and that's OK, I don't think I'll ever have a "perfect" bf. Even in their own threads most of them talk about wanting some hyperfeminine tradwife or picturesque legal loli or something else impossible. I don't know why they assume only they can have fantasies.

Anonymous 38553

Lmao the thing I find funniest about this is that Im pretty sure over half of the people here are larpers or girls who described an imaginary partner and would date a fat midget in the real life. Trying to understand women by reading crystal cafe is like trying to understand men by reading /r9k/. And yet so many people do that and end up hating the opposite sex. Pretty funny. And sad. But mostly funny

Anonymous 38554

>huge cock
>caring and sweet
>introverted intellectual
>loves me for who I am and wouldn't cheat on me even if a more attractive girl came along

Anonymous 38557


True. This is literally my ex boss who would cheat on his wife constantly but "treated her like a queen"

Anonymous 38562

I guess it just so happens that all the guys are 6ft and above and have a gym body

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