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confessions thread Anonymous 51270

i tell my dentist that i floss regularly even though i dont

Anonymous 51271

doesn't everybody anon?

Anonymous 51272

they can tell, you should just floss.

Anonymous 51273

I tell my parents everything is going fine in college even though I have no idea what I'm doing

Anonymous 51291

I only brush my teeth at night because daytime brushing gives me dry mouth.

Anonymous 51292

I want to date an incel, marry him, and be his first time. I want him to worship me like a fucking goddess, that's my ultimate desire for a partner.

Anonymous 51296

incels are chads in ugly bodies. they still think they are better than us and they do everything they can to upgrade for stacy. when they can’t achieve the social status or success to attain a stacy, they either withdraw entirely and cope or shoot people. incels would never date a femcel. they are fakecels. they are the same dirty animalistic creatures as other moids in their minds. they like to pretend that their physical inferiority grants them desirable mental qualities (they see themselves as more moral for not having sex, and more forgiving for not having the power to reject.) in fact they are mentally deficient for calling themselves incels in the first place, and their cultlike mentality makes them intolerable to even the most patient spinsister. they are sleazy, entitled, sociopathic monsters and if you ever talk to them you will realize this. if you desire someone who will think of you as special, you are looking in the wrong place because they likely won’t even see you as human.

Anonymous 51297

This 100%

Anonymous 51298

lolno, they are harmless subhumans with zero self esteem and would melt if any woman were nice to them irl.

Anonymous 51302

My bf wants to sleep with other women but I’m not allowed to sleep with men. Idk what to do.

Anonymous 51303

dump the fucking rubbish if he's this hypocritical

Anonymous 51304

Most Incels look down on women.
Get a shy sub instead.

Anonymous 51308

Where does he live and does he lock his doors at night? His windows? Just for research

Anonymous 51313

Bin him.

Anonymous 51317

Reminds me of the beginning of that one green text when the gf leaves the guy for her lesbian friend lol

Anonymous 51341

I've never had a job before but I really want to work in an office and look forward to doing it after the pandemic finishes. It feels pathetic to be excited to work in an office and once I start I'll probably hate it like most people, but I can't help it. I even feel jealous watching those workplace drama TV shows.

Anonymous 51343

I was like this too. The job worked and co-workers were all really bad so I left soon after.

Anonymous 51347

Put that man in the can.

Anonymous 51376

Since my mother isn't working because if covid, I am paying the bills. In exchange, she does some of my uni work.

Anonymous 51384


You are absolutely wrong, I'm sorry. If given a chance, the incel would first tear you down and ruin your self esteem to get below his level before he even thinks about improving himself and making you happy.
A maladjusted chad is 100x better than a maladjusted beta because the chad doesn't need to cut you down that much, and on top of that he has other women he could run off with and forget about you when you finally break things off. The incel will cut you down to the lowest of the low to make you feel like you need him, and if you manage to escape he'll obsess over you for years because he can't get other women.
Please, please, I'm begging you to stay the fuck away.

Anonymous 51387

This. There's a difference between a well-adjusted virgin male and someone who aligns themselves with a group of people that feel entitled to womens' bodies. These people believe that we shouldn't have freedoms at all. Do you think that these moids want love in the same way you do? They want easy access to sex and revenge on women who they perceive as being unjust arbiters over their inability to get it. Are they insecure? Probably. That doesn't make them any less monsters. Don't take for granted the peace that you have being alone. If you carry on and seek this out you will long for these solitary moments down the line.

Anonymous 51389

The problem is claiming every virgin believes in some ideology or that everyone calling themselves incels do. It's unhealthy and weird to hate some stranger you'll never interact with on the basis of assuming he thinks or believes something.

Anonymous 51391

>The problem is claiming every virgin believes in some ideology
No one has done that. There is a difference between regular virgins and incels. By self identifying as an involuntary celibate, they are already agreeing themselves with an ideology that they cannot obtain sex against their own will - thereby it is by the will of other people that they are doomed to their "inceldom." Incel is a term that exists solely on the internet. If they are calling themselves one, it means they identify with those online spaces for that subset of people. Now look honestly at those spaces. They are filled with evil people who hate women.
>It's unhealthy and weird to hate some stranger you'll never interact with on the basis of assuming he thinks or believes something.
We aren't talking about hate. We are talking about entering relationships with people who themselves will admit they do not believe women should have rights and fantasize about hurting women. No woman should chase a relationship with such a person. The only possible reason you could be defending them is because you believe this is not the case, and that vulnerable women should be chasing these men, and I have to question your motive in doing so, because you either are a moid acting in your own self-interest, or you are also a naive woman who thinks that they are just "harmless subhumans" and is desperate for affection from someone you perceive as being less likely to reject you, which is not the case.

Anonymous 51781


I like to chew up saltine crackers, spit them out, then eat them.

Anonymous 51794

What the actual fuck?
It's not even that gross but it's incredibly weird.

Anonymous 51853


I have a confession to make: I am a good person. Today while scrolling through tumblr I came across an art blog that I was thoroughly enjoying. I was looking through her posts to see what commissions she offered. Then I saw that she had posted a cute selfie with her boyfriend at a coffee shop. This enraged me. How could a fat woman have a boyfriend who was happy to be in her company while I was alone? I was tempted to send her anonymous mail calling her art shit and her a fat slob with no sense of fashion, but I resisted the urge. The devil cannot coax me.

Anonymous 51859

I was like you too once but now I direct anger towards males where it belongs

Anonymous 51864


Don’t get me wrong, I am angry at men too. Then I don’t hold back and really do insult them, but then again they usually deserve it. Just something about women flaunting their boyfriends gets to me in a way male antics don’t (it is not surprising when men are terrible.) I wish I could be less bitter and accept the world for what it is.

Anonymous 51870

Monogamy is the way, stop being a degenerate and reconsider your life

Anonymous 51908

Do not live your life with the sour grapes mentality ok

Anonymous 51924

>all incels are evil because they all think all women are evil

Anonymous 51967

She’s not wrong anon. An incel doesn’t need pussy, he needs a slap across the face and a reason to self-improve (preferably from a man that he actually respects). An incel (even if he is a victim) cannot be fixed by you and is an enemy to women until he quits his bullshit.
I recommend you try to get picked somewhere else. You could try Twitter

Anonymous 51969


I love my boyfriend, but sometimes he has a problem of getting apathetic towards me because of his past drug problems have fucked with his brain. When he gets apathetic towards me, I stop listening to him. I go on /k/ (I like guns), I watch hentai, read doujins, even look at 3D porn (only the good animators, not the cringy shit)(and no irl porn, I don't want to look at other people naked) just to self insert me and bf into the scenarios. I eat more food than I should, and I do all of this to try to make myself temporarily feel better, even though he has told me not to go on 4chan, and not to look at any kind of porn. Although I plan to stop doing all of this when I move in with him in a month because I will be so happy to get to see him every day and I won't need to imagine us having sex, we just WILL have sex, I feel guilty about what I have done to him because I know how bad he would feel if he knew my secrets.

Anonymous 51970

>even though he has told me not to go on 4chan, and not to look at any kind of porn.
you like men telling you what to do?

Anonymous 51971

unironically yes, not men in general, only specifically my bf, he's very smart and I fully trust him. His decisions aren't without reason, 4chan is a mostly degenerate site and even has a bunch of porn ads in a lot of places that I don't want to see

Anonymous 51972

I hate beer

Anonymous 51976

Nobody would mind being told what is wise to do by somebody they love unless they lead to self harm, and fucked up shit you just cannot be into, etc, etc.

I get her. I have told the bfs I have had what to do as well since idk motherly instinct I guess, I don't want people to do badly in life.

Anonymous 51977

it should be expected for someone in a relationship not to watch porn or masturbate. it only rots your mind and makes you doubt your partners ability to please you, remember, porn is not real life. I wouldn't allow my boyfriend to watch porn either.

Anonymous 51978

Do you expect that in a relationship your boyfriend will never tell you to do anything?

Anonymous 51981


based, but looking at the stats, women in relationships actually watch more porn the longer they are into a relationship. no idea why though

i hate all alcohol except wine. i'll probably be the cool wine aunt if i don't kill myself by the time my little retarded brother has a child

Anonymous 51983

Het focused, but my theory: A lot of males probably get their partner to watch their preferred pornography (or lesser degenerate shit) to get them into it as a gateway or the mood. A lot of moids also have no idea how to turn on women, so they probably have to find their own pornography as well - furthermore I would also assume some women could feel pressured by their moid to find stuff he likes too.

Anonymous 51984

good lord guys, have some self respect.

Anonymous 51989


I've been unhappy with my online relationship, something I struggle to even confess to myself since I do love him and I guess I'm scared of losing him. I've been toying with the idea of getting tinder again, which I had just started trying out before corona hit, and flirting with girls. But I wouldn't do it without telling him and I couldn't tell him without losing him.

I'm not even sure if I'm capable of loving someone the way others are. Maybe I am autistic or something.

Anonymous 51995


>moid exposure causes pornography use
Compelling theory. International crystal.cafe sex-based research think tank when?

Anonymous 51998

I'm dumb as shit. I just downloaded an anki deck with single digit multiplication problems and I got some wrong… I also downloaded an anki deck with double digit addition and the problems definitely took me longer than they should have.

Anonymous 51999

Multiplication is just memorising things, it's not about being smart anon.

My dad can quickly multiple things like 18x46 in his head. When I asked him how he does it, he told me his secret. You don't need to know how to multiple all the numbers. Just multiple the closest easy number and then subtract or add the difference. It sounds complicated but once you know the trick and have some practice it's super easy. I don't know why they don't teach this in schools.

You can use it for single digit multiplication too. Instead of 8x9, do (8x10)-8.

For addition, it's even easier: 36+47 becomes (36+50)-3.

If you're wondering about 18x46, do 20x46. This is easily calculated using (10x46)x2, then subtract 2x46, calculated by (2x50)-8.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous 52006

Thanks, anon! I use that technique sometimes! I think it's called "new match"? Maybe that's something different. I want to be able to do mental math, but I'mnot good at memorizing things or doing things that require you to mentally view things.

Anonymous 52008

You just said multiplication is all about memorizing things and then described how multiplication isn't about memorizing things

Anonymous 52021

I like to pretend that I'm a Vtuber and talk to the audience inside my head

Anonymous 52023

For the tables under ten, you should memorise them so you don’t need to calculate them. You don’t need to be smart for that, just repeat them enough times.

The trick I explained is more for double digit multiplication. If the anon is struggling with single digits, they can use the same trick but it’s not as efficient.

For double digits, you still need to be able to use single digit multiplication easily and quickly, otherwise you will end up with more and more sums to do in your head.

Anonymous 52037

me too anon

Anonymous 52040

Same, if there's no one around I'll talk to an imaginary audience while playing games.

Anonymous 52041


I want to sing a special song for my friend but I genuinely can't hit one of the low notes with my vocal range and it makes me sad as fuck. It's right there too, I can just barely hit the note before it with some struggling but then my vocal chords just turn retarded if I try any lower.

I want to deepen my range slightly but it feels almost physically impossible. Don't want hormones, just want to hit those alto tones.

Anonymous 52042

Can you sing in an octave higher than normal? Might sound a bit too squeaky, but if the low notes are that difficult to hit it's better than messing up your voice.

Anonymous 52045

Yeah, my regular range is actually fairly high but I wish I could hit that low note without having to cheese it as an octave higher or skipping it. Damn.

Maybe I could transpose the scale of the song to fit my range without it sounding too weird…? That's an idea….

Anonymous 52050

I used my main tumblr account to search key words on a childhood friend's personal tumblr and I looked up the most embarrassing shit and I didn't realize they could view what people searched and their account was private or something and I regularly cringe when I think about it. To this day idk if they knew it was me or not

Anonymous 52051

sometimes when my friend sends me vent posts out of the blue, or tries to get my attention because they're lonely and need validation, i'll deliberately ignore them in the hopes that they'll delete the messages so i don't have to reassure them. they have bpd so i spent a long time trying to respond to every emotional message they sent me because i felt guilty ignoring them, but i grew up and realized literally no one is entitled to my attention, not even other mentally ill people lol

Anonymous 52053


>be me
>zero social skills
>talking to bpd-chan (only fucking friend in high school)
>everything good, we're having fun
>suddenly she's venting about her childhood and stuff

just what the fuck are we supposed to do in these situations

Anonymous 52054

It's fucked up but in my opinion those people just need to be ignored and should not be befriended. BPD just comes with way too much baggage.

Anonymous 52064

Listen. That's it. Ask her how she's doing and what she feels about it.

Anonymous 52067

I still creep on the social media profiles of every man I’ve dated longer than a month. I also still keep tabs on a guy I met on club penguin who rejected me. It’s been over 7 years since I actually spoke to him.

Anonymous 52079


ok cool, but could they, like, stop bringing that emotionally heavy shit up while we're talking about lighthearted and enjoyable stuff?
when i tried to "relate" by sharing my own bad experiences she didn't care btw, i feel like i'm talking to a moid using me as his emotional dumpster only this time it's a cluster b woman.

you can tell i initially tried to not generalize all borderlines, especially since she told me that she's working on herself, going to therapy and other stuff but what you see is what you get.

i've met at least 3 borderlines (probably more but those are people with a diagnosis that i'm aware of) in my life and they all were extremely hard to deal with so i guess you're kinda right.

Anonymous 52094

I still like to go on 4chan.

Anonymous 52098

How can you enjoy 4chan it is ok for nostalgia but it is way too fast and full of idiots.
It is only good for shitposting garbage.

Anonymous 52351


whenever i find an interesting person online i stalk them and add them to my "mental catalogue"; my "mental catalogue" is a collection of people that i want to be friends with, but never will.

once they're in there i always daydream about us hanging out. e.g. if i'm watching a movie i pretend we're watching it together via rabb.it or something, if i'm playing a game i pretend they're playing it with me, and i construct elaborate scenarios that place them within my life in a positive way.

i actually have an entire discord server where i talk to "them" but of course it's just me typing at myself and sometimes switching to a different typing style to emulate another person.

Anonymous 52352

going to add that i have one "person" i've been "friends" with since early highschool, so since 2015 (?0 or so. his life is pretty elaborately thought out, and i'm learning how to draw so i can visualize him better. there are others too that i've had around for a similar length of time, but none of them are like him (my first friend), so.

also i'll sometimes swap people out if i'm no longer feeling them. e.g. one of these "friends" revealed herself to be a pretty flagrant racist, and it killed the image of her in my mind – so i had to ditch.

Anonymous 52357

this is honestly fascinating
>i actually have an entire discord server where i talk to "them" but of course it's just me typing at myself and sometimes switching to a different typing style to emulate another person.
can i see a screenshot of this?

Anonymous 52369

Anon this is super interesting and I too want to see some of it but I also wanted to say that it really reminds me of the Tumblrinas who think they have split personalities they absorbed from actual people aka "factives" and I'm loling irl

Anonymous 52379

i know they're not actual people.


Anonymous 52380


*not actual people or alternate personalities. i'm just lonely and sad >>52379

Anonymous 52384

What stops you from talking to one of them or something?

Anonymous 52400

OR due to the relationship going on longer people feel like they need to explore. Whether that be with porn or other people

Anonymous 52402

i'm boring as hell with 0 actual talents/skills and the few times i've nutted up to approach people i want to befriend, i've failed miserably.

i'm not so socially dead that i can't sense when someone just isn't interested in befriending me, or is only doing it out of pity.

Anonymous 52419

Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate that you're deluded Anon. I know you know <3

Anonymous 52426


>i'm not so socially dead that i can't sense when someone just isn't interested in befriending me, or is only doing it out of pity.
I feel this. Wish we could chat more or be friends, nonny.

Anonymous 52438


9/10 times me and my boyfriend have sex I have to visualize other women having sex to get off.

Anonymous 52439

I relate a ton to transwomen because I have PCOS and have a lot of masculine features. I'm mildly addicted to /lgbt/ even thought the mask off misogyny there is pretty crazy from both the FTMs and the MTFs.

Anonymous 52454

How does that relate to the vtuber/audience post?

Anonymous 52463

You might just be a lesbian.

Anonymous 52472

meant to be a separate addition
uh oh

Anonymous 52477

You could have been a really good athlete

Anonymous 52484

one more thing: if i find an interesting server with a fun community i'll lurk the chats and imagine myself speaking with them. i get pretty excited about it, but of course when the excitement fades it's just me in my room giggling at my laptop screen about shit that does and will never concern me

Anonymous 52626

My younger sister came out as bi/pan to me and I answered "ok".
Inside I had to stop myself from asking her if this was her college lesbian phase.

Anonymous 52628

Fam you gay.

Anonymous 52633


Sorry, anon. Hope it's a phase or they don't go down the pan road.

You kinda sound like a maladaptive daydreamer, anon, maybe or with an anxiety disorder. You should seek out a therapist if it's causing you issues with your day to day life. No shame though, I sort of do something similar myself. Cluster C.

Anonymous 52639

Tell her that the term pan is hella stupid.

Anonymous 52640

fat cat

Anonymous 52642

>have a lot of masculine features
Me too Anon, but at least we don't have to dilate.

Anonymous 52649

IKTF, I made a thread about it but it wasn't well received because I phrased it like an idiot. >>>/feels/44540

But I too live in fear of female-only communities asking for hand pics. I've posted a photo of my hand for different reasons on different websites and got a bunch of comments saying they didn't realize I was a woman until they noticed my nail polish in the far corner of the image.

Anonymous 52801


How do you ever get used to this being up your ass all day. Feels like I'm back in middle school getting wedgies.

My boyfriend likes them so I try wearing them but it's just not comfortable. Would it be a bitch thing to do if I told him I'll only wear them if he wears a man thong?

Anonymous 52802

Anonymous 52833

Just tell him it's uncomfortable to wear normally and put it on it if sex is imminent or something.

Anonymous 52836

I hate society and save a few people, most people have brought me tons of headache. I can not be happy with the way society is. I really dont understand humanitarianism. People are like vampires, they suck you dry, they're ruthless and they intentionally destroy anything in their path. I dont know why I'm supposed to be sympathetic. I'm not really in your face angry but I'm silently tired of it all. It's so confusing for me psychologically. I want to break every rule in the universe that's put there by the patriarchy. Idgaf.

Anonymous 52841

she shouldnt wear it if it makes her uncomfortable

Anonymous 52863

I firmly believe I committed emotional infidelity for months with my last relationship. Not real life ones, but with fiction and games. I stopped loving them and to get that fix of lust or love I turned to a screen or a page. I avoided them, I didn't do what they needed me to do as a partner. I feel bad, but also I understand why I did. It was ending long before it was officially over due to arguing. I was checking out and trying to get my needs met in a safe way.

I don't know, I'd never put myself through that again and refuse to date anybody with certain mental disorders ever again.

Anonymous 52864

No, that wouldn't be a bitch thing to do.
You shouldn't be wearing something uncomfortable to you just to please him unless he's also wearing something uncomfortable to him just to please you.

Anonymous 54095

i thought everyone did this

Anonymous 54199

But this is how the real world is usually. Even if a woman isn't innocent she's rarely capable of being as evil as a moid

Anonymous 54215

oh wow me too
I'm not joking

Anonymous 54217

You ditched a real person for video game people? But it was your partner with the mental disorders?
You avoided and ignored your partner, in favour for video games.
You should feel bad, you probably made the relationship just as bad for them as they did for you. they're probably going to avoid people like you like the plague now.

Anonymous 54218

I mean anon didn't elaborate, the other person could have sucked too.

Anonymous 54979


I grew up in an abusive household.
>once threw a banana in the trash when I was 5. didn't want to eat it because the peel was completely off and I liked eating it like a monkey with some partial peel. psycho mom ran upstairs with trash banana in hand (hid it in little sister's diaper so she wouldn't find it but somehow she did). psycho mom rammed my face to the floor and stuffed my face on the banana, repeatedly bashing my head in the banana mush. I, of course, did not open my mouth throughout this beating but got a nose bleed from this.
>whenever I cried, dirty socks were stuffed in my mouth.
>got kicked out in the middle of winter. hid in a doghouse and treehouse seeking warmth instead of seeking help from neighbours because I was too shy and felt ashamed.
>forced to wash mouth out with soap if I said a bad word that I didn't know was a bad word. I was just mimicking what I heard at school.
>got locked in closets if I misbehaved.
>verbally abused - was told to stop fingering myself as a teenager in front of my entire family even though I never masturbated. I was ashamed of my sexuality because I was mortified of my changing body going through puberty.
>occasional slaps if I spoke out of line.
>verbal abuse if I made the tiniest mistake.
>blatant gossip behind my back.
>hot frying pan food contents poured over my head.
>the usual explosive rampaging rants on a consistent basis which has made me scared of loud noises.
>my siblings learned this toxic behaviour and also abused me
>hot mug of tea whipped at my chest - got burned and broken shards of glass cuts all over my feet.
>chased by a broomstick with shrieks of rage.
>tried to play the piano. older sister hated the racket and would always smash the piano lid over my hands.
>hair pulled multiple times.
I still live with my parents. I don't know how to escape out of this hellhole because I have dependency on them. I never learned how to grow into an independent person. I'm afraid I might rot and die inside these walls…

Anonymous 54980

ive masturbated to my crush several times even tho its been a month since i stopped talking to him

Anonymous 54981

Sorry that happened to you anon. Have you ever read r/raisedbynarcissits on Reddit? They have a lot of stories about how people have managed to escape. There are also some spin off subreddits that help with teaching you how to be a grown up.

Anonymous 54982

Oh, and if you search “mumsnet stately homes” they have a threads too where you can post and get personal advice (the subreddits are sometimes a bit overwhelmed and not every post gets answers).

Anonymous 54984

literally what the fuck. do you have a chance of earning money, even just a little bit?

that's very normal i do the same lmfao

Anonymous 55025


I've decided I'm a virgin. Almost every girl who started having sex before their 20's was manipulated into it by the mainstream pedo media and by porn addicted men, myself included. Although I take my share of the blame, I feel like I have been raped. Raped by media, raped by porn culture, raped by the men I was involved with, and raped by my self. I don't want to act like this is the same level of trauma as women who were literally raped, but the negative emotions I have about my true virginity status are so great that it makes me suicidal.

This got me thinking about Christian women who have been chaste their whole lives, who use their virginity as a way to get men to like them. The pickme girls of the Christian faith, if you will. This kind of behavior is like emotional prostitution. It taints their purity much in the same way performing a sexual favor would, because they are giving parts of themselves away shamelessly to people who do not deserve it.

So I've decided I'm a virgin now. I will not give my body to anyone, nor simp for anyone, nor treat any man as if he's already my husband. I've repented and am pure in the eyes of God. And I'm a better virgin than the pickme's, damn it.

Anonymous 55027

I love you and this is so true bestie

Anonymous 55028


Anonymous 55032

Being voluntarily celibate and being a virgin are not the same thing at all. Don't conflate the too.

Anonymous 55033

Face the trauma I have faced and get back with me on that.

Anonymous 55036

I'm sorry for your trauma but I had sex as a teenager (wasn't groomed or anything tho) and I enjoyed it and don't feel bad about it. It confuses me and makes me feel like I'm weird when other women act like sexual desire isn't natural for us or only forced onto us by moids.

Anonymous 55037

based. hope you find peace anonette

Anonymous 55038

I'm a 26 year old virgin and just letting you know there's literally nothing wrong with sex or having desires. It is okay for women to want things.

Anonymous 55041

I'm not waiting for marriage nor do I plan on just giving myself away. Everyone is different and all but there's really nothing special about being a virgin other than moids putting it on a pedestal. It's one thing to regret having sex with a certain person cause they're a shithead and another thing to idolize something that is in all honesty really meaningless. Being a virgin or not doesn't change anything about you. The fact that you've arbitrarily decided you're a virgin despite having had sex before is proof of that. You don't need to pretend you're a virgin to be pure of heart cause sex isn't inherently dirty.

Anonymous 55043

Just curious, have you ever had good sex? I wouldn't take back my virginity. I enjoy sex. It feels good. There's definitely drawbacks with the wrong person but I want my bf to fuck me and do not feel "raped". This is coming from someone who was legitimately raped too so.. idk. Your use of the word is kinda iffy.
You feel however you want about it but telling others to wait because you wish you had ain't it.

Anonymous 55062

evaluate why that makes you mad, if its because you really want to be in a relationship then you should stop holding relationships in such high regard. Your life value doesnt come from being in a relationship it comes from pursuing your interests. finding somebody that will do you good will come naturally as a result, but only if you make yourself available.
but always remember not to relationship trap yourself into thinking you can change people that dont want to change.

Anonymous 55064

healthy relationships have lots of get, give, and compromise. The less you like doing something the more you can get for doing it btw

Anonymous 55073

I don't think you're wrong but I wonder if relabeling yourself as a virgin isn't the right way to do it as that attracts moids too, some who will just want your specifically for your virginity.

I think being celibate (which is also a religious thing) is a better way to go as it removes you completely from the sex thing. However, if you want to find a husband, this might make things difficult.

Maybe just say that you are saving yourself for marriage but don't mention the virginity thing. If someone probes, say you had some bad experiences and don't want to talk about it.

Saying that, I don't think waiting until marriage is a good idea as you could be stuck with someone with weird tastes or keep trying to be too rough. Best to tell them you are waiting for marriage but then have sex a few times before the actual ceremony is organised.

Anonymous 55074

Alright done, that doesn't make you a virgin, that makes you voluntarily celibate. Stop confusing the two.

Hell, if you were actually religious as opposed to mentally ill you could become a "nun" instead because that noun would also describe what you're doing. Go become a bhikku or something.

Anonymous 55082

What don't they get?

Anonymous 55083

I knew a girl as a kid who used to like doriots, like the dust off them completely, then smell it, then eat it, was gross as fuck

Anonymous 55084

Anyone else had a crush on someone while in a relationship? It makes you feel like a piece of shit.

Anonymous 55086

Why? It’s natural and beyond your control. As long as it stays in your head then it shouldn’t be an issue. They can be good things sometimes as they can indicate what you might be lacking in your relationship.

Anonymous 55104

I guess you’re right. Bf and I are LDR due to the pandemic and the crush is a coworker in close proximity (who I barely speak to because autism). I’d never cheat. I guess it’s just loneliness.

Anonymous 55105

i used to do this with hot cheetoes in private of course. i would smear the chewed up mixture onto another cheeto, and eat it.

Anonymous 55106

I do this minus the sniff part

Anonymous 55125

>almost every girl who started having sex before their 20s was manipulated into it by mainstream pedo media and by porn addicted men
this. i absolutely detest our society. its up to us to guide young girls considering no one else will do it

Anonymous 55174

After around 2yrs in a relationship, I start to get wandering thoughts. I just start thinking of other guys (coworkers, strangers in public, etc). I get that craving for that magical, euphoric “new relationship feeling.” I feel like I don’t want to be tied down and I want to try every cute guy the world has to offer. I know it’s fucking awful. I would NEVER cheat or leave someone over this stupid feeling.

Anonymous 55178

It’s actually been shown in studies that most people are like this. They call it the “honeymoon period”.

Anonymous 55180

Normal people are gross then.

Anonymous 55208

t. virgin who has never been in a long-term relationship

Anonymous 55210

nta but I'm in an LTR and I haven't felt like this. Yeah the honeymoon period tapers off but it's not like all excitement about the other person dies forever, it just settles into being more comfy most of the time. I don't have that new relationship excitement anymore but it doesn't make me think about every moid I see. If you actually can't stop thinking about other people I think it's a sign of relationship dissatisfaction and feeling disconnected from your partner. Again, not the same thing as the honeymoon phase ending, although it can be brought on by it if the relationship had cracks already. Anon probably just needs to evaluate her relationship and maybe talk to her bf.

Anonymous 55218

Anon it’s me >>55180
I’m sorry for calling you a virgin, I’m literally a virgin myself. I know the thoughts are disgusting, but I’d absolutely never act on them. :/
>I think it's a sign of relationship dissatisfaction
I love my boyfriend so much and I wouldn’t change a thing about him. The thing is, we are LDR and have been unable to meet up for over a year because of the border lockdown. I would never cheat on him or leave him because of this and consider myself a very committed person. I guess I’m just unhappy that we can’t have physical touch. I feel terrible for the things I’ve thought.

Anonymous 55248

I kind of want to create a thread asking the lurking moids if they want to be my bf just so they'll out themselves and report them so they get banned but I realize that probably counts as encouraging moids according to site policy

Anonymous 55249

Yeah it's definitely the LDR. I'm too autistic to relate but physical touch is a valid need. Do you have any ideas when you can close the distance? I get it's hard with covid to plan anything, but having a solid timeline to look forward to would probably help. Other than this be open with your boyfriend (I don't mean saying "I want to fuck other people" but just that you need intimacy) and see how you can increase the sense of intimacy in your relationship even without touch. It's definitely not an ideal situation but I wish you the best anon.

Anonymous 55254

Thank you for not judging me or calling me gross anon.
I actually wasn’t even thinking about sex. When I think about other guys, it’s usually romance or cuddling. I’m basically asexual. I wasn’t even thinking about any of that though. I was just thinking about how so many guys are attractive (I was kind of in a mood) and how my coworker was kind of cute (feels awful even typing that). I don’t really know how to describe it now that I’m typing it ugh. It feels horrible. I don’t know if it could be described as an “intrusive thought” because there was a feeling of desire and it sickens me. I haven’t had this emotion in a few days now though. It isn’t often at all.
Hopefully the border will open sometime this year since people are getting vaccinated.

Anonymous 55269

Yeah you're fine and not gross st all anon, It's natural to find people attractive and desire closeness and touch, and it sounds like you're only obsessing so much because you feel so guilty about it. I've gotten similar obsessive thoughts to you and the way to deal with it is just to let it roll off your back and not think too hard about it or attack yourself every time you have a feeling that you feel guilty over. Actions can be bad, but not feelings. You said yourself that just because you have these feelings doesn't mean you want to act on them. It's easier said than done, but you'll probably feel more at ease if you can stop fixating on them.

Anonymous 55313

I'm still together with the man who groomed me when I was a teenager and I'm happy about it.

Anonymous 55334


Anonymous 55342

I love him

Anonymous 55357


Anonymous 55358

This is why I don't tell people lol

Anonymous 55360

It’s a confession thread.. anons here shouldn’t be judgy imo.. I met by bf when I was 17 and he was 25. We’re still together almost 3yrs later. I don’t feel that I was “groomed” though but so many people are judgmental, assumptuous assholes.

Anonymous 55361

She probably will when he eventually leaves her for another young teen once she gets too old for his taste.

Anonymous 55367

Please keep in mind that femcels and radfems are the primary users on here. They're not exactly paragons of proper functioning humans.

Anonymous 55368


Right? We're literally worse than groomers, rapists, domestic abusers, porn producers, and sex traffickers combined. Radfems never ever have sex or sexual thoughts before adulthood and that anon totally does not have a personal, hypocritical, but understandable virginity complex

Anonymous 55369

I don't think that's what that anon said.

Anonymous 55371

The only way to practice independence is to just start doing it. If you're scared you should be, taking responsibility for yourself is fucking terrifying, the choice is yours if the fear of the unknown or the tortures of the known are worse. As someone who has ghosted my family before, there is nothing compared to getting out of a shitty situation.

Anonymous 55448

There's this girl who was at the same university as me and then within the same circle of friends who spent over four years skinwalking, abusing and being obsessive about me even when I distanced from her, but because we both share the same best friend she'd glue to her very aggressively whenever she knew we were together. Since the start she would have these horrible abusive outbursts and there's a lot of fucked up shit she did to me and others.

The other day she had a big look at me and feel sorry for me rant on Insta about how she's losing friends and romanticising being a piece of shit, the week before this she ruined a friend's birthday by being a bitch as always and you know what? It's satisfying to see someone who's tried to get away with being a horrible person for years finally get called out and lose all friends who were kind in the process. She would abuse their kindness and it actually does bring me a tinge of satisfaction seeing her realize in her mid twenties that facades only get you so far and at the end of the day, if you choose to remain rotten and shitty, you can't expect people to take your abuse forever

For the record, it was also funny when people saw through her long dated attempts to ostracise me from whatever weird obsession she had and I used to be in one of the earlier vent threads back when she was heavily being Dasha-like towards me but I distanced and stopped posting as much during the pandemic so she had less to work with anyway


Anonymous 55458

anon, have you thought that maybe you could be a lesbian? don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with lack of sexual desire, but your post seems a bit similar to how some lesbians describe their relationship with sex before they realize they're lesbians.
also, that was the case for many of the religious women of the past.

Anonymous 55672

I really can't bring myself to want to be friends with others of my same gender (not a moid). I have had short-lived friendships. Although most of the time it was due to sharing common friends, befriended me so I can benefit their business (buy stuff from their parents local business), or because we were both loners (not having anything in common). Add in the mix of having trauma from my mom, sister,managers/co-workers, bullying. I don't feel comfortable at all and feel like a it's a lie. The closest thing to having a genuine female friendship is literally this image board.

Anonymous 55673

I feel like most of the time, male “friends” always develop feelings for you though. It’s so common for them to have ulterior motives. I have a gay male friend and it’s great because I don’t have to worry about that shit.

Anonymous 55675


i go on and on about hating men and trannies online but irl i'm totally different. and by "totally different", i mean normal.

it makes me wonder how many other people espouse opinions online that they'd never bring up irl

Anonymous 55681

it’s ok im the same way

Anonymous 55683

I think most people are this way, because they don’t want to get cancelled. Hell world

Anonymous 55689

absolutely based

Anonymous 55690

I'm sort of the same. I speak to my partner about it because he believes the same as me. I wouldn't bring it up with anyone else and would never say anything at work. If someone else brings it up (outside of work) I'd probably concern troll unless it was obvious they are a terf too.

Anonymous 55691

Yea, usually I'm fine with it because I want to date as well. I love guys <3

Anonymous 56880


this is really shameful for me to admit, but i posted on lolcow a while ago about how i had this weird sexual savior complex where i'd be sexually attracted to men who i pitied and felt sorry for. someone said it might be a codependency thing and i agreed and then never thought about it again. recently i started working at a place where i assist a lot of men who are currently struggling (don't want to be too specific because i'm paranoid lol). i've started realizing that i really enjoy the feeling of having men completely vulnerable around me and in a position where they rely on me to help them… like i really enjoy it. sometimes i've even imagined hypothetically ""saving"" someone from there and having them fall in love with me, which is really gross i know.

i didn't get this job because of my weird savior complex, i hadn't thought about it at all, but now i can't help but question myself about everything. obviously i would never ever do anything because i can distinguish fantasy from reality and it doesn't get in the way of me doing my job- it just makes me feel guilty and predatory like i'm in the same boat as those men who admit to being high school teachers because they're attracted to teenaged girls.

Anonymous 56891

Alright, here's my confession: I only floss and brush my teeth once a day instead of twice or more.

Anonymous 56892

That is beyond disgusting.

Anonymous 56897

Shame on you

Anonymous 56898

Oh no, you feel good when you help vulnerable people in bad position? How terrible of you.

Anonymous 56899

This is fine, stuff like this is how you realise things like that about yourself. Just be professional about it at work and pursue it more personally if you want to be unprofessional about it.

Anonymous 56912

I used to be like that when I was a kid. My disgusting confession is that at home I rarely wash my hands after peeing. Only at home though, always in public bathrooms. I've been doing it at home more often now though.

Anonymous 56914

that is genuinely fucking based

Anonymous 56915

i do that a lot too, but i dont make any servers or tell anyone about it. i just instinctively think about it

Anonymous 56916

what in retardatio…

I write fanfiction on physical pieces of paper and I think it's excellent but I don't want people to read it bc cringe

but my sister found the fanfiction stash ahhhhhhhhh

Anonymous 56922

kek yeah i know i’m being a baby and overreacting. it just makes me feel like a gross moid to essentially fetishize people who are going through a rough time and inherently want them to put me on a pedestal. probably not a big deal to other people, but i guess i just wanted to think i was being altruistic lol.

thanks nonnie! i’ll just be professional about it because i want to do this kind of stuff long term and don’t want to fuck up my career lol. i also don’t trust men enough to actually pursue anything with them so we’re good.

Anonymous 56933

I told a man I wouldn't LDR date him a year ago but after a year of getting to know him better I feel a lot differently now and would pursue something with him in a heartbeart right now.

Anonymous 56949

I can't form bonds with people who aren't already in my established "safe" zone (siblings, fiance) anymore but I don't tell them that because I don't want people think I'm a psychopath or something so once people get attached to me I usually just resent them and become so paranoid towards them I ghost them which is so much more stupid than just telling people the truth and letting them assume something shitty about me

Anonymous 56980

I got banned for posting guro on a blue board as a prank. I just wanted some self righteous poster to shut up and get a one up over Croc (which I epically did) Now I'm afraid she's going to get really hurt. I hate being corrected. It reminds me too much of the smug adults in my childhood who gaslighted me.

Anonymous 56981

That could be more to do with trauma. You're afraid of getting hurt, I get it.

Anonymous 56982

Sounds more like ASPD or BPD to me.

Anonymous 57006

I'm not histrionic
Half correct, I have BPD
It's definitely trauma, I haven't always been like this and used to actually be very social and like making friends. I have a deep resentment towards other people that boils down to fear. I have been abused for a long time and I have also been tortured. I don't think I will ever be able to form friendships again.

Anonymous 57007

oops meant to respond to you with the last paragraph, accidentally responded to the same anon twice.

Anonymous 57011

It's ok and that explains it. I hope you can get help and heal.

Anonymous 57017

Ghost in the Shell…

“When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.”

Anonymous 57022

Iktf. Luckily I can make myself incredibly unpleasant to be around so it’s not too often that someone stays enraptured by me, but I’ve been told by a few people that I’m very (superficially) charming and interesting at least during the first impression. So occasionally I’ll unintentionally lure in a few poor souls who fall for my glib exterior. And for some reason this makes me feel so suffocated, and resentful at having to feel like I must entertain them or include them in my life. It also happens with friends, bfs or pets too. I’ve had numerous pets and a couple bfs and have a few friends, but never really truly cared about or loved any of them, even though I really want to, but everyone would think I was a psychopath if I admitted that. My brain just wont allow me to love certain things or people even when I desperately want to. I don’t know if you feel similarly or if I’m just projecting but your post reminded me of my own issues.

Anonymous 57105

he's already trying to date women in college. maybe he's trying to make me jealous or get my attention by telling me about it but it feels like he's over it.

Anonymous 57129


I'm about to graduate college but I can barely remember the past few years of my life because I basically lived like a NEET the entire time after classes. I'm happy that I went to college but also sad because I didn't take advantage of anything.

Anonymous 57135

if it helps, i'm in the same boat as you

Anonymous 57141

We are sisters

Anonymous 57144

I am very socially dependent on my boyfriend and every day my feelings on this change. I am ashamed that I have so few female friends but I am also too introverted to want to talk to others.

Anonymous 57242

oh dear.jpg

I've been part of a game group of friends for 6 or so years and only recently have people started to use voice chat the past year and I don't want them to know I'm a girl. So I just pretend to not have a microphone. The past year has been making stupid excuses and dumb lies. The anxiety is getting to me.

Anonymous 57243

Pay a voice actor

Anonymous 57244

Won't that just make my lie hole even deeper?

Anonymous 57248

Learn to talk like a man. Or just use a voice changer.

Anonymous 57259


I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a boy to feel pain. Not in a physical manner which could be enjoyed as a temporary relief from the monotony of life by the sensually confused, but a pain that wears the soul until he can no longer be dispirited, having no spirit left to lose. I want to see his eyes blank and vaguely aware. Yet retaining the capacity for thought, he will be silent as a doll, which he will be. When his voice ceases to yield a response, he will learn to be. Meals will be tasteless. Sight will be an obstacle rather than a tool, when you’ve been made a fool. You can’t trust an alarm which signals nothing.There is one thing he will retain from his old life. What was that like? He doesn’t remember. There is some comfort in moving. It’s difficult to sit totally still, until you do. Then he can be perfect and hollow. A body without feeling, awaiting nothing.

Anonymous 57261

Tell them you are a trans man.

Anonymous 57262

Are all of them male? Do you think they'd treat you differently if you revealed your gender or why is it that you don't want them to know?
Maybe I'm just naive but if you've been friends for 6 years, I don't think gender matters.

Anonymous 57278

Yeah it's a bunch of dudes. I'm worried they might treat me differently. I just want to have fun playing games. I don't wanna deal with anything else.

Anonymous 57288

I'm starting to enjoy my reverse mind games. I need to be more cautious …

Anonymous 57291

Unless they happen to have figured it out ages ago and not said anything, revealing her gender will almost certainly change their attitude towards/around her. In the unlikely event that none of these 20-something nerds develop feelings for her, the will at minimum change their behavior on an unconscious level.
That said, they likely won't care about the deception, but that's because they're coomers.

Anonymous 57589

Take your meds

Anonymous 57597


Anonymous 57600

This is queen shit, everyone else is a coward.

Anonymous 57602

more like psychopathy

Anonymous 57603

it's definitely not. i do not say this because i care about men or about their feelings at all, rather that it's pretty lame for a few reasons.

Anonymous 57636

A lot of monarchs were psychopaths.
Or do you think Louis XIV was a sane person?

Anonymous 57820


suicidal thoughts have become comfy. even though there are moments where i'm like "fuck, why do i think this way, this is miserable" overall it's just nice to know i do have an out. i can take it any time i want. if things get too hard, i can kill myself, and that's that

Anonymous 57837

i can't enjoy any music anymore except the shittiest trap music

Anonymous 57866


Update for >>57242
I ended up just getting on voice with them and it ruined everything. They all treat me differently and pretend like they don't. Any time I join to talk they all stop talking and change the conversation. I've started getting weird pervy messages from one of them asking super personal questions like my cup size, if I was a virgin and if I have a boyfriend. I fucking hate everything. I just want to crawl in a hole and die.

Anonymous 57877

don't feel bad, you found out that these aren't people worth your time

Anonymous 57879

Too bad, so sad. Turns out that gender does for some reason effect social dynamics. Though now that the dust has settled it does make me wonder why you kept making excuses for not being able to talk over mic and not just firmly state you refused to use mic. If anything this would be a very moid statement to make and they wouldn't care. Why did you constantly make excuses instead of outright refusing? These are all men you only know over the internet right?

Anonymous 57881

This, never make excuses for moids.
They never care about you anyway.

Anonymous 57902

I dunno. I kinda hoped I could just keep having fun without having to worry about it.

Anonymous 57910

Did that work out?

Anonymous 58161

I think I might have peaked in high school and I'm the person who people laugh at for having a crappy life after graduation.

Anonymous 58168

What were you like in high school?

Anonymous 58342

I got turned on by (probably fake as hell) insta dms sent by one of my celebrity crushes to a (so called) model. Pull the plug already

Anonymous 58343

Anonymous 58344

I will only say he's an athlete, not an actor

Anonymous 58345

Anon pls, it can't be that bad. At least you weren't turned on by Olivia Munn's weird PowerPoint tier sexts about anal to Chris Pine. Nothing tops that

Anonymous 58371

kek those pictures were hilarious

Anonymous 58705

It's not that I didn't love him, but relationship is a script for me.I was playing roles all my life. It's lonely exiting stage left, but that's the better choice now.

Anonymous 58720

I like to daydream about my OTP museum. I spend hours imagining all the different exhibits dedicated to all my ships. There's even a little museum shop.

Anonymous 58721

That’s amazing. I want one.

Anonymous 58751

I like to use guys. Not for money, not for sex, not for gifts or anything like that. I like to use them to vent and feel how they care about me. Every few months I found some orbiter to vent and they try their best to make me feel good, but for me they're just like a toy.
Right now I have the guy I've used for the most time. He has been the best at making me feel good, because he doesn't have any self-steem and does anything for me. Sometimes I call him while he's sleeping at he just answers, and I start talking about my problems. This one has a lot of problems too, he's suicidal, is scared of people in general and stuff like that, but everytime he tries to vent with me, I change the topic. He usually tell me he's sorry for trying to vent with me and a few hours later I'm the one who's venting and he does everything to make me feel good. Sometimes I fake stuff, like I was raped or shit like that, just to get more attention.

I know I'm a shitty person, but it's the only way I know to deal with my lack of affection and I don't want to get attached to anyone.

Anonymous 58752

Is he a creepy coomer, racist, doesn't care about the vulnerable, or a misogynist? If none of the above, then that's just sad. It's only okay to do this to people who you think are kind of shit, imo.

Anonymous 58755

Usually they're coomers who are looking for pics. This one isn't anything like that. I think he genuinely cares about me and has actually gave me good advice in all kind of things. He's very mature for most things, but he doesn't have any self-steem at all, sometimes he says something serious and if I laugh about it or tell him he's wrong, that's enough for him to delete it or say he's sorry.
I've tried to tease him with selfies to see if he drop his nice guy act and ask for nudes, but he never does, he just tell me I look cute or something like that. Sometimes I think he's gay, but he told he has been in a few relationships (he's kinda cute tbh). I guess he's a real nice guy and life has treated him like shit, but I don't want to get attached. I've thinking about asking if he imagines himself as my bf, but I don't want him to start treating me different because he has been the best one I've found for this.
In my defence, with this one I haven't been rude and I didn't try to make him feel bad (like I did before), I just stop him when he starts talking about his problems or anything like that.

Anonymous 58758

That's really cruel, then. He sounds cute. You literally can do this bit with any guy, why continue to make this poor kid feel like shit by not even letting him vent? If you "don't want to get attached" but continue to speak to him, I don't see how you're not getting attached. It just sounds like justification to be selfish. Attempt to exploit someone that deserves to be exploited. Give him to literally any of the anons on here that are wishing for a partner that won't treat them like shit instead of continuing to knock down this suicidal person's self esteem when you could pull this act with tons of men who deserve it.

Anonymous 58765

Fuck me, you're probably right. I know I've been very selfish, but I like how it feels. I'm probably attached already but I'm just like "lolno I'm not going to get attached".
>You literally can do this bit with any guy
Yes, but it always get weird. This one can be ankward when I tease him, but never gets creepy or anything, he just keep being the same nice guy.
>Give him to literally any of the anons on here that are wishing for a partner
That would be better for him, that's for sure.
>won't treat them like shit instead of continuing to knock down this suicidal person's self esteem when you could pull this act with tons of men who deserve it.
Now I feel like shit. I don't think I can treat him different and be nice to him, because honestly, at this point I don't know how, but I guess I can leave him alone and just find another guy. I wonder how he will react, because it seems like he's really lonely, it wouldn't surprise me if I'm the only person who currently talks to him.

I can't make any promise, but I'll try to leave him alone. I'll probably come here with an update. Thanks

Anonymous 58767

Give me his addy so I can date him when you’re done with him lol

The only guys I can find are sociopathic dickheads, I need a nice guy.

Anonymous 58768

If he's actually a legitimately nice person without stupid views, and you're not capable of treating him with kindness, hook anon >>58767 up.

It's not like nice guys are easy to come by. May as well make the lives of two people better.

Anonymous 58770

I haev no problem with that, but we both are from a shithole country and I don't know if that would be a problem. If that's not a problem, I can give you his Discord tag

Anonymous 58793

Relatable. I wish I could stop.

Anonymous 58796

I heard my narc ex is suicidal. Good.

Anonymous 58801

use the patches, they're pretty great

Anonymous 58925

I'm acting like I'm not in mental and physical pain but really I am. It's like ur body recovering from shock when something bad happens, you just keep moving around as usual, as if nothing happened at all, but you're hurting, you don't know how to deal. I hate mania.

Anonymous 58976

Well, I ghosted him until I finally blocked him yesterday. In the night he sent me a short message to my email saying he's sorry if he said something wrong and hoping I'm okay.
I still don't feel bad about what I've been doing, but I know I'm a shitty person who doesn't know how to deal with people.

Anonymous 58982

Ok. If I have to be a dried up old hag, play caregiver to a manchild, or stay in bumfuck nowhere, I'm considering an exit bag, or a suicide that's looks like an accident.

Anonymous 58984

Move to a better country.

Anonymous 58985

Be a happy old hag. Older women are the happiest people I've met.

Anonymous 58986


You’re not using guys you’re looking for a friend. This is a normal psychological need. And your story is a great example of how the internet fucks us all over and stops people from forming relationships

Anonymous 58996

Better than in North America?

Anonymous 58997

They're still old and will die alone anyways.

Anonymous 59031


How was your life before you met him? What do you mean he "groomed" you? If you like it so much, probably you just started a relationship with an "age gap" and you're just throwing that word around without knowing what it means, anf the pain it causes to others.

Anonymous 59038

i took a selfie (rare) today with my family because i wanted to savor the moment we had outside. I looked at the photo, i just stared in the distance in pure grief and disappointment. My sister asked me what was wrong and i just stared out and said, "im staring at a squirrel. hold up". I continued staring. i lied, in reality i was so disappointed by my disgusting face being in the lower right corner that i just felt my joy went away and by staring out i was hoping i can recover it. after 18 seconds, i recovered and ignored it. I am hoping i can look back 10 years from now and laugh at my ugly face, but for now i will try to keep on smiling, despite how fugly i am.

Anonymous 59043

You're probably right, I don't know. So much time alone has fucked the way I treat others. And it's not just guys, because with other girls it's even harder

Anonymous 59044

I have no group or family pictures from age 14-24 because I wouldn’t allow anyone to take them. I regret that a lot. Just capture the moment and enjoy it. One day when you are old you will look back on it and wish you realized how pretty and young you were then.

Anonymous 59074


I think I might actually be a lesbian or bisexual.

Anonymous 59075

Nevermind, I feel better and can accept myself. Thanks.

Anonymous 59104


Lately I've been fantasizing about an guy I had a fling with five years ago before I got with my fiance. He was really good in bed, not that my fiance isn't good in bed it's just different. The other guy was just so …primal I guess?
So I looked him up again and found out that he's been writing and publishing poetry and I know there's definitely nothing in his writing that would ever be about me but I just want to know what's going on in his brain bc I'm nosey so I'm thinking of purchasing some of the publications his work was published in but I really just don't quiet "get" this type of avant garde poetry.
I haven't talked to this man in five years idk why I'm so interested in what's going on with him now.

Anonymous 59115

David Sedaris sucks as a person, and a writer, and I think about his mentally ill and abused sister that he mocked, often

Anonymous 59123

I tried listening to one his story collections on audiobook. I could tell a lot of it was embellished or straight up fake, the stories felt too good to be true. I haven't heard anything about his sister though.

Anonymous 59124

Thank you. I tried to have that mindset when I saw my picture, but for now I can't even look at it. I will still continue to try and take more pics of myself, but I hope I can start being more content with what I see in pictures.

Anonymous 59129

Think I got caught stalking my old classmates on social media. I feel like an idiot now but I can't stop stalking.

Anonymous 59143

that's cold as ice. I hope that when the emotion of what you've been doing finally hits you, it won't destroy you. Or maybe I do..
I would suggest seeing a psychologist, and if you can't you need to be honest about this with your next emotional tampon. If you're gonna use someone at the very least use them to actually make progress because what you're doing now is degenerate and honestly I don't even know why I'm even trying. You may be too far gone and it might be best someone puts you down like the dog you are.

Anonymous 59153

I don't think that doing this is so bad anon. I do it too. But I understand the feeling.

Anonymous 59180

are you a literal autist? you couldn't just tell him you're a retard that doesn't know how to give and take in a friendship? literally the least you could do was make it clear that it's actually you and not him. fml, you didn't give anyone his addy either.

Anonymous 59193

I caught feelings for a close friend who's in a relationship. I liked him before he ever started up with someone else, we've known each other for years and I've always had lingering feelings, but I was too shy and too slow to bring it up before she did. That's on me. Obviously I've kept my feelings to myself now that he's taken. I don't want to make things difficult for them. That isn't really what this is about.

I just needed to vent about it, because she's been an uncommunicative/selfish partner and he keeps venting about her to me and I really don't want to hear it. The part of me that gives good advice and wants to be a good friend to him and see him happy is at odds with a really terrible side of me that wants to tell him to stop giving her second chances and dump her already. I've tried really hard to be unbiased, because I do want to see him be happy and their relationship doesn't seem impossible to salvage and he's said that he wants to try and make it work. When he told me that my suggestions worked really well and helped him communicate with her better, I was truly happy for him but also kind of felt like someone was twisting a knife in my stomach.

To top things off, I've kind of walled myself off after a bad relationship a while back. It's really difficult for me to open up to other people and I don't feel good about being in a relationship right now with anyone. So I wish these feelings I'm having would disappear, because I'm not in a place where I can follow up on them, and they're making it hard to spend time with a friend I've known for years. I wish I could drink something that would kill these unwanted feelings. I've started taking small efforts to distance myself from him, and it fucking sucks. No matter how much progress I make in this, it's so easy to relapse and let those old feelings open up again and I feel so pathetic and like a shitty friend.

Anonymous 59198

You sound like an edgy, ruthless person and like you enjoy the drama. Or maybe you genuinely lack empathy and have your reasons.
You have been very emotionally abusive to someone whose character you obviously appreciate even if you can't respect them. The least you could do is apologize and fess up and tell him you have been playing with him and that it's not his fault (except for perhaps being vulnerable and overly open to being exploited this way). I hope the guy recovers, learns to love himself and sees you for what you are, a shallow, empty person incapable of love.

How about not exploiting anyone which has to be miserable one way or the other? I like the laundry list of unrelated horrible stereotypes eagerly warranting this behaviour.

Anonymous 59210

I haven't brushed my teeth or washed my face since thursday and its been longer since my last shower

Anonymous 59215

this is basic decency though, it takes more than that to be a good person

Anonymous 59222

i really hope this is bait

Anonymous 59223

>How about not exploiting anyone which has to be miserable one way or the other? I like the laundry list of unrelated horrible stereotypes eagerly warranting this behaviour.
some people deserve to be exploited before/while they exploit others.

Anonymous 59236

Idk Bytory#5053 that's the guy, he changes his tag from time to time
I used to be nice to others, but I guess loneliness has fucked me.

Anonymous 59242

the more I see it the more my weebshit hatred deepens and I wonder why I wasted 10 years watching anime when I could've been normal

can I go back to myself ten years ago and tell her to be a celebrityfag instead

Anonymous 59245

Then I guess I'll go back to being as abnormal as I ever was

Anonymous 59536

this is going to be such a weird confession but as someone with rather weird/niche tastes in fiction (i have an incest kink, i'm a shotacon, i don't care about rape fantasies, etc.) it's interesting how much my real life tastes differ. i mean i'm like twenty-two and the way i can clock a dumbass 16 y/o is insane.

it makes me wonder how men are even attracted to 16 y/o girls (or even 16 y/o's in general, idk if gay dudes creep on underage boys the same way men do to girls) or mistake them for being older. idk why i'm even confessing this here right now

Anonymous 59537

>Thinking a moid is ever going to genuinely worship a woman

Anonymous 59539

Lol why are women dating moids after this
Like the pretense of love is gone, no more serotonin or whatever bullshit that gets released when a moid pretends to love you. Just leave after the fun chemicals stop producing

Anonymous 59545

Same but I do that with irl people

Anonymous 59548


Same and based

Anonymous 59554


based and true

Anonymous 59555

Most moids are like that
And if you have pinkpilled or even jsut radfem opinions, if you voice them around a moid prepare for the unexpectable

Anonymous 59568

i bring it up when appropriate but yes, which is why it's so dumb that people act like the women who believe these things especially on cc or female imageboards are so completely socially fucked that users don't understand that there's a time and a place

Anonymous 59577

It either turns them on or after realizing dating a young girl is rather a nuisance they leave.

Anonymous 59580

i'm really not seeing how you can critique the 16 year old thing when you're a shotacon. i mean, i agree, but like i don't understand how you're saying this when you're attracted to children

Anonymous 59732

I have adhd and can manage the majority of it pretty well, but I am so bad at laundry. Specifically doing socks. I just filled 5 pillow cases with socks to wash from my huge laundry basket. It's so much easier for me to buy more when I'm out at the shops because they're so cheap, and so they pile up quickly. I'm so ashamed of this I cried, but am finally going to deal with it tomorrow.

Anonymous 59771

Sounds like moid propaganda to me, honestly.
It's not her job to be his therapist / mommy. Wanting a girlfriend for the sole purpose of having someone to vomit their mental problems at is quite typical of incels.
It's normal to want to date a stable, composed man, rather than an emotional wreck. Maybe it's him who should get his mental issues dealt with, rather than her having to adapt to his bullshit. Why is it always the woman's responsibility to coddle moids and cater to their feefees?

I've seen so much self-victimizing incel rhetoric that I can't help but roll my eyes when men whine about their non-problems. The world hands them everything on a platter, all the privilege in the world, and they still manage to act like victims over how "traumatized" they are.
So much for the "stronger sex". lol.

Anonymous 59772

He loves you and opened up to you. He's still the same person. Don't hate him for that.
>i want to have only good things in a relationship, but won't give an ounce of support for my partner. I hate emotional moids
It's called being in a relationship
Not something femcels like you would understand

Anonymous 59776

Um, why are there so many cruel sociopaths here? It's kind of creepy.

Really not helping all those incel stereotypes about girls, and our self image as better and more well adjusted than the freaks over at scrotechan.

Anonymous 59782

It’s incels larping too hard and people venting. Neither should be taken too seriously.

Anonymous 59797

That, and this is a confession thread. People usually confess to things that would not be socially acceptable when given the opportunity to anonymously confess, but it also means that most people who either feel they've nothing to confess or nothing relevant, won't confess. Thus, the confessions here and in every other space of the sort are weighted rather than representative of how women are.

Anonymous 59841


I do this too, also with Cheez-its and McDonald's fries. I like to chew them into semi-solid cud basically, form it into a solid ball, and then absent-mindedly gnaw it throughout the day. It's really fucking soothing

Anonymous 59842

kek bea.png

>I have a confession to make: I am a good person.
You sound like a fucking faggot middle school moid, holy shit. I'm sorry, I just can't take that seriously

Anonymous 59857

Her bf definitely has a fat fetish. That’s almost always the case when a thin/fit guy is with a fat girl

Anonymous 59860

a ftm that acted genuinely like an edgy and skeevy incel told me she wanted to cut off, cook, and eat my breasts when i was 13. i still think about my breasts being cut off, frozen, and cooked and eaten by this girl. i just think about it too much, it feels like when you stick your finger in your bellybutton, just nauseating and uncomfortable

Anonymous 59866

I have felt this way before.
I remember at the fair walking with my friend, and I saw a fat girl with a cute guy and I said "How did that fat fuck get a guy like that?!" My friend didn't have the courage to call me a bitch but she should have.

Anonymous 59868

2D is different from 3D.

Anonymous 59881

Maybe she has a nice personality unlike you kek

Anonymous 59885

if i were to even agree with that, it says nothing but negative things to me, to be attracted to 2D that are drawn to represent stylized children and act as children

Anonymous 60149

late but, i can criticize in the same way fps fans can criticize real world murderers/soldiers. fiction =/= reality

Anonymous 60160


Sometimes when I go outside I have this irrational feeling that everyone is secretly evil, and things are watching me, like there's a spirit hanging onto my feet. I used to hear mumbling from inside my head and feel spiders all over me that weren't there, or see shadowy people in the corners of my eyes. But I don't think it's real. I hope it doesn't come back or get worse lol

Anonymous 60162

sorry but your picture is amazing. imagine sipping from that

Anonymous 60253


Anonymous 60279

Last night I needed to pee but someone was taking forever in the bathroom so I peed in a plastic bowl of soil in my bedroom from repotting a houseplant earlier like it was a litter tray

Anonymous 60281

My sister and I used to dress our kid brother up in drag. With everything that's been going on with trannies recently, I feel relieved we didn't end up fucking him up mentally, and he grew up to be a normal, masculine boy.

Anonymous 60299

Sometimes when no one is looking, I like to grope my own boobs and play with them while watching tv or something in bed. It’s comforting.

Anonymous 60300

sometimes I think people are talking to me through the anime I am watching and that there is a massive conspiracy against me but I know I am just being crazy so ignore it and do not tell my Doc as I do not want to get forced to take antipsychotics again.

Anonymous 60301

When I walk downstairs with no bra on, I put my hands under my boobs and hop down each step so my boobs make a clapping noise as they impact my palms

Anonymous 60302

how big are your boobs to make an audible sound against your palms, much less a clap? i couldn't do this even if i tried. i hold them against my body when i walk down stairs. it's so uncomfortable feeling them move at all.

Anonymous 60303

I hold them to stop the clapping, they clap against my chest.

Anonymous 60304

Starting to think maybe I'm bi and not a lesbian and it feels really bad.

Anonymous 60331

Kek sometimes I do this too

Anonymous 60334

That was a hard adjustment for me, too. It's okay. Your sexuality doesn't define you.

Anonymous 60336

You don't suddenly have to fuck and marry men just because you're bi, don't worry.
The myths aren't true. Identifying as bisexual will not force males upon you and febfem is indeed possible.

Anonymous 60361

There's nothing wrong with being bi. It's not like you're forced to date men if you don't want to. Most bisexual people have a preference. All that being bisexual means is that you have potential to be attracted to men as well, even if you prefer women. It's just as >>60336 and >>60334
said. The reason most bisexuals end up dating people of the opposite sex at higher rates is the sheer amount of straight and bisexual people of the opposite sex compared to homosexual and bisexual people of the same sex, thus, if you simply decide no man can meet your standards, you won't magically be forced to date one. In short, if you are bisexual, that only means what you want it to mean.

Anonymous 60380

An ex has told me that if she found out her partner was bi she would break up on the spot. It just feels bad.

Anonymous 60391

anon, you're not alone. i just very recently realized that i'm bi after struggling for several months trying to suppress the thought and not think about it because bi women have such a bad image in the community and i didn't wanted to be lumped in with the stereotypes that come with being one, especially when i had been a lesbian for several years. but then i realized that i'm my own person and that other people don't represent me. there are lesbians who don't want to date bi women, and that's their choice. i personally admit it does hurt especially when you have only preferred women and have only dated women, but im sure there are lesbians out there do date bi women/febfems and bi women that are also febfem that are the same

Anonymous 60456

>I feel so pathetic and like a shitty friend
tell him the truth, nothing else and walk away. Just do it.

Anonymous 61168

(Sorry if I’ve posted this before)
I’m butch, despite liking feminine clothes and being shy and meek, because:
>aging makes me incredibly insecure, I’ve had this since 13 and now I’m 25
> I 1000% don’t want to look like an old feminine woman one day, would rather look like an old masculine woman
>if I dress femme, I’m just an ugly femme whom straight girls stomp over, and scrotes ”compliment”, and who is invisible to other lesbians
>now that I’m butch, straight girls worship me, and my mere presence enrages scrotes, and other lesbians recognize me, which makes me feel much better

Anonymous 61173

I've established contact with my therapist again because I'm extremely sexually frustrated and I know he's down to fuck because he's a gross pervert attracted to cluster b's with a history of sa. Yes I know this is completely disgusting but my chances of having loving sex with a normal scrote are 0 so I'm unfortunately relegated to this

Anonymous 61174

i don't think you're relegated to this. the part that's the worst about the therapist is that he can probably really fuck you up mentally being that he… was your therapist. it's not like men in this field are normal, and he certainly sounds awful. at least a new guy wouldn't know everything about you and you would have the opportunity to hide shit about yourself that might make it easier for him to fuck with you

Anonymous 61175

Not to be a massive sadsack but this is the first time anyone's ever tried to be empathetic towards me and tell me I don't need to debase myself like this like I'm about to start crying fr

Anonymous 61177

i'm sorry, anon. you absolutely are better than that and you don't need to potentially harm yourself with someone like this. definitely does not seem mentally safe (obviously potentially physically unsafe as well). have you considered just like, buying yourself an effective toy or something?

Anonymous 61178

girl, therapists are supposed to be therapists not "the rapists"
i've heard about bpd and hpd women getting attracted to a male therapist but i think it's going nowhere since sex is not therapy and just makes things more complicated and dangerous (for the girl ofc)

based, a small and effective vibrator >>> hairy sweaty abusive male

Anonymous 61332

If your therapist is down to fuck you, then you need a different therapist. I'm not even gonna get started on him being a gross pervert, but he's a god damn disgrace to the profession if he screws his patients. You know how doctors and nurses worth their salt are forbidden from screwing the people they're healing and taking care of? Same principle, but much worse because they can easily abuse their power over your psyche to coerce you. You should be as far away from a man like that as possible, not shagging him.

Anonymous 61343

>effective toy
this don't throw yourself at a guy, because you are emotionally unwell you will only regret it later

Anonymous 61351


When I was 7 or 8 I had a close encounter with a male friend of my age. Now, after more than a year of masturbation + porn, I find irl kids cute. Help

Anonymous 61357

Seek therapy. Don't let your trauma manifest itself as a damaging fetish. Process it in a healthy way.

Anonymous 61394

just NEED to "coom" eh?

Anonymous 61436


I want to stalk a guy that moved into my apartment block 2 years ago and he's basically in my hand's reach in terms of distance.
I see him rarely but that's because of schedule difference.
I want to buy a monocular so i can find which apt belongs to him and spy on him.
Pic kind of related, he's a metalhead.

Anonymous 61450

My confession is that I want another world war to start so that millions of men end up murdering each other.

Anonymous 61451

what about their mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends and daughters anon

think of the children

Anonymous 61452


>WWIII starts
>just in time for the female draft to begin
Oh, so sorry fellow miner, you're off to the trenches.

Anonymous 61455

Nah, someone with nukes will have to be close to losing first before the nukes get used. The nuclear holocaust happens at the very end of the war.

Anonymous 61457

Sounds pretty metal to me, can we make this happen?

Anonymous 61462

It is generally said that about 20% of the population
is the perfect amount of moids.
So the best thing would probably be, if about 70% of moids
would kill each other in a great war.
That way they would make up 20% of the remaining population.

Anonymous 61463

Supposedly the tallest moids will survive.

Anonymous 61466


Oh no

Anonymous 61478

The shotacons better watch their mouths with this one…

Anonymous 61481

I'm going to a therapist in a few days actually so that should help. I don't know what processing is but that's what a therapist is for I suppose

Anonymous 61506

That would just lead to harems and shit. No woman wants to share their partner unless shes a pathetic pick me or lives in a shithole country.

Anonymous 61508

But it will also kill of a lot of the undesireable males.

Plus, at least 60% of women will be lesbian anyway, by the time WW3 starts,
so there will be plenty of moids for you.

Anonymous 61509

That trend will die out like literally every other one that young women are into.

Anonymous 61510

(The epidemic of trans men for example)

Anonymous 61520

How will the trend die out?

25% of women in the USA identify as lesbian or bisexual.

Anonymous 61530

>25% of women in the USA identify as lesbian or bisexual.
no way this can be true

Anonymous 61533

90%+ of women have same sex attraction or masturbate to lesbian porn

Anonymous 61541

Just because they identify as bi or les doesn't mean they are. I know that's not a very acceptable thing to say, but with the whole romanticising of 'wlw' relationships as cute, 'cottagecore', or slightly rebellious, I think a lot of these women just spend too much time on TikTok. Plus, media grooming, with 'doing this basic thing=bi' and basic straight girl=bad, I don't think a lot of it's genuine.

>>61533 straight women don't usually watch erotica, but read it instead, so although i understand that it may look gay, i don't trust the stat

Anonymous 61543

Sorry, I forgot to say that the number is only among "young" women.

It is mainly because "bi-curiousity" has been exploding in popularity among young liberal women in the past years, kind of like >>61541 said.

However, the number of lesbians among young women is also higher than anybody in the 80s/90s would have thought to be possible.

In the past it was generally thought that there were more gay men than lesbian women, but in the past 15 years this trend has completely reversed.

Liberal zoomers are truly the gayest generation in history, and that to an impressive degree.

Anonymous 61544

It is hard to say if this trend will continue indefinitely, but I currently see no reason for it to stop.

Anonymous 61570

25% of women below the age of 30 are, somehow the vast majority of them changes their mind after some point. Most "bisexual" girls i know have been in relationships with women but are now in comitted relationships with men. Even the lesbians are "changing their mind".

Anonymous 61571

90% of women get arroused while watching animals fuck. Are we all zoophiles? Women get aroused to the idea of sex, especially if something is relatable (for example another woman).

Anonymous 61573

It will. People can only be satisfied with lies for some time. Im pretty sure the fake social media shit will become very unattractive at some point too.

Anonymous 61608

I've seen a lot of sanitization of gay women by young adult zoomers, too. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a Tiktok with a girl saying "you can have no visual sexual attraction to women and still be a valid lesbian teehee women just experience attraction in a pure uwu true love way and anything else is objectification <3"

Shit like that likely convinced some straight women they're homo for their friends even if they have 0 attraction. Plus the extra woke points for identifying as gay.

And yes my ass is burnt because guilt over being horny for women has been some bullshit torture to get over just to be shamed for it by alleged fellow lady lovers. Not to deny low sex-drive women the right to be bi or lesbian but, man…

It would be nice if the dating pool was actually 1/4 of women though. A fantasy.

Anonymous 61629

Well, at least on this site, it seems like most women are either bisexual or lesbians.
But of course this is sadly not an accurate representation of the general population.

Anonymous 61634

Yeah, I feel like they are trying it on like a costume or identity. It makes it harder to find real girls like us. Like I was so happy when I found a girl with the same OOGA BOOGA I WANT WOMAN attitude that I have, and because it was less acceptable where we were, I knew she meant it. It's so hard to find us irl, the grifters just make it harder.

It's harder to know now if it's genuine or part of their aesthetic, like music, hobbies, way of talking. Idk, zoomers seem kind of fake and image obsessed, although I am one too. It sucks how one day it's unacceptable, and the other it's flavour of the week.

Tbh this kind of gives me hope for myself. I only look at women and OOGA BOOGA and want to do things, yet feel nothing from men, but maybe with age I can learn to like men too (I can't yet). I heard sexuality changes, and lesbians often change their mind, and for me it hasn't, but I have hope I can still become at least bi so I can fit in and make my family happy.

Anonymous 61876


i want to ditch everything – return to my homeland and become a hermit shepherdess

Anonymous 61893


I recognize an artist that posted on here, but no worries I will keep this little secret forever.

Anonymous 61897


Anonymous 62130

>Homosexuality is a genetic predisposition towards the same genitalia.
As has been stated on this board, woman are flexible as times goes by as far as being exclusively homo/bi/hetero. Unless you're arguing their genes are are changing over time that argument doesn't hold water.

>I think she'd feel much different if she confessed to the manager and the manager said, "Sorry I don't people of your race."

I'd be really happy if someone did that me and made it explicit from the start, I would hate to god if the manager "hid their racism" by dating me even though they didn't like me.


>you're not allowed to have preferences for height or body parts
Okay, thought you were arguing in good faith, this is fucking troon logic. Take your bleeding wound and fuck off, none of the lesbians will date you.

Anonymous 62131

Curious to know how you feel about minorities who aren't into white people?
I kind of agree though. It's best to analyze why you possibly prefer certain features before declaring your tastes in finality. Self reflection is always a good thing. You are not immune to propaganda and all that.

That said if someone finds non-white people ugly then they shouldn't date us. Idk about you but I'd hate that.


Some NA/SA Hispanics have very Spanish ancestry though, and so are "white." By race I assume anons mean the commonly used racial categories in the Americas of White, Indigenous, "Mestizo" (Hispanic Mixed Indigenous), or Black. Most of the time with white Non-Latin Americans I find they're referring to Mestizos. Visibly brown but not IDing with being Native.

The potential "issue" I assume miners then have with anon is that she finds his brown features ugly, but that's her business. Dating him would suck for them both if she finds his face/skin a turn-off.

But OP may be brown herself for all we know.

Anonymous 62133

>Some NA/SA Hispanics have very Spanish ancestry though, and so are "white."
According to the US government they're not.

Anonymous 62134

White countries ac…

Forgot pic

Anonymous 62136

lol i didn't know we had tumblrinas on this site

Anonymous 62137

Reminder that topics about race are not allowed on any board, don't let this thread devolve into a shitshow.

Anonymous 62254

CC in general.

Anonymous 62330


>order phone case for mom off ebay
>tracking says delivered but package hasn't arrived yet
>wait a couple days longer
>still hasn't shown up
>contact seller for refund
>got my refund
>phone case arrives a day later
>got free phone case
I still feel kind of shitty.

Anonymous 62335

Oh no, SHE'S HOT.
I was talking about an anon in one of the terf threads, sowwy.. :(

Anonymous 62337

Seek help

Anonymous 62340

What if the help doesn't want me to seek it? What if it's too late?

Anonymous 62352

i'm urine incontinent and it ruins my self esteem

Anonymous 62353

how are you incontinent? did you have a child?

Anonymous 62371

No, I don't have kids.
I really don't know how it happened, but ever since I was a kid i've had some urine problems (urge incontinence and some rare bedwetting).
As I grew older things got a little better, but lately it's getting worse again, this year i've had situations where urine just suddenly leaks when i'm walking in public and it's so damn scary. Luckily it's usually a few drops, but i've had some episodes where my bladder just empties.
Been doing some kegels to see if it helps my situation.

Anonymous 62632

i discovered masturbation at age 6 and i didnt know what it was but i did it all the time until age 11 when i discovered porn and im strugglging with hypersexuality since then.

Anonymous 62788

im ugly and insecure so i only take selfies on Snow(an asian app for selfies that lets you change your face) and when i have a decent amount of make up. ive been doing it for almost 3 years. all my online friends and even my online crush thinks i look like that(i dont have an irl social life). but the selfies look so different from how i look in real life so i cant stop because i hate how i really look.

Anonymous 62789

>im ugly and insecure
Get into good terms with your appearance. Therapy will probably help you out. Drawing helped me to fix those things, but you will start to see people in a weird way, I dunno if it is something that everyone should do. Self-portraits and drawing other people. Check that betty edwards drawing with the right side of the brain. And definitely look for professional help. This is the kind of thing that probably wouldn't take a lot of therapy.

Anonymous 62807

Just transpose, that's what most people do (generally a fifth higher if the song is for an alto and you're a soprano)

Anonymous 63023

My father made me feel uncomfortable in an inappropriate way as a child and it has made me scared/wary of men.

Anonymous 63029

I give miners on this website Jordan Peterson advice without telling them it's Jordan Peterson advice and they thank me.

Anonymous 63037

what, like go to sleep at regular intervals and remember to wipe your ass?

Anonymous 63038

More like how to sleep at regular intervals and how to wipe your ass instead.

Anonymous 63040

Give actual examples, I wanna know how bad the advice is or if it's just the common sense shit found in any self help book that he hooks his rabid fanboys in with

Anonymous 63041

If I started telling people what the advice is they would start rejecting it on sight. Can't do, takes all the fun of the exercise of seeing if they disagree with his actual words or his person.

Anonymous 63042

Oh something I also like to do at work is push forward basic Marxist concepts concerning how employment works without labeling it Marxists and seeing if I can get rural boomers to agree with me.

Anonymous 63044

Nta, but if it's common sense why do people get surprised when they find it in books? Shouldn't it be by definition common?

Anonymous 63051

Good sense is, of all things among men, the most equally distributed; for every one thinks himself so abundantly provided with it, that those even who are the most difficult to satisfy in everything else, do not usually desire a larger measure of this quality than they already possess.

Read some Descartes, please. It is not complicated, and requires absolutely no previous readings. Discourse on the Method.

Anonymous 63053

Or don't even bother with the book, just check the wikipedia article.

Anonymous 63056

So you spend your time reading Jordan Peterson and doesn't feel like reading two pages of Descartes? The internet is doomed.

Anonymous 63057

When I was younger I was being continuously sexually touched by my moms friends son, nobody cared at all and I’m still being forced to see him every week and I see their family almost every day. It’s been years and I’ve never been comfortable around him. I hate my parents for forgetting about everything and making me become his “friend” again.

Anonymous 63058

I don't know who >>63055 is but that isn't me >>63029

I just want to clarify, do you believe common sense is common or that good sense is common, according to the Descartes argument? Or he is he treating them just like synonyms? I just want to be sure of this point.

Anonymous 63059


Ah, this is 300 year old sarcasm, I see. My mistake.

In regards to >>63049 then. I would imagine people lacking in common sense are perhaps those most in need of it, similar to how a doctor makes the ill healthy as opposed to the healthy healthy.

Anonymous 63353

slowly making a pal online and i realize that my inability to play games with them may ruin it. my internet is slow and my pc is pretty old, so i can't really do stuff like valorant or overwatch or [insert fun thing here]

also i'm shy about voice chatting. like my voice is ugly

Anonymous 63374

i have this same issue a lot, my computer is super old and can't play a lot of modern games
i always feel like im being a disappointment

Anonymous 63377

maybe this is maladaptive day dreaming

Anonymous 63417

Based Bubblegum Princess.

Anonymous 63479

a while ago i was hatereading someone's blog and reported one of their posts, and now their blog is completely gone. i didn't think that anything would happen since the site really doesn't give a shit about anything that's reported, i thought it would just annoy them and force them to take the post down. to be fair, it could have kind of constituted as a terrorist threat and i reported it as such, so i guess if you don't want your decade old tumblr to get deleted, don't be a retard and joke about terrorism

Anonymous 63790

I used to write gay parody fanfic of my male friends back when I was in high school. They all knew and, surprisingly, never had a problem with it. They actually enjoyed reading my ridiculous, badly written fanfics. Sometimes we would even do dramatic readings over skype.

Anonymous 64070

I did something extremely nasty during puberty out of horniness and I kind of want to talk about to finally get it off my chest but I'm also too ashamed to talk about it

Anonymous 64071

I won't judge you anon

Anonymous 64160

But I'm judging myself

Anonymous 64304


Anonymous 64306

This. A true woman of culture.

Anonymous 64307


Anonymous 64340


I feel glad whenever I learn that a moid was raped/molested. I know it's a horrible thing to say but I think it's the only way a moid will ever truly understand what most women go through. It's sad but all moids ridicule women's fear of sexual assault just because they have never found themselves in that position, but once it happens to them you can totally see the change in the moid's behavior towards women after they have gotten sexually assaulted. It's also funny to read how technically all religions (even eastern ones) banned homosexuality because moids were tired of getting molested/raped in certain sexually degenerate, unsafe cities and having their kids get raped by other moids.

Anyway, I'm not exactly happy that they had to go through such a horrible experience, but it does make me glad that often such experience is so life changing it often positively impacts the women they hold non-intimate relationships with. It's too bad about the ones who become pedos/assaulters themselves but I think those are a minority.

Anonymous 64341

what kind of edgy shit is this? I was raped anally and I'm horrified when a man has shared my experience. especially because of the stigma men face from this that women don't. I think they're more likely to be crippled by it by being too afraid to seek help, letting it fester internally etc.
it's okay to want attitude changes on a larger level but you shouldn't revel in any innocent's rape, you sound sociopathic. I invite you to take a break from the internet (or whatever is radicalizing your views toward men) and reconnect with your humanity sis

Anonymous 64344

I'm sorry if that came off as misandrist, I don't hate moids and moids have never hurt me, it's just the conclusion I ended up with after witnessing such thing twice within my social circle. I don't condemn rape, but even in western societies like ours where people are supposed to be educated on it you see moids all the time making fun of it and mocking women experiences until it happens to them. I guess at the end it's just a natural thing that you can try to sympathize, but cannot actually comprehend something until you witness/experience it yourself.

Anonymous 64524

My husband is mean to me on a regular basis. I have a divorce plan if he doesn't get his shit together soon.

Anonymous 64569

I wet the bed (not on purpose ever)
Till I was 16, in a bed I shared with my mother (and in a bed I still share with her) attachment issues (I can’t sleep alone)

Anonymous 64570

My older sister and I regularly steal from grocery stores whatever we can, clothing (we wear it out, take the tags off before we leave the store), we take medicine (ibuprofen, gravol etc.)
We take food sometimes but we aim for expensive stuff

Anonymous 64571

I scammed a guy online once of a thousand dollars Canadian, he doxxed me in return

Anonymous 64583

datamining: the thread

Anonymous 64597

i've become the neet who uses pissjars

Anonymous 64606

i'm a neet too, but why the piss jars? how difficult would it be to just get up?

Anonymous 64658

I wish I was born a lesbian and I sometimes dream that I was molested/sexually assaulted by a male early in my life so I could never feel love towards them

Anonymous 64661

Post pic

Anonymous 64666

I want to become the next Jodi Arias, only better looking, smarter, less cringey and wont get caught.

Anonymous 64667

That's a really round-about way of saying you want to kill someone.

Anonymous 64668

That could've just given you a kink for it

Anonymous 64669

Moid spotted

Anonymous 64682

I'm urge incontinent, so when I notice I have to pee it's usually too late, and then I have to squirm to the toilet in front of my family which is humiliating.
So I prefer the jar for emergencies.

Anonymous 65023

I love the smell of my 3 day unwashed ripe pussy. I keep pubes because the smell sticks to them.

Anonymous 65024

Holy shit I can't stand this anymore
I'm madly in love with my cousin who lives in another state and whom I had never talked to until recently. My therapist said that I should stop following him online so that this infatuation will go away on its own. But a few days ago I had contact with him again. Actually the thing that made me stop that for months was that I asked him something about hating small talk and doing it when you're interested in the other person (cuz that's what I had awkwardly tried to do to get a conversation going with him several times before, and he's a quiet kind of person who hates small talk) and his response broke my heart and made me realize what I was doing was totally wrong and how stupid I looked, so I got sad and angry at the same time and unfollowed him at that instant. The worse thing about this is that I'm incredibly jealous of him too (he's better than me at several things I've been doing for a while, he could experience childhood with my favorite cousin who lives close to him, his family is richer, he's more well-read than me, he owns and has played so many more video games than me, my grandma and aunts and uncles won't stop talking about his achievements when I go visit) so this intense hatred, this passionate feeling easily turns back into attraction. Being constantly switching between hating and wanting a person is already torture, but for that to happen with your own cousin… Like, he's totally my type, too, physically and in personality. I don't know how to become closer to him or how to even talk to him in a way that he likes it next time we have to see each other. Also, when I see him interact with any other woman online, or see a woman chatting with him I get this feeling of intense jealousy and dread, it's like my whole world falls apart. There are like 2 or 3 women who like him but probably have no idea what he looks like and wouldn't like him if they knew (or at least that's what I like to believe). My therapist said that if I need to treat him like shit next time to get over it then so be it.
I drew myself once standing next to him in the same clothes we were wearing that day we met, it was exciting so a few days later I drew us kissing, and finally I drew myself flirting with him while he blushed, my fucking imagination was out of control. After I got my heart broken that one day I deleted the drawings though I still have a copy on my Google Drive that I keep forgetting to delete. But oh my god, nothing would break my heart more than if I knew he found me annoying. I can't allow that, so I'll be an asshole to him instead in hopes of getting over my massive crush, the bad news is that we're probably not seeing each other in a loooong while because of this fucking pandemic. Fuck, even the though of bullying him sounds exciting to me AAAAAAAGHHH
Yes, I am simping for my own cousin, do you think I like being in this situation?? I've cried about it asking myself why it had to be him. I fell into a depression because of it too, although all these feelings are less strong now.
Maybe I just need to go outside, touch grass and get a bf since it's been more than a year without dating anyone. But it's hard to do that right now.

Why is doing that in front of your family humiliating? It's no biggie.

Do husbandos count? Yes, I took it seriously. No I didn't feel like a piece of shit because my relationship was too damaged at that point. My boyfriend had become emotionally abusive and pornsick.
This being said, after that I've become kind of hostile or at least cold and distant to all the men that act too friendly with me while I'm in a relationship to avoid crushing on anyone that isn't my bf (and my subsequent boyfriends haven't been pieces of shit so they deserve the effort).

Anonymous 65025

I also have a hard time making female friends, anon. Always had, even though I had one or two close girl friends I always had more male friends.
My first same-gender friendship that felt super close and intimate was my first online friend as well, as an adult. I also developed a crush on her lol Then came the second who I met in the same way.

Anonymous 65027

relatable. i’ve only ever had online friends of the same gender, doesn’t help that i don’t have contact with them anymore.

Anonymous 65029


Hey anon, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t judge you. I’ve also experienced intense feelings of jealousy and dread when my s/o talks to other girls. Hot take, but I honestly don’t see the problem with incest if both parties consent and they don’t have kids. I’m not talking about like parent/child incest, but more like your situation where both parties are the same age and more distantly related. Like there’s nothing actually morally wrong about it imo… I’m sorry about your forbidden love anon.

Anonymous 65044

In my countries it is actually legal to marry your cousin, which is actually not so distant relative.
And in France incest is legal when they are over 18.

Anonymous 65045

They meant a pic of the piss jars, dummy.

Anonymous 65048

Same. Smells musky but not too much.

Anonymous 65117

i'm not the "moid spotted" poster but it would be quite nasty to post pics so i'd rather not

Anonymous 65123

Today I found out that I had a leadership title stripped from me without notice lol. Disgusting.
But you know what? Take it, girl. God is dead. Everything good in my life came from good-hearted, hardworking people, not an imaginary force that exists for some but not for others.
I'm already going to Hell in the eyes of many for the sins that I've committed and the actions I wish to take.

My life was miserable being a christcuck, and I made other people miserable too for no good reason. And people suppressed me and made ME miserable.

I resent moids so much for their general pedo ideology when the ones that often preach it the most are the ones that need to be weeded out of the gene pool, either because of mental illness or ugly looks. "Real men" value older women and view age as worthy of respect. Dying young is either tragic or pathetic, depending on the circumstance.

I'm glad I was finally freed from God and Jesus by someone I could find kinship with.

Good luck with the club. You're gonna need it.

Anonymous 65130

I also feel the need to clarify that not only was there not anything communicated to me about having the title taken, but even when I held it I was never given any resources to work with and was just told "go find club members".

And then had no luck at all with that because of COVID and another competing club.

Anonymous 65145

Yeah, definitely don't do it, scrotes from other IBs might screenshot it and spread it through their circles.

Anonymous 65146

Ngl I’m kinda slow, so my bad lmfao

Anonymous 65260

Thank you for reading anon. I think this kind of jealousy is more common when the person you like is indifferent towards you. It hurts a lot and I feel so pathetic because he'll never like me back yet I can't stop obsessing over him sometimes and be jealous of the other girls who interact with him, I just want this to stop. Unfortunately that will likely not happen until we meet again who knows when (partly because he doesn't even reply back most of the time in DMs, he's that uninterested). Also I agree and I know about laws mentioned by >>65044 but as I've said already, the main issue is that he doesn't give a fuck about me and would probably never like me back, not even if we were unrelated

Anonymous 65267

idk if this is weird but very small art details make me cry. I absolutley love line art and when i think about this particular artists linewight and how it fluctuates so smoothly from fine to thick makes me cry its just so beautiful i get chills looking at it and this weird sense of power/will to live. I feel the same with music, instruments and vocals. I am so easily impacted by art in general, i think its such a beautiful medium that we humans have in order to express ourselves and enjoy. I always felt that art is selfish but how can it be so when i cry tears of joy and laughter from such simplistic works? that then motivates me to become a better artist myself? the next dillema then comes in the form of never reaching your own expectations, especially if you are a hobbyist. My goal in life is to make art that will make me cry. I want scrunched up faces, detailed hands, sharp forms, fluctuating linewight that feels like a art nouveau dream, soft shades and colors that make it hard to breathe!! I swear (and have) to God that I will make it happen, whether I am 25 or 90 I will I wont let myself die until i do!!

Anonymous 65335

you're awesome anon i like you

Anonymous 65347

Does anyone else have crushes that disgust them? Especially on old men.

Anonymous 65349

Sometimes I have crushes on old men, but they don't disgust me.

Anonymous 65351

thank you (⌒‿⌒)

Anonymous 65390


There's a 5'7 moid with long hair living very close to me, he has a kid (I'm not sure if that's his kid or it's his sibling or his roommates kid though)

And fuck he's just the most precious moid I had to lay my eyes upon, I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here but I cannot contain my crush anymore

He has been living in my apartment complex (is that what it's called?) for a few years now, every time I see him my heart skips a beat

He has long black hair and blue eyes and pale skin, he dresses nicely. And every other moid that lives here is middle aged, overweight and probably an alcoholic with kids

And the worst part is, I'll never even talk to him, let alone date him, he'll never approach me, I'll never approach him

I'm a neet in desperate job search and my only experience with the opposite sex is getting bullied in school so I can't even socialize properly, ashamed of everything in my life including family, education, being a neet, etc.

Even if we talked his interest wouldn't last long, my whole personality is tied around me being depressed and having serious self harm issues

Anonymous 65391

>long hair
very good taste
Maybe one day you could offer some food or item like "hey I got too many of these, would you like one?" I totally get the anxiety though, it was just a first step approach idea if you ever worked up the courage, it'd be a neighborly gesture and you wouldn't have to have a whole conversation
I'm sorry you feel so badly about yourself, but I believe in you, you can get better!

Anonymous 65394

That's actually pretty good advice but every time that I saw him he wasn't hanging out he was going somewhere

I really do hope there will eventually be a reason for us to talk to each other

Anonymous 65396

I have consumed so much redpill and blackpill content to the point where I am more confused about men and woman. I feel like I wont be able to ever obtain the family that I always wanted, no matter how hard I try. I dont know how to act nor interact them and i dont know what to expect from them. This is all my fault though, I am so weak minded and stupid that I become anxious over these sort of things. But i feel so tired. I just want someone to love and someone to depend on, while I do the same for him. I dont know how to obtain it and I am now more scared of it than ever. I know I will be made fun of for this if I ever tell I soul, but I dont care. I think I will just remain celibate. I think i rather stay where I am right now and heal myself and help those I love, than put so much mental effort now and in the future in something I obviously dont know how to handle. Maybe I will enter a healthy relationship with a good person. But I dont know, I know its my choice and I dont think I am currently responsible/sane enough to make that choice. I am now going to go to bed and leave my anxieties behind and make the changes that will lead me to a different 10 years from now. Heck, if it takes me 30 years i dont mind. I dont want to be this pathetic anymore.

Anonymous 65409

Or just in denial about the black pill being true.

Anonymous 65415

I was kinda hypersexual at 11-14 and viewed and drew porn of fictional characters of a young age range. I looked at a lot of fucked up shit but it all waned off and i deem it all as sexual confusion

Anonymous 65417


I had a huge crush on some guy, and he said he was into me too. We talked for a few months. He ghosted me, and I've moved on, but then I heard from other people who saw him that it wasn't because he didn't like me. He just didn't know what to say to me. I'm going to dump an angry rant here because I have nowhere else to vent but CC, I hope it's not too inappropriate.
Yeah, exactly. Be upset as you watch how this goes down, you fucking faggot. You're a pussy ass bitch. It's not really that weird to me to be liked or loved from afar, but I've never witnessed such cowardice. Why did you tell me you liked me back, just to disappear and then talk to other girls? Are you fucking stupid? Why would you be mad about this? Fuck you for wasting my time, whether you ever had feelings for me or not. I gave you so many chances and waited so long for something. Blocking me would've been good, then I'd know you were just done. Even an "I don't like you anymore" would've sufficed if it turns out those people were wrong and you actually don't like me, or if they were just lying to make me feel better. At this point, it doesn't even matter. I don't want it anymore, I just like the idea of you seeing me get better and realizing how much you missed out. If it was going to end up like this, you should've ignored me from the start. You didn't deserve anything I gave you, I wish I could take it all back and wipe it from your brain because you shouldn't even have the memories. You're definitely not good enough for me, and you never were.
Honestly, it's my fault, and the lesson was well-needed. I constantly psyche myself up that "This one will be okay" when I find a moid that's even slightly cute and nice. I knew the score from the start. LC already taught me about men, and I thought I internalized it, but here I am, surprised and upset now that the results have come in. I should never have spoken to you. I'm sorry to myself for romanticizing a complete stranger, let alone a man. That was my bad, and I need to value my own heart and time more. Like, of course he'd be a fucking disappointment. Water is wet. Moids don't deserve shit, it's 1000000% better to string them along and never be honest about anything. A lonely man is not the same as a lonely woman. Male-attracted women are so fucking kind, even to the worst males, and they go so far for the ones they care about. Literally all my female relatives are like that and it ruined them. There are so many sweet, forgiving, stupid women in the world that any man who finds himself alone is definitely that way for a fucking reason. It's his own fault. Don't donate worth to them, don't give them the benefit of the doubt, don't waste your time.
Every time some other moid comes to me and compliments me or randomly tells me he's fallen in love with me based on some minute detail of my being, that's another reminder that there's never been anything wrong with me. You're just a selfish fucking moron, and even if you had found the balls to be open with me, you'd just have kept taking from me because you actually have literally nothing to give. Maybe God saw that I was making excuses for your dumb ass, and decided to protect me by holding your tongue. Also, I'm sure you have dyslexia. See a fucking professional, and then get castrated. Not because dyslexia is hereditary, but because I know from some of the things you've said, thinking you were being so clever (all of which I excused because I become retarded when I like a person) that you should never breed.

Anonymous 65419

>I like to chew them into semi-solid cud basically, form it into a solid ball, and then absent-mindedly gnaw it throughout the day.
This in particular made me fucking gag.

Anonymous 65424

Me too, anon. Good that we both grew out of that phase!

Anonymous 65461

could be. either way i am tired, i am just going to die happy doing the things i love and taking care of my family untill they eventually pass on.

Anonymous 65465


Anonymous 65467


>I should never have spoken to you. I'm sorry to myself for romanticizing a complete stranger, let alone a man
>Every time some other moid comes to me and compliments me or randomly tells me he's fallen in love with me based on some minute detail of my being
I know you are just ranting but the juxtaposition of admitting to idealizing strangers and then being upset at moids for idealizing strangers just tickles me pink.

Anonymous 65469

You misunderstand anon. I'm not upset at moids for it, I take it as a compliment and accept the validation. What I wouldn't do is tell someone I like them when I don't for months. I don't understand that, I don't think I ever will.
I'll keep allowing moids to like me for the sake of it, to prove to myself that there's nothing inherently unlovable about me and it's actually the opposite. That the one person I actually liked was too much of a faggot and that's how it is. He probably likes a girl that ignores him. Ironic thing is that if I had been the first to ghost him and never tried, he probably would've fallen in love with me for real. And now I know he'll be seething and watching me for some time. It serves him right.

Anonymous 65601

My… my mother just asked me why I like following him…. she suspects something holy shit I can tell, like, why would I even spend so much time on him? Motherfuck, she definitely knows something's going on… She had asked me before, but that was months ago, and she didn't sound so suspicious that time… Oh fuck, what am I gonna do when she asks me more directly? I think I'll have to confess to it eventually tbh… Just now I had to make up some random bullshit about liking the stuff he's talking about right now, I seriously forgot all about my jealousy and hatred for a sec, I could've told her that I'm trying to bond with him so that I can get over my jealousy (what I initially wanted) but holy shit, I was so close to breaking. I think I got too visibly nervous even if it was for a very brief moment. She definitely knows, she definitely knows…
My whole body is shaking and cold…

Anonymous 65608

I used to be rather unattractive for reasons that I could work hard to change
I thought that my looks were the reason why life was so hard
I thought that getting hot would mean that my troubles were over
I thought that it would mean my mental disorder was acceptable to a partner, even if improvement was really slow
I fell for the "attractive girls live life on easy mode" meme
I became a lot more attractive than I hoped. Still dumped, still having agonizing spergouts, still left without any true friends, still struggling to even live the NEET life, and people still see how "nervous" I look.
At least I can be cute while I cry every day

Anonymous 65610

Sometimes after sex with my bf I secretly read bizarre doujinshis and masturbate.

Anonymous 65611

I'm sure you can find a good excuse to talk to him, bake some cookies or something and offer some to him next time you see him, phrase it something like "hey I've notice you around the complex, I baked 2 many cookies, please have some :)" it'll start a precedent.

Anonymous 65621


i pick my nose

Anonymous 65622

Not to be rude but maybe you overestimate how good you look. The "live on easy mode" meme only applies to 10/10s.

Anonymous 65623

>only applies to 10/10s
Does it really? I wouldn't call myself 10/10, especially due to factors like height or race where people have very different preferences. I always heard people say that if you're not fat and don't have any glaring flaws then you're set.
At least my bf seemed to really like the way I looked, with basically no complaints, and even when he was losing interest for other reasons he still expressed that I was attractive to him. I just feel really ashamed that it's all because of stuff on the inside.

Anonymous 65639

>I always heard people say that if you're not fat and don't have any glaring flaws then you're set.
That just means people won't stare at you in disgust or think of how ugly you are it's almost fascinating. it doesn't mean life is gonna be on easy mode.

Anonymous 65657

i'm a massive hypocrite, i'm bisexual, i don't want to date men, but i also don't want to date women who date men either, but idk if i can fully vibe with a lesbian either because of potential mutual misunderstanding. basically i'm volcel because i'm retarded and weird. i wish i were truly asexual.

Anonymous 65661

same anon, also i'm biracial but for some reason not attracted to men of my mom's race, but i'm very much attracted to women of that race.

Anonymous 65663

I wear bras 24/7 because my tits are numb, they have zero sensation to them except mild discomfort, and I feel uncomfortable with letting them hang, because my left boob falls under my armpit, and when notice it and push it out, it feels painful as I touch it.
It has always been like this, and I consider getting a breast removal because of it.

Anonymous 65692



Why do you think you cannot vibe with a lesbo? Genuinely curious.

I am also bisexual (febfem) and don’t care much for men, either.

Most bisexuals I’ve met say they would not date another bisexual. My first gf in HS was a bislut and that experience blackpilled me intensely kek. I would never in a million years date another bisexual woman again, much less a bisexual man. At that point the only options are to date straight men, lesbians, or go full volcel.

Lesbians are the best IME. I worship them, but as a disgusting bisexual many of them tend to have trust issues with me at first. They reaaalllllllyyyy hate wasting their time with bihets.

Beautiful lipstick lesbians are the best =^-^=

Anonymous 65693

>i worship lesbians
calm down and love yourself lol. also it's just that i feel like we probably will never truly understand each other as she is incapable of being attracted to men, while i'm basically just making a choice. honestly i'm not completely ruling out lesbians, but i don't want to happen to make anyone feel insecure because i also happen to like vidya boys.

Anonymous 65694

i'm bi and have only very, very rare attraction towards men. also have no experience with them at all. is there any reason not to just lie and never bring this up? not sure what the downside could be in reality.

Anonymous 65695


Kek. I fail to understand why a lesbian’s lack of lust for d*ck is a dealbreaker for you, but ok ! Cool story sis

Anonymous 65696


No need to lie or feel insecure about that ! It’s perfectly natural, especially for LGB ppl, to not have a lot of “experience” sexually, methinks. Our sexual / psychosexual development is just different from the hets’. Hopefully social science will look more into this phenomenon, identify patterns and strengthen our understanding of LGB psychosexual development.

Unironically, just bee yourself.

The only downside I can think of is most adult men will likely try to take advantage of you if you disclose to them that you lack sexual experiences with males.

Anonymous 65697

FYI it’s ok to love yourself

Anonymous 65702

i don't want to be with males though. i meant not bring it up to lesbian women.

Anonymous 65753

If the characters were around your age, that's not as weird as you think. I went through a similar hypersexual stage during puberty and drew and looked at a lot of porn of similarly-aged characters (sometimes younger). Thankfully the attraction is gone and now I'm mostly attracted to character of my current age (with the exception of older ones).

Anonymous 72518


I'm almost 22 and still obsessed with Effy Stonem, lmao. I know it's immature as fuck, but I can't help it. I just want to be 16 again.

Anonymous 72528

I absolutely adore shy subs. Good to see there are others with the same taste.

Anonymous 72762

I keep dating guys that I know are less attractive than I am (and honestly also sometimes less intelligent, less mentally stable, etc.) because I like the feeling of a power imbalance in a relationship. my current crush is nothing like that I and I hope its a good sign that I am getting over my power imbalance thing?

Anonymous 73060

i want to fuck my 50 yr old teacher so bad. i just wanna know what its like being with someone older. i'm not particularly "loose" or anything. in fact i'm kind of a prude.
even if i had the chance i wouldn't do it because that'd be unfair to his wife. even if they were swingers or something.
he has a handsome face but is probably built like hank hill under his clothes. still, i'm curious how much experience a man that old would have. it actually disgusts me to admit this.

Anonymous 73061

it will be awful. curiosity killed. find someone your own age now

Anonymous 73062

have you slept with an old dude? please give us the story.

Anonymous 73079

Older men already have huge egos these days and think they can easily attract young girls because so many millenial and zoomer girls lack a father figure, please don't give dirty old men any more ego boosts. You'll feel sick at the idea of once letting these geriatric coomers touch your young body and realize they were trying to vampirize your youth.

Anonymous 73083

This exactly. I did what the poster wants to do and while it felt cool and edgy at the time, as I got a few years older I realized how screwed up it was. I'm still a couple of decades off his age but the idea of having sex with someone so much younger than me is nauseating, especially when it is clear they must have father issues or low self esteem or something to want to enter a situation like that.

To the poster, write a hot smutty story about how you imagine it going to get it our of your system. Write a few more if you still interested. Now realize that nothing that can happen for real will ever match that. It's a fantasy. enjoy it for that but don't let yourself be taken advantage of by a disgusting old creep looking to feed his ego.

Anonymous 73089

I can vouch. I was with a guy almost 30 years older than me. I really just wanted a friend I could talk about music with. He was divorced and zeroed in on me and demanded my constant attention. He even said things like, "You're not as experienced as me, so you may not know what you're feeling yet," so I couldn't say no to him. Even though I was an adult, it felt like the same language he'd use to groom a child. When I did something he didn't like, he would yell at me for hours until I gave in and agreed to whatever he wanted. If an older man shows interest in you, he sees you as an easy target to exercise control over to make up for how shitty his life is. Tell him to fuck off right away. Don't be scared to tell him no. Don't fall for his 'sensitive' act – he just sees you as something to manipulate.

Anonymous 73097

I remember clicking on some webm on a r9k thread of some old man fucking his granddaughter. I honestly feel like I hate and am disgusted by all old men ever since then, it was vile.

Anonymous 73182

is it bad that i write self insert fanfic about my hot coworker and then delete it after

Anonymous 73184

i am in love with my ldr bf I dont think he really is and is falling for someone else probably online female friend or irl, I wish I had a female friend to talk to about these things. I have trouble trusting other females.

Anonymous 73195

The guy who groomed me ages ago is still stalking me online, even as I'm approaching my mid-twenties.
The worst part is that in between my disgust for him I'm also very, very, very attracted to him. It's to the point where I can't find a man attractive, real or fictional unless he reminds me of him in some way. It makes me think I have no right to call myself a "victim," frankly.
I started writing original erotic fiction and even y/n bullshit to cope with this. Worst part? I'm invested in both. I hate myself so damn much it's unreal.

Anonymous 73198

Have you ever confronted him.

Anonymous 73200

You're still a victim anon. Oprah (who was groomed underage and became pregnant) spoke about this in her Leaving Neverland special. She said that what groomers do feels good and that can complicate things. The grooming wouldn't work if they didn't get you to like them and trust them. It's ok to have complicated feelings about it.

As for the stalking, I recommend gathering screencaps and contacting the police. Block and ghost him everywhere and tell everyone who knows you to do the same. Consider deleting all your accounts and making new ones under fake names or just staying off social media.

Anonymous 73201

no, this is a healthy way to get the feelings out of your system without risking your job or an awkward situation

Anonymous 73213

sometimes when im walking somewhere i like to imagine all the passing objects/features of the walk killing me in one exaggerated way or another
i think it helps me focus

Anonymous 73255

yes. more than once. All it did was encourage him because he wants a response. I even tried getting family and friends involved. Some threatened him as well. This didn't stop him at all. What he would do is wait for the heat to die down and resume earlier behavior on alt accounts.
I'll try. I'm just scared they won't believe me.
That said I really should get off social media. All it's doing is letting him know what I'm up to.

thank you all <3 it means a lot

Anonymous 73264

I have scrupulosity and my physical health has declined along w my mental health

Anonymous 73329

I'm kinda romantically involved with my ex stalker and my blackmailer because it's the only way to keep him in check with not fucking up my life until I can catch a momentum to erase him without him getting triggered. It's been a few years now. I also have my own life which remains untouched as long as we're good.i'm getting tired but I must keep it all going for as long as possible until I manage to end it efficiently

Anonymous 73331

>not being the one who stalks and extorts your ex bf
Laaaame. Also you sound like a tranny.

Anonymous 73371

i am really cool and it scares people off
how cool i am, i mean. it's intimidating. and how hot and smart i am.

Anonymous 73375

can you tell a bit about the scrupulosity? hope its not too personal

Anonymous 73376

this. that anon is a retard, we all grow old

Anonymous 73558

I'm in love with a male which I cannot have since it's inconvenient for both, but now I believe is a high functioning phychopath.
Here's a confession: I have an unbearable urge to fuck him, but whenever I think about it to get off and get it off of my chest, I can't help but picture us making love, which leads me to cry of happieness and not even finish. I feel like I'm going insane cause usually I'm a rational woman, so I kinda sorta just waited for the flign which I created in my mind goes away. It's been a year now and I can't even listen to the cheesiest love songs on the radio. Can't watch a movie which has a love aspect of any kind without thinking about him.

The worst part is, I would never actually be with him even if the situation was any different. I'm just left with this.

Anonymous 73568

Just masturbate/fantasize to it and move on. Most of the guys who pursue me turn out to be psychos or have npd. I find not having sex with them a lot more satisfying, and once you had sex with them they would just throw you away anyway, so dont go there.

Anonymous 73607

Seconding this. He would be very selfish in bed and then drop her immediately. Anon would instantly regret it and then be terrified anyone found out.

In the fantasy anon can make him beg to cum and then drop him immediately. She can do it over and over and there is zero chance anyone will ever know.

If it's a real issue for you then you should look into limerence.

Anonymous 73658

As long as I'm fun in his eyes, yes. But then he'd just malipulate me for whatever he deems convinient at that moment. I'm not even afraid he'd leave me after sex, I'm more afraid of what he'd do with my emotions after he were to 'caught' me. So I just don't even wanna go near the idea of actually fucking him.
The worst part is that I have a blockade when I'm in love, can't masturbate and finish, at least not to that person and also can't think about any other.

I asked around with my friends in phychological fields about the case without telling bluntly it's my case, they said that this is usual for males (?) To experience when in love, but have no problem jerking off to other femalesy just that one.

Anonymous 73677


When I was a teenager I used to download the sexy MMD models and make them fondle each other and I still turned out straight for some reason

Anonymous 73717

Is there such a thing as sexual limerence. When you're sexually addicted to one person but can't imagine dating them.

Anonymous 73754

Probably? I haven't heard of it, but if the thoughts are negatively affecting your life then it's more than a crush.

Anonymous 73772

I’ve been cheating on my bf for a couple of months now. The thing is I actually kind of like the guy. He doesn’t make me feel poorly about myself like my bf. That’ll change probably. But for now it’s nice not to hear how shit I am from somebody whose suppose to like me. It’s nice not to have someone yell at me for being hyper or talkative. I can wake him up for attention and he doesn’t scream at me and tell me how disrespectful I am. If we talk about something that we disagree on, it doesn’t turn into a screaming match. I doubt he likes me back. My bf has made me feel so poorly about my personality, I just hate myself now.

Anonymous 73773

So breakup with him then. Don't stay with someone who makes you feel bad and don't cheat either.

Anonymous 73774

Jfc anon, break-up. None of that is justification. This reeks of emotionally parasitic behavior. You should just be alone for a bit and work on yourself (unironically).

Anonymous 73775

Why so I can be all alone and sad?
He does it in such subtle ways that I just think I’m crazy or he’ll say something like how I’m insufferable and some how I end up apologizing because I point out how he does it all the time. Then he just gas lights me and tells me not to put my issues on him. So then I just thing I’m insecure

Anonymous 73786

I don't understand. It sounds like being in a relationship with a shitty guy already makes you feel all alone and sad. The best thing to do would be to break up with him instead of dating another guy behind his back. You deserve better.

Anonymous 73794

i hate that i have to lie about having an onlyfans to pay for college cause hey, guess what, life isnt nice to the girl who was born to a terminally ill mother and a dad which left the country and probably changed his fucking name.

Anonymous 73795

>she has an onlyfans
>point and laugh
Stop acting like it's the last choice you had, stop trying to justify it. Those that own up to it and don't act like they're humanity's victim for selling their bodies to degenerates online are less horrendous, my God.
Quit that damn pathetic industry and look for a decent part time job or something

Anonymous 73797

Don't you know some people are too glamorous to work a degrading food service or retail job?

Anonymous 73801

fuck i'm fat kill me

Anonymous 73806

so? who cares. i don't mean that to be dismissive but to give you some perspective

lose weight if you want to or be happy how you are

just don't make your weight the centre of your life

Anonymous 73809

I want a friend

Anonymous 73863

I "doxxed" a tranny for being in a female-only online group and hiding the fact that he was a tranny the whole time he was in it. I do not feel bad about it since he was strongly advocating for puberty blockers and had weird pedophilic fetishes.

Anonymous 73865


Anonymous 73905

Me too

Anonymous 73973

i like doing drugs :)

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