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Weddings Anonymous 56056

Do you want to get married?
If so, what's your dream wedding?
Who would you invite?
What wedding dress would you wear?
What theme would you do?

Anonymous 56057


>Do you want to get married?
No but I will answer this anyway as I am against marriage, not weddings.
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
Beach wedding.
>Who would you invite?
No one.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
Pic related or something more casual.
>What theme would you do?

Anonymous 56059

I just want to elope and get married at a courthouse. Everything about weddings makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous 56061

I just want to sign the paper and live at peace
That's too much effort… I'd rather travel than feeding mother fuckers who will ruin my wedding by being toxic gossip

Anonymous 56062


That’s true too I think a honeymoon is the best part About getting married. What type of honeymoon would you guys do?

Anonymous 56067

Ring eclipse.png

I got married during an eclipse. He couldn't afford a ring, so he gave me the "ring eclipse" instead. It was ideal.

Anonymous 56072

whats a ring eclipse

Anonymous 56074

Diamon Ring Effect…

A ring eclipse is when the penumbra of the eclipsing body is not perfectly aligned and lends one side of the celestial body being eclipsed having a "diamond" or "bead" like appearance.


Anonymous 56075


>Do you want to get married?
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
Blood oath. Flowers. Steep hills. Open water.
>Who would you invite?
We can pick up a hitchhiker on the way to take a picture.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
White lace.
>What theme would you do?
It’s 1960. His name is Robert and we’re in love.

Anonymous 56086


>Do you want to get married?
Yes, but only once.
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
Summer-autumn cusp wedding. Candles everywhere that look like they're floating. Fairy lights sprinkled among vegetation. Lots and lots of flowers. White iron brocade details.
>Who would you invite?
A small group. Just family and close friends. I don't want any people I barely know attending. That includes extended family.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
Lacy with long bell sleeves. Something that drapes elegantly. A very long veil! Or go all out with a big poofy princess dress and corseted slim waist. That silhouette is one of my favourites. You can't really wear that day-to-day. So why not wear it at a wedding where it's socially acceptable?
>What theme would you do?
Fairy forest/enchanted forest theme I guess. An elven forest might be a more appropriate description? Just something with lots of soft lighting and flowers everywhere!

Anonymous 56087

>Do you want to get married?
Yes. Not changing my name though that's cucked.
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
I don't really have one in mind. Something small and intimate.
>Who would you invite?
I don't care too much but I would prefer just immediate family.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
Something nice and lacey but comfy too.
>What theme would you do?
Uhhhh no idea

Anonymous 56093

How do you feel about hyphenated last names?

Anonymous 56095


nta but imagine two hyphenated last names getting together and deciding to hyphenate it. like imagine a Wilson-Smith got together with a Grey-Zhou would that make them Wilsn-Smith-Grey-Zhou? Hyphenating sounds iffy to me.

Anonymous 56119

Agreed, taking his last name is cucked. Give daughters your name and sons his name. Create your own matrilineal line.

Anonymous 56126

I can’t get over the fact that women happily give their children the man’s name. When would a man ever work day and night on something for almost a year but give all the credit to someone who helped for half an hour on the first day?

The law in some places was that women belonged either to their father or their husband and all her children belong to her husband, who can do with them what he wants. Why would a woman want to make it seem like that is still the case?

Do a Cruella de Vil and make him change his name to yours.

Anonymous 56127

In your scenario, that would be two divorced or widowed people getting married together post-fact, not exactly the best of starts to a relationship. It's helped even less by the fact that most people who did hyphenate for marriage will just change their name if they get divorced. So now you're looking at the tiny percentage of widows and the exceptional widower with hyphenated last names.

It's a highly strange and specific situation that isn't going to come up, and, if anything, the solution is obviously that each takes the other's name and hyphenates it to their end of theirs removing the last name.

It's not that hard.

Why even give your children last names? That reeks of colonialism and eugenics trying to keep track of heritage and such. Just because they aren't the moids objects to rule over doesn't make them yours either.

Anonymous 56132

Things would get super confusing without last names

Anonymous 56168

What if you don't have any daughters?

Anonymous 56188

>do i want to get married
>dream wedding
Our wedding to either be in a little church or backyard, and then celebrate with sushi and frozen yogurt
>who would you invite
i want it to be small, so id only invite people i actually care about (8 people), and including my bf's family and friends
>wedding dress
something pretty and unique, lots of lace and ribbons, no bling or any ghetto embellishments, id have my hair down and id like to wear a flower crow veil thingy
idk, lots of flowers?

Anonymous 56189

>fairy forest wedding theme
that sounds romantic anon

Anonymous 56199

Thank you!
>something pretty and unique, lots of lace and ribbons, no bling or any ghetto embellishments, id have my hair down and id like to wear a flower crow veil thingy
Ooo, I like the sound of this.

Anonymous 56202

Finally that anon responding. I think it's a nice idea, although like some others have said it becomes a bit awkward if children are in the mix. If I knew for certain we wouldn't be having children I'd definitely be up for both of us hypenating our last names.

Anonymous 59130

My bestie just got engaged and I am her maid of honor. What am I in for?

Anonymous 59133

Buying all the booze

Anonymous 59136

>Do you want to get married?
Yes, to the love of my life!
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
Honestly, just in a cathedral. I am looking more forward to the marriage rather than the wedding itself tho
>Who would you invite?
just my family and his family
>What wedding dress would you wear?
something that feels comfortable and makes me look pretty
>What theme would you do?
regular catholic wedding, but with more flowers (warm reds and oranges)

i dont think too much about weddings, i have been more focused on just being with the person i love and growing old on our small home in the middle of a forest with my kids and large family dog. That is what i am looking forward to the most, god willing.

Anonymous 59155

>Do you want to get married?
Yes! Someday with a nice guy.
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
A simple one.
>Who would you invite?
Just close friends and family, I hate the idea of a lot of people.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
I think something like Grace from Ready or Not. Simple dress with all star sounds very cute.
>What theme would you do?
I really don't know, but I despite the idea of regular weddings.

Anonymous 59185


My on and off scrote came back to me realizing his aspie tier hangups did nothing but destroy the (otherwise perfect) relationship and he wants is to be formally engaged again and get married within the next few mos if not asap. I can get whatever I want for the wedding but I don't really want anything. I just want a Vivienne Westwood cocotte dress and my kitchen updated. I wouldn't invite anyone but my grandmas, dad, great GMA, and mom

Anonymous 104042

>Do you want to get married?
Absolutely (I do not mind taking his surname)
>If so, what's your dream wedding?
It taking place in our small parish.
I cannot think of "just signing papers" as a marriage.
>Who would you invite?
Our parents, our closest friends and others from the parish.
>What wedding dress would you wear?
Just a pretty white lace wedding dress.
I don't want to spend too much money on it.
>What theme would you do?
I don't think one can really pick "themes" for parish weddings haha

Anonymous 104050

Crazy to think I posted this two years ago now I am getting married tomorrow

Anonymous 104065

Congratulations nona! How is your wedding going to be? I think it's fate that your post is still here and getting fulfilled!

Anonymous 104130

Yay! Congrats!

Anonymous 104131


I never want to get married ever but if I had to choose a wedding dress it'd be a pretty coloured one with flowers and lace on it or something

Anonymous 104142

>family names means colonialism and eugenics
two years late but that's the most retarded take i've ever read on here probably

Anonymous 104215

i got married at the courthouse a few months ago because i'm so anxious about planning a wedding. my job before covid was wedding planning so i know how much of a shit show/expense it is. i still want to have one because the only time you see everyone you love is baptisms/marriages/funerals. but fuck! it's so expensive. and my husband has a different cultural background than me so i have to figure out how to incorporate two ceremonies/outfits/music/food aHHHHHHHH. and i am very bad at dancing i do not want this documented

Anonymous 104290

Thank you!

My wedding was perfect besides the flowers. I had a flower crown that I bought off Etsy. The florist was supposed to make my bouquet match it. I sent her a photo of it and everything and she completely forgot or ignored my details.

My headpiece is peonies and pale pink and creamy white. She gave me a bouquet that was hot pink and BRIGHT purple. Hideous! I broke down crying seeing it upon first sight. And they were dahlias and roses…

She gave me a hot mess of a bouquet that didn’t match my dress or flower crown so I walked around bouquet-less — THats how much I hated it. I am thinking of redoing all my hair makeup dress bouquet etc again and getting good photos professionally done at some type of wedding photoshoot business when I visit Japan or korea or something. I heard they have good photo-ops there.

Anonymous 104464

I totally understand where you’re coming from.

I like romance but can’t see myself having a wedding because I’m a very private person. Even having my bf’s parents having knowledge of my existence was enough stress for me.

Anonymous 104783


>Do you want to get married?


I say "Yes" only if very untraditionally, because I acknowledge traditional marriage has lost almost all meaning in modern day. I want to live separately, I want us both to work (Barring any serious accident/injury/etc.) but not share majority of eachother's finances, basically be as independent of eachother as possible. Because not doing these is a reason I believe my parents relationship failed. It's very hard not to pick up tradwife behavior subconsciously. You have to make a very big effort to plan your marriage in a way that won't leave one party in socioeconomical or emotional ruin.

I say "No", because I like the idea of being long-term committed without marriage. It has been pushed as one of the most social, traditional social expectations on women for too long. I want to call bullshit on the idea of needing to live together, sleep in the same bed, have children, etc. in order to be in a fulfilling life-long relatioship. I could do all of these without being married, be married only "in theory" and not on paper, then seperate, and I'll still be better off than people who do but then have to deal with all the crap a divorce or "trapped marriage" brings. No thank you.

I think getting "untraditionally" or "unofficially" married is the smarter thing to do. History has shown humans aren't designed for the expectations regarding committment that they place on eachother.

>If so, what's your dream wedding?

Very small and in private. Absolutely no giant, Indian-like weddings. Call me boring, but I want it to be as casual as possible. This goes back to my idea that marriage for an already very strong relationship shouldn't change almost nothing. If you're with someone you're already planning to stay with for life, I don't see the point of making a big show of it.

>What wedding dress would you wear?

A women's tuxedo, because fuck you. You're not putting me in a wedding dress.

>What theme would you do?

The theme will be "Superbowl". A day with my husband-to-be and my friends, involving alot of food, paper football, and yelling at the TV. I don't want anything flashy, just some casual fun.

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