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/fcg/ - femcel general Anonymous 59574

post all things related to your involuntary celibacy

thread prompts:
>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
>vent about celibacy
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
feel free to add more

Anonymous 59576

i disagree with the idea of 'femcels' but she looks so much cuter with the clown makeup

Anonymous 59581

damn I miss the femcel subreddit, it was a really nice community, got nuked for nothing

Anonymous 59582


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
I think I fully realized this about a year ago and now i'm 20 years old.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
It means that I really really want someone to love me unconditionally in a romantic way but I know that my dream of being loved like that is simply just that. A dream. I wish my dream was to own a Ferrari instead, because I can atleast save up for a car, but not love.
>vent about celibacy
I don't really care that much about sex. Yeah for sure, it's a nice bonus. But really I just want a lot of cuddles and kisses and someone who truly loves me.
>what are your interests?
I genuinely like gaming, drawing and reading books. I'm trying to force myself into fitness too. I'm severely overweight so my absolute final hope is that if I get into fitness and become thinner then maybe, just maybe someone would love me. But if that doesn't happen then i'll just accept my fate as a complete femcel.

Anonymous 59583

are you gay and cant get a gf? because men don't really love women, it doesn't matter what you look like

Anonymous 59584

Yes i'm gay. Funny thing is that a bunch of men like me on tinder, but no women. My life is a curse.

Anonymous 59585

have you tried something other than tinder? that's really not the place for a real relationship…

Anonymous 59586

Trust me i've tried everything. I have had alot of gay friends. Tried multiple dating apps multiple times, gone to a lot of lgbt meetings and clubs. Still nothing. I don't know what more I can do.

Anonymous 59589

interesting how that sub got banned but the ones about "degrading holes" and fantasizing about incest and rape are still up

Anonymous 59636

Anyone else feel like they fundamentally can't relate to people who are/have been relationships? Our worlds just seem so different. I wish there was something like convents but non-religious so I could be sent there.

Anonymous 59854

>what does being a femcel mean to you
i am ugly
>what are you interests ?
tetris. i honestly wake up and do nothing all day. kill me

Anonymous 59882

>when did you realize you were a femcel
Around 12 or so, when my friends constantly got attention from boys but I got zero. Or the only time guys would talk to me was if it was a prank. I also noticed my features werent conventionally attractive like other girls, and that boys seemed to go for girls with a very specific type of look (blonde, slutty, Stacy)

>how old are you now

>what does being a femcel mean to you
By being ugly or unattractive or mentally ill or vulnerable, we are exposed to the worst side of male nature and we are blackpilled from an early age. While Stacies and other women are comfortable and flirty with men because they know they will receive a positive response from them, as femcels our actions and words are constantly judged by moids as negative and unwelcome, we are derided and demonized just for existing, or simply ignored.

>vent about celibacy

Many femcels such as myself are completely uninterested in casual sex. Incels don’t seem to understand that gross desperate horny guys willing to fuck us for 5 minutes then ghost us does not count as a privilege. Only incels desire that kind of disgusting degeneracy. It’s like telling a starving child they should be happy that they have cow dung to eat. 99% of incels also have access to escorts or 1/10s but they often refuse these while claiming to be incel.

We are still legitimate femcels in that we aren’t deemed high quality enough by men to date or marry. Most of us just want love and marriage. But no man can genuinely love us or want to be in a relationship with us because we aren’t attractive or mentally stable enough.

Anonymous 59883

Reddit is a hotbed of ‘nice guy’ pedophiles and coomers so I’m not surprised

Anonymous 59887


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
i'm 19 now but fully started thinking of myself as a femcel only about a year ago, before that i just thought of myself as not being conventionally attractive and unlucky af. i really just think i have body dysmorphia though, it makes me suicidal every once and then
>what does being a femcel mean to you
being treated like shit by society!
>vent about celibacy
i have an "e-bf" but he's only seen half-pics and some old pics of me, i've told him about my body dysmorphia and he doesnt't mind me not wanting to show myself. we plan on meeting up eventually. having a partner has made me even more self-conscious because now i have to worry about being pretty enough for him, while before this relationship i'd just kind of eh at least i don't have to care too much as i don't leave my house often. i do feel undeserving af though, he's very loving and i'm pretty sure if we met he'd stop liking me. i really do believe i'm going to end up dying alone.
>what are your interests ?
drawing, crochet, clay, and weeb stuff i guess.

Anonymous 59888

no offense but how can this be when i see tons of unattractive women in marriages? tons. i see a lot of unattractive women who are married to rich guys

Anonymous 59927

I don’t know where you live but in my country I don’t actually see this very much. Most unattractive women seem to be single. I mean yeah sometimes I see older or fat couples together, but their marriages usually seem to be pretty unhappy and filled with resentment. I feel like a lot of older womens resentment towards their husbands stems from the fact they are always checking out younger or more attractive women and over time this builds up to contempt in the marriage.

Anonymous 59931

Reminder that you cannot be a femcel if you are thin and or white.

Anonymous 59932


>when did you realize you were a femcel
around last year
>what does being a femcel mean to you
it means that it is fundamentally impossible for me to ever be in a relationship no matter how hard i try. its just how things are meant to be for some people i guess
>vent about celibacy
i dont want sex in fact i hate even the mere idea of it. i just wish things werent like this for me and that i was capable of being loved… my only appeal was my youthfulness back when i was a child but now i am no longer that so i have no chance to have somebody even pretend to care about me and treat me like a romantic partner, if they feel like it… but i think i am fated to be this way there's not much i can do about that if it is the case
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
i like mlp and gyaru fashion and um… idk i forget im honestly not that interesting as a person unless you like watching trainwrecks in which case i like self harming lole… ^_^ i think im going to start livestreaming that and that way i can get requests maybe lol. is that whorish ? i hope not i also have a tumblr i like that as well and i like collecting imageboards ( ummm writing the urls down and finding as many as i can if that makes sense ) because there used to be a website that compiled every imageboard there was and now i cant find it anymore :( its not creamys compilation of imgboards or whatever its called like it was a website. anyway im interested in making my own website of the sort … :3

Anonymous 59933

well im anorexic so im not attractive thin or even remotely fit =_= nobody likes a skeleton just like nobody likes a landwhale anon…

Anonymous 59934

I thought the exact same thing until I got in a relationship with the only person my age I still talked to. Now I'm one of those weird girls in a relationship but without any friends. Before even starting to like him (we aren't dating because he asked me to, we felt something towards each other months before that) I used to imagine what do relationships feel like, actually I had been wondering about that since a girl I was friends with in HS got his first bf. I couldn't project the sensation I imagined without adding a healthy social life in which your partner and you make contact with others an reasure your status as a couple. I also thought on intimacy, confidence and an instant feeling of never beeing completely alone as if your partner could be always by your side if you message him/her to come by it.
The day my bf and I first kissed I felt nothing like that. I was almost completely void of any feeling, like in a shock. I had already planned to worship him in secret and now I had to face a lot of consequences (I was and I am dealing with some self-image issues). As time has passed by, the feeling of duplicity and intimacy has grow stronger and I recall the first day we kissed as one of the simplest yet purest moments of my life.
I do think that after this relationship I will spend the rest of my life single and I'll go back to that initial state of viewing relationships like the strangest fenomenon. Maybe it doesn't help that most of the people my age I knew started their relationships one week after meeting their partners and some of then confessed me they've never ''been in love'' really.

Sorry for talking so much about myself. I'm actually curious what do you find so different from people who have been in a relationship from those who haven't. Maybe it's like motherhood (I can't know), people think it changes your life and yourself but it really only does the first one.

Anonymous 59938

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
I probably realized 2 or 3 years ago, I am 32 now.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
I probably won't be able to overcome my issues and ever be able to love. I honestly just don't trust men at all. I like women but I hate myself too much and am too intimidated. I feel like I don't belong with other girls and have always felt more boyish even though I don't like boys. And due to trauma it is too painful to be around other people or to let myself be put in a position where they can hurt me. I want to overcome this but years of therapy haven't helped me and I honestly don't see a way out.
>vent about celibacy
It is boring. But at the same time I am too scared to change. I was addicted to porn/erotica but switching meds killed my sex drive and I feel better now.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
Mostly writing. When I want to just chill I will watch some TV or read (fiction or manga/comics). Used to be really into video games but I don't play that much anymore.
I think you can be loved, we can all be loved. I try to remind myself of that every day.

Anonymous 60123

Lots of dudes are into skellies though. It activates their protective instinct. And yeah being anorexic isn’t good but if most guys had to choose between fat and skelly almost all of them would choose the skelly girl. Most models are anorexic and they are the epitome of modern beauty.

Anonymous 60124

I hate when people say ‘yeah well girls can get pump and dumped anytime they want so they can’t be lonely’. God. As if having random sex with strangers would make ANYONE feel good about themselves. It’s why many gays and slutty girls are so unstable and neurotic. All we want is fucking LOVE.

Anonymous 60126

And before any tinder Stacies reading this get offended or cry about slut shaming, I just wanna say: I have never met a promiscuous person who was truly stable or happy in themselves.

Only about 7% of the US female population even use tinder compared to almost a quarter of men, which just shows hookup culture and casual sex isnt on most normie womens agenda.

Anonymous 60127


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now

idk probably around 15-16 i'd say. i wasn't exactly aware of the term femcel but that's when things started to dip. im 19 now and turn 20 soon.

>what does being a femcel mean to you

Im not rlly sure how to answer this but i guess it means like a blackpill of how men will really treat you. some say being ugly is a blessing in disguise because you can see what people see or really want from you. but men even still then, talk about how they'd only bang a girl with a bag on her head. there is always something to gain from any woman.

i guess i like, being undesirable? i guess. but like i said before, men will still desire you to some point. they will fuck a mcchicken so ofc. it doesn't help my mental illness contributes to this too (BPD, GAD, MDD, Autism).

socially it sucks too, i have so much internet autism i feel like it's impossible to form proper relationships with people who didn't grow up on the internet like me. i've also been described as having a 'man personality'. i sought refugee with the internet from a very early age.

>vent about celibacy

i'm almost 20 and still a complete khhv. it's very embarrassing for me.im also a complete social virgin too ( never hung out with someone before, never been out somewhere by myself. never been texted never had a friend and ect.) i feel as i get older it's going to be harder to find a good partner especially one that would be patient and tolerant enough for me. i want my first time to be special and intimate, not emotionless sex. which is very hard now because everyone is obsessed with instant gratification and hook ups. i mean hell demisexual might as well be a valid sexuality now bc people fuck without even know each other's names.

it sucks that my partner would need to be very good at communication bc of my mental illness too which is something that every single relationship even lacks.

i joked with an online friend before if he'd believe me if i told him i wasn't a virgin and he laughed and said "no lol"

im not exactly super embarrassed but it's weird some people won't believe me when i say it. it's just that i haven't even made eye contact with a guy longer than like 5 seconds lol

i think my only hope would be e-dating

>>what are your interests

a lot of internet surfing, i've been neeting it out for awhile now. and prob will be for quite a long time now. i try to use my time productively with taking college courses online for computer science and working on my hobbies ( cooking, drawing, writing, makeup, animals, ect.) i've been catching up on some old skills with khan academy too since i did really bad in school and i realized it's a lot easier to self pace myself compared to hs.

Anonymous 60128

>I feel like I don't belong with other girls and have always felt more boyish even though I don't like boys.

i feel the same. i don't really get along with other girls and find it hard to relate to them. since i never really experienced typical teen things while growing up and just instead knew isolation.

>And due to trauma it is too painful to be around other people or to let myself be put in a position where they can hurt me.

i've been bullied and hurt by a lot of men online. it really affected my perception of relationships. im going through the same cycle of never trusting people and just isolating myself because that makes me feel the safest. never being hurt.

>I want to overcome this but years of therapy haven't helped me and I honestly don't see a way out.

maybe regular therapy isn't for you. DBT is pretty good and intensive and is perfect for people who feel this way. but i could barely do it and dipped out, it's very hard to change mindsets, behaviors, and mannerisms after years of doing it. but i imagine if you really put yourself to it you could see some results, it just takes a long time.

Anonymous 60191


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
20, but I kind of knew earlier than that. It really sunk in at 21 and now I'm almost 24.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
Struggling to find an intimate partner for a prolonged period of time as an adult.
I used to blame my appearance but it was honestly never the issue I made it out to be. Women ""less attractive"" than myself frequently find love. And with hindsight, a handful of people really did find me attractive/hit on me in the past. I just denied it because self hatred and fear of intimacy or whatever.
I consider myself mentalcel. Possibly AVPD, but the term doesn't really matter. I just struggle to maintain relations.
>vent about celibacy
It feels too late to start fucking now. I'm too awkward and have become uncomfortable with the idea of sexual intimacy with my body.
I went through a phase where I was a cumbrain, but now I'm noporn and all that. Overall, I am proud of overcoming that degeneracy. My sex drive is still high but I've accepted this fate for now.
As for the emotional aspect and loneliness, it used to haunt and frustrate me daily. But again, it feels too late for that now as well. Despite my social ineptitude, I know having one's first kiss this late is embarrassing. I am simply too old to fumble my way through my first girlfriend like everyone else did 10 years ago. I doubt anyone has the patience lmao.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
Art, select manga, anime, and cartoons, dolls. I just draw women for hours at a time on days off and hang out with my mom. For now I'm just focusing on my career so that takes up my time.

I am also getting involved culturally. It would be nice to meet a woman of my culture with similar interests who would maybe like me enough to be gentle and kind. Despite accepting defeat, my confidence is slowly growing and I am trying to heal from past mistakes I made when pushing people away. I now see myself as moderately cute and pleasant, but it's so, so hard to be close to people.

Anonymous 60209

>I have become uncomfortable with the idea of sexual intimacy with my body
Iktf. I should have been having sex in my teens, but now I’m an ageing boomer I’m feeling grosser than ever to the point looking at myself naked is anxiety producing enough, let alone letting someone else see me naked. I guess I’m probably never gonna lose my virginity.

Anonymous 60238


>"feels too late to start fucking now"
>"I should have been having sex in my teens"

Anonymous 60244


>feel like since I've been called one before that I'm starting to develop the tendencies of a femcel
>almost 25
>is too jaded and mentally fucked to get laid in the past nearly 2 years especially with the pandemic, chronic fear of dating apps, dating online or via something like discord is disgusting and gross and I cannot form a relationship around an ldr
>I've become unhealthy infatuated with a famous older actor and keep manifesting he's going to run into me and fuck me
>movies, tv, art, kpop, music in general

I don't think I'm entirely unfuckable, the problem is I don't try, have very tight standards, and have been abused in the past. For that reason I hate dating apps, the idea of a bunch of uggos trying to flirt with me and send me their dicks is nothing short of repulsive. I cannot stand male flirting. Funny thing is pre pandemic I used to be more of a party girl and I'd even occasionally hook up with guys who weren't uggos, and post pandemic I've been driven into such reclusion that I felt like I've become a femcel. So I'm holding out because I realize there's probably no worthy men around here, until I move to a city where I want to live or unless I somehow fuck actor man. I can get over my femcelism when I actually meet someone who's worthy of my time. Yeah, good luck with that, me.

Anonymous 60285

who's the older actor nona if you dont mind me asking

Anonymous 60286


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
I'm 22, I realized I'm never going to have a boyfriend when I was around 14. As a child I kept telling myself I'm gonna be pretty one day, no way I'm gonna stay ugly. But when I became a teenager it fully hit me how ugly I am.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
I guess being a khhv, men being visibly digusted in your presence/ignoring you, etc.
>vent about celibacy
I'm mostly ok with it, when I'm lonely I'll play an otome game, watch some boy talk to a camera, etc. What really bothers me is how awfully I'm being treated by men as someone who is both autistic and ugly. Even at 22 I experience bullying from them, when men don't see you as potential romantic partner they stop treating you like human. Thankfully most people in my workplace are women so it's not as bad as it was in school.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
I spend most of my free time playing games and reading manga. But I also like cooking, keeping plants, taking care of strays, playing volleyball.

Anonymous 60287

For me it's not so much body issues (I have managed to work through them somehow), but discomfort with being touched and just feeling…very unsexual. I would end up either laughing or crying for sure since I simply cannot view myself as sexual or imagine anyone else seeing me as such.

Good luck with your body issues, anon. I'm sure you're cute. And I hope we can all find someone willing to help us through our bullshit.

Maybe this is just the area, but most people I know had first experiences or partners before 21. Even my dorky friends who play DnD and shit.
I agree that teen sex isn't great, but having your first kiss and gf/bf in those years makes sense. It would definitely make it less foreign.

Anonymous 60289

I used to be a femcel but then met my boyfriend online and made it work with him. I’m an ex-femcel now. Part of the reason why I was a femcel came from a perpetuating cycle of low self esteem, self hatred, low confidence, of which all stemmed from unresolved childhood trauma, neglect and abuse from my household and from school. all I wanted to do was stay in my safe space all day (My bedroom lol), away from people who’d judge me after being bullied for so long in my prime developmental years. That’s no way to live. I festered in my loneliness instead of seeking out a solution to it which is venturing outdoors & forming strong bonds from friendships. I go outside now with my bf, of which I met online, so idk, maybe he cured my femceldom, not really myself. Though making the effort and pushing to meet him in person despite fearing he’d find me ugly and abandon me based on my (self rated) “bad” looks really helped me in gathering up the confidence and courage I thought I’d never achieve. So I’d say I sort of grew as a person from this experience. I just needed the push to do it, and that push was enjoying the company of a random guy I met online lol

Anonymous 60290

Sex is gross. All the bodily fluids leaking out… imagine kissing someone’s genitals and then kissing their mouth… I can’t comprehend why anyone would indulge in such filth. I’d rather stick to my dirty thoughts than kiss someone’s genitals. Also kissing is gross. Swapping saliva and tasting someone else’s tongue is just disgusting. How do people do it

Anonymous 60322

Then you were never a true femcel. Simply a mentalcel Stacy with low self esteem. Some of us are objectively ugly and therefore we couldn’t get bfs even if we got all the psychological therapy in the world.

Anonymous 60324

>try to remember the last time you felt pretty
>it was when you were 5 years old
>look back on those photos
>you were an ugly kid anyway and even by then it was already clear who would grow up to be beautiful and who wouldn’t
Feels bad man

Anonymous 60326

>try to remember the last time a guy hit on you
>it was when you were a toddler being hit on by an adult moid pedo
Feels very bad man

Anonymous 60368

I wouldn’t call myself a Stacy.
>teeth so crooked & crowded that I grew two rows of teeth
>small recessive jaw
>ugly wide crooked witch nose
>small beady eyes
>giant goblin ears
>bad breath due to dental problems
>hairy and chubby
If I could get a bf looking like that, I’m sure others can too. It’s just meeting the right person, and climbing out of that self defeatist mindset femcels (and incels) both share.

Anonymous 60374

Would you say your bf is your looksmatch or is he uglier/better looking than you are?

Anonymous 60377

Not the miner but im kinda ugly and was a bit of a femcel myself and i got a very attractive boyfirend. He was also sort of popular in high school while i was pretty much invisible.
Also he likes me for my intelligence.

Anonymous 60387

boy howdy I sure hope no one is retarded enough to violate the one big rule of this imageboard in here

Anonymous 60404

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
Crippling and debilitating social anxiety in middle school to the point where I was mistaken as being "special," PTSD from sexual abuse made me a sheltered, shut-in seventh grade drop out, luckily I got a GED and went to community college, and fixed my shit, but people still scare me
>what does being a femcel mean to you
Perpetually socially outcasted
>vent about celibacy
I don't really care. The way people approach sex repulses me. It's often objectifying, degrading, and used as an ego boost rather than connecting with someone intimately. I have issues with vulnerably, and little to no desire to connect with people in /that way/ due to that PTSD, so /shrugs/ I like being celibate. However… I do want to connect with others in a non-sexual way, and I can't do that either.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
Video games, nature activities (camping, canoeing, etc, but they're kind of boring alone…) InfoSec, archery, books,

Anonymous 60415

Damn are you me? I relate to everything you said!!!!!!
Also, I wonder if I’m autistic due to my PTSD from childhood, have you ever wondered that?
There’s been studies about PTSD and autistic trait similarities

Anonymous 60427

I'm glad I dont have to partake in bullshit dating drama. Modern relationships just seem like a competition of who will cuck who first and it's disgusting. Its 2021. Love is dead.

Anonymous 60432

My bf is more attractive than me, but he prides himself being a contrarian and unique, so I suspect he likes me because he goes against the grain of what most men go for (attractive women). I think he likes me because I am cute and adorable in personality (His words not mine), and a big beam of positive energy no matter the circumstance. I’ve been through a lot and have decided to stop wallowing in despair and misery, and I guess my change in attitude, and my backstory of all the hardships I’ve faced, have really built my character up and he admires that in me. He’s been through a lot too, and we have bonded over the struggles we’ve faced and really try to help each other grow as people.
My opinion will probably be discarded and ignored because we are a serious case of “ugly fat girl with hot attractive guy” and most people don’t like that pairing but are okay with the “hot attractive girl with ugly fat rich guy pairing”. I probably sound like a larp but I’m just trying to share my experience as an ex femcel. Maybe I’ll answer the questionnaire pretending I didn’t meet my bf, and pretending I was the old me later lol

Anonymous 60469

Being the homely girl with the hot bf sounds ideal and I’m happy for you, but I have a feeling you are probably objectively more attractive than you think you are. Ive received literally no attention or compliments from men irl so I already know I’m unattractive and I will probably never get a bf.

Anonymous 60470

I've been a hopeless romantic for a while but deep down inside of me I feel like you

Anonymous 60484

I thought I was over being a femcel or caring about looks in general now that I lookmaxxed, went to therapy, and worked on improving myself in every way I could but no.. I've been talking with this older guy online, we're platonic so I never worried too much about how he precives me, yesterday he made a random remark that I look like the real life version of Tina from Bob's burgers if she had longer hair.
I'm so upset because I'm ugly and because I don't want to care yet I still do, stuck in thia cognitive dissonance limbo.

Anonymous 60491

Looksmaxxing as a femcel is pretty much impossible without plastic surgery, and a lot of the time plastic surgery looks so fake and weird afterwards that it’s not even worth getting. Any femcel who can looksmaxx with makeup and look attractive was never a femcel to begin with, because they obviously had enough to work with in the first place.

Anyway yeah men treat women they don’t see in a sexual/romantic light like shit and its not worth hanging around men if you aren’t a Stacy.

Anonymous 60496

I remember when I was younger I used to actually think I was attractive. Then I would take videos or photos of myself from various angles just to see how I looked to others and was always horrified by how hideous I looked.

Anonymous 60499

That's true, looksmaxxing as a femcel for me was figuring ways to hide and disguise my ugliness but obviously isn't working, been thinking about plastic surgery again, I don't expect to be pretty but I want to at least be a little easier to look at.

Anonymous 60521

it seems tougher to look nice in a photo than in the mirror

why is that

Anonymous 60531

Well for starters mirrors reflect you in reverse so you don’t actually see how people see you. Also most mirrors are in places with decent lighting. I feel like photos are probably more accurate which is terrifying.

Anonymous 60564


I will be forever celibate because

>Mental, paranoid and convinced random people are evil for no reason, need to feel a sense of danger etc, feel like my soul is in many places at once and I am secretly evil or hearing things

>lesbian- it would be immoral to have another homosexual relationship as it goes against my beliefs, but men and the idea of being with men is gross and scary to me. I would have to pretend to like a man, or try to like one and see if I can, or be celibate. I have never wanted a man and always wanted a 'special friendship' with girls, but I'll try to be straight before I give up, maybe I can be healthy and normal if I trust them.

>Incredibly robotic- have been diagnosed with autism but can blend in with efforts. I look normal, but in motion I'm rigid, try really hard to understand sarcasm or social nuance, and have practiced demonstrating facial expressions that look normal

>celibacy isn't bad but I feel a little set apart at times as I know my parents expect that I'll grow up and meet a guy, and my peers are in that boat of being with guys too. I replay memories with my ex gf if I'm lonely, but that's it. No one knew about us so she's still my secret.


piano, language learning, reading, coding, cooking, lying on the floor, crying and gaming

Anonymous 60565


>lesbian- it would be immoral to have another homosexual relationship as it goes against my beliefs, but men and the idea of being with men is gross and scary to me. I would have to pretend to like a man, or try to like one and see if I can, or be celibate. I have never wanted a man and always wanted a 'special friendship' with girls, but I'll try to be straight before I give up, maybe I can be healthy and normal if I trust them.
dude, deal with your internalized homophobia instead of turning yourself into a pretzel wtf

Anonymous 60570

Thanks queen, it's hard to resist the flesh but there is more out there and I want to honour it with a clean spirit.

Not to be rude but wtf does turning yourself into a pretzel mean? Is it a good thing?

Anonymous 60574

>it's a literal man

Anonymous 60669

Are lesbians allowed?

Anonymous 60688

That subreddit was utter garbage, they doxxed and gatekeeped who and what is considered a femcel, it was toxic

Anonymous 60689

they doxxed people?

Anonymous 60690

To an extent they certainly did, I lurker on the sub for awhile until it got removed or what quarantined? Idk the right terminology lmao.
But they really mean to girls who would post pictures of themselves on there and ask for confirmation if they were a femcel or not, and they would doxx you or try to in many ways if you posted in their community as an outsider who wanted clarification on being a femcel.

It was a really nice idea, but the execution was horrible, if that’s what femcels or ladies who claim to be femcels really behave like then I don’t wanna run into them irl

Anonymous 60691


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
around age 16, I'm 25 now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
being mentally unwell, neurodivergent, and ugly. Having a hard time socially and not just 'teehee I'm too afraid to call and make my own doctor's appointments', it's a point where you struggle to function in daily life. Not relating to others and feeling like the "other". Intense self loathing and confidence issues that take years of consistent effort to undo. All while being your own support system because you can't rely on others
>vent about celibacy
doesn't bother me 90% of the time. I get horny around certain points in my cycle but I have a vibrator and read erotica. I don't think I need to have sex to be happy, but men would disagree with that statement. they will expect you to be the fuck hole any time they want it. and they will still watch porn, jerk off to jailbait, cheat behind your back, find someone better, etc. Sex with men just seems way more trouble than it is worth. Even if someone were to be interested they would be driven away by my lack of interest in sex. however, I am attracted to women, more so than men. I would enter a relationship and happily have sex with women. I considered myself lesbian for the past year but I don't know if I need to stay open to the idea of men. i'm too afraid to come out of the closet and part of me just thinks i'm coping for being ugly. tbh I'm not good enough for women
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
playing the sims, listen to records, reading, going for long walks, taking care of my dog, painting, and practicing guitar

i feel like we would get along well anon, kek

Anonymous 60700

>I can get over my femcelism when I actually meet someone who's worthy of my time
I went through a phase like this and I just want to let you know that this attitude is concentrated penis repellant

Anonymous 60708

it was mostly black 16-21 year olds bullying "mentalcels" and pretending that they're the only valid ones and everyone else si lying and overreacting.

Anonymous 60716

You’re gatekeeping, literally that can apply
To anyone so relax you seem triggered

Anonymous 60725

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
I identified with the khv archetype from the age of like, 14, and now I'm 20.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
Being a generally isolated, undesirable, mentally ill, and dysfunctional person. Placing so much importance on virginity itself is stupid; I'm sure if I was desperate enough I could have sex, but being used for one night by some hideous moid is not what I want, and it would probably only compound the aforementioned issues I deal with.
>vent about celibacy
I've actually been so sexually frustrated lately. The best I've done for myself is e-date, and the guy I'm talking to sexually engages about once a month at best. I really dread to think about how dispassionate a real life relationship with him would be if we ever pursued it. It's so humiliating being a woman (especially at the age of only 20) and being the one with the high libido (or much of a libido at all) in a relationship. I starve myself and agonise over my appearance, but it's like I'm just supposed to tolerate being neglected in any sort of intimate capacity. I have to settle for masturbation, and I do, almost to spite him, but if he knew he'd probably consider that I was doing him a favour.

Looksmaxxing is such a depressing concept to me. I have done almost everything I can (I'm underweight, well-groomed, had a nose job, have my hair done regularly, had braces, etc.), plus I'm white, which is supposedly a huge advantage, and people still never take a first look at me, let alone a second. Reading stories about girls who lose weight and notice a massive difference in the way they're treated makes me seethe.

Anonymous 60726


this is sadly something that was being repeated over and over in the r/TruFemcels subreddit, it seemed like they had a problem with their blackness (or brownness) more than anything. the user greenteaapplepie69 was one of the most popular posters there, she made the sub mascot and she made these comics featuring a dream man usually being a white man, same poster ( among many others ) was a frequent poster on r/FemaleDatingStrategy, both subs were ruled by dark women like >>60721 said, and they both romanticized a relationship with a white/asian guy to a werid extent.

Femceldom is real but the sub was a toxic and weird environment just like the FDS sub, it feels that if they found their white prince charming they'd drop the whole feminism act.

Anonymous 60727

Relatable, I would die for a nose job, and idk why the gatekeeping femcel closet lesbians here think just because you’re white means “you have it easy” in the looks department.
I’m not white (but I pass as white, I look like a white girl but I’m not) and anyone regardless of ethnicity can be a femcel.
I lost 65lbs and men still don’t wanna date me, they stare at me but they won’t come up to me or ask me out or anything.
I’ve had men on dating apps see a photo of my face and then delete my number when they saw my face

Anonymous 60728

honestly I do recommend rhino and I'm very glad I got it, but if you're ugly with the nose you have now, the sad reality is you'll probably still be ugly afterwards. I'm about to spend about 10k on cosmetic genioplasty, and probably a further 4-6k on revision rhino after that. I honestly just feel like a victim of a superficial and misogynistic society and my own mental illness at this point.

I'm sorry about the dating app situation - keep in mind that a lot of men use them for entertainment though, and are going to be generally shit people.

Anonymous 60734

As far as I know, greenteaapplepie69 wasn't even a brown girl but she made the femcel mascot look like one and I find it so insulting. No one seemed to agree though.

Anonymous 60741

As a white brown girl, that is insulting lmao, but eh I still have my “privledge” I suppose

Anonymous 60742

Thank you anon xD
I actually might need my nose reconstructed all together since I think I inherited a deviated septum and I can’t even breath through my nose regularly.

And yeah dating apps are just a game for guys to use an ego boost on their looks :/ it’s my only option though since I’m a hermit

Anonymous 60755

i feel this so hard nona, im too ugly to even be catcalled :/

Anonymous 60756

Really? I could swear she posted about being non-white before. Not sure definitively though.

Anonymous 60763


>be me
>in high school
>have crush on this guy
>learn that he likes things like philosophy, learn about philosophy for days straight going into extremely niche subjects
>approach him in school while he is alone
>start talking to him
>clearly forced smile on his face while i talk to him, hardly notice because 'tism
>put my hands on his shouler while smiling as sweet as i can
>literally frowns at me and tells me to get my hands off of him (vedd le rólam a kezedet)
>"oh ok"
>go back to my desk while trying not to cry
moids are so fucking cruel to women they don't find attractive.
It's been a few years, and yet this memory constantly pops up while i'm trying to sleep. It's so cringey that i put my hands on my head while saying something random like "stop".

Anonymous 60764

how did you touch his shoulder?

Anonymous 60766

I tripped while walking, and i put my hands on his shoulders as support.
I smiled at him as sweet as i could to make things less awkward.
That was literally it, and yet he looked at me like i just did something absolutely horrible.

Anonymous 60768

oh, i thought you put your hands on his shoulders while making conversation (which can be awkward). that's really mean of him then.

Anonymous 60769

u an anime character

Anonymous 60799

i think im kind of a femcel. ive never had a real relationship. Then I got pinkpilled on moids about a few months ago. Learning how much men really hate women and how they really feel about us makes me feel depressed and kind of heartbroken. It makes me want to not date men anymore and it sucks because im such a hopeless romantic but ill probably never experience love or being intimate with someone because love is fake and male sexuality is shit.

Anonymous 60814

You and me both anon. You articulated my feelings very well. I used to fantasize about moids but now that I'm pinkpilled the thought of physical or emotional intimacy with them makes me feel sick. I still feel hopelessly desirous for a romantic relationship with a nondescript man though.

Anonymous 60827

What do you mean real relationship if you don’t mind me asking. Have you had e-bfs before?

Anonymous 60828

The pinkpill is a bitter one to swallow. I don’t hate men and I don’t think they are all evil or anything. I know decent men exist, I’ve met a few of them. But its just frustrating how all men, no matter how nice or civilised, share the same kind of monkey blueprint when it comes to sexuality and how they view women. It really concerns me how almost all of them think with their dicks, most of them are attracted to underage girls and almost all of them watch porn (and the ones who don’t are usually ex porn addicts who relapse) and also all the proof of how men treat unattractive women like shit but will simp until the cows come home for a pretty face or hot body, they lose interest as their wife ages and becomes less fertile, are more prone to chest with a younger woman by that stage etc. I know it’s just biology and there is nothing you can do to change it, but its all so tiresome. In the end the thought of it all is so daunting I can no longer find the willpower to begin talking to men, for deep down I know they really are all the same.

Anonymous 60830

More prone to cheat*

What also aggravates me is that when you bring up these talking points out of genuine corners and despair, you get accused of being a paranoid schizo femcel man hater. But really it’s just stating simple facts and the proof of this moid behavior is everywhere, many of them will admit all this stuff in private among their bros, just go on any manosphere forum and you can see them all discussing this unsavory stuff.

Anonymous 60831

Genuine concern* lol dammit

Anonymous 60892

i had two in middle school and one of them was just online and they barely lasted.

Anonymous 60894

Can we please stop using the word "femcel" because if we do it validates the idea of incels and that is rubbish because they are just angry moids.

Anonymous 60914

It is definitely a thing if you have standards and or self respect lol.

Anonymous 60967


I know it's five days late but it's >>60564 here.
Genuinely wish I knew people like you who felt like the 'other' so we could be the weird ones together. I wouldn't care about being the weird girl if I had another weird girl too.

Anonymous 60997

Anonymous 61003

shut up

Anonymous 61035

i became a femcel when my highschool bf broke up with me at age 19 because of my instable mental state. i do take full responsibility for that and i understand why he did it. im in my mid 20s now and have been completely celibate for almost 5 years. its hard to believe but not a single man has even hit on me in those years. probably because i got really fat and mean lol

most of the time i honestly dont really mind it that much because i have a very low sex drive and males are generally very ugly to me but i have been attracted to a couple guys and even tried to shoot my shot but obviously got rejected. celibacy also made me lowkey sex repulsed. its been so long since i had sex that it became something really foreign and even unthinkable to me. i will probably never have sex again and neither do i really wnat to because im very unattractive and also neet and generally have nothing going for me in life and if im being honest i dont want to associate with bottom of the barrel guys who would be attracted to a bottom of the barrel woman like me

Anonymous 61065

Sounds more like you’re a mentalcel. If you got one boyfriend you can get another.

Anonymous 61119

honestly, get some self esteem before dating otherwise you 100% will attract those "bottom of the barrel" men, he probably made you feel as though you are unstable because he's a gaslighting emotionally abusive ass and deflected all of the bad things he did onto you

Anonymous 61121

>i became a femcel when my highschool bf broke up with me
Stopped reading here. Femcels are women who can't even get boyfriends and no, this isn't gatekeeping. Words have meanings.

Anonymous 61124

I haven't had a close female friend who is 'weird' too, idk maybe my brain has been fubar by the internet. hope this isn't weird but I have a discord zells666#7825 if you feel inclined

Anonymous 61164

>every relationship grows you as a person
Great, so, I’ll remain fucking stunted for life.
What a fucking stupid quote.
And not just because of my femcel status.
How is, say, domestic violence necessary for personal growth?
Wish people would stop using it, because it alienates everyone who isn’t lucky enough to have had multiple healthy relationships.

Anonymous 61172


Wanna play "The New Tetris" via netplay with me?

Anonymous 61345

I could probably find at least one absolutely desperate 0/10 guy to ‘settle’ for me so technically not truly femcel, but in every other way I feel like one.

I feel so hideous, so fat, every picture I take of myself I look disgusting, even worse in ones others take. I don’t understand why every single facial feature I have and my boobs ass skin and legs are so ugly.

Even if the opportunity magically presented itself, I could never have a bf as I am so painfully insecure. I could never get naked in front of another human. There are so many girls out there with far better faces and bodies than me, they are so easily available too, and probably a lot nicer and more interesting than me and better at sex too. So why would anyone actually want me? I hate myself so much. I don’t leave the house anymore because I don’t want anyone to see me. If I do make a dash to 7/11 it’s at 4am and I dress in a black hoodie and wear a mask. I will never find love and I realized it many years ago.

Anonymous 61360

Can you tell me the source of your pic, anon? I've seen this character posted before and I'm intrigued.

Anonymous 61362


NTA, but that's drawn by https://twitter.com/etherane and that's a doodle of her character from her game called Hello Charlotte.

Anonymous 61408

Where do all of these fellow lesbicels come from?
Every lesbian I’ve met has mentioned a string of girlfriends, even the shy ones, which makes me feel like total shit, since rejection is all I’ve gotten, ever since coming out in my teens.

Anonymous 61438

Ah, I seethe a little about straight girls. But it's mainly from my best friend distancing herself from me when she suspected me as homo, and going out with guys who would mess her around. Sometimes lesbians come off as misogynistic, with the straight girls=basic dumb bitches not like me, and feeling bitter about being the odd one out. And sometimes I get it, because some of them see men through rose tinted glasses, and do so much to cater for them. Meanwhile, we are the 'nice girls' who would treat them so much better, tipping our fedoras sadly.
Hating on straight women makes you as bad as a man, and sexuality doesn't define you. Glad we went through the same heterophobe nice girl cringe phase lmao

Anonymous 61448

>have condition which makes me stink
>no cure
>born in place with poorest ugliest men who still have insanely high standards (slavic country) and stacies everywhere
>unironically 2/10
>poor as fuck
>dumb and no qualifications
>too unattractive and smelly for any rich american man to import me as a mail order bride
My days are spent alone, coping and trying not to kms.

Anonymous 61449

Also ageing like shit and already have wrinkles and nasolabial folds despite being 23. Kissless and will never find a bf.

Anonymous 61456

I can relate
khhv, ugly on the outside and on the inside, overweight, mentally damaged, no friends, I could die and no one would care, not good at anything, not any redeeming qualities, I really hate myself I wish I was someone else instead because I'm beyond salvation and not even old wrinkled men would want to exploit me, I was never catcalled in my life, had an encounter when I was a teenager where a group of guys walked past me all looking at me and one of them said to the rest that I was ugly,, the only chance of a relationship would be with a man who fetishizes me and even then he'll quickly leave because I'm hard to be around..

Anonymous 61460

Why do Anons ITT call themselves Femcels when they had sexual experience or even a bf/gf?
Like do you don't know that involuntary celibacy means or are you just dumb?

Anonymous 61465

Yeah, I don't want to be mean but anyone with relationship experience is not a femcel. Even if the relationship was shit. They had one. They somehow managed to get into one which other women can't, for many reasons. But that doesn't make them a femcel. They just had a shit relationship. And obviously they can still talk about their own dating difficulties, just not under the femcel term.

Anonymous 61468

I've noticed that there are a lot of normie men and women who insist on identifying as incel/femcel, for some reason. You would think nobody would want to identify as those but it's like a fascinating club that they really want to join. Maybe they want to feel special or think they have nowhere else to go to talk about their problems and insecurities.

Anonymous 61486

The only relationship experience i had was e-relationships where i have a crush on an ugly loser nerd because i think he could be my looksmatch and i start treating him specially and try to make him say nice things to me but the latter never happens, i just get friendzoned as a timekiller or as the ugly girl whom they ask dating advice for other women.
I try everything i can, and im still not acknowledged as a human, whenever i try to open up about my problems I'd get the cold shoulder, ive been dying for any sort of compliment but i lost hope long ago.

Anonymous 61494

these labels always end up about 'identification' (not reality), feeling special, and exploiting others for social benefit.

Anonymous 61495

It's just coping for people who can get a relationship but can't hold one or commit to it

Anonymous 61514


>when she leaves you for a stinky plinky male
I'm sorry about your spergout but I would have got that frustrated too if I saw a girl I liked pick a guy who wasn't good enough for her

Anonymous 61750


>when did you realize you were a femcel
~21-22 years old, when I realized I had gotten through all of high school and college with only a few drunken kisses as a result
>how old are you now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
Being unable to form close romantic relationships even as an adult, remaining a virgin far beyond any of your peers
>vent about celibacy
Anyone calling themselves a femcel at less than 25 years old should be threadbanned.
The last time I kissed someone was more than 4 years ago. I am a lesbian and technically a gold star but am a virgin with women as well. I've been told by no less than 3 straight girls that if I was a man they would be slobbering on my dick but since I'm female they just had "girlcrushes" which is such a fucking tease. I will probably die alone. For some reason, I still have hope but every year that goes by makes it harder to keep my head up. I keep telling myself, once I make over 80k a year it'll happen, once I work out regularly I'll meet a woman, once I buy a house it'll come naturally, etc. retarded shit like that. If I'm being honest with myself I know that day will never come but I still dream.

Anonymous 62282


>How do you feel about dying a virgin?
This reminded me of a talented artist who died last year from terminal illness, because she posted this a couple months before she passed, but right after the diagnosis. She was around 30 iirc. It just made me wonder what was going through her mind when she wrote it, if it was just a joke post or exposing feelings of regret, maybe she actually wanted to meet someone before passing? She had health problems her whole life and everything must have been hard.

It's a good reminder we should be thankful for what we take for granted though, like a healthy heart. Reading through her lasts posts looks like she had such a tough time.

Anonymous 62288

>I keep telling myself, once I make over 80k a year it'll happen, once I work out regularly I'll meet a woman, once I buy a house it'll come naturally, etc. retarded shit like that. If I'm being honest with myself I know that day will never come but I still dream.
Too real. I feel exactly the same, I'm 29. I'm not gonna make it, I just don't know what to do instead. I have a successful career but I do not give a fuck about my job. I could buy a car but I hate driving. Housing is too expensive actually to consider as a single. It's like, there's just nothing to win.

Anonymous 62291

Are you religious? I would join a convent

Anonymous 62292

Sex with a man doesn’t even look satisfying desu. So he sticks his meat sword into you, pumps and grunts a few times for 30 secs and ahhhhhhhhh cooms, filling you with gross slimy shit. Doesn’t sound pleasurable at all. Men these days don’t seem to know how to have sex without being violent anyway so it probably would be traumatizing. Heterosexual sex in itself always seemed like an act of violence to me. The fact men have to rub our clits to get us to enjoy it seems like manipulation.

Anonymous 62295

>fact men have to rub our clits
Most men don't even do that or they do it completely wrong. Sex is overrated.

Anonymous 62516

clitoral stimulation should come naturally while rubbing against the pelvic bone of the man. penetrative orgasm is completely possible because the clit isnt two dimensional, it wraps around the vaginal canal and can be simulated from the inside.

Anonymous 62956

sex is more than genital rubbing

Anonymous 62959

holy shit spend less time on the internet.

Anonymous 62960

that second twitter comment looks fake

Anonymous 62992

it does but it's a real tweet, you can google it

Anonymous 62994

this is so sad…

Anonymous 62995

i relate to this but im mexican.

Anonymous 63004

you could probably pass for white
She should try majority black countries and see how she gets on
I did google it and I couldnt find it

Anonymous 63288

The fourth square is depressing and enraging.

Anonymous 63312

This chart and the associated study are nearly 10 years old and America-centric. It doesn't apply to the rest of the world. I'd even say it doesn't apply to half of the US. Stop bringing it up.

Anonymous 63317

This american thing of studying social activities based on race is so cringe

Anonymous 63328

iirc this data was based on one American dating site's data so most of the men are going to be middle aged divorcees and most of the women are going to be gold diggers lol. Also it's from like 2008 so it's all Gen Xers and Boomers.

Anonymous 63335

I don't think that is a thing in Brazil.

Anonymous 63348

I read more recent stuff. Same shit today

Anonymous 64277

Your post struck a chord with me. I feel for you. Wish you the best honest.

Anonymous 64278

Anonymous 64809

rejected by my looksmatch or even below my looksmatch time and time again, they dont even see me as a woman.
it hurts.

Anonymous 64824

so we are gatekeeping femcels now? wow

Anonymous 64826

happy dance.gif

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
less than a year ago, I am now 20

>what does being a femcel mean to you

I dont think being a khv doesnt equate to being a femcel but it can contribute to it. I think its mainly a mindset that is convuluted by mental illness, trauma and being blackpilled on people in general. Although it doesnt have to be all three, but at least one of those aspects contributes to the femcel mindset.
Also i believe femcels crave and desire a true relationship and bond that is healthy and pure. We want to make love, not have sex. And even though we know we could possibly find someone or have a good chance, femcels will hold back even when an opurtunity is presented. I would like to think its a treatable mindset, but it feels better to wallow in it than actually change it, no matter how painful it eventually becomes. This mindset eventually drains you to the point, where it drives you even farther on giving up and living in some isolated part of the world.

>vent about celibacy

even though i really want to be with someone, i would never do it in a fwb sort of way. I find that truly heartless and disgusting and i believe that participating in that will just push me over the edge. I really want to have sex with someone i love and who knows me (bad and good parts) and who i feel safe with. The problem is that I have such a debilitating mindset towards myself that i prevent myself from actually cultivating a healthier mindset and eventually relationship. I just feel so hopeless, and trying to motivate myself to get better just feels like its never going to happen and i am in denial, it feels wrong being happy or wanting to be happy. I also am just afraid of settling for someone to satisfy external pressures. I really want a family and love of course, but i dont want to just get married and get knocked with someone i dont even love or can trust, so i rather do myself a favor and consecrate myself. Oh yea, and i am catholic, and even more so i am terrified of meeting someone of the catholic faith because most of the ones i have seen are "political". Its all so tiring, and just thinking about how stupid and tiring some people can be makes me want to give up even more. I still hold onto hope, but its hard to apply when you are faced with mental illness and weird people all around you.

>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )

I love arts and crafts. I am not good at it, but i really love it. I also have a major love for graphic novels/comics/manga/manwha anything with pictures really. Or light and comfy childrens books. I also really enjoy learning about new crafts and ways to practice my art skills (which is my main hobby), or just new things in general. I also enjoy learning new weird recipes and make them for me to munch on. I also enjoy looking into small obscure fashion blogs and writing small book reviews and poems. and lastly, i really enjoy listening, learning about music, and collecting CDs. I want to learn how to play a guitar (VOX teardrop guitar specifically) and just strum my whole day away. Actually i think my hobbies sort of contribute to my femcel mentality, because i have so many hobbies and i am sensitive and i just dont want to be criticized nor derailed from them lol

Anonymous 64828


Anonymous 66912

when will we have the first femcel school shooter?

Anonymous 66914


this bitch thinks she is from K-On or some shit

Anonymous 66920

You know that feeling when you just fail over and over, so much that it just starts to feel unreal? Because that’s how I feel. I mean what are the odds of this shit? Someone should’ve fallen for my ugly mug and boring personality at some point along the road, yet no one did. There are no obvious flaws in me, everyone says. That surely I’m good enough for someone. But I’m not. I don’t understand this.

Anonymous 66936


You guys know it's like super normal to be a virgin/khhv up until your 20s right

Anonymous 66944

>i like self harming
>i think im going to start livestreaming that and that way i can get requests
are these two lines related? do you mean you're going to livestream self harm?

Anonymous 66984

dog gooo.gif

Wow just found CC and I'm shocked there's stuff like this.

>when did you realize you were a femcel

22, college. The years of being called or screamed at that I was ugly by male strangers, bullied, called a school shooter…that I didn't look normal. Guess being around Stacies and Beckies and seeing how they were treated 24/7 made me realize that being ignored, insulted, or sneered at all the time wasn't normal. For example no guy in my entire life has talked to me irl OTHER than to insult me. Think about that.

>what does being a femcel mean to you

Think it means "lack of social/romantic mobility", not necessarily "involuntary celibacy." It's more defined by essentially being seen as leftover goods/trash and being seen like a subhuman. A femcel can "get lucky", especially on the internet, but there's a much higher chance she'll be treated like shit, used as training wheels or a fuck toy, pumped and dumped, etc, and her "bf" isn't happy with her. This is like how men say men cheat if a woman is ugly/gets ugly.
My dumbass conspiracy theory is that way more older women are technical "femcels" and essentially the only reason men married them is because they were younger/cuter at the time.

>vent about celibacy

I kind of wish I could go back to age 14 when I didn't give a fuck about this stuff. Like it really is a waste of time in the long-run–it helps ANY awkward person to just try their best in life and not dwell on bad things.

Also let me join in about the incel roast (sorry incel lurkers). They really don't understand how traumatizing being used by someone who only is with you because you have certain holes can be. And it's weird bc it's like being betabuxxed. Or, say being with a man "damages" a woman. You'd think they'd understand the fear and risks but it's like connections aren't being made.
>what are your interests?
Idk usual dumb neet stuff. Reading fantasy, comics and manga, photography, DnD podcasts (tfw too autistic to actually play it), games. Just finished Deltarune chapter 2.

Anonymous 67039

Don't give up hope anon, you'll get there. The brain automatically pushes you towards achieving your goals so long as you desire them - you'll get where you want to be someday, and sooner than you expect too.

Anonymous 67074

pretty quirky women will never be your friend, they will just use you as an accessory.

Anonymous 67079

Where do you live for people to harass you into college? I understand high school but in all of the colleges I've been to everyone seems to mind their own business.

Anonymous 67107

This entire thread has been a feels rollercoaster.

These posts are pretty accurate in their description of what a femcel is imo.

I feel fucking horrible for you just reading what they did to you. In what situations would that harassment take place? Were you in a crowded area did they come up to you when you were alone?

Anonymous 67165

I wonder how much of this is just typical femcel traits or specific neurodivergent self esteem issues.

Anonymous 67167


there's not really typical femcel traits as it's usually a blend and intersection involved.

i'm very ugly, not even an old desperate guy has wanted me. but I ended up realizing that i mainly had been drawn to the idea of femcel not because of romantic issues but because i hadn't authentically been able to connect to anyone in my entire life, starting from the womb. sure i'm kissless virgin but i absolutely wouldn't have gotten near femcels if i was neurotypical.

Anonymous 67169


>men talk about how femcels don't exist and how any ugly girl can get laid by hundreds of med
>ugly girl posts picture of herself
>they immediately laugh at her face, turn the thread into screenshots and plaster her over the entirety of 4chan so others can laugh at her aswell

Anonymous 67175


After that she got a boyfriend

Anonymous 67178

I love her wedding photo

Anonymous 67180

Extremely abhorrent screencap but I’ve also seen a thread where OP posted the girl’s wedding photo and replies cheered her. The imageboard where it happened wasn’t 4chan, to be fair.

Anonymous 67186


Her face kind of reminds me of Hiro Kone, I actually think it's rather nice in this picture.

Anonymous 67188

I mean it is 4chan, the toilet bowl of the Internet. If you went there and said you were going to kill yourself, they'd ask you to stream it.

Anonymous 67208

I'm probably a femcel (23). Not sure if the fact bothers me so much. I come from a traditional/religious background so I'll probably get married eventually. I'm am somewhat bitter about the fact that I missed out on teenage love. I was a fat fuck and an awkward teenager, and I avoided guys because I feared they would hurt me or insult me. Pretty pathetic but whatever. I have since had my "glowup" but being an emotionally stunted individual really fucks up my chances. I usually sperg out in online interactions and dip before i can develop a real connection. I've only ever had one crush in my life when i was 18, and it was nursery school crush tier (giggles and stalking included).
I'm not bothered about sex because I can't even have it outside of marriage (even if I suspect I'm no longer a virgin kek) but mostly because my stunted development has riddled me with a sleuth of kinks that are fairly obscure. I'm probably never going to communicate them with my future husband.

Anonymous 67212

Tbh I'm kind of glad I didn't get teen love. If it really was so wonderful then I would have felt bad over not being able to experience it indefinitely.

Anonymous 67213

My mother practically brainwashed me against having a boyfriend in High School of fear that it would affect my academic performance.
Well, guess what mother, I am now an underachieving uni student, AND I don't know how to talk to boys. Are ya happy?

Anonymous 67287


I would consider myself a femcel but the lack of romance doesn't bother that much, my biggest pain has to do with lack of friends. I've been consistently bullied starting in grade school and I think my appearance and personality in general is just off-putting to people. Even when I've tried to make friends online like on forums and Discord, I'm usually accepted on the surface but I noticed other members tend to become closer like having their own private group chats and meeting up in real life, I've never been included in those type of things. I would be fine being femcel if I at least had friends to do things with. Life is just getting bleaker, I can't imagine myself being like 40 and still having zero friends in the world. I wish there were more FA spaces that discuss the loneliness of being friendless along with lack of romance.

Anonymous 67323

have had similar issues etc and forgive my autism but what is the screencap from?

Anonymous 67325



Anonymous 67950

Where/how are you even supposed to meet good men?

Anonymous 67971

Anonymous 67973

Being a femcel is a state of mind. You will outgrow it eventually as you begin to realize how absurd your preconceived notions about your appearance and the real world is. Get yourself out there and you are guaranteed to find a guy who is into you. Of course, whether you’re going to find him up to your standards is a different story.

Anonymous 67981

>up to your standards
Moid-tier answer. Femcels and insecure women in general worry about whether THEY are up to someone else's standards. Anything else comes after that.

Anonymous 68024

>being a femcel is a state of mind
Maybe for skinny 5/10 pale girls with low self esteem, for the rest of us it’s real

Anonymous 68025

I agree with the other girl this is moid-tier. Standards is such a moid talking point because men are obsessed with 1% of a relationship: sex and getting access to a woman. When most men are pathologically preoccupied with sex, it's insane to pretend that getting with a guy has any value–it doesn't.
Men are coping. A guy with you just for sex and because you're accessible isn't a relationship.

Now, I think a lot of femcels are mistaken about what being a femcel actually entails. It's become something different than celibacy. It involves mental health, social functioning, and then looks. At its worse it looks like being in a hole and having no tools to get out.

Massive amounts of girls in these positions - whether average or ugly - end up being abused and exploited because they basically automatically assume they're not good enough. And they also tend to be far more sensitive to the damage for obvious reasons (aka they actually shouldn't even be dating–they should be getting more comfortable with themselves, living life, and interacting with people).
Men ignore much women are damaged when they go for any guy that shows the least bit of interest in them without really being that into her–that's why you should never trust what men say about relationships.

I know a 4/10 girl that moved overseas to be with a 2/10 guy and despite being sweet before (I met him) he ended up abusing her more and more overtime. Men value looks more than women and treat their partners more base off of it.

Anonymous 68026

At this point tho I think identifying as simply a volcel is better. Why, no, I don't actually want to go onto goddamned Craigslist and fuck a random guy. And I'm comfortable with being a virgin now.

I want a relationship where we mutually prefer and value one another. Men know they usually benefit from being with a random woman. Women usually don't actually benefit from being with a random man and experience way more risks.

Anonymous 68062

Males do not talk to me. They never spoke to me. I hate them. I see the way they look at women who are far more attractive than them and lust for them. They are never satisfied unless they have the best looking female. I never used to think this way until I reached 20 and started looking into incels and spending some time with them on their forums. They just want to have sex with the best looking women they can, they will cheat and leave you the moment they are able to. I have learned this from observing family and friends relationships. If I ever get into a relationship, I will never trust them fully because I know that at any given moment, given the right women, they will cheat on me. Whores. Sorry for the rant, feels nice to have a place to express these thoughts and not get shut down/censored for being a 'foid'. Anyway, yeah I'm a 22 year old khhv who likes fighting games and lifting. As much I hate them, I still do want a husband just to experience touch with someone who truly loves me but it's not possible with males unfortunately

Anonymous 68065

if you're going to make up your own rules about what being a femcel is then why even bother?

Anonymous 68067


>I'm kind of glad I didn't get teen love
cope; life shouldn't just be endless fun, it should have its ups and downs; that is why teen love is so magical, its intense and tragic, truly an overpowering experience in the moment, yes it hurts but if you ask anybody that lived through it they may tell you it sucked but they wouldn't change a thing and if they could they would probably go back in time and relive it

Anonymous 68069

gatekeeking is good so yeah not a valid criticism

Anonymous 68074

i wouldnt fall for the teen love is superior pedo insecure moid rhetoric.
love feels amazing regardless of the age you experience it at, the only reason "teen love" is praised so much besides that moidy narrative is because it tends to be when most people experience their firsts, and firsts do tend to hit harder, although not necessarily so.
you can also have your firsts whenever, not only as a teen, so it'd still feel special and intense.
i had my first relationships when i was in my teens and they were far from the most beautiful honestly, but that's just my personal experience, maybe you have a very nice memory of your teen love anon, and that's okay as well.

Anonymous 68075

Kek anon my first boyfriend is dead now, speak for yourself I'd undo that shit and have a normal teenhood at the drop of a hat

Anonymous 68077

I’m here to tell you that there exist guys that would be into you even if you think you’re on the lowest scale of attraction. Is it going to be harder to start a relationship? Yes, your dating pool is smaller and you’re not going to attract males like a giga stacey, and that’s fine. This i is the first fact that a femcel has to understand before they can start improving their life.

Anonymous 68078

Stop pretending everyone is like you or that Romeo and Juliet kind of love is the peak. Like the other person said, extremely moid-like with its obsession with lizard-brained highs. Love shouldn't be goddamned tragic, the fuck is wrong with you?

Not everyone peaked in high school and what you're admitting is that long-term love is super cucked because people like you would choose to go fuck their first bf again.

Also stop projecting your twisted fantasies onto others. Many people would choose to undo it, so many girls regret their firsts and shit like that.

Anonymous 68079

Incels make up their own rules all the time. Trying to be "b-but your own rules" doesn't change the fact that most "cels" can get sex in one capacity or another.

Anonymous 68081

see: many incels writing off ugly men getting married as being "betabuxxed" to write off how ugly men are able to have sex. They're just preoccupied on not being able to easily get it.

Anonymous 68091


>teen love is superior pedo insecure moid rhetoric.
wtf? I'm talking about dating another guy from your school or uni, not dating some 30 yearold when you're 14
>love feels amazing regardless of the age you experience it at
yes but there are times in your life that are ideal for certain "experiences" it's not the same going to a party with your friends when you're 16 than when you're 34 or going to disneyland at 10 vs 29, it's a harsh truth but you can miss out of alot of things and while you can replicate them they are not truly the same; and it's not about some "pedo mind games propaganda" when you're young, like say high school, you're totally free, don't have to worry about working, everything is new and exiciting, and this goes both ways, you saying teen love is pedo shit is ridiculous; you sound like the "NO FUN ALLOWED UNLESS SUPERVISED" type person
>Also stop projecting your twisted fantasies onto others
you're the one projecting, thinking that everybody's life is shit, that nobody has fun and if somebody does enjoy themselves its because they got conned or tricked, hey, girls can have fun too you know? and its not because the mk ultra by "globo moid" is working
>Love shouldn't be goddamned tragic
there's a difference between tragic and abusive, a guy bending his back replying yes to everything you say is not love, that's some pathetic clingy loser that's afraid of letting you go, like plato said, love is friendship on steroids, do you not sometimes fight with your friends? is being with your friends a constant high? do your friends catter to your every fuckinf wim? you think that live is this black and white, good and evil dichotomy when it's really a mix of both.
I know this is a femcel thread but god damn, reminds me of when a lonely loser on r/teenagers goes "other teens are disgusting, going to parties to drink and get high, ugh the degeneracy, I'm the one having the REAL FUN sitting in my room scrolling through tumblr wrapped in bubble wrap" pathetic

Anonymous 68093


No, I like fun–there's so much to life after school and way more ACTUAL freedom and ability to go places and do things. I like going to parties with my friends and shit; a few months ago I went to Japan with my best friend and it was incredible and life-changing and made a bigger impression on me then anything I experienced in grade school.

I just didn't die at 19 like you apparently did or base my idea of fun off of teen sex and drama like you do.

>she thinks the only thing besides relationships being bubblegum sweet, a guy blandly replying "yes", and clingy is tragedy; that literally the only "complexity" in a relationship or friendship is fighting and angst

I don't know why I even replied to you. You're a headcase.

Anonymous 68094

>plato said, love is friendship on steroids
bringing up Plato…who was in a cultural context of normalizing men fucking boys…in an argument about fetishizing what teenagers feel. Well, now that's poetic tragedy.

Anonymous 68445

>severely overweight
fatcel is volcel, though

Anonymous 68447

As a femanon who dated a guy 10 years younger than myself, I can confirm that cougar love is a far better experience than teen love.

Anonymous 68485

I agree, poor anon, sounds like she needs a big dose of Not Giving A Fuck. Much easier to do when you consider yourself ugly. (uh, for the record, you're probably not ugly original anon you just live in a shitshow horrorsociety that judges you so harshly)
Have you ever considered not caring? I'm not saying to do that, but just curious if it's even really crossed your mind? You sound extremely set in your mental thought process and disorderly habits surrounding this. Send you a hug and some tweezers

Anonymous 68743

So I'll magically get a gf if i'm skinny?

Anonymous 68744


yeah, they float down from the heavens once you reach a certain weight.

Anonymous 68773

>when did you realize you were a femcel
when metoo was the big thing and i was the only one of my friends without a story of inappropriate male attention (or any male attention)
>and how old are you now

Anonymous 68774

can relate. girls act like it's the universal female experience. is it?

I keep telling myself that maybe I'm just intimidating (I'm taller than almost all guys here). Either ways tho at least I can go outside and feel safe-ish.

Anonymous 68791

In my late teens/Early 20s I realised that giving men sex does not make them love you or care about you, afterwards I always felt insecure, alone and used. Little did I realise at the time that’s all they wanted from me; sex and would ghost me soon after. Ever since I just want a stable relationship before I do any of that but most men don’t want more than sex from me. Now I’m in a cycle of crippling low self esteem due to loneliness and loneliness due to low self esteem. I’m never short of unsolicited messages from random men telling me to sit on their face and all other obscene messages that make me physically repulsed. I even occasionally entertain the attention of a few men but it dies off fairly quickly on their end when they realise I’m not going to sleep with them so why bother meeting me and I’m not someone they want to seriously date. In all fairness the longer time has gone on the more these men have began to blur in to one npc with the same mindless blabber and interests, I couldn’t even pick most of them out of a crowd let alone remember their names anymore. I’m so bored of them. I only seem to catch real feelings for close guy friends who treat me like a human being, but the reason they treat me like a human being is because they feel nothing more for me. I honestly envy women who end up marrying the guy who was their friend first who make eachother happy rather than some leering drooling cumbrain they met on an app based nothing more than shallow fuckability.

Zizi 68861


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now

In my high school years and I’m 27 now. It first really hit me when someone said I was too “fat and outrageous” to get a boyfriend. The 10 years following that were just confirmation of that brutal fact. I did get a boyfriend but, he was abusive and fucking many other stacies behind my back.
>what does being a femcel mean to you

It means finally accepting reality radically. I’m so sick of the love yourself bullshit, someone out there for you bullshit. No one knows how hard it’s been just walking around in a body like mine. The way men treat you and look at you. I don’t even have the privilege of fearing for my safety around men, because I’m so sure they would never do anything to me. I’m owning being a femcel cos it feels fucking freeing to just accept the truth of the matter and be who I am.

>vent about celibacy

Only recently celibate, to be honest with you like a lot of femcels, sex isn’t the issue. I’m bearable enough to be seen as a novelty for men or a fetish for chubby chasers, so I can get fucked. What I can’t get is taken seriously or treated decently, my ex told me that guys don’t imagine themselves at the alter with girls that look like me. I couldn’t care less for sex because I know it’s always just some fun experiment for the guy.

>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )

I love music, cooking, comedy, deep conversations and smoking weed <3

Anonymous 68882

Does anyone else here have leftover femcel thoughts that you hate yourself for having?
I'm almost mentally well but then I'll be in a bad mood because I imagine how everyone I meet is sleeping with all their friends or whatever or happily in a relationship. Or I'll start thinking that finding someone genuinely introverted such as myself is impossible and that I'll be doomed to be with someone who resents me.
Or worse, the dehumanization of men thoughts come back. I hate those since I do have male friends who I care about and have grown to respect as human beings.

I've come so far but sometimes shit slips and ruins my day.

Anonymous 68884

I can kind of relate. I personally worry about other women that sleep around bc I sexistly wonder if they really enjoy it that much. Also, it feels very weird to hear about people fucking around. Not sure if I'm jealous. Just feels alienating.

Also how bad are the dehumanizing men thoughts? I never really felt bad about mine–I wouldn't hang out with men that I have strongly negative thoughts about. Same with being with someone who resents me in any way, I'd just jump ship because my femcel thoughts have embraced potential hermitdom…which likewise I'm very happy and secure about as an idea? Think people can easily avoid it if they get a proper support network + money first, so they can leave anytime.

Anonymous 68887

>Just feels alienating.
Yeah, this is exactly how it is for me. I have no desire to participate in casual sex (else I would have by now) and it makes me uncomfortable to know of people doing it. Makes no sense. Maybe this is low empathy idk.

The dehumanizing men thoughts basically mirror male incel thoughts of women which I feel is stupid. For example, seeing men who have had sex or even kissed as used goods. Also thoughts of them being incapable of affection and minimizing their feelings as less valuable than my own or those of other women.

I have a close male friend who is the epitome of things I saw as repulsive at one point. He has slept with women casually, attends gatherings, and has struggled with reliance on substances. When interacting with him I can see he's just a fucked up person who is mentally ill and trying to get better, much like some girls on here. But it's easier to be hypercritical of men when they're not right in front of me and reminding me that they also breathe, bleed, cry, and hurt.

Typing this out actually helped a bit. I want to be a more understanding person (for everyone's sake) but it's hard to not revert back into defensive judgemental prick mode.

Anonymous 68893

tenor (10).gif

it's because it's super male centric and pretty objectively most risks involved disportionately affect women while the good stuff involved disportionately benefits men. well. speaking of averages. this isn't a rule. but yes. it looks weird cuz it's kind of weird, pragmatically speaking after crunching the numbers.

also, idk your past but if you were around guys like that for years, it probably pushed you more in the other direction? And that's really not your fault.

The one good male friend I had was a joy and a genuinely compassionate person. But he didn't like casual sex either. He made me less critical of men by just showing me he was decent and had actual hobbies related to helping others. Plus, I would have felt he was cool even if he did sleep around before, in spite of my beliefs. Why? Bc he was defined by other things.

Anyway, idk, do understand that you seem to have a caring heart - that doesn't go away because of your intrusive thoughts - and seem to doubt it a lot. Understand that others aren't necessarily like that, and also understand that you aren't a bad person if you choose to walk away from someone in need…nor if you sometimes have bad thoughts about men. I say this because maybe I'm projecting another friend of mine onto you a bit bc tbh her trains of thought were super similar and turned out men often took advantage of it–which she couldn't tell at all for the longest time until she realized they were taking much more than what they gave emotionally. Oh, also, she ended up neglecting other friends on accident (not me at least). It was interesting to watch though because she came off like she was overcompensating somehow for their sake before realizing the truth. Like, she'd defend them more despite them deserving it less compared to other people.
Feel free to ignore this if the situation isn't at all similar. But dropping it just in case.

Anonymous 68894

also lol didn't intend for the gif to be so judgey! T_T

Anonymous 68907

tired of being ugly andd alone.
im not too repulsive for me to consider having a guilty sexual encounter but they will never commit to me or even try to hide the fact.

Anonymous 68920


I keep noticing incels call any man that is average with a gf a Chad, it's annoying asf.

Anonymous 68926


>when did you realize you were a femcel and
i was 14 when things started going down the drain but i didn’t really discover femcel-ism until i was 16
>how old are you now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
being ugly, have never had anyone show interest in me, socially inept to the point people think i’m autistic (i’m not), and idk how to make friends
>vent about celibacy
honestly i don’t care about sex partially because i couldn’t stand anyone to see me naked. i’m completely turned off by the idea of dating a man now even if i wasn’t ugly because i’m just repulsed by them now. so it’s hard to explain why i still feel insecure about never having male attention. it’s just a status. men are so desperate for sex they’ll take animals or inanimate objects but i’m still too ugly for them so what does that make me? i know i shouldn’t care about their opinions but i can’t help thinking like that when i don’t know anyone else irl with the same experience.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
i like rhythm games and collecting figures. i also like j-fashion but i don’t really participate in the community so much due to my ugliness and inability to talk to people

Anonymous 68951

shut up chad


Anonymous 68967


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
always was weird and strange and outcast, since i was a child. i have always been the black sheep in my family, school etc etc so essentially as soon as i gained a level of social awareness i realised i was a ‘femcel’ though i don’t really like that term. i’m 19 now and though im at uni where everyone else is making friends and boys im still extremely solitary.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
being a social aberration, having some sick diseased wrong thing about you that makes you unable to interact and connect with people in a meaningful way. i know a lot of people think femcel=ugly woman but im not ugly really, im okay looking and have slept with a couple of guys (albeit drunk/high out of my mind) but when it comes to actually trying to form connections i just inspire this strange revulsion in people. i think femcelism is just being a failed female and i guess that takes many different forms and manifests in a different way for everyone.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
i read a lot and watch a lot of movies, into spirituality and kanye west lol. thats it really.

pic unrelated ofc lol

Anonymous 68968

you can’t be a femcel if you’re been in a relationship or have had sex what the fuck
>inb4 gatekeeping
words have meaning

Anonymous 68969

i mean yeah but the word is divorced from its original meaning. its just internet slang for loser female now pretty much.

Anonymous 68972

the problem is with that read is that pretty much anyone can find someone online to agree to a relationship (it seems impossible but it's possible; even deformed people have found one, if they got lucky). also, a 1/10 woman can go have sex. it will probably suck and be awful for her, but she can.
so already everyone is breaking your "words having meaning" thing.

but yeah tbh think volcel should be used more instead, even though it implies separatism.

Anonymous 68973

This, some of you people seem to forget femcel is the same as incel (INVOLUNTARY CELIBATE) but with vagina, a guy in a relationship or who has had sex is not an incel…

Anonymous 68974

I believe you are confusing the term "femcel" with "boring person"

Anonymous 68976

Even if most of us could fuck because men are what they are, part of this is also being so mentally separated from intimacy that you can't. Being an old virgin also is its own experience even if virginity is a social construct. A different level of loserdom.
t. Mentalcel

Anonymous 68977

okay weabio faggot lol

Anonymous 69004

go back to wherever you came from, hate fembots claiming femceldom to be more relatable to their robot orbiters.

Anonymous 69327

I find that basing your views on men through browsing incel forums just ends up doing more harm than good and it ends up warping your perspective on things in an unhealthy way.
You have to remember no decent man will actively engage in an incel forum so everything being posted in places like in /r9k/ are fucked up for a reason.
While it's good to be wary of men and their intentions you have to remember that good men do exist and that's a fact it's just that they're a minority.
>yeah I'm a 22 year old khhv who likes fighting games and lifting
I'm surprised you haven't had any experience with men at all considering those are two hobbies that have a lot of men in them.
Hope you're not a stinky smash player though or else I hope you stay a khhv forever.
Strive's pretty fun though.

Anonymous 69335

awkward subject for a femcel thread, but based off what other women have said, men…

>forget after a few days/make false promises

>get pissy/hold it against her (even when brought up politely)
>and/or get extremely insecure and depressed

many women basically give up after a while.
it's actually pretty rare for a guy to actually be open to being "teached" in a way that he actually internalizes the information in any meaningful way. and the crux of the matter is, if he is incapable of sensing and feeling what feels good for his partner, chances are, no amount of "tutoring" will fix it.

also, in general, heterosexual women get off a lot less from their partners than lesbian women, so, yeah, interesting thing to note.

Anonymous 69359

> and the crux of the matter is, if he is incapable of sensing and feeling what feels good for his partner, chances are, no amount of "tutoring" will fix it.

That's cause they lack empathy. So there's probably a lot more wrong about them than just not being able to get someone off.

Anonymous 69361


I made that post and have zero sexual experiences with men. It's just what I heard from other women. I don't think I'll ever get to "teach" a moid myself, kek.

Anonymous 69369

yeah and literally you have to have high standards and exclude massive amounts of men just to avoid it. you can usually tell whether or not a guy is attentive and generous. most aren't.

Anonymous 69536


Tfw this is the only way men will treat me

Anonymous 69537

Another proof that men can't or at least don't love.

Anonymous 69538

Men love pretty girls who are bitches sometimes. Even a pretty nice girl will get played. Why do girls who raise hell have simp boyfriends? Because they’re pretty and a challenge.

Anonymous 69539

>Why do girls who raise hell have simp boyfriends? Because they’re pretty and a challenge.
Yeah 'raise hell" but it still has to be acceptable for men to agree over. Doubt they'd simp for a radical feminist, even if she was "pretty"

Anonymous 69550

Male feminists literally only exist for the purpose of simping for hot feminists. Most are lib fems, but I doubt they are ideologically comitted enough to let that stop their penis.

Anonymous 69551

honestly it has almost nothing to do with feminism in that case, other than going back to the challenge/conquering aspect of it which I know for a fact gets off extremely creepy wokefishers.

Anonymous 69552

I don't think it is about the mean v. nice thing.
and I often see people conflating girl with strict boundaries, not being a pushover, having a lot of self-value, etc., with being a bitch. it happens quite a bit as these judgments often come with very little information being available about the relationship.

a lot of the girls I noticed were obsessed with guys liking bitches were kind of nice but not attractive and very pushover-y.

Anonymous 69582

Good morning everyone
I hate men

Anonymous 69583


I think i'm about to do something so stupid and desperate. One of my lesbian friends who is even more femcel than me proposed a hookup. I am honest to god not attracted to women so idk how thats going to plan out but im just that desperate for intimacy. At this point I would be okay with never marrying a guy and just living with a woman and adopting a dog or something to have some kind of family

Anonymous 69588

honestly maybe don't go through with it. maybe try getting someone to platonically cuddle with instead.

Anonymous 69589

90% of the time when I see a girl being desperate for intimacy she would be completely satisfied with just some tender touch.

Anonymous 69591

don't do it you're only gonna break your friends heart and ruin a friendship

Anonymous 69595


Thank you all, I will reconsider. I just don't really have someone I could be platonic with :(, like ugh im just so lonely. I'm glad that I could get some real advice at least.

Anonymous 69597

?, does your lesbian friend dislike skin contact if it's not sex or something?

Anonymous 69598

We are both shy and have the 'tism

Anonymous 69599

tf anon? like, tf? how the hell is having sex more natural and less intimate than just cuddling?

Anonymous 69600

It just never crossed my mind tbh. I think that it's somehow easier to say "lets satisfy our primal urges" instead of "im lonely I need a hug please"

Anonymous 69604

But affection is a primal urge.

Anonymous 69605

in any case, idk, maybe you can say to her that you really just want to cuddle. can you do that and report back to us about what she says?

Anonymous 69606


I will! It's going to take a while before we see each other again but I want nothing more in the world than just a long cuddle with someone in all comfort

Anonymous 69609

maybe cuz cuddling is more emotionally intimate and sex is just about cooming

Anonymous 69614

hard disagree. sex is technically more vulnerable/intimate, it's just people have normalized it so much than honest human contact that people think otherwise.

I think people that think sex is less intimate have gotten too used to dehumanizing/objectifying others.

Anonymous 69628

Male spotted

Anonymous 69629

This. The context of desiring sex is an easy and understandable urge which can have easy to understand mutual benefaction spelled out for both parties. Saying "I'm emotionally vulnerable and need reassurance" is far more difficult, as there's nothing understood to be gained by the other party.

t. has husband and no friends

Anonymous 69651

nah, you just seem like you were brainwashed by the system.

Anonymous 69714

>you crave human affection wich means you have been brainwashed by the "system"

does it hurt to be this stupid? or are you coping

Anonymous 69720

What I meant by that is that nowadays sex for many people is so casual that it has become more emotionally detached than cuddling.

Anonymous 69722

lol, my entire point was that wanting affection was ok, that there is something wrong if something thinks sex is much less vulnerable, therefore more obtainable if someone wants any kind of human contact. "mutual benefaction spelled out for both parties." right, so it's normal for people like >>69629 to get into relationships where the guy wants to cum inside her but will go "eh? ew" at a hug? and that's healthy? honest?

the others are correct when they say it's a very male-type sentiment.

Anonymous 69724

taking this at face value is a bad idea though. I get feeling more vulnerable at wanting to just cuddle but a woman that sooner agrees to sex than a hug when she really just wants a hug is just self-sabotaging herself. a lot of women these days basically go along with all types of stuff just for the barest hint of affection. they're better off vetting ASAP and wanting cuddles instead of going along with other peoples' sexual depravities–which is still extremely vulnerable, especially for women.

Anonymous 69747

kind of relevant but not really…

why do incels usually think their looksmatch is some young cute skinny white girl? according to their own standards these girls look better than 90%+ of women, yet they start complaining if this girl likes a guy that's actually nearly as desirable as her.

Anonymous 69748

for example one time I saw a few incels link IG models without make-up on as their "match"–a guy actually called them out for mega-coping and they started melting down and I realized it wasn't a joke.

Anonymous 69753

These sorts exist across both sexes, there are also incels who cherry pick examples of girls with guys who are better looking, and complain that they can't get with any girl. There's so much miscommunication and misrepresentation, you can't just group together thousands of people under one term, especially not thousands of very individualistic people. "femcel" or "incel" alike, these labels are stupid, they don't actually say anything about who you are as a person. People would do well to get rid of any labels they have (even things like LGBT or 'socialist' or 'capitalist' or 'left'/'right' wing, all nebulous, meaningless trite).

I used to care so much about all of this, I'd get so fed up with some of the bullshit I read. Then I got a proper job, career even, and all this internet stuff just dissipates. You don't meet these people irl, it's a choice you make to read their posts, it's a choice whom you hang out with (this includes piece of shit friends who use you). You always know it's just letters on a screen, but when you're finally able to compare the real world and its healthy interactions with the digital world and its undesirable interactions, you finally see the light. Boomers always say it's not the real world, but words aren't the real thing. Words aren't what they represent. Hmm, deep.

Anonymous 69763

I don't see as many women or "femcels" going on and on about how it's right for people to end up with their looksmatch. I see some shooting for more attractive guys.

I was more referring to how they make attraction into an extremely transactional and calculated thing while ignoring the variables around it (i.e., most probably don't actually like women whose desirability is as low as theirs).

You talk about real life but "incels" are relatively homogenous. Yes. It's unhealthy/bad for them to be like this, but there's already wikis and specific blackpills they spread and mostly know.

Anonymous 69764

>hear normie girl calling herself “femcel” irl
>not ugly, has friends, etc
>”lol i use reddit”
i know “gatekeeping” and everything but as ugly khv with no romantic experiences at all it pained me internally. has femcel become as watered-down as incel as a generic insult? do normies just think it’s a synonym for female nerd?

Anonymous 69766

Yes, it's used as an insult, even if not that common. I have no friemds, I have zero social media accounts (I only use two anonymous sites - 4chan and Crystal Cafe) and the only interaction I get from human beings from the same species is from school and I can't even say I have friends here. I'm not ugly but most of the time I feel disgusted by almost all men so I would not call myself a femcel.

Anonymous 69772

>I feel disgusted by almost all men so I would not call myself a femcel.
i guess for me it’s more of the experience, i’ve reached the point where i’m put off by all men but even though i don’t want to date them i still feel ‘defined’ by my life as an ugly loser basically and femcel can encapsulate that though i’d never say it. it’s probably not a good mindset for me to have though

Anonymous 69774


Remember that looks are not the only thing a person has. A human has dignity, will power, imagination, creativity, experiences and achivements, so don't base your worth on only your visual aestetics.
Also don't care about what men think about you - most of them have broken brains from watching too much porn or by consuming sexualised media that they have forgotten how a real woman looks and acts.
And by what things are you measuring your beauty? If you compare yourself to the people in commericials, ads, magazines amd movies ofcourse you're going to think you're ugly, these medias are always trying to sell you products by telling you you're not good enough. Also in a lot of magazines, photos, commercials and movies the women are photoshoped constantly to redicilous hights to make them look more ''appealing''.

Anonymous 69777

i shouldn’t care about male opinions but it’s so hard to break that mindset because they always make it known whether you interact or not. i just try to ignore it but, after everything i just don’t feel worthy anymore because i’ve never known how it feels to be desired.
i honestly regret spending so much time in ‘femcel’ spaces (social media in general too, though i deleted everything) even though it was nice to see other women who related i think it made me much more shallow with all the emphasis on beauty and ratings. nowhere near as bad as male incels but still very unhealthy especially since i was young.
it’s hard but you’re right, i shouldn’t only define myself that way

Anonymous 69805

I belive you can do this! Take a break from these places, if they change your mindset in a negative way, try to improve by spending more time outside or focusing on your hobies or work.
Best wishes.

Anonymous 69812

>already getting bald spots
Yeah, now it’s over. Even if I fix the ugly how am I going to fix my hair.

Anonymous 69837

same anon it feels like a romantic death sentence

Anonymous 69864


>femcel irl
>becky online
My problem might be unique, I seem to get more attention online, never from people from my country but from people abroad from everywhere I'm not a catfish because I still can't get attention from people from my country online just like IRL, I actually get called ugly by them while other people call me pretty and cute.
The only attnetion I can get from locals is from 3/10 moids and it's only temporary until a stacy walks in.
I'm like a 6 to foreigners but a plain 3 to locals, it's baffeling.
I'm a mixed race brown woman, I have a semi-dedicated small online following both men and women and had a couple oribters who are male but I'm a femcel in my ethnic group(s) and people around me, only can be seen by outsiders.
Are outsiders simply blind to my flaws?
Is it a mixed-race problem?
Are those outsiders only fetishize me?
Or is it simply that my country's standards too high and I should move abroad if I wanted better chances?
I feel delusinal and gaslit.

Anonymous 69880

Do you post cosplay pics? Your description reminds me of someone I used to follow lol.
Anyway, as a mixed chick myself I believe it plays a part. I often encounter the issue that people have no idea what race I am (they even say it to my face) and I think they struggle to make assumptions about my availability and even personality based on that. People of my other race (I'm half white) are also a super minority so I don't even know if they can tell what I am and likely assume I'm Wasian or something else.
If you're not the majority race for your area people will want to make such assumptions using stereotypes. But ime I also get more interest from foreigners (usually they also assume I'm foreign haha) so there is some consistency.

Wonder if there are any other mixedcels to chime in.

Anonymous 69888

People around you are so used to seeing people like you (presumably) that they create standards especially for your ethnicity. This means that their idea of ugly is different from the idea of ugly people from other countries have.

I couldn't give you a proper explanation for why this happens, though.

Anonymous 69891

Irl I've been consistently called ugly by men of all races but online people think I'm lying about it bc they claim they think I look like a model.

Tbh instead of blaming it on location or dubious race I think I'm just ugly. There's a lot of attributes that are considered beautiful globally. I don't think I have them

Anonymous 70021

You might like Eileen by Otessa Moshfegh. Very, very slow but the protagonist is a very reclusive woman who lives with her father and works at a prison. We Have Always Lived In The Castle might fit this vibe too

Anonymous 70022

Otessa Moshfegh‘s “My Year of Rest and Relaxation” is kind of like this too.

Anonymous 70025


Anonymous 70026

I've reached my late 20s with 0 male attention, a kissless virgin and the basic intelligence required to realize that men on the internet blindly wanting to stick their cock in literally anything, including 1000 pound women, mean nothing.

My family hated me and abused me from the second I was born but, tbh, I ended up being such an undesirable person by the time I was a teen that I don't really blame them.

I'm pretty sure no guy will ever really like me. That, even if one did, it'd solely be because I have a vagina. I give no opportunity for someone to actually like me for the person I am…and that any exceptions would be born from delusion. That I am incapable of making any real connections with anyone.

It feels very weird, tbh, just…knowing that you will always remain some kissless virgin, that you will never be capable of what's completely normal for most other people.

Anonymous 70029

Anon, the past doesn’t have to mean the future. Things can change.

Anonymous 70030

Bestie if you ended up as an undesirable teen it was because of the way you were raised. It's 100% their fault. Children are not born bad, they are made bad by the people who raised them into that.

Anonymous 70032

You might find r/raisedbynarcissists useful and the related subs in the sidebar. r/cptsd too

Anonymous 70106


Im not sure what the average age is of the people here but can anyone relate here to hitting the wall early? I know its a moid thing to say but I genuinely feel like people just treat me like shit nowadays and thats it has to do with my looks. I used to get complimented all the time, people wanted to hang out with me, they just… smiled or something. Nowadays people prefer not to interact with me at all. Just today I was ignored by all my classmates constantly. I got one or two pity looks from the nice girl but thats about it. The only person that talks to me is the other femcel girl that nobody likes (and shes super sweet for that)

Anonymous 70111

You're either in high school or university.
Which ever, people going from talking to you to ignoring you there must be a reason. If you don't know what it might be, try asking the people that are still nice to you

Anonymous 70112

Im in uni now but im older than most although not the oldest. Its literally just because im ugly and have no fashion sense whatsoever

Anonymous 70114

Maybe that's it then, when I was in uni, the oldest person in the year found a group of friend toward the middle of the school year because we all felt too weird working with someone that was like 10 years older than us.
Also why do you say it's the fashion sense? That's usually a great way to identify yourself

Anonymous 70115

Nah the oldest person still made friends in the same class. Also Im too poor for clothes so I always wear the same shit

Anonymous 70122

vamp kitty.gif

can kind of relate.
well. I never really had a downward spiral because I was forever fat up till mid college and…what I didn't expect was afterwards people just acting like it was tragic how my face looked when I got relatively fit (23 BMI) .

imagine pulling an all nighter with a few other people and in the morning them showing horror at how horrible your face looks…even though they didn't have any sleep either. and before someone goes "they were just being mean". well. guess what? that was how people always reacted to me. oh. to add insult to injury, I've always been extremely tired and fatigued and have severe asthma. so. I don't just feel haggard, I look haggard.

in any case, idk what happened with you. it's hard to tell because apparently people can be extremely fickle based off how you act sometimes…but also they can be fickle fucks about the littlest of changes to a persons' looks too.

Anonymous 70123

images (33).jpeg

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
when i was 16, im 21 now. i left school at 16 to get my GED because i knew i wasn't learning or making friends there so i didnt see a use of it anymore
>what does being a femcel mean to you
for me, i think it's my body and the way i look. im east asian but not in the cute anime girl way. i am thin but not in a desirable way, very rectangular shaped. i have dark hair that's always greasy regardless of what i do w it. i am also extremely autistic and 'paranoid'
>vent about celibacy
i have an extremely high sex drive. i've had e boyfriends before, none of them ended well. one of my exes from when i was about 18 shared my nudes and touted me as a "real loli" which put me off anything sexual for a while. right now, i just watch live streams of soft-spoken boys to make me feel better at least for a little while
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
programming, high fashion, manga, ball-jointed dolls, the band yapoos, and anime figures.

Anonymous 70131


Does it ever get better, s? I know I have to start exercising more and stop being such a fucking schizoid but right now I really just want to curl up in my room forever.

Anonymous 70463

I'm begging you, don't do this. You're only going to get yourself banned forever near instantly

Anonymous 70574

tbh, I realize I'm always going to look very unsettling and creepy and I don't know how to get over it. yes. I've already accepted looks aren't everything.

oh. don't get me wrong I'm firmly a volcel, I'm now glad I'm a virgin; I dodged a bullet in being ignored because I'm so goddamned naive and had literally no standards…I would have probably been abused. And I've the personality of Shrek's ear wax. On fire. In a rainstorm. So, there's nothing to love here.

But I realize I'm a busted woman. I'm scary to look at. Oh. My health is also extremely bad. I can barely get out of bed and feel exhausted constantly. I feel trapped in my own body. I can barely talk. And, imagine losing weight in your early 20s after years of thinking you just needed a glow up…only for men to look at you in disgusted horror, telling you how hideous you are. Like…it has always been. The "school shooter" comments (from people that don't know you). Imagine the pitied comments from other women.

Then, on the internet, there's women saying all women get heckled by guys IRL at one point or another…what?
made me care more than I should have. Like. Ok. No attention? That's comfy. Chill. Can just walk in peace.
But, it makes me feel a sense of doom sometime. Like. Ok. I already know I'm ugly. Fine. But am I just not a female anymore? Am I that horrible looking?

And, hell, despite visiting a dozen derms I'm still covered in nasty cystic acne (before y'all ask, I've tried most everything and seen derms). There's dark, sunken circles around my eyes all the time. I'm missing some teeth because THEY NEVER GREW IN. I have bite issues. I have a crooked/out of place jaw. My skin looks incredibly chewed up no matter how much I've worked on it. I've the facial features of a masculine imp. And, my body is just disgusting even post weight loss. It's a male body.
I have spent so much time and money fixing issues that…most people my age don't even have. It's nuts.

I realize that all the years I spent trying to improve my looks was just cope. I really should have just focused on my hobbies. Honestly…I wish I just looked normal. I don't even wish to be beautiful anymore. But so often have people have just…recoiled at the way I look and said so much shit. How am I to just move on when I can barely function?

/vent end

Anonymous 70595

>I'm still covered in nasty cystic acne (before y'all ask, I've tried most everything and seen derms)
I know that feel anon. I will never have clear skin, at least not until I’m old or middle aged.

Anonymous 70700


Sorry for the blogpost but heres a little update: We met up last week and were very pretty platonic. I've always been an outsider and outcasts and never really felt how almost therapeutic it was to have physical contact with anyone. I guess that even femcels like me can have small victories here and there. Still we rarely see each other and I still feel lonely also I kinda want to kiss her and idk why I dont like girls

Anonymous 70745

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now

about 16 and I am 25 now

>what does being a femcel mean to you

I just have off putting face, Ive been treated differently because of way I look- by service staff and strangers alike. My social skills are shit and my personality is just meh

>vent about celibacy

I am kind of volcel because I have few bare minimum standards and no casual hookups policy. I however long for romance, loving touch of moid, doing cute couple things and making passionate love (as corny as it may sound)

Anonymous 70747

i hate how preoccupied our society is with sex. i just want friends. i dont even have friends. like i dont need a relationship but i just need someone who genuinely cares about me and i cant get that. guys only want anything to do with you when youre pretty and DTF or if you put up with their stupid bullshit. no ones even good enough for me laser eyes

Anonymous 70749

I know what you mean anon. I only have e friends

Anonymous 71966

i feel like i’m too ugly and pathetic to even post on here every other post mentions having a bf

Anonymous 71968

Femcels win in the end by not having garbage boyfriends/husbands or whiny children. The real pinkpill is realizing that your ugliness is a gift shielding you from the misery of domestic life average/pretty women get indoctrinated into at an early age.

Anonymous 71969

this is true but it still hurts for some reason i just feel like there’s something wrong with me

Anonymous 71970

It's not surprising that you feel that way, being surrounded by people who put so much importance on those things and being unable to relate to them when they talk about their bfs and their kids. The solution isn't changing yourself however, it's realizing that not having these things doesn't make you defective. Really it makes you superior, being free. Why would you let someone else's poor choices make you feel like a loser? Do you take interest in other things that make your life fulfilling? Because it could be that you're missing something else, and mistake that for the obvious difference between you and other people.

Anonymous 71971

i’m generally unhappy with myself but even though i don’t desire a bf/husband i think it’s that i just want to be able to feel attractive and worthy of love and admiration. it seeps into my mind even when i’m alone because i’ve just internalized being ugly and feel embarrassed to live. i think if i was pretty and liked the way i looked i’d be happy being khhv since i wouldn’t need any external validation. but i have to live with myself in this hideous face and body.

Anonymous 71972

No one exists with beauty without someone being there to admire it. That you have this desire to be admired for beauty is because you were raised in a society that values it, and this value has become ingrained in you. When you think about it though, who is it that you want to find you beautiful? I think the best way to cure yourself of that desire is to look at some insta stacy's page and see the sorts of attention they get. Old, gross, ugly porn-addicted men who follow hundreds of women like her. That kind of admiration is cheap. In theory it sounds nice, being beautiful. The reality, where there are real people doing the admiring, is different. You would come to loath them for their ways. What good is a man who pines after every pair of breasts he sees? He's absolutely dog shit, and his lust proves nothing except his own defectiveness.

Anonymous 71976

I have a condition that makes me stink really bad. So I have no hope in hell of getting a bf unless he magically has no sense of smell. The covid pandemic has therefore increased my chances, but only slightly since 99% of people regain their sense of smell eventually.

Anonymous 71977

I just want someone to care about me, to grow old with, to share a house with, to give me cuddles and affection, someone I can rely on and kiss good morning and goodnight. It's not fair that I cant get that but others can, so easily.

Anonymous 71979

You think that you want those things, but men like that don't exist in reality. You grow old, and they are still attracted to teenage girls and start to cheat on you or creep on younger women if they aren't desirable enough. You share a house, and they expect you to do all of the work cooking/cleaning/maintaining it, in addition to being slobs. You want affection, but they will just "lose the spark" one day and start treating you like shit because your presence gets on their nerves. More often than not, men are unreliable and cause you more problems. This is why women who stay single are consistently happier than women who marry and have children. Half of marriages end in divorce despite it being a massive waste of resources and nuking families. Why is that? Because most men become completely intolerable, that the option of divorce looks like heaven by comparison. You're better off shelving it as a fantasy than engaging with men, because they will not fulfill it in any way.

Anonymous 71981

Yeah I wish I could take this blackpill to cope with but nope. I know a lot of women irl whose husbands still really take care of them and dote on them. When I was in hospital a couple years ago, I was put on an older woman's ward. Almost all the women in the ward had husbands or bfs who came there to see them and I was looking at them, their husbands were talking and holding hands with them and making sure they were okay. It was just me and this other 70 something lady who were single and didnt have a husband or bf to come visit us. It was one of the most depressing moments of my life. It made me realize there's a reason people get married and have kids. It's insurance and security for the future.

Anonymous 71982

Need to get you one of those parosmia bfs. If everything stinks he'll never know. He also won't be fat ever, but he will be sad.

Anonymous 71989

Is it that one that makes you smell like fish?

Anonymous 71991

Ya similar chemical process involved but in my case diet doesn't fix it and I smell more like shit even though I'm one of the most hygienic people ever

Anonymous 71992

I have almost eradicated all desire for companionship, because it has gotten easier as I’m older and less eager to [put myself out there only to get rejected over and over], but last night it really hit me.

Anonymous 71995


Even princess Avril sings about guys ghosting her. Moids are literally retarded.

Anonymous 71998


If moids can mistreat and ghost a girl as beautiful as her then there's no hope for men. They're all idiots.

Anonymous 73394

Now I’m ovulating after a few years of no periods, and my mind is being flooded with thoughts of love and lovemaking.
I even see dreams about that stuff.
It’s awful. I never asked for this. I would take golfball-sized cysts and scale 10 pains over this. Those thoughts make me want to die. I’m in hell.

Anonymous 73398

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
When I was 22, I'm now 24
>what does being a femcel mean to you
I'm involuntarily celibate and can neither get a hookup nor a fulfilling romantic relationship with the sex I'm attracted to.
>vent about celibacy
I'm not a kissless hugless virgin and at first I didn't think much of it, because I was so busy studying and working anyway and had a previous relationship. I wouldn't have had time for a relationship or dates even if I wanted to. Then I felt like I had enough to bring to the table. I was buff, decent job, still studying, but I felt like I now had enough time and energy to give to another person. I met my exgf irl and things developed out of a friendship when we were teens and we're still friends now, but it seems as I became an adult, I don't really come across other women who are into women. Things like lesbian bars have been disappearing and many general lgbt events are just filled with men. So I turn to dating apps, which suck. It's like a meat market and I have to sell myself in the space equivalent to a tweet. I can get maybe 150 matches, most living quite far away, many never respond, others make the conversation like pulling teeth, some match with me just to tell me I'm not their type, others are secretly couples etc. The one date I got, she ended up trying to get me into a multi level marketing scheme. I felt so humiliated. It also demotivates me and I've probably committed a few dating app sins myself. I feel like I lost all my confidence now and come across as an awkward sperg. Main two things I'm insecure about are my fucked teeth and eternally chubby stomach (even with abs showing through, idk how), besides my social awkwardness. Personally I don't even have such high standards, I don't care about weight, height, aesthetics, ethnicity etc. I've been attracted to all sorts of women. I'd be fine with being used for sex, a romantic relationship, fwb, whatever. Just cuddling would be nice too, I miss human contact. I'm not angry at other women and I'm not entitled to anything.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
Gaming, fitness, painting, martial arts, baking, playing instruments, camping, anime, horror, archery and taking care of cats.

Anonymous 73407

Can you not masturbate?

Anonymous 73409

OK i never took sex es class because i am literally in the same level of "sex grosses me out" as you. What does it mean when u ovulate and wtf is going on

You mean that one monthly even that happens right after the follicular phase of the cycle and before the post follicular one? Aka on approximately the 14th day, since the yellow body degenerates in exactly 14 days in case of absence of fertilization. After 7 days of growth based on the availability of progesterone then another 7 days of de-growth aka periods..? WHAT? why does this keep happening

Anonymous 73416

>Most models are anorexic and they are the epitome of modern beauty.
its not 2006 anymore, anon.

Anonymous 73434

I don’t even ’bate. It just keeps happening in my head. I get these thoughts when my tighs touch, when I take a warm shower, etc. Everywhere.
There’s a recurring phase just before and just after my periods when I’m incredibly touch-starved and horny. It probably has something to do with ovulation, yea.
Because normally I can simply ignore those thoughts, and live in peace with the fact that I’ll never have anyone.

Anonymous 73494

Accepting that I'm a femcel has been hard. I have numerous physical, psychological and health related stuff that prevents me from being attractive or getting intimidate with someone. It hurts to see happy couples, and I feel extremely lonely a lot of the time. But there isn't really anything I can do.

Anonymous 73495

Intimate* oops

Anonymous 73500


Anonymous 73520

I enjoy being femcel. I do not have to deal with dating sex. I am lonely but the right person will come one day its better to be the right person than waste my time with the wrong person. My hobbies are the internet music movies and reading kinda boring but I think its fun.

Anonymous 73523

Not trying to be pessimistic but I've seen desperate women with physical and, or emotional issues (whether or not ugly) pretty much almost always be worse off dating. I'm not surprised though when most of their potential dating pool is "it's a privilege for a woman to be liked by me solely because she has the right type of holes" types who don't have the compassion or the care to treat her well.

I've seen a few end up stranded in foreign countries trying to romance ugly internet dudes. Sheesh.

Anonymous 73535

Men are incapable of empathy or seeing unattractive women as human beings so it doesn't surprise me. Even mail order brides treat ugly men better than men treat ugly women.

Anonymous 73546

I honestly feel like my standards are slipping lower and lower out of loneliness. I'm pretty much attracted to any guy who isn't obese and is under 60 at this point.

Anonymous 73671

Am I really a femcel if I can just hire a prostitute to have sex with me? Or get my friends to, because they are into casual sex? It's not that hard, I just don't want to. I'm just lescel

Anonymous 73798

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
probably around 16-17 but in denial until around 21/22. I am 25.

>what does being a femcel mean to you

for me personally it means no friends (my age), no lovers, no attention.
>vent about celibacy

I think there is something wrong with me. I think I am a pleasant, nice person but im too boring for people to want to talk or engage with me. Ive had a really shit childhood and was forced to be hyper dependent. Every good thing that happens me, has to be born from my efforts alone, and I hate it. I am a leftist and feminist, but I fantasize often about someone protecting, loving, and taking care of me. I really crave chivalry, Id like for once to be treated like I was special or womanly enough to be treated delicately. Life is so hard, my family is super toxic and no one gives a shit about me. Both parents are narcs and I suspect that my father abused me. Going through intense trauma as a child has made me a shell of a human being. I cant talk or relate to anyone. I dont know how to joke with others, Im not funny or interesting. The only women I relate to and have nice conversations with are older women (45+), but I obviously cant ask them to hang out. My closet friend is a woman in her 60s. Most days I want to die if im being honest, but school and art keeps me going. I spent most of my teenage years crying in my room, skipping school, playing video games and listening to opera on the weekends. Yes I am being serious. Instead of being punished for sneaking out or partying, I would get "grounded" (no tv, no internet) for not leaving my room or being around other people. I have never liked age appropriate stuff and its alienating. I try to genuinely get into pop culture but I'm just not into it, so i have nothing to talk to my peers about.

Every person Ive been remotely friendly with treats me like shit. No one ever talks to me unless they desperate and need someone to emotionally leech off of. Im so lonely that I used to just go along with it. lately ive cut these people off, and i know itll make me feel better in the long term, but it really sucks right now.

I know its stupid but I just want to go on a nice date and be held. I just want to have sex with someone who is attracted to me and loves me. I want to have a family one day, but I know it'll never happen. I am trying to change things about my appearance but its extremely hard. I grew up without a mother and I have no female role model to look up to. Whats worse is that other people can sense this and treat me like shit because of it. I feel like other women always constantly treat me like im this poor wayward duckling and are subconsciously trying to "fix me" (and they are right, i guess).

All of this is exasperated by the fact that I am black + fat.

I relate with other anons here that would be satisfied with living with another woman and having a cat or something. I seriously considered becoming a nun at one point of my life but the religious order I would most want to join is for men only. I would still go through if it weren't for my crippling desire for romance and the fact that being cloistered would mean i couldn't go to museums or pursue my worldly interests anymore.

>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )

A lot of things. I like Philosophy. I like music from the 70s,80s,early 90s. Im into fashion, though I myself am not a fashionable person. I like art. I draw. Im into Ballet, Theater, and Opera. I like video games (mostly rpgs). I like some shows and movies, but most of them are extremely depressing or intense.

Anonymous 73804

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
Somewhere around my first memories in highschool triggered this feelings, im 19 now and in an even worse state than the one id been in as an "oblivious" femcel, as opposed to a "self aware" one
>what does being a femcel mean to you
a mixture of almost everything. The moid term for incel but im female. Inward inability to maintain a relationship. Romantically dysfunctional
>vent about celibacy
It hasn't hit me as a troublesome thing before, i figured i would just settle on my own and be my own cool girlboss (before the term became colonized by zoomer memes) until recently. The guy I've had a crush on for like a year actually approaches me and tries to be a part of my life. He's extremely kind and amazing, i could listen to him talk all day, we would text each other all the time, he would always send my heart fluttering over the simplest stuff, i basically idolized every aspect of him, he was somehow even more wonderful when i got to know him as a person, more than anything id expected by just thinking about him as a distant crush. One time he blurts out that he loves me mid conversation, i am the one to fuck up and ask if he means it "as friends", and even more of a fuck-up to not take it seriously even after he explains that "no," he "actually loves me". I continue being low-key friends with him, but knowing I'm a retarded femcel i know for a fact he's going to hate me once he knows me for who i am. i always tried to magnify the worst aspects of me in his presence, ended up just receiving more empathy and support from him despite dumping all my life problems on him, i was so damn scared id be rejected by him once we made things official, that one day i just was like "i don't want to be friends with you anymore" and even though he tried talking me out of it, i still shut myself away. I feel so horrible about it. I actually cannot stop thinking about him. I know he probably would have- most likely would've ditched me and left me in a worse state than the one im in now, but the possibility of what we could have been, had i not been such a self-hating insecure retard, keeps haunting me. I unfortunately still love him so very much, but i suppose this has to be my life now
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
Politics, world history and vidya, to a fanatic degree even, i blame it on the 'tisms but i acknowledge its cringe.

Anonymous 73813

If you had a guy cute guy confess that he loves you, you are not a femcel lmao.

Anonymous 73826

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
When I was 14 or so I knew I was fucked for good. It was Valentine's day and boys in our class gave valentines to girls. All girls stood up in a line and boys gave cards to evey girl and said something cute… Everyone except me. Lol. It was a silly thing, but I remember it well, because it was kinda awkward. Also I was always bullied by the boys and Stacies and only hanged out with "freaks" (nerds, autists, other ugly kids…). Ten years passed and nothing changed. I was still bullied by men even in university, I tried to tell the dean that my group leader (idk, how it's called in English, I'm a slav, we have starosta here) harassed me, but she always said to suck it up. Eventually I had a glow up and men started to treat me differently, they were nice to me etc. It was crazy how different they are around you when you are not ugly. It really pink pilled me about moids, that they only think about you as a fuck hole. But then I had a mental breakdown and kinda neglected my appereance and here I am again. I'm KHHV and 24 y.o., it's all hopeless for me
>what does being a femcel mean to you
It means that I'm a freak on many levels. I think that I might have some tism traits, people called me autistic all my life. Besides that, I'm not even that ugly. I don't have any deformities and not overweight. But god damnit, I'm really spergy. I can wear only certain clothes, everything else makes me physicaly uncomfortable. I have awful voice, it's very nasal and either monotone or very loud. I can't hold a normal conversation because I will tell dumb shit about myself or something that only I interested at. Because all of that, men will just talk to me for 5 minutes ot so and then ignore me.
There is still something that makes me ugly, in my eyes. First, I don't have tits. Not even tiny tits, I'm all flat here. Secondly, I have an ugly vag. It's neovagina levels of ugly.
>vent about celibacy
Baing celibate, in a way, is not that bad. I know that one woman, who is married. Her husband is her only friend and she talks about him nonstop. It's like she has nothing in her life except her ugly ass husband. How can anyone live like that? Women who don't have any friends but are married/in a relationship are batshit insane. Every single one of them.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
I like playing vidya. Mostly strategy games, like Civ, CK2 and XCOM. I also love running and biking.

Anonymous 73934

>calls self femcel, no attention from others
>guy confesses
i’m not trying to be mean but…let me feel lonely in peace.

Anonymous 73940

If a hobo on the street confessed to you and you declined, would you suddenly stop being a femcel or what

Anonymous 73942

i guess i shouldn’t be so general. but from her post it seemed to be a guy she liked back and held in high regard so that feels different than “a hobo” to me

Anonymous 73953

I have actually had this happen once, but I was 15 and alone in a dark street. He tried to make advances, and I ran away, to find my schoolmates nearby. I don’t think it counts.

Anonymous 73972

Yeah because you can'y be a femcel if you have a bf. I do agree about the social part though.

Anonymous 74036

>Funny thing is that a bunch of men like me on tinder, but no women

In fairness, tinder is like 80% men and only around 20% women. Even more skewed in some countries like here in Bri'in, where it's 9/10 men. And of those large amount of men, I read they swipe right around 60% of the time, whereas women will only swipe right and accept around 4%, probably mainly due to abundance of choice. And considering that only a small percentage of those 2/10 people on Tinder who are women will also be lesbians, you'd need really good luck finding a woman THAT cursed platform.

Anonymous 74112

Any other uglycels feel like men genuinely hate you and feel angered by you because you're unattractive? I notice men get really huffy and hostile in my presence even before I've said a word, just because I'm an unattractive girl.

Anonymous 74115

Also, I just remembered something. A few years ago I was attending this arts fair, and my friend (who was a pretty foreign girl) was doing some kind of dance there so she was dressed up really fancy with lots of makeup on and looked extra beautiful.

I was sitting next to a couple of the more important male guests and trying to be friendly and make conversation and asked them a few things about themselves. They seemed really disinterested and were basically really rude and standoffish, giving one word answers and looking at other stuff while talking to me.

My pretty friend who was dressed up came over, and immediately all the guys were being really lively, chatty and smiling and trying to get her attention and asking her about herself, they couldn't take their eyes off her. As soon as she left, they all went back to quiet, mean mugging and ignoring me again. Of course, if someone is dressed up fancy obviously they're going to get more attention, but the difference between how they treated me and her was like night and day.

I think that was probably one of the most blackpilling moments of my life. Similar things also happened when I was with my prettier, Stacy friends too.

Anonymous 74140

I never really identified as a femcel, but let me say, I always understood it.

There's women and girls that say that it means nothing because all sorts of creeps will approach any female possible. Me? Can't relate. This fact made my early 20s, even after I lost weight, into a "wow, I must be disgustingly ugly if I can't get that much." Many times I've had situations like men pushing me over to get to someone hot or completely ignoring me and never looking me in the eye. Of being forced to look at me and having their expression drop into apathy (mind you I'm talking about strangers, not men that know me)
Which retrospectively was…shallow of me I should have just focused on other things, and realized I'm kind of privileged in a morbid way–I have never been assaulted, crept on, and I at least, ultimately, have the sanctity of my own body as someone who hasn't a whit of romantic experience. I have never been a child and seen a disgusting old guy grinning at me maniacally.
Yes, I have heard men making fun of how tall I am or how manly my frame is but that's pretty much it.

Even after I thought I glowed up, no guy ever showed even a barest hint of interest, and in my mid 20s I ended up trying my best to opt out of it all…and I feel so much better these days, and I feel relieved I'll probably die a virgin. It might be cope but, wow, like…maybe I had an amazing sexual experience in my teen years. Knowing me, I'd feel bad if I couldn't have a similar one in my later years or…that I just got too old to be that desired.

My main regret is not opting out of trying to be attractive much sooner. So much wasted time.

Anonymous 74153

Yes. Men treat me with vague annoyance and haughtiness at best and outright hostility the rest of the time.

What's really weird is most other women are really nice to me and have been all my life. I have no idea if it's because women are generally outwardly nicer and more empathetic than men, if they pity me or if I just look a way that appeals to women's brains more than men's.

What's even weirder is I've even had popular straight girls obsess over me in high school and one or two lesbian/bi girls had an actual crush on me on HS.

And unfortunately I'm not a lesbian, a moid, or a tranny or some weird transbian, so I can't do anything about it. I'm only attracted to men but they hate me because I don't look and behave like a little child.

Anonymous 74161

>gatekeeping not only BF-havers
What do you think the word femcel means? Are you trying to troll us? Tell me you're trolling.

Anonymous 74187

Do you know what “femcel” even means? By definition, a girl with a bf cannot be a femcel.

Anonymous 74188

i miss trufemcels…
are there any femcel communities that are still up and actually active? i know
tpp was made but it always seemed dead to me.

Anonymous 74190

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
probably in high school, around 14-15 years old. i guess it would be ridiculous to call yourself a femcel at that age and it's not like i really put a label on it, but that's when i knew something was "wrong" with me. i knew something was wrong because as a young kid, a good handful of boys had a crush on me, but i became invisible as i grew up. i started consciously identifying with the label when i was 18-19, and i'm 20 now.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
in general, it means being unable to connect with other people. it means being unlovable and off-putting. to me personally, it means being a literal freak. i wish i had an excuse, but i am not particularly ugly (though i definitely am not good-looking). i did not have a difficult childhood. i do not have a mental illness. i am simply an off-putting freak. no excuses. i will say however that i don't think it would be impossible for me to get into a relationship. but with a nice moid who i am actually attracted to? no way. because for me, part of being a femcel is also having high standards.
>vent about celibacy
sometimes i think about being in a relationship and it makes me gag and i feel grateful for being a femcel. i would say that's most of the times. then, there are times where i cry in bed thinking about how much i would like to kiss a pretty man and be intimate with him. but the idea of sex is always repulsive to me, though i do masturbate out of sexual frustration sometimes. casual dating is a no for me.
>what are your interests ?
i spend most of my time studying so there is not much time for interests. i like to play piano, watch esports and play video games. recently, i've become quite interested in figure skating. i want to develop new interests outside of media consumption, but i haven't found much

Anonymous 74191

Honestly what bothers me the most is just how doomed I am. I am skinny and comfortable financially and I've tried putting effort into my clothes and my skin and my makeup but I am still just as off-putting as ever. What's wrong with me?

Anonymous 74193

suggesting a reddit forum dedicated to negging/tearing down people is weird.

Anonymous 74227

I used to think I was a femcel, growing up I had some male attention, but it wasn't from the type of guys I wanted it from. That seems like a pretty common issue here, no judgement though I used to be the same way…

I came out of my "femceldom" when I realized my standards for men were what was holding me back. Taking a course online in human behavioural biology was really enlightening, looking at the behavior of our closest primate relatives shined a light on the reasons men all act like a bunch of pigs and seem to only want sex.

I feel like a lot of the girls here just need to either accept they're lesbians or the fact there is no such thing as real love with a man. They're not wired for it. That doesn't mean you can't have a fulfilling relationship with one, you just have to have realistic expectations/standards.

They're there to make you happy, to help you, and provide you with children if you so please. If he fucks around, get a new one. Simple as. You don't have to have sex with him just because he wants it. I let mine know he needs to put me in the mood if I'm gonna even think along those lines.

Anonymous 74230

I'm not a femcel but that sounds burdensome. They would have said the same thing 100 years ago "your expectations for a husband that doesn't beat you or expect you to quit your job/ never have one, or help out around the house are too high"

Sure its difficult to have higher standards but you have to start somewhere, and its better to be single in most cases anyway. Nothing to get chained down with. I would say in 90% of situations its better.

Anonymous 74234


There's a big leap from not being battered to being loved unconditionally.
Just because I'm not living in a Disney love story doesn't mean he's a burden. Nor am I chained down to him. He helps around the house, pays half the bills, cuddles me at night, and the minute he stops being a worthwhile partner is the minute I'll leave him. The relationship has to make sense or its not worth having. Maybe eventually hell get bored with me and cheat. Maybe not. But I'm not chained down. Just not really expecting a whole lot of emotional connection from him. Or in the relationship in general. He shows he cares in other ways. It'd be nice to have him want to connect emotionally like me, but he can't, he's just a man. He's useful, and mildly emotionally available at best, like the rest.

Its like having a puppy that pays bills and fixes shit.

Anonymous 74236

When the alternative is to be resentful and alone without any support, its nice to be in a "loveless" relationship.

The options are;

"Loveless" relationship

Relationship with genuine love and connection, he doesn't cheat and everybody lives happily ever after

That third option is kind of unrealistic. Like ya it happens but very rarely. And everybody starts out sure their man is gonna be the exception. Most are wrong.

The second option isn't really loveless, its just accepting him and his idea of what love is, as its hardwired to be. The emotional centers of guys brains are something like thirty percent smaller on average, and the list of differences goes on and on. The kind of "genuine" live you're talking about is obviously better than a practical partnership, but not by much, and requires a kind of guy that is extremely rare. He might only make up um, say, 10% of the population? Lol.

I've stopped expecting these dudes to want that kind of love. Marriages and relationships have been built around the practical realities of life since forever ago. Love doesn't keep the bills paid or lead to increased savings and early retirement, its got to be a practical arrangement first, or even if there's connection it won't last. Were a team, and as time goes on I think were growing used to the idea of being together forever. Besides I can get that emotional connection from the one or two good friends I have. I get along better with them anyway. We understand each other better than men do. I get what she has to offer, emotional connection, and get what he has to offer, financial and physical support. Its ultimately unreasonable to expect him to emotionally connect like my bff does, just like its unreasonable to expect her to fix my roof.

Anonymous 74237

Anon, implying moids are some kind of chimps is weird. Your take is pseudoscientific stereotypical bs. People are biosocial creatures, and moids' shit behavior entirely from social influence, so, not all of them are affected bad enough. I also don't think that femcels have high standards - most women have theirs low as hell.

Anonymous 74239

If your cold and utilitarian view of human relationships was right, then it absolutely would be better to be alone. All the "you shouldn't expect a romantic connection, life isn't a fairy tale and men only want to degrade you and use you" makes me wonder why they're not in a volcel thread.

Anonymous 74240


anyone here read about Christine Chubbuck? i don’t see how moids can deny that femcels exist when she is a perfect example of one. i read her page on wikipedia and i could really relate to her feelings and experiences

Anonymous 74241

They are some kind of chimps.
Humans are primates.
And the effect of socialization is huge for sure. But genetics and brain structure has a role to play as well. And its a bit of an insult to call what I'm saying pseudoscientific.

Neuroplasticity can account for a lot of these differences, but ofc not all of them. To say men and women are neurologically equivalent is probably as accurate as saying they're biologically equivalent. The differences are small to be sure, but that plays out over a lifetime as a big difference in behaviour.

I mean its kind of common sense. Like obviously there's psychological differences between men and women. Which is more likely, most men have stupid shitty behaviour, or they're just naturally just wired a bit differently?

Anonymous 74244

I don't have a cold and utilitarian view of relationships. I have the view men are relatively colder and more utilitarian than women. I don't expect him to think about love the same way I do, and I think some of the times he's "using me" he's not perceiving it the same way. I won't be degraded, but him wanting to get sex from me because he's horny isn't degradation in his mind. Just like how me telling him to fix the roof isn't degradation in mine. He thinks all of life is a transaction, like a game of monopoly. he said so. Its just how he is. Its how most of them are.

And yeah no I'm not a femcel ATM. But I was. I'm just sharing how I came to perceive the situation differently,(hetero relationships) and how its actually been panning out.

Anonymous 74245

Wanting better from men doesn't make women lesbians. And honestly, I don't have to do either of those things. I'm not going to settle for some coomer chimp or go gay just because the man I want doesn't exist. The situation you described of having a relationship of convenience seems like hell. I'd rather be alone than end up in that situation.

Anonymous 74246

Its not like there isn't affection in my relationship.

You'd really rather have no love at all, than a love that is somewhat centered around a practical arrangement? A partnership?

I mean you yourself said that man you want doesn't exist!

What's a bit ridiculous isn't me settling for ingenuine love. Its you desiring something that you'll never get, because it doesn't exist.

I want a unicorn and a flying carpet too but I'm not going to refuse to own a car because its a pain in the ass to maintain and fuel. It has its place and function just like my man (who is also a pain in the ass to maintain lol)

Anonymous 74252

All she had to do was cut her mustache and not be crazy. Anyone who kills themselves on live TV is gonna be mentally unstable and overdramatic.

Anonymous 74254

idk, anon, I think you're projecting a little. It isn't that arrangements that aren't born of the deepest love are always wrong, more that a lot of those relationships usually suck the life/energy out of someone while that person keeps on justifying it as being realistic. A woman gets stress from maintaining a manchild while vastly overrating the security/stability/convenience he brings and in the meantime on average decreases the amount of time she spends with other loved ones or maintaining a social support network, and, on average, is often emotionally worse off for it as she grows dependent.

the funny thing here is that you'd actually also need a "unicorn" to make the arrangement actually be more worthwhile in the long-run, just in another way.

Anonymous 74256

He's not a man child. I'm not that emotionally invested in him. Nor am I dependent on him any more than him on me.

I'm not projecting, your not understanding what I'm saying.

If you decouple the practical and emotional benefits of a hetero relationship, and seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere, you get your needs met. The unicorn would be nice. It just doesn't exist. I'm getting all I can out of my man. The rest has to come from somewhere else. My friends.

Anonymous 74258

I'm not justifying it as realistic. It is realistic. The man were all dreaming of doesn't exist. Its not a projection, its not an overestimation, nor am I forced to spend time with him instead of my family and friends. We both give to other what the other does not have. Share expenses, etc.

I think you might be the projecting one here

Anonymous 74273

Hm? I'm referring to the studies in regards to women actually spending less time on average with friends when they have a bf (oddly it's the opposite for men with a gf) and often are more stressed out and have more housework even when they have a job. I noted "unicorn" because finding a male that actually does as much or even more domestic and emotional labor as the average woman is kind of difficult as-is.

you haven't really noted what you actually get out of your relationship besides oddly flowerly ideas of partnership but maybe you got lucky with a guy that's able to actually pick up the slack and improve your life.

Anonymous 74275

i went down this rabbithole as well recently, how coincidental. her feelings also felt very relatable to me. she was a pretty woman. how sad

Anonymous 74347

Well it was easy to find a guy that wants to help out. There's a lot of dudes that can fix things and whatnot.

Idk that you're really getting what I'm saying. Its obvious from your post you expect a man to perform domestic and emotional labor, that expectation is what I'm saying is to an extent unrealistic. When most guys are single they kind of live like animals, and neglect/suppress their emotions. Then you come along and put an expectation on him to fulfill your emotional/domestic needs. It creates static and resentment from both sides.

I don't have oddly flowery ideas about partnerships. My perception is a partnership is the really the only way to get what you expect out of a man. That means accepting he's just not as a emotionally driven/aware person as yourself. Ya can't get blood out of a rock. I would say those studies are looking at women seeking emotional fulfillment from their male partner (most women). And don't really address my contention…

The notion is give up on finding emotional fulfillment from men. Get it through friendship, and voilà you have a mildly satisfactory sustainable relationship.

Anonymous 74348

I mean, some of that "labor" is just what's natural reciprocity and care in a healthy relationship though, but ok.

Anonymous 74363

>During her years at Laurel, she jokingly formed a "Dateless Wonder Club" with other "rejected" girls who did not have dates on Saturday night.

I lmao'd more than I should lmao

Anonymous 74374

How many of these "healthy" relationships have you actually seen tho. Like that lasted??

Sure its healthy. Its also next to nonexistent BC men that emotionally reciprocate are next to non existent

Anonymous 74381

ah, well, couples that have more explicit kindness and generosity towards one another are just way more likely to last and divorce much less, but I doubt that most couples are like that anyway. I mostly was reacting to how you've worded it…like your bf is literally robot-moding which is different than a guy that simply emotionally reserved and not so supportive. Would he kind of zone out if you got ill? stare blankly if you started crying? or would he show little compassion/support towards a baby he fathered? Again, I might have been thrown off bc you act like it's one or the other and seem to be shitting on women that expect a crumb of sensitivity and mindfulness from a man.

you have a point anyway and I probably am projecting a lil. my bf helped me through the worst time in my life and had a lot of agency and care over it too–even more so than my childhood best friend who is very sweet and sensitive. if he had just been a bystander and silently let it all happen, it'd be a lot worse but I didn't expect it out of him anyway.

Anonymous 74417

No no I'm not saying u can't expect men to form emotional connection and be nuturingand caring. Just that you can't expect him to do that as much as you, so you can't expect him to fully fulfill your emotional needs.

Anonymous 74430

How do you guys cope with having no one in your life. I have no family or friends and I’m constantly terrified something will happen to me without anyone knowing

Anonymous 74435

Become part of an online community

Anonymous 74512

i hate when family members send me photos of myself it genuinely makes me suicidal, how 2 cope with being ugly
are there any groups you’d be comfortable joining irl? there’s also online friends but i’d be careful with the types of communities you’re in. i’m gonna sound like a paranoid mom but people are crazy especially if they know you’re female (and a femcel)

Anonymous 74613

Iktf sometimes I think I look ok then I see a candid photo of myself and want to tear my face off

Anonymous 74741

This thread on Reddit really cemented my lesbiancel status:
>tl;dr goldstar status, being out as lesbian for decades…
>doesn’t mean shit if you’re kissless virgin
>essentially discarded as if you’re bi
It’s Ogre.

Anonymous 74743

I find it interesting the top comment is saying that it's an exclusive gay fear to be used for sex and that people don't take it seriously. There is so…so much to unpack there…

Anonymous 74752

I can't imagine anything more tiresome than having church femcel friends who you can't confide anything in for fear of judgment and who are constantly schizoing out about what's holy or sinful or not

Anonymous 74753

This seems pretty random and like you're trying to make up shit to disparage a "femcel."

I have a Christian normie friend irl - I've known her since we were 5 - and I've never sperged out on her about her life decisions. The one time I did question it is when she said she had a vision of God about how she's destined to marry her bf, I told her that her bf was shady and that this vision was shady, and…2 weeks later he broke up with her and ghosted her. Guess what? I felt like shit because I thought I could have worded my disagreement/advice better.

Anonymous 74755

any other femcel nonas struggle with fear of being perceived? I hide away in my room pretty much 24/7 and don't even like my family physically seeing me. I leave the house like once a month at most. I dress in massive baggy men's clothes and wear a face mask at all times outside. I absolutely hate anyone looking at me physically. I won't even call it BDD because I know I'm objectively ugly and I'm not 'imagining' it. I love talking to people over the phone and through text but the thought of anyone looking at me gives me panic attacks.

Anonymous 74756

also, if a woman seems kind of neurotic about her faith, that doesn't mean she's a femcel or schizo ffs.

Anonymous 74758

abrahamic religions have caused scrupulosity and neurosis in almost everyone I've ever met who followed them and it's sad. many such cases. religion should bring you inner peace not give you panic attacks or chant an OCD prayer 10 times a day because you're scared you're gonna burn in hell. im open to the teachings of jesus or whatever but his word has become distorted through the church interfering.

Anonymous 74760


>men: hate subs surrounding rating and tearing apart women for their looks, butterface subs, constant complaints about women looking dogfaced, men devaluing women if their face looks busted and caring about youth, male friends tearing other male friends apart if their gf looks bad, etc.
>also men: guys don't care about the face!

Anonymous 74761

As someone who's been through similar…BDD is literally dysfunction caused by someone fixating on their looks.
Someone can be ugly and still have BDD. It isn't that they are imagining everything but that the obsessive, compulsive behaviors is self-damaging and makes it much harder to function normally.
You should aim to feel comfortable with walking outside. That's all.

Also I think BDD as a diagnosis has spiraled out of control bc if therapists worked from the frame of someone being conventionally ugly (which is perfectly possible in cases of BDD like I said) and over time it became a "pretty people that feel ugly" martyrdom shit.

Anonymous 74766

Yeah. It seems like a pretty popular sentiment though.
Should I just lie about my lack of experience at this point? Am pretty dumpfounded that’s all. All of my life I’ve been told that it’s okay, that I’m still valid, and that there are women who would ”be honored to take that virginity”, or ”gladly show you the ropes”, and that ”there are plenty of other virgins too”.
I even tested it out by editing my HER bio, and the likes and matches suddenly stopped coming. I edited it because everyone was ghosting me left and right after I disclosed it, and got tired of that. It’s been a month since. Reddit just confirmed my suspicions.

Anonymous 74854

>when did you realize you were a true femcel and how old are you now
I think I came to the realization when I was around 21. Before then, I kind of had that mindset of "it's okay there's someone for everyone and I just have to be patient." I was idealistic and assumed that things would work themselves out, but once I was around 21 the idea that I would be alone for my whole life actually seemed like it was pretty likely lol. I guess I realized the problem was more with me than with anyone else. I'm 23 now- almost 24.

>what does being a femcel mean to you?

Err, I guess it would mean never having been in a relationship with anyone? And also having like barely any sexual experience. Maybe also never having experienced what it's like to care for someone and have them care for you back on an intimate level. That's probably what sucks the most about being alone.

>vent about celibacy

I don't care too much. Sometimes I get lonely and horny but I can take care of that pretty well myself.

I'm not sure if anyone else can relate, but I don't think I'm a femcel because I'm necessarily unattractive or repulsive or because I don't know how to talk to men (though who knows maybe I'm just conceited). When I think of incels, I think of men who desperately want sex/a girlfriend but aren't able to get one for whatever reason. For me, I guess I have more of a mental blockage there that prevents me from getting close to men. I can get along with them fine in day to day conversation but that's really it. Like in theory I guess it'd be nice to have a boyfriend, but then I actually talk to men and my brain convinces me out of it (even with guys I find physically attractive). My friend suggested that maybe I'm actually aromantic or asexual, but that just doesn't feel right. I think I just have an incredibly avoidant personality and somewhat specific standards (I've always been picky with people I like- even toward friends). Anyway, because of that I don't even try anymore. I guess I could just figure out what's wrong with me and fix my brain, but I don't really see the point.

Anonymous 74857

I still can't get over the only dude who showed me affection. It was three years ago, online, and I lied that I'd fly to see him. But I was too autistic and scared to do so. He eventually told me to fuck off because of my jealousy and broken promises. Since then, no one has liked me. I still stalk his social media and even text him sometimes, but he ignores my messages. He's got a girlfriend.I think he told me to fuck off right after meeting her. Is there anyone more pathetic than me? Don't think so. Anyway, I'm still lonely, still khv. I'm getting older and things aren't getting better. 

Anonymous 74869

no offense anon, but you really need to have some dignity and just be more pragmatic.
I came almost close to the start of such a situation and guess what? I just walked away (and made sure "stalking" wasn't even possible) it saved me a lot of angsting in the long-run and I was able to slowly phase out that painful stage of my life. let me say, you're doing yourself dirty by still trying to reach out to him (and in a few years you'll be even more embarrassed of it).

the amazing thing here is that if your situation is "pathetic" it's for pretty much entirely fixable reasons (with time and effort).

Anonymous 74876

it's tough but lesson learned: dont break big promises. His anger at you shows that he cared and was probably really hurt when you didn't deliver.

Anonymous 75426

Kill me kill me just fucking kill meeeee
I’m so fucking stupid.
Cried at school, again, after getting rejected, again.
This how it’s going to be for all of my life.
I don’t want this.
Yet I can’t stop confessing my crushes, and being so goddamn stupid about it.
I don’t want to be brave all the time, because I always humiliate myself.
I’m 25 and I’m so done.
It was like this when I was 20.
It was like this when I was 15.
It was like this when I was 10.
It will never stop.
I literally can’t stop myself from falling for people so hard.
I can’t stop taking the initiative, because I always turn so optimistic, when my brain is fucked by dopamine.
Every time, I think this time is different, that they’re definitely responding to my feels.
I see something that just isn’t there.
And then I make a fool out of myself.
I can’t stop doing it.
I am the problem and suicide is the answer.

Anonymous 75427

Hey anon, it's ok. We all do stupid embarrassing things. Write yourself a letter explaining in detail why confessing is a bad thing and why you shouldn't trust the dopamine high. Next time this happens read the letter and it'll make you think twice.

Anonymous 75428

It might feel like a bad time right now, but your 2D husbando is out there waiting for you at the end.

Anonymous 75429

Thanks sis.
I will try that, but I’m not sure if my self in love listens to my rational self much.
Besides, I’m terrible at writing anything more longer and complex than a grocery list.
That would likely lead to me pestering the respective mangaka endlessly over small details.

Anonymous 75431

How about making a list of bullet points then?

Anonymous 75432

That might work, yeah.

Anonymous 75436

I have and I conclude that getting too career obsessed is death. Work cannot replace life it truly cant, you need to have hobbies and a relationship at her point I would have tried to hire a decent looking moid and see how I like it. Must be hell to have a life like that, the routine just kills you.

Anonymous 75457

Maybw if you're dateable/fuckable and actually have a chance of landing a husband and having kids, but if you're verging on trucel then a career can be your saving grace. Sure a loving husband and sweet kids is something money can't buy, but if you're asexual/aromantic or just a trucel femcel then having lots of money is the next best thing.

Anonymous 75465

i want to wake up one day and be pretty

Anonymous 75466

I don't really want to be a pretty girl either, tbh. Being a hot guy would be nice.

Anonymous 75488

Until you realize being good looking as a woman increases your chances of being harassed/raped. I'd rather stay ugly. It keeps moids away.

Anonymous 75545

when I think of a fat body I think of firm and full fat body but mine isn't like that, my body and face are saggy-fat it makes me wanna kms, I'm scared of losing weight because what if I get saggier

Anonymous 75555

no need to mince words, anon. if you don't lose weight sooner than later, it will get worse if you choose to lose weight later.

working out and eating healthily also has massive benefits for anti-aging. even if, say, one part of you gets saggier, in the long-run you'll look better.

I regret losing weight only in my mid 20s (I had been fat my entire life thanks to my family), if I could, I would have lost weight as early as possible, and this is for many reasons.

Anonymous 75561

I don't think so. Men will rape or abuse or harass ugly women more I think. Stacies are seen as untouchable angels. Men get a kick out of dehumanizing and abusing ugly women. With Stacies their halo effect kicks in and they just want to simp for her.

Anonymous 75562

I'm kind of ugly and I have never once in my entire life been crept on by a guy.

Anonymous 75571

Not at all. I don't understand why you would think like this. There are even many stories about hot Hollywood Stacies who end up dating narcissistic abusers.
Looks hardly matter to an abuser. You are thinking like a moid.

Anonymous 75593

Jfl if you think most abused women are Stacies.

Anonymous 75594

How often do you leave the house? My guess is Stacies get crept on more simply because they're more confident and sociable.

Anonymous 75595

So, you're saying inconfident women and girls are significantly less crept on by men?


Anonymous 75597

Oh, and I have left my house 1000s of times, went to college, have gone on many private outings even at night, etc.

Anonymous 75601

I agree with this anon, unattractive women get some of the worst treatment. It doesn't mean some men don't abuse stacies, but all men are way more ready to dehumanize women who aren't attractive enough. I've experienced it countless times.

Anonymous 75615


But you look really nice though? I dont get it? You would probably be a 10/10 if you let your hair relax and just hang

Anonymous 75619

This. It's 100% psychological if this is a pic of you.
Experiment with your hair/fashion and practice selfies from different angles. Dudes or ladies may be thrown off by the stoic mug shot pose. You're cute.

Anonymous 75636

You're fine the way you are, just need to work better on how to present yourself.
As the other anon said, try other angles when taking your selfies. It's a quick fix but a good angle can make all the difference.

With that said, I don't think Tinder is such a good place to find a partner, but you do you.

Anonymous 75639

Yeah sure you are average, but with some improvements men would have no trouble finding you pretty. You don't have to wear heavy makeup, just get a nice haircut and some eyeliner.
Unfortunately for everybody men think with their dick first so no decent men will be into you if you look like a slob. But after they like you, they won't care. Obviously you can't expect people who don't know you to be into you at your worst.

Anonymous 75648

No one said anything about makeup. I'm the second anon and never wear any myself. Experimenting with fashion can be in any funky way you want, not normfag/bimbo shit only. Honestly a lot of popular zoomer clothes are just a more cohesive version of what autistic chicks were rocking in 2009 in my junior high kek (loose jeans and huge thrifted old hoodies). Experimenting with fashion doesn't translate to cosplaying what men find hot. You said you feel like you don't stand out so that's why I thought it would be decent advice. Wearing notable clothes also gets you some compliments from women which can be a confidence booster.

Idk anon. I'm at about your level (arguably worse since I'm half brown in a mainly white area) and have had dudes show interest. Usually the dorky types, but outgoing partiers are incompatible anyway so that's for the best.

Anonymous 75651

Not restricting your hair/having a fitting hairstyle and wearing clothes that don't look like pajamas or like you're homeless wont make you a bimbo. The only women that look gorgeous with that kind of ponytail are models anyway, you're not a femcel because of that.

Anonymous 75652

you have big blue eyes, plump and nicely shaped lips, and a nice face structure. i like your forehead and i think it's proportional. you're cute, pretty even, you just don't know how to pose for the camera. get a good haircut and smile a bit more in pics (i know i sound scrote-y but that's important with "restong bitch faces"). it's all about the attitude in your case anonette.

Anonymous 75654


Anonymous 75672

That’s what I was thinking. It could be a moid who used FaceApp to make himself female.

Anonymous 75674

Also the edge of the hair looks off and glitchy, this is often an easy way to tell since generative image models typically have trouble with "noisy" textures like hair strands or foliage.

Also what is that on her left shoulder

Anonymous 75676

Maybe it's some sort of incel trying to do some sort of retarded social experiment thing.

Anonymous 75737

>there is no such thing as real love with a man. They're not wired for it.
I don't think that's true, besides I see moids saying the same of women all the time. There's shitty people in both sexes, and unfortunately most of us will never find the right person. Down the road we'll make compromises, maybe we'll even be happy for a little while with someone but it will never be truly fulfilling love. Having someone deeply love and care about you like they're a part of you is only for a lucky few on this godforsaken Earth.

Anonymous 80972


>It's been a few years, and yet this memory constantly pops up while i'm trying to sleep. It's so cringey that i put my hands on my head while saying something random like "stop".

It never stops unless you do stuff that overwrites that memory. It has been 16years and I would go to WC or drive my car and then the random memory of me being cringe hits me for 2.5 seconds and I just clutch my head and feel like I want to stop existing.
I have mentally blocked most of those. Only few of the stronger ones remain.

Anonymous 81399


This thread makes me kinda sad. People shouldn’t be upset because they’re virgins in their 20s. Why does shitty media make it seem like you have to have sex the moment you get your damn period? There’s no rush.

Anonymous 81403

I’m not upset that I get no sex cause of media, I’m upset because I want to have sex.

Anonymous 81408

That’s not what I meant, sorry if it was unclear. I just meant you shouldn’t be worried that you haven’t lost your virginity yet, even if it seems like there’s pressure. Maybe not directly from movies and tv, but there’s a lot of movies about young love so I just used that as an example.

Anonymous 81761

I was a femcel in middle school because I was a hyper sensitive little shit who couldn't put up with teasing from the boys so made a point to not interact with them whatsoever.
Later I became a shapeless pudgy blob in highschool with too low an esteem for myself to properly take care of my looks. I coped about my femceldom by pretending to focus on my "academics". Thing is, I was never going to become a rocket scientist, so I may as well have spent a couple of hours in front of the mirror learning fucking makeup. 18 year old emotionally stunted me would have thanked me for the investment.
I cleaned up well in college. Lost weight. Learned how to take care of my looks. Thing is, by that point i was severely depressed/mentally ill due to academia.
In my early 20's, I learned to cope with isolation/loneliness by unironically relishing in the solitude. I turned into a hyper individualistic person. I can't even put up with family functions. The only person who regularly acknowledges and validates my existence is my own mother.
I did lookmaxx. I bagged a Brad 2 months ago, and ditched him within 2 weeks when i felt myself turn into a weepy, needy simpering mess. I can never relinquish dependence to another person. They'll leave eventually and I'll be obliterated. My ego can cope with academic induced depression, but the notion of letting another person rob you of your peace of mind is just harrowing. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous 81766

aint that the witch from dragons dogma

Anonymous 81786

yup its selene
anyone who intentionally romances her is a creep because she is like 16 and lives alone in the woods
but then again… i didn't know there was a romance plot and accidentally romanced simone so who am i to be accusing others of being pedos in that game lmao

Anonymous 81803

Femcel means woman who can’t commitment or love. Any of us here could probably get pump and dumped by a drunk Brad if we wanted to but most of us don’t want that and are frankly disgusted by it. Just because nona had a Brad use her for a while doesn’t mean she isn’t still a femcel especially if she was genuinely incel most of her life.

Anonymous 81829

I’d be willing to answer your questions earnestly if I wasn’t 99% sure you’re a salty moid arguing in bad faith.

Anonymous 81830

>gatekeeping a word this hard
There’s no such thing as an incel either but that doesn’t stop millions of moids identifying as them. Even the most disgusting ugly obese piece of shit moid can go to some third world country or hire a hooker and have sex with and even marry a woman far above his own level of attractiveness. There’s plenty of ugly horny fat old desperate women out there desperate for a shag but I can assure you none of these ‘incels’ are lining up to lose their virginity to one of these women. And when you call them out on it they say they want love and a relationship not a one night stand with some ugly obese chick. Even the elephant man had sex, go cry about it.

Anonymous 81831

Are any of you actually obsessed with this title like moids are? I seriously don't understand being fixated on this.

Anonymous 81839

i've never actually met a radical male feminist in the wild. even living in california, most men seem reticent about feminist views.

Anonymous 81844

> rule 7
not to be a hard-ass but the increase in maleposting is a bit annoying

Anonymous 81847

responding to males

Anonymous 81848


for those arguing, "Femcel" is an involuntary celibate (of the female variety)
That's a pretty simple definition

Anonymous 81874

they were common in the neckbeard soyboy community from 2010-2014 or so, then they all ended up becoming trannies.

Anonymous 81894

I dunno. I'm sure that I'm a femcel. A. I have never been in a relationship (physical or otherwise). B. I myself have never had romantic inclinations towards other people. C. I am wallowing in solitude to the point where the only people I speak to for weeks on end is my mom.

When I "bagged" Brad, that was the first time in my life that a male went out of his way to validate my existence. I went along with his advances even when I wasn't sure that I liked him back, because I was scared that the attention would be taken away from me. It was however very fleeting, and I didn't even get a first kiss out of it. Not sure why you're trying to gatekeep being a miserable fucking cunt. It's not such a happy concept.

Anonymous 81900


I would like to address definitions, because people are getting heated and I do not think it is beneficial for us to be attacking each other. The problem with defining femceldom is that not having sex is largely a choice, barring severe disability, such as pronounced cognitive disability (if you are able to post here, this does not describe you), or the physical lack of a vagina due to chromosomal aberrations. Even then, you could consider someone who has any sexual experience, not restricted to PiV, to be non-celibate. Anyone here could have sex if they so desired by visiting a prostitute or taking advantage of incapacitated men. Likewise, if one downloaded Tinder and spammed "Wanna bang?" to every male on the app, it's highly unlikely that they would be unable to find at least one willing sex partner. However, I myself and probably many other women in this thread find these to be undesirable for many reasons, and thus have not done so. Then what is a femcel? Generally speaking, a female celibate who would like to engage in sex, but does not. Some of you might modify this to say involuntary female celibate, but as outlined above, this doesn't really exist barring the profoundly disabled, who would not even be able to communicate their desire for sex, because the issue is not only obtaining sex, but obtaining it with other conditions (i.e. it should be consensual, it should not be a paid exchange, etc.) Some women are against or uninterested in casual sex, and would include the stipulation that they cannot obtain a relationship. As someone else already pointed out, many normal women also struggle to find relationships that fit their standards, so what distinguishes a normal troubled woman from a femcel? A regular woman might have a history of sex and dating, whereas a femcel would not. Some of you might also propose that a femcel has a significantly more difficult time of finding a relationship due to some combination of health, looks, and social skills, or might have reduced standards compared to a regular woman. A femcel might have also experienced numerous rejections. The problem with this is that these things are mostly relative. What causes one person to not find a relationship in China may be totally different from what causes one to be single in India. The femcel label is more of a self-applied identity than a true classification, which is why it's silly to get so hung up over gatekeeping it. We are all loser women here. If it bothers some of you that much that women here have any modicum of self-respect to not throw themselves at anything with a penis, then think of it more as a femcel/spinster/celibate conglomerate, as that is probably a better description of the women here.

Anonymous 81907


>I realized I was a femcle in middle school when everybody was hanging out with friends,going to sleepovers, kissing boys. While I was at home playing with my bratz dolls and having them do all that stuff I couldn’t.
>I secretly am jealous of everyone around me for just being normal. I crave being like everyone else so bad. I wanna be able to hold conversation with people and go to bars and have friends.
>I can have sex if I wanted to but with people I don’t want to. All the guys I like don’t ever like me back. I’m scared that I’m gonna constantly be with men I don’t actually have feelings for or find attractive. It’s not even that they’re super ugly it’s just that their pick me guys who are desperate for any sort of female attention. All the attractive guys I like just put me on the back burner. Like this one guy who I’ve been talking to for months won’t hangout with me without his friends around. He seems just disinterested and he says it’s because he’s bad at texting. This other guy I thought was cute plays like jazz music and when I asked him to show me some of his stuff. He told me he would have to come up with something. I realize their talking to other girls and maybe when their lonely I’ll get lucky. Or they’re using me for attention to make themselves feel better. Either way it feels bad. So in general I just don’t have sex.
>I like to play videos games and watch the same tv shows on repeat. My favorite is sex in the city.

Anonymous 81919

This show gave unrealistic expectations for femcels.

Anonymous 81923

At least it gives you realistic expectations for men. Literally all of her boyfriends are pretty shit like most of the men in the show.

Anonymous 81925

True but irl and without status and wealth, a girl who looks just like SJP would be ridiculed and ignored by men for not having a perfect neotenous face.

Anonymous 81926

Are you joking? SJP is attractive. She never would have made it as an actress playing the leads for so long if she weren't. She has a strong face, blue eyes, a nice jaw, and she's not deformed or overweight. Plus she's tall and has good proportions. If a Hollywood actress like her is ugly, then what are the rest of us?!

Anonymous 81929

I wasn’t talking about my perception of her. I’m pointing out men openly ridicule her and compare her to a horse or a foot and often use her as an example of the ugliest female celebrities.

Anonymous 81967

She’s actually not tall. She’s 5’2 , just wears a bunch of heels. I think she’s gorgeous though. The real lie is that men would date a 35 year old women who doesn’t want kids. I’m only in my twenties and men still won’t talk to me because I don’t want kids. Also I feel like must men would find her annoying not quirky…

Anonymous 81968

Have you noticed that women always think she’s attractive?

Anonymous 82008

Moids hate her because she looks her age aka like a grown woman. Moids automatically hate any woman who doesn’t look 12 because they’re pedos. Women don’t care about that stuff.

Anonymous 82031

Nah… SJP is not attractive. Maybe when she was young but her bad features have become more pronounced with aging.

Anonymous 82126

so it's only about appearance to you? what are you saying?

Anonymous 82181

Pretty much…

Anonymous 82207

you are gay and also retarded

Anonymous 82211

I'm not trying to be mean but what on Earth do you have to look like for no men to be willing to have sex with you? Most men would be content fucking a wet sock nona.

Anonymous 82223


That’s absolutely not true at all. Men have higher standards than ever due to porn. They think average is a 110lb 7/10 white college girl.

These were Miss Universe contestants in the 1950s, considered 11/10 Gigastacies back then. Most men wouldn’t consider them more than a 5-6 now.

Anonymous 82228

Yeah that’s because men in her “looks range” are deranged and disgusting and probably out there shooting up a kindergarten because they couldn’t fuck a stacy. Fuck off male and stop projecting

Anonymous 82231


I think standards is a horrible word to use because it implies a definitive roadblock.
Actually…a lot of men will fuck literally anything, even women they hate. A lot repackage this as somehow being a good thing for the recipient (it's not). It's just ask yourself this: what do they viscerally humanize and feel the warmest to based off of first sight? And that's just it.

I've lurked, out of morbid curiosity, incel spaces and most of them unironically believe 18-22 year old white college girls are their match in spite of basically implying they think they're the top 90% of women–however, they ended up dong mental gymnastics to justify them being their match. I.e., same race, age, etc.

Think things got too honest when a 30-something year old incel found a woman he, resentfully, admitted was his match (even to the point she could be his twin) that was into the same hobbies as him and was crazy about him and…he online posted about how he realized he felt nothing about her. That, he, upon seeing her interest, realized he felt deep, rending pain at not being able to sleep with Stacies in college/high school….or at least very young girls. That he never actually liked his match. That he just thought young girls most men like are the default.

The worst part is that he is one of the better ones. Why? He cut off that woman that was into him instead of using her.


There's studies on how mens' happiness is actually more related to them being looks hypergamous and how men are more likely to abuse partners if they're his "match" or below. That's because while men might date anyone because "sex is like pizza, even bad pizza is pizza", they are more likely to actually dehumanize and devalue the women they get with, especially as she gets older.

This is male privilege 101 because men experience almost 0 real consequences of being in relationship and sex. So, they can whine about looks and standards all day long while having no ability to be traumatized or impregnated…while they put in 0 effort for their looks and look like potatoes. Research-wise, women and girls put in more effort in spite of suffering more consequences of coupling with men than men do with women.

The majority of men are SMV "matched" to middle aged, obese women, but are in denial of it. They look at a young girl that almost every guy wants and gets bitter when she - who is better looking than 95% of women to men like him - actually is a bit picky.

Anonymous 82232

And note "starter wife" and "practice gf." It is a normal happening among ugly or average men to date women they don't find their dream–and to monkey branch to better once they have more opportunity.

Anonymous 82233

For so called "incels" it's almost never a matter of "I can't find any women willing to have sex with me", it's "I can find plenty of women willing to have sex with me but I feel entitled to sex with women far beyond my realistic looks range, so I instead choose no sex at all then complain about it as if I can't find any women willing to have sex with me".

Anonymous 82234

Bullshit. I’ve asked our men far uglier and fatter than me and still got rejected. Men would rather die alone than have a relationship with a sub 7 woman.

Anonymous 82235

Incels can’t even exist. Even the fattest ugliest obese 1/10 neck beard can have sex with women wayyyyyyy above his looksmatch (like an 8-9 woman) for a couple hundred bucks, hire sugar babies and escorts, even get a 10/10 mail order bride from Russia or some other impoverished shitheap. Women don’t even have those options. I’ve even tried looking for male escorts before to have a boyfriend experience with one and they were all gay, had bad reviews and probably had super aids too.

Anonymous 82238

I don’t know anyone who has used ok Cupid in the last 15 years.

There’s also another part to the study where they found men rated many women as attractive but still only messaged and replied to women in the top 20%.

Anonymous 82239

Can confirm. I posted an album of old nude models from the 1800s in one art group that had a bunch of male members, and I'd say the majority of them started bickering about how their bodies were unattractive or "looked like men"

Anonymous 82240


Correct. Men only message stacies.

Anonymous 82241

Mf using data based on “rating” where women feel comfortable enough to share their real feelings about a dude’s look. REAL LIFE says otherwise you stupid bitch. Look around in any public place and you’ll see beautiful women with below average moids everywhere.

Anonymous 82242

I though that femcels were woman that couldn't find a proper boyfriend. Having sex may be "easy" for young women, but I believe that most women would like a serious relationship and not one night stands with randon losers from dating apps (aka fast-fuck apps)

Anonymous 82244

That image specifically says matched not swipes. Men literally ignore 93% of their matches lmao.

Anonymous 82245

Get the fuck off my board, moid.

Anonymous 82247

no1 curr fuck off

Anonymous 82248

What part of men only message 7% of the same number of tinder matches as women don’t you understand?

Anonymous 82249

What’s funny is that only 8% of women in the US use tinder compared to over 27% of men. Even though far more women COULD get laid on tinder if they wanted to, they choose not to because they don’t want hookups. And even though most men cannot get laid on tinder, a huge portion of men still try to, if women were as thirsty and degenerate as men are, probably 90% of men would be on tinder.

So this proves 90%+ of women don’t even want casual sex with strangers, that’s a moid thing. The idea that women enjoy being pumped and dumped by random Chads they’ve only known 10 minutes is pure scrote projection.

Anonymous 82251

why do scrotes feel the need to be heard literally fucking everywhere?

Anonymous 82253

Men are the root of all evil and all problems in the world.

Anonymous 82254

>scrote thinks the only women who exist are Stacy and that all women desire casual sex with men because he is unable to conceptualize anything outside his porn rotted peabrain
Many such cases!

Anonymous 82255

Stop entertaining it and let’s wait for the janny to wake up and ban it.
>unlimited food and drinks
Made me laugh though. gotta love the severe detachment and reality and the privilege to make up shit as you go because it’s convenient

Anonymous 82257

All male offspring should be aborted for the good of mankind.

Anonymous 82258


Anonymous 82260

Right? Where tf are my free drinks and meals? Where’s my free money, attention and validation just for being born with a vagina? Where are the men queuing up to date me? No man has ever done anything for me.

Anonymous 82263

Men are the ones who fuck everything up. No men, no problems.

Anonymous 82265

Cry about it, bitch

Anonymous 82267

Ive lurked manosphere sites and I’ve seen a shit ton of incels on r9k complaining that the only women who like them are fat/ugly/ethnic women and how miserable they are because of it.

A woman is a woman, if you were really that desperate you would have settled for a SEA monkey or a fatty by now but you think you deserve cream of the crop Stacy despite being an ugly loser yourself, so you label yourself an ‘incel’ and come onto our boards to seek attention and pity.

Playing the victim card is all manipulative scrotes way of making themselves seem less evil and beastly. Nobody is falling for it. Fuck off.

Anonymous 82287

Literally. they are incapable of perception outside their own point of view. They weren’t socialized to look at life from million different perspectives the way woman have been to survive in this male dominated world. Because if we lived for ourselves we are not liked. Back then, a witch hunt would ensue. They can’t stand female spaces and feel the need to barge in because they are threatened. It says so itself here >>82266 and it’s not entirely wrong about this, it almost gets the point but completely misses it due to being a self serving male.

Anonymous 82288

Why are you replying to yourself, moid?

Anonymous 82299

The irony is, the only reason women ever ‘needed’ men was to protect them from other men trying to rape and murder them all the time. Men are so naturally inclined to rape, murder, steal and be totally selfish, that the world just falls apart and dissolves into awful, dire chaos when men are left to do what they want. They need to be controlled by a master otherwise they ruin absolutely everything. And even when controlled by a master, they ruin everything because that master is still male.

Perfect example of male innate psychopathy is the Stanford prison experiment. All those students in that experiment were just ‘average, young, white males’. Keyword: MALES. Put women in that experiment and after a couple hours they would have been cooperating, sharing food with each other, and braiding each other’s hair.

Radfems are 100% correct that female heterosexuality is nothing but a form of evolutionary Stockholm syndrome.

Anonymous Moderator 82321

Responding to moid ITT from now on = 2 day ban

Anonymous 82324

Why do you keep banning femanons and letting moids shit up the board for days on end?

Anonymous 82326

At the shithole where I live, moids are fucking self obsessed morons that feel in the right to judge every centimeter of a woman; they rate even the nails of our tip toes, but they really believe that they should be evaluated just for the purity of their hearts, the beauty of their charater, and their unique personalities (ironic). Don't matter how lazy, ugly, stinky, detestable, vile and poor they are, they really think the utimate GigaStacy should love and adore then just because little mommyboy is soooo special. Then, they got angry cause they don't got the attention from the women that they crave, so they are always fucking ranting about "muh hypergamy". These bunch of pigs are unable of some self awareness

Note 1: sorry for the rant
Note 2: sorry my english

Anonymous 82327

Only way they can still get off.

Anonymous 82330

Your english is ok dw, are you also from the middle east? Sometimes i wish we would get nuked because moids here are beyond vile and reached the depths of entitlement and evilness

Anonymous 82334

Sounds like maybe you’re from east Asia

Anonymous 82335

I'm latina, apparently men are the same everywhere. Moids here are dumb and violent also

Anonymous 82336

Huh that’s really weird and I had no idea Latino men were so nitpicky. Seems so dumb as they’re usually pretty short and ugly too whereas the women are known to be goddesses. I assumed you were from Korea or Japan because I’ve heard moids from there are super nitpicky and are always talking about womens skin, hands, nails, head size, belly buttons, skin tone, and even neck napes lmao.

Anonymous 82339

The problem is that there's too many men. Don't underestimate the vigor of a man with no life who is obsessed with whether or not women are accessible to him.

Anonymous 82341

Latina women are generally as squat as their male counterparts.

Anonymous 82344

Read the room, idiot.

Anonymous 82346

Its the male from earlier

Anonymous 82354

The funnest thing on earth to do is reveal to this kind of moid how truly ass ugly they are, by calling out the ugly of swine in general.

Anonymous 82395

>there’s too many men
Correct. By adulthood the ratio of women to men should naturally be much wider due to men dying from accidents, fights, battles, run ins with animals or nature etc. There are far too many men in first world societies and it’s why everything is all wrong.

Anonymous 82398

well hey, nature has found a new way to adapt. if your bf/husband doesn't die in a war, he will troon out and chop his dick off

Anonymous 82399

My youth is wasted, unappreciated. No one will ever bring me flowers or tell me they love me, or try to win a carnival game 7 times to give me the big stuffed animal. We will never split a funnel cake. I will get one alone and eat the whole thing and become so fat. I am going to be boyfriendless forever.

Anonymous 82411

You watch way too much anime sister

Anonymous 82414

Even if you find a bf or a husband in your youth he just ends up leaving you anyway. Truth is married women are nearly just as likely to become cat ladies as unmarried women.

Anonymous 82416

If you're married to your first partner, you're very unlikely to get divorced.

Anonymous 82419

Pretty sure getting rid of a bunch of men would just make it even more difficult for femcels to find a partner.

Anonymous 82457

I know it’s been 5 months since you posted this but I hope you feel better now. I can relate a lot to what you’re saying. You seem like an interesting person but you haven’t found the right environment/the right people where you’d fit right in yet. I wish you the best

Anonymous 82603


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
was coerced into doing something sexual (not piv sex) at 17 and quickly became quite fat kek. im 23 and have since lost the weight (kept telling myself id rather be ugly over fat and ugly) and then some but i want to be y2k skinny when i finally have it.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
i have no friends, no real exboyfriend or relationship other than being groomed online repeatedly. im ugly and get mistaken for a guy from the shoulders up especially when i cut my hair short. im pretty much the ugly sister who used to be obese.
>vent about celibacy
i feel like i dont care about sex anymore. i think i just want to lose my virginity so that i can prove that im fuckable and not the subhuman humanoid i know i am. the idea of the other party seeing me naked would probably make me throw up out of nervousness, anyway. my fantasies usually are scenarios where i am "an unwilling party" receiving "unwanted" attention despite getting catcalled/stalked/harassed as a kid/teen and this left a huge fear of men for me.
i also feel like, since im 23, if i went on a date and told them im still a virgin they'd be turned off and come up with some bullshit emergency to cut it short right there. the only people who like virgins are pornsick moids. picrel is the relationship i want so badly (ive always preferred women but they intimidate me so much) but lol.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
i like reading, especially about trauma ive gone through. been trying to read the body keeps score.

Anonymous 82647

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
Probably in my early 20s.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
Being fugly (checked)
Being workaholic - not much time to dedicate to scrotes (check)
No "feminine traits" - being assertive, logical, goal oriented, etc. (check)
Being insecure. I lost my virginity at 29. It was sort of a crackhead. Ofc he didn't noticed and I also didn't say anything. It was bad but I felt SO FUCKING RELIEVED I just had sex was not a virgin anymore. At least I now know how it looks like.
>vent about celibacy
What is worse to me is the emotional deprivation. I just wanted a bit of affection, or a friend with benefits.
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
All the basic bitch things (reading, music, sports…)

Anonymous 83638

not technically a femcel anymore but when I told my mom I (23) had a boyfriend for the first time she started crying. Because she hadn't expected it.

Anonymous 83647

>>not technically a femcel anymore
Then why are you in this thread? Is it so hard to let definitions mean something and let people have their own spaces to discuss said issues?

Anonymous 95872

Is this thread active anymore? Don't wanna post thoughts/feelings or stories if not.

Anonymous 95873

well, it is now

Anonymous 95875

Okay thanks for the information, I'm still figuring out how to navigate. Just found this forum.

Anonymous 95884


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now

i realised i was a femcel when i got into sixth form (16) before this i was in an all girls school, so i didn't realise i was unnatractive to men.

when i saw my friends all get into relationships, and i was continuously ignored and rejected, i knew there was something wrong with me. i knew i was a femcel for sure, when i had to ask guys out myself, and they'd all reject me.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
when you're only able to get laid, but nothing else. you're treated badly for your looks. in the event you got a boyfriend, they continuously cheat and disrespect you because you aren't their ideal type
>vent about celibacy
i don't mind being celibate, it's just shocking to hear that some people have to actively abstain from it
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
mostly just book related but i'm into fitness too

Anonymous 95888

Not a femcel at 16 you probably just had higher standards or didn't have your personal hygiene grooming standards match the other girls your age. Standard fare for autistic and ADHD girls but so is being an absolute Stacy in your 20s. You sound like the type who dates younger men later. Have you ever watched shallon Lester? I think yourself and other anons itt would really benefit from her lifestyle advice.

Anonymous 95891

What does femcel means, i mean is this the same as incel, like you hate men and all ?

Anonymous 95906


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
When I was around 11-12? I'm 23 now. I was always unattractive due to my face structure and other things that make me undesirable. I have a horrible personality thanks to my autism as well, I can't hold conversations at all.
>what does being a femcel mean to you
No guy was ever interested in me. I could never get in romantic relationship. I can't imagine anyone pursuing me.
>vent about celibacy
It's horrible, I don't know how some of you miners are so nonchalant about it. I'm going insane. Close emotional connections are the point of human life, I feel unfulfilled and desperate without them.
>what are your interests ?
I like magical girls shows like Sailor Moon or Creamy Mami or Pretty Cure. I watch a lot of anime in general though. Also history, makeup, flash games, jrpgs, baking, going on walks, cycling, being surrounded by nature, hugging animals.

Anonymous 95939

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now

I realized it in the eighth grade. I was about thirteen or fourteen. At that time there was no such term as "femcel" or "incel". But by that age I had already been bullied by boys for nearly my entire school career, and the eighth grade was particularly brutal. I had been called every name in the book, as well as being physically abused. So, I pretty much figured I'd never have anyone. Prior to this, in grade school, I had hoped when I hit my teens things would change for the better and I'd be "pretty" one day. But by the second year of junior high I knew it was not happening. I am now 44 and still a virgin.

>what does being a femcel mean to you

Never having a single relationship or only having a relationship if the guy is desperate enough to settle for you, or you're desperate enough to just take a one night stand or a relationship that is clearly bad.

>vent about celibacy

Had a high sex drive most of my life and it was torture to be all alone. Now, at 44, it's pretty much dying off. I've been alone so long I am not even certain I could respond correctly to sex, I don't know if it's true but I read that when you go so long without ever having it you won't be able to feel anything from it and it will be a lot more difficult for you to do it both mentally and physically.

>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )

Crafts, drawing, reading, I like to cook, anything vintage. Love old movies and listening to a wide variety of music.

Anonymous 95941

I don't hate men, so I am not sure if "femcel" is synonymous with man hating the way that "incel" seems to be with women hating.

Anonymous 95942


A random thought, is anyone else depressed because even if you are able to get in relationship in the future, you won't experience love? Research is clear across all cultures, man's love and satisfaction in relationships is based on his partner's looks. A man will never do anything for me, like write a love letter, watch sunset while holding hands, share his deepest desires in hopes I'll accept him, because I'm not pretty enough for that kind of treatment. The only time I was close to being in relationship I was essentially paying for his time, he was just as ugly, if not more, as me, yet he didn't even consider me human.

Anonymous 95989

>>95942 It is depressing. Extremely so. I believe that love can and should exist beyond the realm of appearance, but I do know it's rare and most of the time it won't happen. At 44 I never had a single boyfriend, and then last year at 43 I finally found someone willing to date me. After nearly a year together he's bought me a Valentine's gift to his credit, but he missed Christmas and my birthday. Missed seeing me for months because he was wasted on drugs, still won't see me every weekend, and forget love letters, dancing, or anything like that.

Anonymous 95998

Is love only for Stacies & Beckies? I don’t feel like I’ll ever find love. When a stacy or Becky wears sweatpants and a sweatshirt, no makeup, hair in a bun, it’s cute. When I do it, I look like a rat.

Anonymous 95999


Anonymous 96010

What is with the obsession with dark triad traits? A lot of guys are into artificially developing those traits to “get one up” on girls they’re DATING? Like, these guys are being socialized to be manipulative…

Anonymous 96032


>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
Quarter century age. Watching Kidology’s channel on YouTube has really helped me come to terms with my involuntary celibacy and my being a femcel. She does great dissertations truly calling out the degradation of the modern sexual marketplace.

>what does being a femcel mean to you?

I’ve come to realize that after my first (and last) relationship, I’ll never find another man like I had with my first boyfriend years ago and that’s okay. I’m neurodivergent and social contact was always something I could never comprehend. I knew that I would have never been able to get any boyfriend in person because I’m so retarded at understanding social cues. I was lucky enough to get the Discord virgin moid I managed to grab LOL. And after he left me I’ll probably never find another one ever again. Even if Stacie’s and Becky’s in real life drop me platitudes all the time saying how “pretty” I am and “omg y don’t u have a bf?! :(“ I know it’s all in vain because Western men in this modern society are absolute unadulterated garbage.

>vent about celibacy

I don’t give a shit what people think, but after losing my first (and last) sexual experience with my ex boyfriend (who was also a virgin) and who didn’t marry me like he promised he would, I don’t ever want to re-enter another relationship because with my current age and this society I won’t never be as lucky to find another virgin moid again. And I would rather kill myself than be subjected to the idea of dating a man who’s not a virgin. I don’t want another woman’s sloppy seconds.

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