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Anonymous 5669

>tfw no bf
it's not fair

Anonymous 5670

ur catto looks ded too

Anonymous 5671


tfw no cute bf who wants to dress in lingerie

Anonymous 5675


>tfw no clone of myself to feel tfw no bf with

Anonymous 5676

>tfw no bf
>tfw no gf
>tfw no f
I just wish there was someone who cares about me

Anonymous 5679


>tfw no f

I kind of had a friend for about eight months around this time last year, but then I went a bit loopy and dipped out before she realised what a loser I was. I miss her.

Anonymous 5682


>tfw no anime husbando to love you forever no matter what

Anonymous 5683

why don't you have a bf?

Anonymous 5721

>tfw no nice guy bf

Anonymous 5722


Not having a boyfriend isn't painful. It's never having a friend. It's realizing that in your entire life, no one has ever wanted you. It isn't even worth it to spend an hour with you because you are devoid of any positive qualities and have no value as a human being. It is having hope that one day you will find love like your parents did, and losing that hope as the years go by. It's wondering if a mail order husband would leave you after he gets citizenship. It's wondering if anyone would even come to your funeral.

Anonymous 5723

Jesus that's heavy anon. Do you need someone to talk to?

Anonymous 5724

They're both painful. Those of us (on this site) who don't have boyfriends also usually don't have friends.

Anonymous 5732

>mail order husband
This doesn't exist… does it?

Anonymous 5769

OT so I'll sage and all but like, the PPP images really resonated in my psyche to the extent I am so terrified of ever being that degenerate it fills my waking breath with gusto and strength and thus I ascend into the day with motivation to be the best, tidiest, clean anonette that I truly can be

Anonymous 5791


Out of curiosity I looked it up and found this.

Pretty sure it's not legitimate but reading some of the profiles gave me a good kek.

Anonymous 5823

oh dog/10

Anonymous 5847

>it's not fair

Tell me more about your situations, anons. Do you have any hobbies or are you part of any clubs? Do you make an effort to regularly go out and socialise? Are you involved in any kind of charity or volunteer work? Do you go to any meet ups for things you're interested in or attend any classes for skills you'd like to improve?

If you've said no to these then it's totally fair.

Anonymous 5856

Sh-shut up, anon. Let us have our self pity moment without reality burning our delicate hearts.

Anonymous 5858

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps anons would love to have done that but couldn't and can't because of abuse, financial issues, transportation issues, location issues, bullying, physical health problems, mental health problems, lack of support, or any of the other billions of things that could go wrong in a person's life? In that case, it's still unfair.

You sound like you lack empathy and are the type of person to victim blame or your head is so far up your ass in your own little bubble of a world, that you think 7 billion other people live the same 1st world lifestyle as you. It's nice you've had an easy life but you should think before you shit through your fingers, american. I'm not even mad, you know everything I said to be true.

Anonymous 5870


What do I do if I have answered yes to all these things? Is there any hope? Or will I continue to be ignored and remain with no bf? What else more can I do?

Anonymous 5871

Screen Shot 2018-0…

This is what I got taking the compatibility test. Wonder why they put just the weirdos on the main page.

Anonymous 5874


Me too, anon, but I'm too shy to go outside of my shell and meet beautiful peeps. Even online peeps I can chat with. Being anon is the only way to do it.

Anonymous 5875

>gross, smells bad
>has the emotional maturity of a dead rat
>entitled, expects you to give the most of yourself for little in return
>only cares about sex
>will never see you as a human being independent from his fantasy
>will never truly love you
Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous 5877

wow he has the crazy eyes.

Anonymous 5878

Look, I know that over in your country spiders sometimes rain from the sky, but don't talk about America like it's the land of milk and honey. I'm sure the tap water in Brazil is not grey.

Anonymous 5879

I don't know even one American who is even remotely like ~ uwu, I love living a bully-free, abuse-free, completely healthy life where I'm totally sheltered from the constraint of money because 'Murica, uwu ~

Anonymous 5880

lower ur standards

Anonymous 5881

he's just passionate about finding a life partner, is all.

Anonymous 5882

Man detected.

Anonymous 5883

Maybe you should try approaching a guy. Men are thirsty af, after all. I doubt they're going to be quite so guarded about a woman expressing interest in them. That's like the setup to every porno.

Come to think of it, have you tried ordering a pizza?

Anonymous 5893

Reminder that most of the anons who force the "deal with it" meme down your throat are projecting. Ironically, it seems like their way of venting it all is by urging other people not to vent

Anonymous 5906

average trannies.p…

This is probably one of those "be careful what you wish for" type of dealios.

Anonymous 5921

is it just me or does anyone else have the thought
>well if 'alice' can afford that computer setup and all that weeb merch, i guess they're doing alright

Anonymous 5922

But by what means did she afford it? Prostitution? Camwhoring for old perverts? Selling her used tranny panties? You never know.

Anonymous 5923

More of a career than I've ever managed.

Anonymous 5926

Screen Shot 2018-0…

>PHD computer science
she kept her shit together long enough to finish college, at least.

Anonymous 5943

>buying a shitload of weeb merch
really? because my reaction is something must be terribly wrong in their life

Anonymous 5977

>tfw we can't even have our pretty princess points without some tranny butting in

Anonymous 5984

Just get orbiters. it's very easy

Anonymous 5987

only do this if you are thick skinned. Men will absolutely say yes to dating a girl they aren't into for sex and many will assume you are easy for approaching them. Not in thinking that you are slutty, but that you obviously must like them a lot to approach them therefore they don't need to put in effort.

I have approached guys before and now I am not so sure I will continue. It it too easy to get guys that don't really like you?

Anonymous 5996

Went to HS with him. He was tall, deep voice, really smart, but a skeleton. All the girls made fun of him. He flirted with me and they teased me, too. I avoided him senior year because they all teased me about being with him.
He joined the army before graduation; everyone laughed at scrawny Rick, lighter than his rifle.
Beth said, "Anon, you should should kiss him goodbye before his helmet crushes him!" and everyone laughed.
After his training was over I heard he was visiting his parents before he left to fight. He called once but I was too ashamed to answer.
2 years later, after I failed out of uni, I saw him where I work, getting a tux rental.
He was big, burly, like a weightlifter almost. Tanned, smiling. I had to check the name to believe it was him. Just- movie star shape and looks.
He was getting married. Some girl from Korea he met while training there.
He recognized me, said hi. Said I hadn't changed.
I guess I never will

Anonymous 5998

am i crazy or does anyone else feel this: in old pictures, videos, and movies i've seen tons of skinny teen and adult men and to me they look fine (if not really good) and you get this feeling that it is really normal and nobody at that period in time gives a shit, but today these men would possibly be targeted and made to feel insecure about it. I assume this is because america has gotten more fat on average.
also if they choose to get fit they are gonna have an easier time/look better than anyone else

Anonymous 6002


Lucky you, I got a fat French guy in a speedo.

Anonymous 6006

I think you're right and I think it's also because lifting and steroids are so much further along now, so yesterday's buff is now today's weekend warrior, and yesterdays average is sooo skinny today. kind of like how some of the bombshells of the past would be mocked today for flat asses/chests and no lips because theyd get compared to the thicc IG baddies of the world.

Anonymous 6007

hey me too!

Anonymous 6008

Somewhat related to what people have been talking about, but are there many young men left nowadays who don't lift? It seems they're mostly bodybuilders, on their way to becoming bodybuilders, or 300 pound neckbeards.

Where are the bony boys, 130 lbs and under? Am I just not looking hard enough?

Anonymous 6016

Me too! Arnaud sisterwives club?

Anonymous 6022

Skinny guys often look younger by comparison, maybe try going for the guys who look a few years younger than you go for. You might be screening them out on the assumption they are too young when they are the right age.

Anonymous 6023

Calm down, I'm trying to help other anons. Christ. Nothing you even assumed was true.

It's difficult to say. Do you feel like you need some help socialising? Do conversations with men generally go well or is it just that nobody is asking you out?

I guarantee you'll eventually meet people with the same hobby as you if you're really into it. All the people I know in relationships found them when they weren't looking for them. There 100% is hope and I'm not just saying that. I believe in you, anon.

Anonymous 6031

Aw yeah! It'll probably take all three of us to move his fupa around.

What's up with polygamy being so popular lately? TLC has three shows about it now.

Anonymous 6035

eh, whatever makes you happy. i spend my money on what other people would probably call frivolous garbage (or, y'know, hobbies) but w/e, it's not their life.

the secret is to be selective about the men you approach imo.
i don't approach the guys that i'm 'really into' because i've learned over the years that i have terrible taste and usually end up picking very attractive but entitled douchebags. i approach the ones that aren't necessarily 9/10s but have a sense of humor or an intellect that i admire. it's more important to be with a man that i find to be kind or interesting than to be with a chad thundercock. and those guys are more likely to reflect that appreciation towards me, because i see something of value in them that the rest of the world either doesn't necessarily notice, or doesn't hold in high esteem. in a few decades it won't matter whether my partner was hot in their twenties or how great the sex was, it's going to matter whether we can still hold a fascinating conversation with one another.

Anonymous 6041

I got his long lost (but equally obese) twin brother, Hans from Hannover, Germany.

Anonymous 6043

What kind of hobbies or clubs should I be a part of to meet new people?

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