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Sister Thread Anonymous 67638

Post any sister things!

Mine is that I've often wanted to tell my younger sister about this site but I'm not sure how she'd react, god forbid she found lolcow. Would you show your sisters this site?

Anonymous 67640

My older sister wouldn’t enjoy it, she doesn’t really go on the internet outside of social media stuff.
We’re opposites in every way but I love her and she loves me and we both want the best for one another!

Anonymous 67643


Sister has been raised very pinkpilled thanks to our feminist-but-unaware mother; but sadly, she ended up being a liberal pickme after getting married; she is now a complete workaholic and also someone who works like a SAHM when she isn't working.
Worst part is that she now has a son with the trad for thee but not for me moid she married, so there is simply no way for her to just divorce and go back to being a [my family's surname] in the way websites like r/FDS and some of you here give as an advice.
That Cruella de Vil quote about more women being lost to marriage rings true now, huh?

>Would you show your sisters this site?

When she was very pinkpilled? Absolutely, but I would tell her to not mind the local fujoshi and shotacons (she used to be an anime watcher; maybe she knows about them?), and to never talk to the transvestites who LARP as biological women.
Now? No. She has ZERO time for herself. Absolutely nothing. Nada.

Anonymous 67649

Mine is sort of a living stereotype
>bright red hair
>getting chubby
>lives in diverse city
>studied art in school
>makes art about (lib) feminism and race as her job
>uses instagram and tik tok, posts about feminism/race/LGBT
>30, unmarried, no plans to have kids
I do like her because she's nice and doesn't talk about politics most of the time, but I couldn't be 100% myself around her and she'd probably be really unhappy if she saw the terf thread.

Anonymous 67650

I know the feeling mines similar to yours hair, diverse city, art history / lib major.
32+ unmarried, on again off again neckbeard boyfriend.
Hates me, my brother, closet hates my parents just wants the will.
Won't shut up about how great she thinks communism and vaccine mandates are but can't give any reasons as to why she thinks this.
I avoid her.

Anonymous 67651

aw geez I'm glad that mine is at least able to be quiet about her stuff most of the time and be nice. Sorry that yours is so annoying. Mine is pretty crazy about covid (defends people wearing masks while driving alone in their car kek), really into enforced vaccine passports and the like, which can get dumb but I just ignore and don't argue, and she'll stop.

Anonymous 67652

Me and my sister are extremely alike. On a more major note, we're both BPD and have extremely similar personalities. On a more minor note, we're both goth and both like really stupid niche shit and playing weird games with each other. The only difference is she's more sensitive than I am and my temper is worse.
Because we're so alike and have the same mental issues, our relationship is so intense and hot and cold. I need her so badly because I don't relate to anyone like I relate to her. But she infuriates me and when we talk it gets nowhere because it's just a cycle of finger pointing on both sides. I wish I didn't need her so much because she can be a huge bitch who has to be comforted 24/7 even though she pushes my buttons seemingly on purpose and I have to try so hard not to blow up. I think we're both toxic honestly. I wish our relationship had all the benefits of it being so intense but without all the fighting.

Anonymous 67664

I only found my dad when I was 17, and had no idea I had siblings. I'd never really had a positive family experience, so I've kind of latched onto my half-sister and feel our relationship is pretty unhealthy. I realised pretty recently that rather than be a mentor figure for her, what I really want is to be her.

I just want to have her looks, racial identity, family, youth, friends and future. I never had a chance for normality, and I guess by spending so much time with her I'm really just living through her.

Anonymous 68291

Every time I see my sister she tells me I need to fix my eyebrows. Every single time. The big bushy brow look seemed to skip my country after the death of the over-plucked 2000's trend. I was fucking seething over here with my yeti face when Cara Delevingne got famous and my sister said the trend wasn't going to happen here. HOW DID SHE KNOW?

Anonymous 68298

I’m glad I don’t have a little sister in this day and age. I would be constantly worrying if she is being groomed by discord pedos, being forced by classmates to send nudes, whoreing herself out on tiktok etc

Anonymous 68323

My little sister is 100% not going to be groomed by any discord pedos, thankfully she's a lot more sensible and sane than I am. I recently got into a shitty situation with a discord pedo so this made me laugh, thanks anon, Turns out Im the dumb sister in my sibling relationship.

Anonymous 68324

Reading all this really makes me wonder how my little sister would have been if my real mother didn't abort her after finding out she's a female, I'm all for abortion but women committing female foeticide without anyone pressuring them whatsoever is just nuts to me, I was born on accident and have been adopted into a better family but sometimes I really wish I had my little sister to dote on

Anonymous 68326


Love you anon, thank you for sharing. Sending you a big hug wherever you are. How do you feel about your family life? Or just your life in general now? (I hope you don't mind me asking, my situation is a bit different but not unrelatable.)

Anonymous 68328

thank u anon, my life rn is not the best but it's fine and bearable I don't think I have the room to complain as long as I get food, internet and an education. All of my other siblings are men and get treated much better though,so I do complain about that, I really don't understand why people have kids when they don't want them, anything from choosing to have raw sex for no reason to sitting through 9 months of nuturing just to throw it away makes no sense to me

Anonymous 68332

My sister is a complete normie (good for her) who's afaik not even influenced by twitter libfem or sjw type of thinking. She wouldn't understand or like this place.

Anonymous 68486

My younger sister just stormed off to her (our) room after breaking her laptop's mouse and screaming to my mother over some fucking ingredient my mom accidentally didn't buy
I'm so sick of this bullshit but my mother is probably more sick of it. My sister needs therapy ASAP. I'm honestly worried that she will develop some serious mental illness, she often explodes like this. She's already over 18, for fuck's sake. Usually she spends the entire day upstairs watching cringe gamer scrotes on YouTube and talking to her gamer online friends and boyfriend, or playing video games. And usually things are "fine" (as in, nobody is screaming or angry at each other, but she almost never spends time with us), but sometimes this'll happen. EVERY single time she gets angry like this, she throws or breaks something. It's honestly starting to become scary, after this.

Anonymous 68489

I try to tell my sister about sites like these but she's convinced that everything I read online, regardless of where it's coming from, is all an elaborate troll that I am falling for and that these sites are brainwashing me into being a mean, intolerant person

Anonymous 68490

she's not wrong

Anonymous 68556

Did she abort your sister because your father wanted her to?

Anonymous 68560

my sister once sort of sexually assaulted me and this is the first time ive told anyone.

Anonymous 68836

Update, it happened again but this time it was because we ran out of ham and she wanted to eat scrambled eggs with ham. Holy shit.

Anonymous 68841

I was like this, in my case it went away by itself and now I just cringe at the memory. Anon, you know how some depressed moids become very irritable and break shit instead of getting mopey? Some girls have the same reaction to depression, and it's very hard because they usually will not say that anything is wrong. Is there anything that could be upsetting her more deeply? Maybe try talking to her or convince her to see a therapist, although I can see that being very difficult.

Anonymous 68843

me too. i havnen't told anyone

Anonymous 68858

Yes, she has been diagnosed with depression just like me, I don't know how bad hers is though.
Like I've already said, she has a bunch of Discord friends and a boyfriend from another country, and they talk about gamer zoomer shit all the time, if she's not playing a single player game. My mom and I are trying to figure out what could be affecting her now, or preventing her from growing out of this angry teenager phase, or whether her friends are influencing her to act like this. As for what caused it in the first place, maybe the fact that she has always been spoiled by my parents and especially my dad (I think even more than I was, which definitely ruined me too).
Maybe she has some sort of complex or fear of being mentally retarded due to a speech impediment she's had since childhood (we have never been able to determine the cause but she has definitely gotten better, but I'm so used to her voice that I can't even tell if she speaks like an average teenager or not), and due to an IQ test they made her do in high school where she got a low score that put her in the "mental retardation" range (which offended my dad to the point that he couldn't speak clearly when he found out, I rarely see him that upset), which she claims is because she wasn't paying attention to the test at all and they gave her too little time to answer. This could've definitely destroyed her confidence, but she has friends that she was able to make all on her own at school (even IRL, although due to being a NEET she doesn't interact with them anymore), she's clever and a good listener, etc. But she's been an internet and game addict since childhood which obviously has affected almost every aspect of her life such as her grades and daily routine (same with me, but perhaps not to the same extent).
Why am I mentioning this? Because sometimes when she's upset and angry at my mom she'll claim that my mom thinks she's stupid/an idiot and that that's the reason she explodes like that. My mom has rarely told us not to do dumb things (more like dumb things that are typical of teenagers, for example), but it seems that my sister takes that sort of comment VERY personally. So maybe her problem is that her self-esteem is completely shattered, and she feels that everyone sees her as an actual retard (which isn't helped by the fact that we're both NEETs who live with their parents, and whose mom still treats them like children when it comes to doing the chores and shit, so we're not independent adults). This leads to depression.

Anonymous 68859

By the way, she couldn't focus on the IQ test that day because she had been sleeping like shit.

Anonymous 68860

Oh, and about the therapy thing, she would probably be open to it. I've been to therapy this year and it helped me a lot, I've done it before too, same with her. My mother wants to take her to therapy as well.

Anonymous 69362

I hate my sister so goddamn much it’s unbelievable how much rage I have
I just want to move out and never talk to her ever again
Too bad my mom forces me to keep the peace. I don’t want to be bothered or engaged with and would rather avoid her

Anonymous 69368

>which she claims is because she wasn't paying attention to the test at all
Well I suppose ADHD could interfere with that, fair complaint, but that just implies she needs to deal with it via treatment or get medicated
>and they gave her too little time to answer.
Okay well maybe your sister is retarded because the test isn't "how many questions can you solve given enough time" it's testing her ability to solve question and how fast she can do so. If she can't do this fast than she isn't smart.

Anonymous 69375

My sisters would laugh at it for five seconds and get bored. They really aren't big on the internet..i never had to fight my sisters for access to it back in the day. They're so wierd. They did things like ride their horse and break bones on horses. I think think in the end they liked all that I did not. My sister lost the end of her finger when she was standing right next to me and one, one day! They know of virtually nothing on the internet, much less how to participate in a place like this. You're probably thinking 'oh functioning members of society!' But I question that. One named her daughter after her horse, and the other married a cop that peed in her shower when he had to go and owns 15 guns. So that is really up for discussion if you ask me. :v I love them though.. they are my strange brethren..

Anonymous 70779

My sister is my best friend. She does a lot for me like play video games with me and watch anime and things with me so we have something to do together. She doesn't usually like these things but she does them for me. I'm a spergy loser and feel like she could be using her time better than hanging out with me. One time I made her a costume so we could cosplay together, she is a lot prettier than me and I'm too embarrassed to do the really good looking characters but I really wanted to make the costume. I don't deserve her

Anonymous 70781

is she what you’d consider a normie anon? do you feel like she had more of a fatherly presence in her life than you? how did you find out about her/your dad?

joining in on the sisterposting mine is in high school and the other day i was just thinking about how much i love her. she is into normie tier music and media but she is still goofy and we get along really well. i will miss her so much when i move away but i hope we end up living fairly close to each other in the future. she is way more well adjusted than i was at her age, very clear thinking and relatively non-tumultuous. showing her this site though i think she’d be a little freaked out, internet culture is still too weird for her even the toned down female friendly version

Anonymous 70792

i grew up with an older brother very close to me in age and i've always wondered if we would still be really close if he was my sister instead

older sisters, are you friends with your younger sisters?

Anonymous 70793

ugh yeah i know the feeling, its like nobody else has the same type of autism as we do

Anonymous 71243


My sister and I have a complicated relationship. We're one year apart (I'm older) and are also quite opposite. She can be a very angry libfem and I'm a centrist (mostly because I don't give a fuck about politics). That has come between us more than anything else. We grew up best friends, doing everything together and sometimes we are still able to get along pretty well. Right now, she's staying with me and my husband for the holidays because she can't stay at home with my parents cause she got into a huge fight with them. It's testing both of our ability to tolerate each other and put up boundaries. We've had a couple of fights already but mostly things have been smooth. We're trying to rebuild our relationship since we didn't talk to each other all of last year due to a huge fight we had about the BLM shit when the riots started.

I think her strong opinions about this social justice shit isn't entirely connected to her political beliefs, but a lot of it can actually be attributed to childhood trauma we both endured. The difference is that I've found ways of coping with it and releasing it and… well, I guess this is her way. It's pretty fucking frustrating though and I just wish she could find a healthy way of dealing with it instead of exploding at people for political bullshit in order to feel in control. I love her but she is a hard person to love, and if she cannot fix this stuff I don't think we can stay close.

Anonymous 71245

My big sister has gotten into pretty heavy drugs. I miss when we use to lay in bed and cuddle.

Anonymous 71530

>Okay well maybe your sister is retarded because the test isn't "how many questions can you solve given enough time" it's testing her ability to solve question and how fast she can do so. If she can't do this fast than she isn't smart.
She had no idea what that test was, it had been the first time she did an IQ test, so obviously she didn't know she had to solve it as quickly as possible + she slept like shit so she couldn't focus.

Anonymous 71532

Honestly, i love my sister. She's 9 years younger than me, but we get along so well i sometimes feel like a degenerate lol. maybe cuz we both like kpop, the same video games (FNF, fnaf, TF2..) and cringe-y stuff like that, but she's genuinely so sweet. i sometimes worry about her because she's had to grow up alone in the midst of my parents arguing all the time, they're thankfully not abusive towards her or anything (probably learned their lesson whenever my 17 y/o self slipped up and wore shorts sleeves when she was supposed to hide her s/h cuts. damn who would have guessed a dysfunctional family has bad effects on people???) she's a bit of a people pleaser and too sensitive though, and i worry about her for that reason a lot too..Growing up, i had my other 2 brothers (2 years younger) with me to carry each through other through our emotional struggles, now her older siblings are almost always away from home because school/work, i feel so bad for her. i wish i can do more for her than buy fancy pencils and Disney princess themed stuff, she's a sweet kid but i can almost see my past self and all her mental illnesses "in-genesis" in her, i wish i can be there for her more.
PS: he's a drawing she made for me last time i came back home, shout-out to you, lil' sis.

Anonymous 71533


forgot image
>me, Albanian boi.

Anonymous 71538

You’re male? Or am I misunderstanding?

Anonymous 71543

Anonymous 71591


For those with big sisters, which song better describes your relationship: My Sister by The Juliana Hatfield Three, or Big Sis by Sales?

Anonymous 72683

I wouldn't show her this site because she's normie to the core. Also we haven't been on a speaking-basis for a long time.

Anonymous 72688

My sister and I only have one year of difference, I'm the older one. Our relationship is complicated but we love each other a lot. We both went through a complicated childhood involving abandonment from our father and that kinda fucked us for life, among other things. She was molested by a neighbor while my mom was working, she was only 9 years old I didn't know it happened until recently, it really shocked me because that made me realize how absorved I was by my own depression that couldn't notice the struggles that my sister had. Because of our father leaving and an abusive mother we are developed cope mechanism, while I would just spend hours on the internet hiding myself from others she would expose herself to different men. Now she has an std and I couldn't feel worse, I love her so much and I know that our fucked up life lead her to that. She's in a good place now though, dealing with her diagnose and thinking more about her own future, I noticed that she matured so much perhaps because of that but at the same time it breaks my heart and I would have that std instead of her if I could.
I feel like I failed as an old sister.
Sorry for the bad grammar, english isn't my first language and talking about this breaks me.

Anonymous 72718

Same, I think
I was really young and she was older but still young and it wasn't really forced

Anonymous 72731


Despite the fact that my younger sister is basically a normie, we are luckily very close. I feel so lucky to have her as my sister. She has a weirdo/nerdy side that she hides from everyone but me and it's how we bond. I love her.

Anonymous 73203

I think my sister is a bad person, but I feel awful for thinking that, even though I personally don't like her. Has anyone else felt this way?
When we were kids she'd bully me really bad until I was like 14 and she was 17. We'd get in fights. She'd lie to my parents about me. My parents didn't really listen to me, and my family on both sides would laugh when I brought up what she'd do so I thought that was how siblings just were supposed to be, and that when we grew up we'd get along like my uncles and aunts did.
Our relationship improved about five years ago when she went away for grad school, but we would never hang out or talk to each other or anything. Something happened a few years ago that made us have to live alone with just each other (not covid). It's really hard to live with her. Im not a very good roommate, and like I've never even lived anywhere else really, but like it just feels like she's taking advantage of me. But like she isn't consciously doing anything that would be that. It feels like she's just a mean robot. I've been de-neeting myself so i can move out which is good but I just feel defeated.

Anonymous 73340

My little sister gets on my tits all the time but when it comes down to it she means the world to me and I'm extremely protective of her. She's in her early 20s and has always been quite the little autist who tries to see the good in everything and at times can be painfully oblivious and her ability to misread a room and say or do some insane shit is outstanding. I've been there for her for as long as I can remember and she's always exhausted me with her boundless and seemingly limitless energy and optimism but I love her anyway. We don't really have a sad backstory, we grew up quite normal with surface level functional parents who loved us and we dealt with the normal hurdles of growing up and teenage mischiefs and challenges. That isn't to say we don't have our share of sibling quirks. We most certainly do. I think no sisterly sibling relationship is complete without its share of weird shit and inside jokes.

Anonymous 73381

I moved out and whe don't have that much contact but man that keeps me up at night.
Shes unstable as fuck and constantly "hangs out" on discord and shit. I really don't want that happen to her. Not even someone trying.

Anonymous 73415

I have a younger sister and an older sister; I am not alike either of them, though my younger sister and I get along with our older sister way more than we get along with each other. Me and my younger sister are only a year and a half apart- She's a VERY good athlete and a huge normie with a lot of friends who stop by our house everyday and I'm a depressed friendless schizo who spends her time in bed on the internet while I try to block out the sound of their talking and giggling (it's very annoying but it also just makes me feel lonelier) so I don't start crying. The past few years I've felt that she's been silently judging me- she often stares at my face then asks me things about why I behave a certain way and such, and the way she talks to me is always so smug and condescending… but at the same time I can't help but think it's all in my head. My older is basically picrel and has no idea what a loser I am because it's been almost 10 years since we've all lived under the same roof, I hope I can manage to keep it that way.

Anonymous 73423

Video not related btw

Anonymous 73431

Glad it is.. had me worried about ur sis there for a second

Anonymous 73432

I have a little sister and I really worry about her, but she is in that kind of phase that she thinks she knows everything about life. When i used to be in her age our mother was really tough on me, i was not allowed to go out, have privacy on my phone or computer neither, but with my sister she just kinda relaxed? She really use discord and play games with a big male userbase like CS:GO and in her Instagram always have some old guys liking or commenting her pictures. My mother sees this all and do nothing, if my mother does nothing what can I do? She won't even listen to me.

Anonymous 73447

I'd be worried too if she didn't like Toy Movie 3

Anonymous 81732


idk if i want or will ever have a good relationship with my sister. we grew up in a REALLY messed up household, and she bullied me to prop up her own self esteem. and not in small ways, i was heavily bullied in school but she was still the worst one i ever had. backseat drove my life while putting down my choices, telling me i'm a freak, she even ripped up some dumb catgirl anime drawing i did because she hated anime and thought it was "loser stuff". she was one of the most popular girls in our school and i was such a loser i had to eat lunch alone a couple of times. i struggled through suicide, depression, anxiety, and poverty all through my teens and early adult years. she literally lived her dreams, and moved away while i was still in high school with my mom to a new city, leaving me alone with our emotionally abusive father.

i don't resent her for having a good life, at all. there's not even a part of me that feels resentful she's a millionaire while i spent years skipping meals as a wage slave, in fact that thought didn't fully occur to me until i started typing this. we grew up dirt poor and even my shittiest apartments have been nicer than our childhood home, so even while i've struggled my life has mostly been a series of upgrades, all of which i worked hard for myself.

my self esteem and mental health only improved with years of not being in contact with her and the rest of my family. i'm actually deeply happy with the person i've become, and i did it without them. it wouldn't have been possible WITH them around. the handful of visits i've had with them over a decade have reinforced that keeping my distance is the right decision

a part of me still hurts that my childhood was so painful, and we could have helped each other but instead she took her own pain out on me. it hurts that i still struggle with social skills and making friends knowing she's never had that problem (and that the shitty way she treated me is a big part of why i've struggled with relationships), THAT makes me resentful

she's apologized, she's taken DMT trips and shroom trips and contacted me afterwards talking about clarity and how important i am to her. but she's never quite changed how she treats me, not 100%.

it's conceptually sad that our family is broken and alienated (no one has spoken to my dad in a decade, my mom is kind of insane and i had to cut her off years ago, my sister had a codependent toxic relationship and i think recently cut my mom off) and that i may never have a relationship with my sister, regardless of how lonely i get (and i'm REALLY lonely)

i guess to all you nonas with good relationships with your sisters, cherish them

Anonymous 81734

I want to give you a hug :(
God damn it

I didn't get along with my big sis either, she'd bully me too especially when we were small. I think she is a sociopath, the way she behaves, she has a lot of mental problems. But I don't hate her, just feel pessimistic about her

My sis was the first child. My family was poor too. So 2 years later when I was born (second child) my parents were very preoccupied and busy just trying to put food on the table so all the remaining attention went to me as a baby. My sis hated me because she got loads of attention and then it was taken away from her. She would always pretend she was stuck, or try to get attention any way she could. When I was a baby she used to sit on my head. When I was 2 years old and she was 4, I remember her physically bulling me. And a year later she was bringing me outside alone trying to "kill" me as she later admitted when we were in our late teens. For example, one day she brought me outside and got me to stand infront of the garage door, then she got a bucket of water the dogs were drinking out of and threw it over my head because in her little 5 year old mind she thought it would drown me. She'd do all sorts of things like this. One day my mother brought a fucking sally rod home that her mother gave her to use on us instead of a wooden spoon. My sister seen it go into the boot of the car and lead me over, took it out and beat me over the head with it. One positive that came out of it was my mother was then afraid to use it because my head was bleeding
So yeah, she was a little disturbed

I love her but I know she doesn't love me because she admitted that she feels nothing for anyone at all except for our mother. However she was sad when our grandfather died last year, I think she has developed some empathy since she said that. She is doing well now and making good life choices now, but she was a complete homewrecker. She disgraced my family many a time but now she has sorted herself out. I don't have much of a relationship with her and sort of distant because she was always cold to me. I don't know what to think or feel

Anonymous 83525

To be fair, those things can still happen even if your sibling is a dude, maybe not to the same extent but hey, discord trannies had to have come from somewhere, right?

Anonymous 94542


Just a few hours ago my older sister came to my house and told me to get out for a while because she wanted to make a phonecall that she didn't want to make in her house and didn't want anyone to hear. After about 20m my father arrived and she finished the called right away. She told my dad that she was talking with a therapist. Then she say goodbye to me and left.
This is very important because this is probably the first time she actually got in touch with a professional. She's 30 and I heard from my cousin that she was afraid to go and talk with a therapist because she can't open up, and at the same time she has wayyyy too much weight on her since always.
For some reason I remembered the times when two of the therapists I've talked to proposed me to have a session with my dad and/or my sister. I refused both times because both of them are like a brick wall when it comes to talking about feelings and stuff. My dad it's obviously more guilty of this because boomer moid brain.
But now I visualized a meeting like that with my sister, like imagine if she would invited me to one session. Sure it would be messy and shitty but at some point I think we could sort out some kind of agreement.
I am far from saying things like 'I love you' to her, but I definitely don't hate her. She has bullied me pretty much until she move out when she was 24 and I was 20, but she was also tormented and mistreated by both of my parents, just in a different way that they did to me.
I just hope things turn out good for her, that's all I can do from the distance.

Anonymous 94613


I have both older sister and a younger sister. I don't really know how to feel about them to be honest. all of us grew up in a messed up household with a religious fanatic boomer father and heavily depressed narcissist mother who works 2 jobs so she can avoid seeing us. my older sister was exposed to pornography at a young age and because of that she did things to me when i was very little that I don't even want to remember and bullied me all of my childhood. she was being mistreated by both of my parents and used to take her anger on me, not to mention my mother knew she was SA-ing me and blamed it on me instead. she's now 24 years old mentally regressed virgin neet who rots in her room everyday and seethes cause my parents spent almost all of her savings. my younger sister is spoiled compared to how my parents treated me and my older sister,but i feel bad for her, she's barely 12 and her mental health is already deteriorating at such a young age from witnessing all the abuse, she has constant nightmares and talks in her sleep. i'm busy 24/7 cuz of uni and can't manage to spend time with her normally. mostly she's being a brat and gets on my nerves, it triggers my anger issues and i lash out on her, then feel guilty about it afterwards. I wish i could show her how much I really care about her and how it pains me she's going through the same shit as I did but i have no control or power over it. she's basically my parents' lap dog and already is getting brainwashed by them. cycle of abuse repeats and this household is a living hell.

Anonymous 94632

If it helps anon i'm from an almost identical situation and little sister became much stronger, better educated and more successful than me. I feel silly that i worried for years. Don't worry about lashing out. You're young too and there's a lot of pressure you didn't deserve to endure. She will understand that one day. You're on the right path. It's corny to say so but remember why they ask you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others in a plane crash. You absolutely won't be able to help your little sis unless you give her something to aspire to. Remember anon that little things like gifting a friendship bracelet made out of string, candy bars and receiving a handwritten letter are a very big deal at her age and she will cherish forever. I had to leave my little sister in a bad situation to build the foundations to help her later. It is okay anon she will understand and she will know you love her. Sincerely anon i hope you find some inner peace you really deserve to be cut some slack.

Anonymous 94655


thank you for your kind words nona <\\3 I really appreciate it. I'm slowly putting in more effort to control my anger around her and do those very little things to her, your words were reminder to do much more than that.
I'm sorry for your situation, wish you getting well

Anonymous 94796

Mine wouldn't give a crap if I showed her this site. She's too busy smoking weed and looking for attention on Facebook -_-

Anonymous 94960


i'm in an odd situation where i have two older half sisters on my dad's side, with 18 & 15 year age gaps between us. i grew up with our brothers (who have a 12& 11 year gap with me but thats not entirely related). i never grew up with them because they always lived with their mom, and my dad would really only pop in to see them a week at most.
what i find surprising is they don't resent me, even though i grew up in the same household as our father. they're both quite kind to me, but i see how they interact with each other and i get a little sad that i never got a chance to grow that sort of bond with them. even if we lived in the same home, im sure our age gap would still take part in how my relationship with them would be like.

i will say though, having adult siblings when youre a child has some perks because my siblings kinda spoiled me and took me to fun places. i got to go on memorable vacations with my sisters, and im fond of that because even if we're not as close as i'd wish, the fact that they brought me along makes me happy.

Anonymous 94996

My sister is 1 year younger than me and it was always difficult between the two of us. Once, when we were maybe 10 or 11 we had such a huge fight that I broke a window with her head (the glass didn't explode but there was a huge impact on it afterwards). I think she still hates me for this.
Having a sister that close to you age is awful. Everything is subject to rivalty : friends at school, clothing, hobbies…
When we grew older during teenage years, we developed to become the exact opposites of one another, she is the perfect yet most unsufferable Stacy type of normie, while I've become the most marginal & extreme I could. I always got in trouble while she tried her best to remain the perfect daughter.
I tried to get close to her back when I was 16 to maybe 21 but she always rejected me so now I just ignore her and she seems happy with it.

I always wanted a big brother who would protect me from bullies at school, but instead I was stuck with this brat.

Anonymous 95156

Since my sister became a mom she turned into a stranger to me because she never has time to spend with me. I understood when her son was just a baby, but it has been 11 years since he was born and is still the same. She never has time for me, I even have invited both her and her son, but she always tells me she has something else to do.
Last time we went out together, we were with some cousins and she barely said anything to me.
It hurts me because we used to be so close and since she is older than me, she was my role model because I don´t have a good relationship with my mom.

I wish I could go back to those days of hanging out, watching movies, eating together. But I guess I have to accept those days are gone.

Anonymous 95158

this is a bad sign something else is happening in her life, could be mental/internal or external pressure from someone or something else (maybe husband? idk).

Siblings dont vanish just because they have kids.
under normal circumstances a person would want their siblings to be loving uncles and aunts to their children.

Anonymous 95206

I don´t think is external pressure. Her husband is an asshole but she still goes out with her friends, and I´m one of the few relatives he doesn´t hate because I´m polite to him even if I dont like him.
And it is weird because I get along with the kid, I love him and he shows a lot of affection to me, but she seems distant all the time.
I wonder if she got mad with me for some reason, but I have no idea.

Anonymous 95331

Sounds a lot like my relationship with my older sis. It's a stalemate cos why should I, the victim, take the high road and be the bigger person? Not to mention nobody even recognises just how fucking horrible it is to be the middle sister. Invisible and yet everybody's fool at their beck and call.

Anonymous 95374

maybe it's time to apologize to your sister about the past. it might mean a lot to her.

Anonymous 95858


Hell no. I have two older sisters and they're about as normie as you can get, besides the fact that all three of us are about the same level of intelligence. They wouldn't even know how to comprehend this website if they came across it.
My oldest sister molested me when I was 6 and she was 13, which caused me to be hypersexual throughout my childhood, which in turn made my middle sister think I was a freak. The two of them were "best friends" growing up and treated me like trash, and being the youngest my parents didn't pay me much attention and pretty much let me raise myself. So I was functionally an only child growing up, constantly horny with unrestricted internet access, which is why I'm a miner and my sisters are not and never will be.

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