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Justice after Tragedy Anonymous 74419

Have you sought justice after being raped/sexually assaulted? Was it a success? What advice would you give to a victim finding justice through court or other means?

Anonymous 74428

Don’t stop, keep fighting, if you’re willing to actually fight for your justice that you deserve then don’t give up no matter how tempting it might be.
If you are willing to get justice for yourself that in itself is courageous and brave.

I wish I could get justice but my abuser/s are dead, which I feel like is a win for them since they don’t have to suffer on earth with their choices and consequences

Good luck nona

Anonymous 74436

I contacted the workplaces of 3 abusive boyfriends I had (yes, I had a terrible childhood to keep going from one bad place to another). One got fired, one lost part of his position, and I think nothing happened to the other as he wasn’t there anymore. In the first two cases I sent a bunch of proof but didn’t have anything from the last. The second workplace treated me the worst and ignored my emails after a while until I contacted someone else in the company and the first person from that company had to apologize to me.

I am considering doing the same to another guy who I was sort of seeing and who sexually assaulted me but I don’t have proof and it’s hard to explain that I saw him again after that because I had literally blocked it out (only remember when he sent me a message gloating about it). Part of me wants to do it but the other part of me just wants to forget about everything and move on.

Anyway, I don’t know if going to court is worthwhile because depending on your country, they might not believe you, might ask horrid questions, and this could stretch out for months only for your abuser to be let go.

If you have proof, share it on social media, send it to his workplace, his family, let everyone know.

Anonymous 74439

I wasn’t raped but I was psychologically abused by an extreme pathological liar as a teenager. I don’t mean he’d cheat on me and lie about it, he’d literally create stories out of thin air, and long story short, he lied about his entire past and i ended up fearing for my life. I would fucking RUIN him but we were both ~15 so I feel like nothing would be done since he was a kid.

Anonymous 74472

No. The man who molested me is still free and never served a day in jail, I tried to get him prosecuted but it was my word against his, I was only 6 at the time. He's turning into an old man now. I don't even bother telling people I was sexually abused anymore, because whenever they ask 'did he ever do jailtime' and I reply no, I know they don't believe me, just like the police and social workers wouldn't believe me. The pain never stops.

Anonymous 74474

We'll always believe you anon

Anonymous 74475

Thank you nona.

Anonymous 74487

I tried. But since he had personal ties to the gubmint, and I were a just a ”hysterical” teenage girl put into a ward because of cptsd, it went as ”well” as you’d expect.

Anonymous 74488

Same here. Exact same situation.

Anonymous 74490

We believe you too anon.

Anonymous 74497

This thread makes me really sad. But not surprised.

I read that only 1.7% of rapes lead to a conviction in the UK.

Anonymous 74502

>While there were 52,210 rapes recorded by police in England and Wales in 2020, only 843 resulted in a charge or a summons – a rate of 1.6%.
It's actually much worse than that if you think about it. A lot of victims don't even report that they were raped or properly understand that were raped (only that they have a bad feeling around what happened).

Rape is basically legal in the UK.

Anonymous 74587

Same here in Finland. A man got 2 years in prison for catfishing pedophiles, and the pedos in question got no punishment for grooming a fake little girl. To put it into perspective, it’s commonplace for pedos to receive only a few months in prison.


Anonymous 74588

He was blackmailing them:

>When she got the contact information of the men in the club search columns as a young girl, she sent them messages and pictures.

>After that, the man began to pretend to be the girl’s parent and extort money from his communication partners. He threatened to report the crime or make it public.

>The man managed to cheat on the men for a total of about 60,000 euros over three years, even though not everyone agreed to pay him anything. Individual victims lost money from € 50 to € 14,500.

The pedophiles didn’t actually meet the girl and probably weren’t grooming much if he tried to blackmail them.

Not defending anyone here, just pointing out the facts. Police don’t care unless you actually break the law.

Anonymous 74599

Pedos and sex offenders deserve to be extorted tbh. Crazy that our legal system cracks down harder on financial crimes than sex crimes and values money more than women and children's safety.

Anonymous 74601

Yep. Only about 5% of rape accusations are false, but a 1.6% conviction rate basically tries to imply that the other 93.4% of women are lying too, which is horrible. In the US I think the conviction rate is similar if not even lower.

Anonymous 74676

Moreover, the blackmailer had contacted young girls himself and used the pictures he got from them in his blackmailing schemes, and using those pictures of young girls without their permission also attributed to the sentence.
So yeah, the pedo extorter was a pedo too.

Anonymous 74680

Yeah but were they nude pictures or just clothed and face pictures? If they weren't lewd or nude he's not a pedo and some of the girls may have been willing to help him extort pedos. In Russia and Slavic countries, kids know about pedos so they have no problem luring them to places and beating the shit out of them. A gang of 14 year olds killed a pedo in Russia a while ago.

Anonymous 74689

I was raped. Without forensic evidence or one of his close-knit enclave community testifying against him, there was no where to go. He could have a dozen witnesses swear he stayed home all night, while I couldn't prove he'd been anywhere near me. With no where to go legally, and still living within walking distance of him, I eventually told my family and in short order I was bundled into a car by my cousins and driven around to identify him. I picked him out of a crowd and we left. It was never spoken of again. Some time later he was murdered; beaten to death with sledgehammers and dumped so as to be easily found. No one ever found his killers.

Anonymous 74690

and nothing of value was lost

Anonymous 74693

I'm so glad he got murdered. One less piece of shit in the world

Anonymous 74713


Anonymous 74721

My ex-roommate raped me multiple times while we were living together and I'm so angry at myself for not defending myself harder or at least collecting evidence. In the moment I just did not think about it because I was so severely mentally ill and all I wanted was to die. Then when I opened up about what happened to a couple of our mutual friends they took his side and it fucked me up further. I did report it to the police when I got out of that living situation but I doubt anything will happen to him because of the lack of evidence. I'm in therapy and getting better now but I honestly still wish death on him lol

Anonymous 74723

>I'm so angry at myself for not defending myself harder or at least collecting evidence
Anon, don’t beat yourself up. You did the right things to survive the situation.

Even if the police don’t do anything with your report, it is still evidence if he is reported by someone else. You’re very brave to have reported him.

Anonymous 74732

Based cousin

Anonymous 74737

>honestly still wish death on him lol
I think it’s safe to say we all do

Anonymous 74762


2nding that. I'm sick of playing nice. I actually want people that do stuff like that to die.

Anonymous 74889

I gave up

Anonymous 75101

i hope you treasure your family anon. few people are willing to risk their freedom to do the right thing.

Anonymous 75122

What country are you in

Anonymous 75361

Absolutely the correct approach to dealing with this.

Anonymous 96040

legal justice was not an option in my scenario (my word versus everyone who loves him)
anyway his personal and financial information was leaked in minecraft roblox edition.
but of course since everyone loves him it didn't do much besides give someone a free credit card i guess. even if the other content was horrible.
it's depressing how everyone simps for criminals just because they're socialable.
"well my son said you are very crazy, why would he lie to his mother?"

Anonymous 96281

No, but my husband is currently in jail for going after my childhood abuser.
I have been disowned by my family and the only light in my life are the small visits I'm allowed to pay him. His lawyer is currently fighting tooth and nail since we sincerely believe the judge was biased and unfair.
I swear if anything happens to him while he's inside there I'm going to do something really fucked up in minecraft.

Anonymous 97769

i sought justice after domestic violence and all i got were scoffs and blame

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