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/goodfeels/ Anonymous 51045

post about something positive that happened to you, even if it’s small

Anonymous 51050


Finding this thread :3

I'm cleaning up my room since like the past few days. Feels good to have more space.

Anonymous 51051

Even though I have had very low social interaction due to covid all this year I been able to keep myself sane by complimenting cuteboy moids on the internet and havingg them compliment them back, I dont believe in long distance relationships tbh but it feels good to be called cute by actual cute boys. I'm so grateful. And I have learned a lot how to not be afraid when initiating conversations and cat calling this year.

Anonymous 51060


got promoted at work recently & got my permit not too long ago. I still feel like I'm going much slower for someone my age, but any progress is good I suppose

Anonymous 51063

Wow, good job! Even if you're going slower than others, I'm glad you're still pushing forward. I hope you keep it up.

Anonymous 51094

It’s not the getting there that matters anon, it’s the destination. At the end of the day, you have still gotten the same promotion as everyone else. They often aren’t based on competency anyway, but who people are buddy with or want to pass onto another department. They can also poorly assess as who would be good at the promotion job and promote who is good at their current job instead (look up The Peter Principle). Basically, not getting a promotion (or getting one later) is not always your fault.

Anonymous 51097


for the first time in forever i finally have a valentine on valentines day!

Anonymous 51098

Can you describe ur bf anon?

Anonymous 51135

yea sure what do you want to know specifically because otherwise i can write an entire novel about him

Anonymous 51137

adorable…ntyart but what are his best qualities?

Anonymous 51138

We all progress at our own speed all is fine just try to love yourself and those around you.

Anonymous 51142

what does it feel like to be loved

Anonymous 51182

I’ve had a great shit today

Anonymous 51218


he's met the standards i've always envisioned in my head, some of which are pretty extreme but tbf i'm an extremist in these things.
>no consumption of porn because of sex trafficking, development of perverse sexuality and inability to pair bond
>safeguarded his virginity for his special someone
>gender critical
>wants to have one life partner
>massive prude
>disagrees with sex work and onlyfans
and he's also met all my ideals! i've always wanted a quiet shy sensitive introverted intellectual romantic hermit type guy, and i somehow stumbled into him!
i love how he makes me laugh so easily and how i'm always smiling all the time because of him. i love how shy and sensitive he is. he struggles with his awkwardness too so we relate over that. we both find shy awkward people very cute so we're always complimenting on each other's cuteness constantly. we both want to live in a hermit bubble together away from everyone. and he's also very romantic and isn't afraid to share his emotional side with me. he's also so kind and caring and selfless. his emotional awareness is so beautiful, like how he's aware his actions and words can affect others around him so he always wants to create a welcoming inoffensive atmosphere. he's very idealistic and dreamy too, and it's so charming to me! he has such a cute imagination. and he's got such a unique world view and his perspectives and insights always astound me. he's just so deep as a person and i really love that! and i also really like how kind considerate and thoughtful he is. he tells me the gifts he gives to his loved ones and they're always so meaningful and catered to their personalities and interests, so he's always so observant and attentive of other people. and he always speaks so highly of others so he isn't a negative person. and i love how handsome he is! i can't stare for too long or else i start blushing. he has this classic old fashioned look to him and takes care of his appearance. his personal style is very attractive to me (he kinda dresses like a gentleman or academic). and he's very private, a non show-off and very humble, even when he can brag about a lot of things. except he chooses not to. i love how he doesn't like social media and is aware of how it can deteriorate your mental health too. he's just so perfect for me! we fit each other perfectly on all levels. i feel like he's my soulmate.
it's a very warm fuzzy floaty feeling. it feels like i'm walking on a cloud all the time. and i love how special he makes me feel which is very hard because i have very low self worth. whenever i think of him, i'm always smiling so goofily. my thoughts always turn to him in everything that i see or hear, so i'm constantly happy. he also always has me on his mind. i joked and told him 'your head is my home now, and i'd like to stay there forever because it's so cozy and warm' lol. the very idea of him and his essence encases me in this warm joyous bright light like a soft blanket, and i feel like he's always there with me, watching over me with his love.

Anonymous 51228

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous 51231


Holy shit, that's awesome, congratulations! This post gives me hope that I will find someone as special to me as your's is to you. Thanks for the read, fren.

Anonymous 52018


I love my boyfriend so much. I love how much he tells me he loves me. I love how much he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am. I love his big beautiful blue eyes, his precious smile, and every single inch of him. I love you so so much, A.

Anonymous 52019

Getting Popeyes today. I want to try out their beignets. Thinking about it makes me drool. I’ve been eating clean for two months So this is my treat to myself!

Anonymous 52133

I sent my mom an email I'd been putting off for a while. :)

Anonymous 52134

Yesterday, for the first time in 10 years, I didn't want to die.

Anonymous 52136


I've been forcing myself to interact with people more and slowly losing a lot of the anxiety I used to have around it. Coworkers have noticed and recently complimented me on the confidence I've gained. Feels nice.

Anonymous 52153


yessss so happy for you anon!

Anonymous 52155

Got on the scale today and for the first time in 6 years I'm not considered overweight BMI-wise anymore. Still got 20 lbs before I reach my goal but it's really nice to be so close.

Anonymous 52156

Happy for you anon! Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous 52162

I was frustrated due to an issue at work but I used that energy to perform better while working out. Now I feel a lot better and the issue doesn't seem like that much of a big deal now.

Anonymous 52315


I had strawberry boba in my bubble tea for the first time today. Absolutely delicious and I can't wait for the warm weather to really enjoy it!!!!!

Anonymous 52344

I'm having a comfy day working from home with a hot water bottle and a latte macchiato with homemade caramel. (If you've never made caramel, do it. It's so easy and quick)

Anonymous 54283

It's been 6 months since I logged into fb and 2/3 of my depression has been cured from it.

Anonymous 54313


my best friend is so special. i wish them peace. when i die, if there's anything after this life, i hope i can meet them again and stay with them through everything <3

Anonymous 54380

Played tennis today and feeling fit (even though I’m far from it).

Anonymous 54385

kamen rider saber is getting incrementally better so I had a good time watching the newest episode.

Anonymous 54438

I got a good grade in my first university assignment! It was pretty easy but makes me happy, since I just joined.
Oh is it? That's cool! I'm pretty behind in it, but I've been meaning to catch up.
ot but never thought i'd find another toku fan here

Anonymous 54439

Well done anon.

Anonymous 54496

Ive been running pretty much every day :) also my studies are going so well i feel like im in a good place in life

Anonymous 54499

I posted in the new vent thread that I became a drop out for the second time, but I almost immediately got a really good job offer for a remote position. :)

Anonymous 54501

love that for you anon!!! awesome

Anonymous 54506

Yeah, it's still not a GREAT season but it's on an upwards incline.

Anonymous 54527


I answered a conference call after being informed of it 5 minutes before it happened and didn't get nervous, scared, sweaty, or feel that intense creeping anxiety that would always make me gag. It was just another daily interaction this time instead of a big thing. Gradually putting myself out there, even if it took years, really helped me come a long way!!!!!!! I'll always be an introverted person but I like that I'm getting better social skills for when I need to use them and I'm so happy with myself :DDDD We're all gonna make it miners!!!!!!

Anonymous 54528


Anonymous 54706

I'm really proud where I've come with my BPD. It's always going to be something I'm working on, but it's so much easier to deal with than it used to be. I still get triggered, still have bad days, but they're never as extreme or awful as they used to be, and I'm still able to be productive to a decent degree even when I feel like dogshit. Best of all, I am not worrying others or affecting them with my behaviors. I'm happy right now with life even though it's not remarkable or great and truly, I'm just mediocre, but I used to only feel pain and misery in my mediocrity rather than happiness within it. I still wish I could be somebody and have purpose, but I know as long as I stay productive, something of my identity is being carved in that, so I have to keep trudging on.

Anonymous 54725

sat by myself @ lunch for 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed myself !! it doesnt sound like much but ever since i began school (as a kiddo) sitting by myself always made me think everyone was makin fun of me for being a friendless loser, but this week i didnt care. and it was lovely

Anonymous 54872


I caught an artist I adore taking requests and got a wonderful drawing of my waifu. I have an astronomically large hoard of waifu pictures, but looking at one I know was drawn just for me fills my heart with a special kind of joy, and as if that weren't enough, she randomly added she'd draw me another one soon?? That is so sweet of her holy shit, she could easily be using that time to rake in cash from commissions instead, her artwork is top tier.

Happy for you anon, it's a nice feeling to be able to enjoy your own company.

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