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Hedonism Anonymous 47411

Lets talk about it. Are you capable of stoicism or dependent on comfortableness and immediate pleasure?

Anonymous 47421

I used to have horrible self-control with food and masturbation, but I'm now at a healthy range (not as controlled as people who fast for weeks at a time tho) and no longer a coomer. I've never done drugs, alcohol, or had sex so do not struggle with them.
I do depend on some comforts such as hygiene, a meal a day, and warmth during sub-zero temperatures. If my basic needs aren't met I might panic and cry a bit at first, but I'd probably muscle through and eventually start finding enjoyment in something.

Is it hedonistic if you're just easily entertained always having a good time haha? I guess in general I'd say I'm average. My threshold is being tortured (eg. raped, beaten, burned, etc.) or extreme physical disability. So not impressive but still understandable by most, I'd say.

It would be nice to be a completely calm person who is unbothered by everything.

Anonymous 47423

I can't ever be stoic, I'm too neurotic. If someone raises their voice at me I feel tears come up and my voice shakes. The happyness and other emotions I feel aren't thing I wanna hide either, I just wanna express them to my heart's content. Sorta envious of men in that way, how they can sort shit out without getting emotional but I'm rarely in a problem-solving conundrum so I don't mind.

Anonymous 47425

>envious of men
With their rates of violence and addiction I wouldn't say most of them are stoic, either. Just repressed.

Anonymous 47426

Stoic doesn't mean in-actionable, it just means you aren't expressive. You can be determined to violence and stoic, in any case I was talking about men being less neurotic than women. They're something like 15% less neurotic on average. About a standard deviation to the left

Anonymous 47428

>Is it hedonistic if you're just easily entertained always having a good time haha?
This isn't Hedonism as much as Epicureanism, with the main goal still being obtaining happiness, happiness is just redefined to be avoiding pain.

Both of these are in contrast to Stoicism, where happiness and good fortune are secondary to living a virtuous life first and foremost.

Anonymous 47440

I think stoicism is great. But I'm mentally super weak. I'm forever the kid that eats one marshmallow instead of waiting for two.

Anonymous 47456

Stoicism is fucking retarded

Anonymous 47458

men having stupid fucking ideologies is the uwu intellectual version of being a soundcloud rapper I'm not even joking the only people who care about their uwu stoicism hecking showgaze alt fag bullshit are other doomer shitbag repressed homosexuals rant over

Anonymous 47459

Ugh so based

Anonymous 47460


Arigato queen

Anonymous 47467


But i need to hold on to stoicism or ill get stuck with hedonism because im not capable of balance. My mind is always stuck on some extreme and it better be stoicism or ill collapse.

Anonymous 47468

Very accurate down to the shitbag repressed homosexual doomers

Anonymous 47469


What i mean is that some people are too insane to know how to live their lives just like that and might therefore become dependent on ideologies. Sometimes what might seem like posing to you could be genuine autism, so please dont be too quick to judge although i agree with you for the most part

Anonymous 47479

Everytime i read a philosophy i discard the useless bs which is a lot and keep whats useful for me. So I wouldn't consider myself anything, just myself.

Anonymous 47484

I'm not sure if hedonism and stoicism are truly opposites. It makes more sense to me for the opposite of stoicism to be sensitivity. I'm a sensitive person and it's hard and unpleasant for me to hide my emotions, but I don't think I'm necessarily a pleasure-seeker.

Anonymous 47496


Philosophy is for scores, women don't spend their lives reading retarded pseudo-deep nonsense or asking bullshit questions, they just live.

Anonymous 47497


Anonymous 47572

That's a fair take on stoicism, I'd say it's to minimize the effect the world has on you, focusing primarily on how you display the world's effects on you. Simply put stoicism is to seem and be unaffected by the external forces.

And here I thought it was the other way around, regardless of your thoughts on philosophy you still live your life by one. Just cause you haven't codified it doesn't mean you don't partake. Though I get what you mean, partake as in as contribution and consumption of the literature.

Anonymous 47574

I used to be incredibly needy, emotionally expressive and focused on creature comforts, but in high school, right around the time of the GFC, I became homeless. Even though it wasn't even for a whole year, it really changed me fundamentally.

Crying didn't help, and I couldn't spill my guts for emotional catharsis. Stoicism just became the most useful way to go about things. I couldn't control anything around me, but at least I could control the way I felt and reacted. It also made me safer, less vulnerable and more able to be aggressive.

I definitely became far less focused on most comforts, stripping it all down to the essentials. I was lucky enough to have someone who looked out for me and taught me how to get by, and he convinced me to keep only the essentials and treat it like I was playing a horror survival game. I sold most of the things I'd packed, wore men's clothes, threw away anything I could get easily elsewhere. When I was finally living normally again, I just plain didn't accumulate the sheer amount of objects I did before. Having 6 pillows with matching cases just didn't make me happy, and I could get by with a single shelf of items, so I never bought the desk, dresser, drawers and wardrobe I thought I needed before.

Conversely I became absolutely fixated on immediate pleasures and would impulse buy junk food and useless shit that I'd never even consider wasting my money on before. It completely wrecked my willpower and even now I sometimes can't stop myself from buying something sweet, salty or alcoholic I don't need.

Anonymous 50061

How did you become homeless at that age?

Anonymous 50080

Why yes I have read siege thank you.

Anonymous 50083

>I used to have horrible self-control with food and masturbation
Same for masturbation, I used to do it several times a day when I was a teenager NEET (i guess hormones and boredom played an important part in this). Now I only do it several times a week. But sometimes, I will have an urge to coom coming randomly during the day, often while at work, and I won't be able to focus until I get off. It's really annoying. I avoid wearing thight pants for this reason,the seam between the legs rubs against my loins all day long and it makes those urges more likely to happen.

Did you managed to fight those urges? The only possible way to get rid of them, in my mind, would be exercising.

It's not necessarily being weak-minded, it's probably that experience made you learn that it's more profitable for you to live this way. A bit like why broke people spend quickly the small amount of money they have instead of saving.

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