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I am so sick of men Anonymous 7523

I am SO sick of men. I'm not particularly a feminist or anything but they can be SO selfish. I have my male friends and some of them I care about deeply, but even they can be REALLY insensitive sometimes and all my guys on the internet have some obsession with making anti-woman "jokes" all the time (usually later I find out they're rarely even jokes, cuz they're usually hiding some obvious bitterness towards women) and they won't stop even though they know it hurts my feelings. They're so disrespectful they can't even not make a 'woman beating' joke when I'm trying to relay a story about how some woman in church was telling me about their experience being abused by their husband for 11 years, they think everything is theirs, for example demanding that they can be misogynistic on my discord, with excuses like 'free speech'even though that makes no sense and I just am trying to create a healthy space for me and my female friends.

They're so damn entitled. Can we have a vent thread on times men have been complete dicks to us?

Anonymous 7525

In my experience those "muh freedom of speech" types will chimp out if they hear an idea or position they dislike. They're all little boys watching youtube videos on "how to act alpha" and "the blackpill on women" and other nonsense.

And if their little "fact" about gen Z and millennials dating is true, that "40% of men are getting 95% of all the women", well it makes perfect sense given their behavior.

I don't need to vent, but my male roommate talks down to me and is very disrespectful in any exchange of ideas. Then he takes shits without bothering to air out the bathroom, leaves bowls full of food to rot near the sink for when I get around to doing the dishes, leaves beer bottles all over his desk and leaves piss in the toilet, and at one point called me an adult child despite all this. And I'm just too damn nice combined with timid/weak to ever scream about how infuriating that was for me.

Oh well. He does a lot of nice things as well and helped me out a lot.

Anonymous 7526



You're valid <3

It can be hard with housemates; last year I was living with FIVE BOYS. Yeah. They constantly went out and molested girls in clubs drunk basically, left the kitchen totally untidy. And eventually I had to seek emergency accommodation because one of the guys attacked me with a pair of scissors.

You're totally right about them; it just goes to show how hypocritical these men are. We just have to go off and do our own thing and support each other cuz men just don't care about us at all…

Stay strong sis

Anonymous 7527


>And eventually I had to seek emergency accommodation because one of the guys attacked me with a pair of scissors.


Have you posted this story before? What happened?

Anonymous 7528


I'm actually new here =/ he was drugged up and we had some minor argument about cupboard space (AKA he was stealing my cupboard space and moving my stuff so it all fell out when I opened it)and then he pulled scissors on me

Anonymous 7531

>start dating a guy, a couple of weeks go by

>he's getting steadily more possessive/controlling, doesn't like me hanging out with my friends/roommates because he thinks they're a bad influence, doesn't like my job because it's not good enough, doesn't like my hobbies, etc.
>should have seen this as a red flag
>one night i'm supposed to go over to his house after i come home from work
>really tired, lay down on my bed for a second, wake up something like three hours later to him pounding on my door
>try to explain that i just fell asleep on accident but he's freaking out
>threatens to throw everything that i left at his house in the dumpster that's in our parking lot so i follow him down
>dude literally pulls my backpack full of crap out of his car and chucks it at my head
>i tell him he's a fucking psycho, we start have a screaming match in the parking lot
>at one point he apparently gets too frustrated to even talk and so he grabs me by the throat and chokes me so i can't say anything back
>seems to realize after a couple seconds that there are people watching us from the fire escape overlooking the parking lot
>dude lets go, jumps into his car and speeds off
>stagger back upstairs with my stuff
>roommates like: 'i told you he was nuts'

when i meet guys who are misogynists their reasons for hating women are usually 'once this bitch rejected me when i asked her out'
when i meet women who are misandrists their reasons for hating men are more along the lines of PTSD.

Anonymous 7534


That's tough anon. I hope you find a boy who isn't mentally ill and treats you well. I hear a lot of stories about girls being abused, I'm sick of it actually. Men can be really soulless. Those nasty r9k types who spend their time blaming all their problems on women don't wanna acknowledge ours at all.


Thank you anon <3

Anonymous 7550

Just don't fall into the mindset that "every man is like this".
From what I gather, you basically hang around with edgy /pol/acks on discord and have a problem with their subculture.

I have given up on discord for insightful conversations, because it's REALLY BAD for that. Whenever I write a longer message, it often just gets ignored or doesn't get any reaction. And when it does, it's only just memes and jokes.

Anonymous 7553

Basically this.
Men who are either 4chan types or 'chad' party types tend to be like this. Most normie/""soyboy"" men I've met are respectful. I work with a lot of men atm and many show sympathy when speaking of rape/abuse of women and children.
I also live in Canada, though, which may affect that.

Anonymous 7569

Finding that I can't even bear being on male dominated spaces on the internet anymore. They're just really insensitive and annoying and they're the bees knees. I need to just find more women to hang with

Anonymous 7573

Same. I’m an expat and I had to leave the general expats FB group and just stay exclusively on the expat women group. I’m pretty sure the members of the group are evenly split, but the men on there can be so rude or creepy. The female only page is fantastic. Everyone is so kind and respectful and I’ve already made some coffee dates.

Anonymous 7577

Just kill all men tbh

Anonymous 7578


Anonymous 7579



I love you guys I'm glad you all understand my feels and relate I hope boys start to care about us eventually. I got told 'it's cuz no one cares you're a woman on the internet' but then why are they going out of their way to bully us when it's so hurtful?

Anonymous 7590

>why are they going out of their way to bully us when it's so hurtful?

Many guys treat other guys in what you consider a hurtful/bullying way and they assume they can treat you in a similar way and you won't mind. Playful insults, roasting each other and not taking things seriously seem to be on the daily agenda for guys. It's just how they bond with each other. I don't like that kind of behaviour either, hence why most of my friends are female.

Anonymous 7592


people say that but when a woman involved there is definitely a level of spite. Freud said that it's because when 2 men joke in the presence of a woman it's because they're looking to have sexual frustration relieved from each other therefore they're gay imo

Anonymous 7593

I don't see how claiming that they are repressing homosexual tendencies or enacting them through belittling women is helpful.

Especially since so many gay men are already misogynist, so what next?

How will people foster a culture that says "it's not that we want women to sink to the level of men, but everyone to be more civilized"?

Anonymous 7598

>believing in schlomo for more than 12 attoseconds
There's a lot of things that can be said about boys being boys, but I don't know about bringing boy love into this. Seems kind of lewd imo.

Anonymous 7625


it was a joke buddy(s)
the point is quite clear, there's nothing we can really do about it, they will behave this way no matter what and it's been like this throughout history as far as I can see from everything I've read about Women's History (which is really gross and disheartening and I don't recommend reading about that stuff to anyone who doesn't wanna have a terrible view of men but if u happen to wanna then read Simone de Beauvoir)

I'm just gonna marry my boyfriend and hide away from the rest of the nasty boys

Anonymous 7629

That does not mean that there can't be change, though. It will just take a lot of time, and much more legwork on the behalf of men.

Though I feel you on not wasting any effort with boys who know better.

Anonymous 7696

All I want is one online friend.

Anonymous 7702

>I'm just gonna marry my boyfriend
Do it now! Before he starts kissing ladies left and right, or begins licking yogurt packets for too long. If you don't tie him up fast, he's gonna go wild!

Anonymous 7716

I know, don't worry. I'm still not a feminist tho :>

Anonymous 7719

Well, aren't they?

Anonymous 7726

You should join the server

Anonymous 7729

>2014 /pol/ doesn't represent MRAs
I mean, it's not a false statement, but would you even believe in that? I really don't think just saying you're not part of the "bad" feminists is going to push them away, and if they're not a part of it, just how big is this movement?

Anonymous 7732

>despite feminists efforts to support men more than ever
What? Do you forget nearly every effort upheld by the movement even onto now? Are you seriously throwing away every accomplishment, when there isn't even a shred of proof they're just giving power to men?

Anonymous 7733

>what made me hate men is their ungratefulness
How short-sighted, and naive to expect men to "thank" you when they perceive these changes as erosions of their "rights."

Anonymous 7734

>despite feminists efforts to support men more than ever
Uhh. Like what?

Anonymous 7753

>male body positivity
>women always being the first ones to stand against women who molest or hurt men
>male abuse campaigns, male suicide campaigns, campaigns to promote male sensitivity
Are you a fucking psychopath?

Anonymous 7757

>its almost always women the first ones to call those women out
Any proof they're feminists?
>don't play dumb now
I'M NOT. What makes you think any feminist movement was ever about that kind of stuff? Nobody burned bras over male suicide rates and abuse. Are you high?

Anonymous 7758

Also almost any feminist you ask would be highly against the said situations of men getting raped, even laci fucking green had male rape awareness on her tumblr
>What makes you think any feminist movement was ever about that kind of stuff?
It wasnt until now, but its no surprise, the same reason why black people weren't protesting for white rights, but since white people took it upon themselves to make themselves out to be oppressed victims because a few blacks on twitter said something mean, now blacks are being PCed as well, can't even make a white joke

>Nobody burned bras over male suicide rates and abuse.

How the hell did you even put the two together? And we arent talking about 2nd wave we are talking about feminism in 2018,Look I can do the same. Mgtows didn't screech about women to help mens rights did they? Stop confusing yourself with your own stupidity

Anonymous 7760

>also almost any feminist you ask would be highly against the said situations of men getting raped
Why would they be for it? Do you think every feminist needs to rant and rave for male genocide like some stereotype? Is that what you are? A cartoon?
>now blacks are being PCed as well
What the hell does this have to do with anything?
>stop confusing yourself with your own stupidity
You're insane. You're too extreme for even a 1st wave feminist. You think anyone even slightly less politically charged than you is not just a traitor, but an enemy to the end. What the hell is wrong with you?

Anonymous 7761

>"blacks being PC'd is bad"
>implying their culture isnt disgustingly sexist

Anonymous 7762

>Do you think every feminist needs to rant and rave for male genocide like some stereotype
Again, what the hell are you talking about, where did pointing out the fact many feminists are highly against abuse of men mean I think feminists should be for male genocide?

>What the hell does this have to do with anything?

If you read, you'd know why, because people who aren't nor were ever oppressed, are now claiming they're oppressed over puny shit

>You think anyone even slightly less politically charged than you is not just a traitor, but an enemy to the end. What the hell is wrong with you?

Wtf, are you even able to argue without strawmanning? This is exactly why I called you stupid, in fact you weren't even able to argue with me using arguments I actually said and believe

Its not bad when its for sexism, but I just think white people claiming to be opp- actually no, you can read what I said, I'm not gonna repeat myself 3 billion times

Anonymous 7763

>what the hell are you talking about
Disapproving of rape on males is not bad. Why do you think otherwise? What's your problem with someone answering a question with a sane answer?
>people who aren't nor were ever oppressed, are now claiming they're oppressed over puny shit
That has nothing to do with feminism AT ALL. I didn't realise this hatred of men extended to whites as well. You're more extreme than I even imagined.
>you weren't even able to argue with me using arguments I actually said and believe
Why would I argue using points you agree with when I don't agree with you? You're insane. Absolutely insane.
>actually no, you can read what I said
Quit being such a bitch to people who just came into this. You're getting over the line.

Anonymous 7764


in my experience black people who talk about racism all the time are just trying to take advantage of white guilt

Anonymous 7768

confused titty dra…

Wasn't it feminists that pushed for the legal definition of rape to have to involve forced penetration, rendering most instance of men being raped by woman legally not rape any more?
Or stuff like making it standard that if a drunk man and a drunk woman have sex, the man is automatically the rapist and the woman the rape victim.
Or all kinds of other stuff like if you decide a day after the sex that you no longer consented, that the man retroactively becomes a rapist.
And that general push for considering a man guilty until proven innocent when he's accused of rape.

Anonymous 7796

Ok but, how would you address the points if there wasn't a reaction image for you to strawman with.

Anonymous 7797

I hate how men put bullies on a pedestal. There's one guy in a friend group of mine, and the stories everyone says are "funny" about his tinder matchups make me never want to get the app. The men laugh boorishly at how he matches with less attractive girls only to message them "yuck cunt", or similar taunts on their appearance, it pisses me off so much. No wonder he uses tinder, I couldn't think of a single person who'd put up with that for more than a week.

I'm not the one that called you a child, but this is a vent thread. I don't disagree entirely with you, I think that there are some benefits women have that men don't. This thread, however, is not really the place for that, it's not the place for rational thought, it's a place to say what men do that piss us off. If you wanted to be rational you could point out that men and women function differently socially, and this is why we seem to piss each other off so much, but this thread isn't about meta discussion, it's a vent thread. It's exactly the same as when you men on r9k talk about how much you hate "stacy".

Anonymous 7819

Hey I didn't start this tangent, don't blame me for continuing it.
Someone asked why men aren't grateful to feminists for all the things they've done. But from what I've seen all they've done is make it easier and easier for the average, innocent guy to be suspected of or legally punished as a rapist. Can't say I've ever seen any of those male body positivity or male suicide campaigns either.

And I hardly think it's fair to have this argument going on for dozens of posts and then only say "hey this isn't the place for arguments like this so please stop now" after someone with a different viewpoint joins in on it.

Anonymous 7844

Watch out thesaurus dot com, all this strain on your tiny little brain could result in injury.
I told you that I agree that there are instances where women get the upper hand, like in court cases for custody of children, and most divorce cases, not to mention how a woman's false rape accusation can ruin a mans life, but when people like terry crewes come out talking about how they were sexually assaulted, they're ridiculed. It doesn't "collide with my narrative", it's just that you shouldn't expect much in the way of defending men to occur in a thread for venting about the dumb and/or horrible things they do. I'm surprised there's any at all. Surely an individual capable of such high critical thinking as yourself could appreciate this and realise that he is partaking in a futile endeavour.

Anonymous 7864

>ur wrong and dum cuz u use big words
That's an even sadder deflection.

Anonymous Moderator 7873

Stop baiting, infighting and derailing please.

Anonymous 7907

Wasn't there this big name female and especially feminist UK politician who said male suicide is a joke in a public manner, but thought female suicide was a big social issue?
Didn't Sharon Osbourne, at a talk show, joke about a hypothetical situation where she'd take a knife, apply it to a dick, and push it through the drain? the crowd cheered and the only criticism was from people saying: "Imagine the outrage if genders were reversed" (by "MRA-likes", not feminists).

Although anecdotes, they display that there is a big consensus with the usually loud feminist to not care, imo even being spiteful, about mens issues.
Compare the lack of outrage and consequences with some guy making a joke to his close friend, nobody else, about hardware dongles and losing his job because a feminist happened to overhear them at a IT convention. Now compare the public shaming those 2 received with the other 2 examples in my post.
I don't really think feminists are really into mens issues…

Anonymous 7910

> I'm sure if you follow male celebrities around, shove cameras in their face, ask questions like "would you cut so and sos tits off" they would do the same
Uhh, any person who asked that question would be looked at like a fucking psycho, and a male celebrity who gave an enthusiastic "yes" to such a question, and even doubled-down and say "yes, I would REALLY do that" when asked if they were serious later would be in a world of shit. You live in quite the fantasy world but that point in particular stood out as extra ridiculous.

Anonymous 7926

>>7908 and >>7910 sitting in a tree KISSING.

Anonymous 7933


T-too lewd. We only just met…

Anonymous 7957

What would happen if the feminist politician made some joke about hardware dongles?
What would happen if the IT convention goers talked loudly about mutilating women - addressing some kind of public, like the UK feminist politician, instead of talking between themselves - also discussing discarding female sex organs? (personally, I'd be extra careful letting my pets outside after that and also always carry pepperspray, disregarding legality)

Did you actually, fully consider the points I was trying to make in a non-aggressive manner?

>do the world a favor and drown your retarded head in acid

You sound suspiciously high testosterone, big guy

Anonymous 8040

no, I am non-aggressive and pure. Not here to bash heads


I wrote a post about that but lost it. "Crazy feminists", I think you're crazy, every public democrat attacked it. I'm sure you can find some bad furry MRA apples, but you derail to US presidency candidates. Bad DRUMPf is the hitler of these days' and you know it. I do not want to argue about US politcs. Yes, Hitler would very likely be much more feminist than Trump.


Too bad this place doesn't have IDs. Now we have to assume this "respectful poster" is someone different than the "drown your retarded head in acid" poster. Sad! :)

Anonymous 8041

Fuck it, I'll bite anyway, it was non-gendered bad joke, you wouldn't care if rubio or cruz were the target, I am absolutely sure of this. It is in bad faith to consider this a feminist issue. You are poisoning your own well. Maybe you had a point if he specifically said to shoot her in the pussy.

Your kind of feminism is to rage over being able to drive over men AND women in GTA games? Do you drool over Anita Sarkeesian's yt vids?

Its time to reflect on your feminist values because right now its all so arbitrary and convoluted. No principles! Personally, I try to be explicit about the principles in my mind, untangle these values that conflict. You cannot say feminism is also about male issues and then define a feminist issue as a woman being attacked in a way that could apply to a male too. No specifics.

I hope you heal and don't become a lolcow like Big Red

Anonymous 8107

Would it be okay if I felt the same way but only towards men with certain skin color? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous 8108

men put bullies on pedestals because they want to be like them

Anonymous 8146

No, that's racism.

Anonymous 8147

It depends. I don't think it is racism if you don't think they are as attractive as other races. It's a matter of personal taste. As long as you don't treat people like crap, think they are subhuman, inferior, or something like that, then it is really just personal taste.

Anonymous 8149

But skin color is just as biological as gender. It's not men's fault they are born as men, and it's very unfair to lump them as same no matter what kind of hardships some men have given to you. I don't see a difference between hating men and hating certain color of men, if anything it would be worse to hate all men because you're hating half of the world's population. If you only hate certain color men, you hate only fraction of men, thus you hate less.

Anonymous 8192

Isn't it weird that in today's society we can find short people disgusting (I'm referring to a thread here on /feels/), but passively hinting about the same for skin color is bad? Should I even care about being called a racist?

Anonymous 8193

>we can find short people disgusting
Find short men disgusting.

Anonymous 8194

Would they be even more disgusting if they were certain skil color on top of being short?

Anonymous 8195

I honestly don't think insulting short men is okay. I found that thread disgusting.
I don't really like man-hate threads either, men aren't all innately evil kek. They're more likely to turn to violence than women, but I believe we should be considering environmental factors that trigger them to act violent in the first place. Not to remove blame completely, of course. Adults are responsible for their decisions.

Also, what race, anon? I have a guess but want to know if I'm right.

Anonymous 8201

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found that thread awful. If they're not attracted to short men, fair enough. Thinking of them as disgusting, gross, less than human is so fucked up.

Anonymous 8228

>>8195 i always think its wrong when people make fun of things that cant be changed. Its not there fault that they're short and most girl i know dont even care how tall their bf needs to be.

And making a thread to hate on a gender or race is really fucked up in my opinion, however i dont think that most people for example in the man hating thread on lc hate all man. Most of the time they post stories about incels and such, not all of them are posting how they want to kill all man.

Anonymous 8247

Can anyone give me a clue as to what the hell just happened.

Been talking to a guy lately, pretty chill guy. Seemed a bit of a #LAD but had a interesting friendly side anyway so eh.

He was super fucking rude to me out of nowhere earlier, like suddenly was just not listening to anything I was saying and called me a bitch (not because I was being a bitch but because he went into this weird trying to be a gangster thing???) and started moaning about how he wanted weed so I kinda made my excuses and l kinda jumped out the call. Later I kinda said I felt he was rude and it hurt my feelings and he apologised and I carried on a convo about this game we like and he sent me a photo of him watching porn? I was like :|? And he was like sorry I’m horny.

You know I’m usually quite good at making friends and understanding why people are doing things but WHAT THE FUCK. I literally don’t understand what happened? I’m like ignoring him now because I’m genuinely like what planet were you bought up on mate??

Anonymous 8253

#LAD has had a shitty day and you were there so he shat on you to feel better

Anonymous 8257

He numbed his dopamine receptors. I hope you haven't done the same.

Anonymous 8271

>>8257 nah dw I don’t smonk. Pretty much straightedge without the need to tell everyone I meet.

Is that a thing then?

Anonymous 8272

>expecting him to be classy and respectful
Anon, I'm not even British and I know what that subculture implies.

Anonymous 8275

What does it take to unnumb them? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 8278

Run away from lad types, they are subhumans

Anonymous 8282

Yes, it's a thing.
He's fucked. Sorry, man. You can get them off it, but they won't be exactly the same.

Anonymous 8289

Get off it. I can't guarantee you'll be back to normal, but it'll stop getting worse at the very least.

Anonymous 8296

I have hope for you, anon.

Anonymous 8298

You'll be alright, anon. Just lay off the stuff, forever.
That was just a cruddy throwaway reference to a song you wouldn't have any reason to know, so I immediately rescinded the post.

Anonymous 8326

Especially short black men!

Anonymous 8697

because they cant make babies and they feel empty their whole lives. you shouldn't hate them instead you should feel bad for them.

Anonymous 8845

His patience ran out, so he figured that if you weren't gonna bang him, then he doesn't really need to bother with the whole song and dance of pretending that you're interesting. Later, he then figured it would be worth going for a Hail Mary to try and salvage the interaction and maybe get some nudes or something

Anonymous 9001

>live in the state with the worst rape statistics in the United States

>at bus station waiting to catch one to the clinic because my arm is injured and in a sling

>Stranger calls out "Hey Baby" and then throws his arms up in anger at me being the slightest bit intimidated

>Walks all close and I have to smile and say I'm doing well, despite my fucking arm hurting

>Anothers approaches once I'm inside and just wanting to lurk on my phone

>has me in a corner and massively violating personal space asking all sorts of questions

>Literally wearing a striped long sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers

Majority of non-white knight "nice guys" would call this female privilege and call anyone who claimed to feel the slightest bit unsafe a triggered sjw. Both of those men probably have called me a bitch.

These men will tell you online how automatically feeling unsafe around black people is justified because muh statistics, but will dismiss you as melodramatic if a woman ever feels unsafe by gross weirdos approaching

I hate hate hate so many of them, a bunch of pompous little babies that glorify bullying. If they don't get to participate in the modern sexual objectifying sex frenzy they fall into an obsessesive woman hating idealogy that calls them roasties, all because they're so addicted to the impulse of busting a nut

I only want 2 males in my life, one my dad and one a bf. The rest I could do without forever, fuck them

Anonymous 9003

I'm so sorry this happened to you, anon. Men who can't empathize with the effect sexual harassment/assault/rape can have on someone (women and men, because these are the same men who say 12-year-old boys can't be raped) are no longer human, to me.

>I only want 2 males in my life, one my dad and one a bf.

God. Same here, although stepdad for me. Sometimes I feel like having a good male role model growing up is almost a curse, though, since it's giving me that sliver of #notallmen hope. Maybe if I'd known no good men I could just throw in the towel and go full WGTOW, but knowing they're out there keeps me wanting to interact with them.

Anonymous 9004

I had this sort of talk with my parents actually. Both my mom and dad agreed that this would never happen when they were young. Such men would get jumped by other men and called out or even beaten up. Maybe it's because they were both from a small town.

Dad thinks it's because men are feminized and afraid of acting that this happens, like going to jail or getting mixed up. The criminals and (honestly low IQ) creeps get to act like this because there's no recourse most of the time.

He told me that they found out one man beat his wife because they noticed bruises on her neck at church. They gathered up a dozen men and beat him up and made a whole spectacle of it. I don't know if that's the correct approach but it beats having to live in fear of psychopaths and criminals.

Anonymous 9011

Husband. Hus-band. Don't let the modern words into your diction. The sooner you drop that word to a man, the clearer his intentions become.

Anonymous 9013


>those digits

Anonymous 9017


Anonymous 9037


Well I do want a husband eventually and wouldn't get in a relationship with someone who didn't plan on long term, but I dont think I'm getting married anytime soon. I don't even identify as a traditional person I'm just way too clingy and sappy for anything casual or short term.


No worries in the end because nothing seriously bad actually happened, it's just very annoying. The first one was a bit scary.

Anonymous 9131

How do you guys even find these kinds of people? Don't get me wrong, I've met my fair share of shitty guys, but my God. I guess I've just been incredibly lucky so far to not have been in these absolutely horrific situations. I guess being shy and not socializing can have its benefits.
God, I know this is sort of the opposite of my original question, but how do I ensure that I never ever meet one of these types of guys? I was thinking about looking for a bf, but now the idea seems terrifying. I can't imagine having someone who's supposed to love and care for me act like that towards me. It seriously paralyzes me with fear. How in the world am I supposed to date if there are people like this out there - even if they're in the minority? Even a small chance of something so awful happening is enough to stop me in my tracks.

sage for going pretty off-topic, sorry

Anonymous 9136

>I dont think I'm getting married anytime soon
Never say that. Just because you're alone now doesn't mean you'll be alone forever. Someone will come along, anon. Don't you worry.

Anonymous 9139

You have to be very good at reading people, as well as looking at both their actions and their words. I think a lot of people in abusive relationships have some sort of vague idea what they're getting into, but they only see small glimpses at might-be problems first. For example, their partner may not take their opinions seriously, or not listen to you on small things. Not a big deal, right? Maybe even some women would see this as dominant and attractive. They disregard these small issues because "oh my god he's so perfect!!!"

Anonymous 9143

I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone who didn't respect me and see me as his equal (dominant/submissive sexual roles aside), so I guess I have that going for me. But from reading the thread, a lot of the guys described seemed perfectly normal at first. Are the anons just not mentioning the small red flags?

I hate the idea that someone can be "so perfect" one moment, but then literally attack you the next. Just, how? How can a person do that? To someone he supposedly loves?

I hope no one minds that I'm getting the thread a little off track, but do you have any more advice? If you think I should make a new thread for dating advice/safety/etc. for someone with basically no experience, then please let me know, and I'll gladly do so. I've been talking with my psychologist and my psychiatrist, and both of them have been pushing me to be more social, to go out and meet people, and to start dating, and I feel like I want to. Thanks to help from both of them, I've also recently started to feel like maybe I might be able to. But I don't have the experience to know how to be safe doing these things. I'm not familiar with the red flags or warning signs. I've never been a huge partier, or anything like that. Practically the only thing that I actually know is that I'm not supposed to accept any drinks unless I directly see the bartender pour it and haven't let it out of my sight. I'm much too sheltered, to the point where I don't even know how to be safe in the real goddamn world.

Like, fuck. I want a boyfriend. I feel like I'm in a place, emotionally, where I'm healthy enough for a meaningful relationship. But thanks to my lovely mental illnesses, I've missed out on most of the typical college learning experiences, where things are sort of safe, or at least safer, since a lot of the time you can have friends around to help watch each other's backs, and prevent someone from making stupid decisions. Tinder and other dating apps terrify me, because I've heard all kinds of horror stories about the kinds of guys who you'll find on there. But until I get back to college, I really don't have any decent place to meet guys. I mean, do people actually do the whole "coffee shop" thing? Have they ever done it? Goddamn it, why can't a cute guy just fall into my lap?

Anonymous 9144



Anonymous 9145


>But from reading the thread, a lot of the guys described seemed perfectly normal at first. Are the anons just not mentioning the small red flags?
People will often try to hide the bad parts of themselves. If they are good manipulators, the signs will be less obvious. But with most of these cases, those signs appear rarely after a few weeks or more likely, several months. Does he really care about you? Usually you can tell by how much he invests in you, does he spend a lot of time with you? Does he go out of his way to see you, or do small things to make you happy? Or is he constantly distant and aloof? Is he emotionally available and honest? Playing hard to get? Does he listen to your opinions seriously? Does he care about your pleasure in bed (this is actually surprisingly an important point, any decent man will reciprocate in bed) or is he only looking to use you?

You have to think about a lot of these, a man in love will be thinking about making you happy, not about pleasing his dick or ego. And women are the same about the man they love, maybe even to a fault at times.

>Practically the only thing that I actually know is that I'm not supposed to accept any drinks unless I directly see the bartender pour it and haven't let it out of my sight.

Don't meet men at bars, parties, clubs, etc. I'm not saying all of them are bad, but chances are they will not be looking for a serious relationship, only the next pump and dump.

>Tinder and other dating apps terrify me

Tinder is for casual sex, stay away. You should use a dating site like OKCupid, make your profile detailed. If you find guys on there you should talk for a few weeks at the very least, get to know them before you meet up. Don't send nudes. Don't have sex until you are ready. Too many women make the mistake of having sex after barely knowing each other thinking it will make him love them more, then regret it because the guy leaves them. If he loves you he will wait until you're ready. If he pressures you into anything he is NOT what you're looking for.

Anonymous 9146

>Tinder is for casual sex
I'd agree that this is most common, but I also I know some people who met on tinder who are getting married now, it's not hopeless

Anonymous 9147

It's possible, but the chances are much, much lower than something like OKCupid or any other dating site. Strangely enough I met my life partner off of Fetlife, but I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Anonymous 9149

Thanks a ton for the advice. I'd respond more in-depth, but now I'm getting worried about derailing the thread, so I'll make a new one. I figure feels should be all right, since I have >tfw no bf.
You've been super helpful, so (if it's not too much to ask of you), I'd really appreciate it if you'd continue to help me with this stuff in my new thread.
Thanks either way, though!

Anonymous 9150

Of course, I just want you to stay safe! And that is a good idea, I'm sure there are some who have been in relationships with questionable people who can give better advice than I can as well.

Anonymous 9671

Story #1:
I met this guy online. We were friends. Like, acquaintance type of friends. He often complains I don't want him to help me with my life issues and I'm thinking, yeah, well, bitch, I don't know you well enough and I also am not looking for someone to solve my problems. He knows I'm lesbian. He asks for stomach pics (and I'm like, fuck no, I know this shit game, you want stomach pics so you can imagine cumming on it). I tell him to stop with the sexual shit if he wants to remain friends. He constantly asks me sexual shit on the occasion. He also flips out when I tell him I can't meet him up irl because my grandfather died that day and he complains about how spending a day with a cute girl after he broke up with his friend would help, wah, wah, wah. I just ignore him. He later apologizes, but tries to play off his overreaction as lightly as possible when in reality it's insensitive as shit. We don't talk for a while. He starts sending me random "hey beautiful" or "babe" texts (which I assume are because he has a whole list of girls he texts and he just goes down the list seeing who will bite). I blocked him yesterday. Good riddance. Last time I ever try being friends with a man again.

Anonymous 9673

Also, I want to add the only reason I gave him the benefit of doubt when he first acted sexual then claimed he'd stop is because he said he had found a fwb online and that because he had an outlet that he'd stop acting a certain way with me.

There. I tried being friends with a man, everyone. He was a "nice guy", too.

Anonymous 9683

You can't be friends with a man. Doesn't work.

Anonymous 9701

>He knows I'm lesbian.

I've always wondered if men who ignore your sexuality are just dumb as fuck about how sexualities/lesbians work or if they're just being assholes and ignore your sexuality on purpose.

Anonymous 9703

>I know this shit game, you want stomach pics so you can imagine cumming on it

Anonymous 9715

>falling for the sexist marriage tradition

Anonymous 9716

it does sometimes

Anonymous 9721

Please don't start this.
It doesn't. Either you're gonna, or he's gonna, and it just, you know.

Anonymous 9743

in case you didn't realise op is a man

Anonymous 9757


they think that if they can get you in the same room as them and get you drunk you'll fuck them.
my brother is terrible for this exact thing, which is why i don't bring friends round any more.

Anonymous 9780

This is a real phenomenon. Men are nasty, aren't they?

When a man pulls out of a women after cumming, he often will cum on her stomach if they're in missionary.

Anonymous 9789

>if a man pulls out
Kill him.

Anonymous 9793


Anonymous 9799

Ok, ok. Threaten to kill him.

Anonymous 9804


>killing/threatening to kill a man for pulling out
That's some real yandere shit right there.

Anonymous 9812

Then what isn't? Letting him have his way then dump you for the next dish?

Anonymous 9819

What are you talking about?

Anonymous 9822

Oh, thanks. I had no idea

t. turbovirgin

Squeeze his penis in your vagina until it breaks.

Anonymous 9823

Don't tolerate promiscuous men. That's what I'm talking about.
Squeeze legs around so he can't escape?

Anonymous 9824

>That's what I'm talking about.
How does killing a man for pulling out stop that though? Do you want to risk getting pregnant?

Anonymous 9825


>Squeeze legs around so he can't escape?

Anonymous 9827

>do you want to risk getting pregnant
Why is this a question?

Anonymous 9828

Do your deadlifts.

Anonymous 9830

It's called leglocking. Watch more hentai if you like the idea.

Anonymous 9835


>It's called leglocking. Watch more hentai if you like the idea.
Thank you

Anonymous 9839

Dudes are legit socially retarded. Maybe they have zero idea that their behaviour is hurtful for other people.

Anonymous 9844

You do things that men interpret as "retarded" too. They wonder why women "just don't get" things that they believe to be obvious and common sense. You hurt them without realizing as well.

We're all engaged in a big dumb war with everyone else that'll never end because the one real flaw all humans have is not having proper empathy to understand how different other peoples experiences and perspectives are, or to not think any one particular view is objectively right or wrong.

Anonymous 9881

>We're all engaged in a big dumb war with everyone else that'll never end because the one real flaw all humans have is not having proper empathy to understand how different other peoples experiences and perspectives are, or to not think any one particular view is objectively right or wrong.

…..says a man. This isn't fucking true at all. Most of us girls are raised to consider the needs of men before ourselves, or to at least be a aware of them. Looks like you've already failed in the empathy department.

>You do things that men interpret as "retarded" too. They wonder why women "just don't get" things that they believe to be obvious and common sense. You hurt them without realizing as well.

You mean, women denying them sex? Topkek.

What about the fact that most men who know I'm lesbian continue to hang around me for a while, then ask if they can date me? It's downright disrespectful, and retarded. Or the fact they think they're doing women a favor by treating us like children. Or the fact they usually think they know a woman's body better than she does (even when it flies in the face of science…hard nipples means it's cold, not that it's fucking turned on, idiot). Men even hurt each other with how stupid they act. Many literally believe that people not caring about male rape is a woman's problem when it's them who are perpetuating it and if anything, women are already the most empathetic to them on that issue.

Yeah, some women might be "retarded" because they don't have all the information, but women are far more likely to accept criticism and not continue being idiots because of machismo, whereas men will continue believing in stupidity because they're coddled as children.

Anonymous 9886

>>What about the fact that most men who know I'm lesbian continue to hang around me for a while, then ask if they can date me? It's downright disrespectful, and retarded.

what do they gain out of respecting you? nothing so why would they? men don't respect women

Anonymous 9901

> men don't respect women
Yeah no fucking shit dude. We noticed. This is just male selfishness on display. "I get nothing out of this interaction so why would I grant someone basic human decency!1!"

>Most of us girls are raised to consider the needs of men before ourselves
This. I've had to ACTIVELY work to stop giving a fuck about men or their feelings once I discovered how much they despise women and think we're worthless. I try really hard not to go out of my way for a man, but even now I catch myself feeling bad for one or wanting to help them if there is something I can do, when I know damn well they wouldn't do the same for me and think I'm inhuman and below them. I've accepted that I'll never be able to hate them as much as they hate me, because I just don't. I'm sick of them and their misogyny, but I don't think I could HATE one and constantly dehumanize them. But the fact is men just flat out don't have empathy for women. They even admit it like our friend here. They wouldn't so much as piss on us if we were on fire, they'd just laugh. They despise us.

Anonymous 9912

Ever think our views aren't healthy because we have bad experiences? No, guess not.

Meanwhile men can scream that all women are worthless whores and nobody ever tells them their worldviews aren't healthy and stop being hysterical. I guess because other men agree with them, and men are the ones constantly policing how women should feel about misogyny.

Anonymous 9917

Please stop being mad.

Anonymous 9919

Please stop telling women they should just sit down and laugh off misogyny and stop being mad. It's hard to not be mad when you are dehumanized and told you are worthless every single day, and then told by people like you that you have no right to be upset at the people who do these things.

Being a woman fucking blows, partially because men hate women so fucking much they can't help but rub it in our faces at every opportunity. Sorry that some of us are painfully aware of that and want to vent about it. You'll live.

Anonymous 9922

What's wrong with what >>9919 said?

Anonymous 9923

I'm not even that anon. I don't like to see you spiraling like this. Please calm down.

Anonymous 9924

>Meanwhile men can scream that all women are worthless whores
that only happens on 4chan though, and usually /r9k/, i really haven't seen that happen anywhere outside of it, unless it was on other meme sites like reddit, etc.
>nobody ever tells them their worldviews aren't healthy and stop being hysterical
there are people that do though but anonymity makes it so people will just respond by ridiculing those people instead

Anonymous 9925

It's not just once candy bar. And you know that. It's more like every single time I come in contact with a candy bar it makes me feel violently ill, so why would I not avoid them? Every man I know thinks women are inferior and below them, worthless except for sex and children, and we are all dumb whores. Even my father. It's not just one man. And it's society as well. Do you say these same things to men that say all women are worthless subhuman whores based off one relationship he had? Or are they allowed to talk about women that way because it's justified if a man feels something? It's only bad if women get mad about misogyny becasue we are expected to just deal with it. But it is hard to deal with it. Eventually you get tired.

I'm glad you're happily married. Maybe you do not belong in this thread then.


Why do I need to see a psychiatrist? Nothing I said was violent. In my experience, every man I know hates women and thinks we are below them. It just is how the world is. Doesn't mean we can't be upset about that and vent about it on a board that has no impact on the real world.

Anonymous 9927

I am calm. I am just explaining to this anon, or to you, why people want to vent in this thread and why it is unproductive to come in here and tell us all to calm down or get over misogyny.

If you are happily married and have a different experience than mine or some other anons in this thread, that is good. But there is no sense in chastising us and belittling us for wanting to vent about this, and I'm not sure why you would. It is not coming from a helpful place.


I'm not talking about /r9k/, I am talking about my real life and my real experiences with real men. You can laugh at me and mock me all you want, but we clearly have different experiences. I have no idea why you are being so condescending and angry when I have not made this personal or attacked you, I am just trying to tell you why this thread exists and why certain people in here are upset and want to vent. That's all.

Anonymous 9928


as if that's something to brag about. marriage isn't an accomplishment.

Anonymous 9929


You are not worthless. You're a human being and you deserve to be treated like a person. Stop telling yourself those things, hate won't cure anything.

The men who say those things feel hurt and they need help, not even more reasons to hate. It might not mean much coming from an anonymous user, however remember, I appreciate you. I know there's good in your heart and you've been hurt in some way in the past. Don't let the hate consume you. I've been where you are and it will only hurt more and more, you will grow bitter more and more. Maybe if your environment is toxic, try to change it or move.

Remember, I appreciate you. Someone out there, probably appreciates you to. Just let them do it. Be more understanding.
Trust me, everyone just wants love. When they don't get it, they grow bitter and resentful. Let people love you, and it will happen for you too.

Anonymous 9931

But there is absolutely not point in arguing or having this conversation if you're just going to mock me/my experiences, call me sweetheart/hysterical and tell me to calm down when you can't even detect tone on the internet. So I will stop it here. But, I still think this thread has a valid purpose and it is harmless. I'm not sure why it bothers you so much that it exists, a lot of women have been hurt and want to vent. It is clear you have had good experiences with men and your view of men is much different, but a lot of people have not had that same experience. Doesn't mean you should come in here and point and laugh. But nobody can stop you so whatever.

That is nice of you anon. But I'm out.

Anonymous 9937

I want for you to be happily married and with a different experience to what you've had. You deserve it.

Anonymous 9939

"Calm down sweetie" is not advice. You were being an asshole on purpose from the beginning because you think I'm weak and making myself a victim and my problems are just dudes on the internet being mean, when you really don't know what my experience has been. As I said, I am just tired of misogyny and yes it has weakened me. Your posts were not trying to be helpful and you know that, you've been condescending since the beginning and calling me all sorts of shit. Also never said the world is out to get me. All I said was, men hate women and I'm tired of it. And I am.

And I never called you a handmaiden or told you you have internalized misogyny, in fact I said it's great that you are married and have a different experience. But that doesn't mean you have to mock and belittle others' negative experiences because you think they don't exist and they don't match yours, or you chalk them up to some guys saying shit on /r9k/. You didn't even bother to ask me what my experiences are. Not that I think you should care or want to know, but if you really were trying to give advice you might ask instead of mocking and writing it off as me crying because I saw some kid on /pol/ say women shouldn't vote.

Anonymous 9940

That person is being a dick.

Anonymous 9941

I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be a dick. I just get irritated when people come into threads they know they won't agree with just to shit on people who want to vent in here. Like if you think women who are upset by misogyny are so pathetic and weak and are making shit up just to play victim, why can't you just laugh to yourself and move on instead of trying to belittle their problems and make them feel even worse? I will stop now and I'm sorry for dragging it on so long/being a dick, but I fully admit that I am weak and upset by misogyny to the point where it makes me depressed, but I just wanted to be able to vent about that without being mocked with things like 'calm down sweetie' and being jokingly called 'your highness' like I think I'm so much better than others when I never even said that and definitely do not believe that. I just get really down about misogyny/being a woman, and sometimes I feel like I need to get it out or I just feel worse, but then you get made fun of for even being upset about it.

and I am sorry for sperging out and derailing the thread, I certainly did not intend to piss others off. I am too sensitive to post here but sometimes I can't help but do it instead of just lurking.

Anonymous 9943

Okay I never once said men are criminals. I never once said all men are abusive and rape or anything even remotely close to that. I just said they hate women, in my experience this is true, in yours it is not, and that is all. I said nothing else about men and did not claim anyone was a criminal. But I will stop posting as well and I am sorry if I said something that made you upset, that was not my intention.

Anonymous 9944

If you think men don't look down on women, you're making the mistake of assuming looking down is automatically malicious and hateful.

Think of how many men follow the mantra of "women and children first" in an emergency. It seems like they're just being helpful, but it shows that deep down they view women as just as helpless as children.
Most men believe you should NEVER hit a woman in any circumstances ever. Even if the woman's MMA world champion attacked him, he wouldn't really fight back because a woman can never be his equal and therefore a threat.
Men change their language when women are around to not be rude or offencive because they're afraid of hurting women's feelings.
Every nice, "chivalrous" thing he does comes from the subconscious belief that you are inherently inferior to him and need to be treated more gently.

And the hilarious part is, when you ask these men what they think about women they'll all say " I love women! I think they're totally equal to men, I respect them so much." But their actions always belie their true subconscious views.

Anonymous 9949


you are genuinely retard and i'm not even gone bother writing a long reply in which i explain why all the points you made are complete bullshit since you'll still be sticking to your own ideas.

i swear that ''swallowing'' that fucking ''redpill'' for both men and women just makes everyone completely brain dead and actually makes people more blind to how things actually work out than to enlighten them with anything.

Anonymous 9950

>I could prove you wrong but I just don't feel like it
So you can't prove me wrong then.

Anonymous 9955

>blah blah im retarded and in over my head with how overinflated my ego

Anonymous 9959

>FYI, women are evolutionarily the coddled sex, we are inherently more valuable simply because we give birth. Men are expendable, simply because spermatozoa are plentiful and in extremely high supply.
This is why I hate being a male. I hate being born with 0 value I didn't choose to be born. And then people say I just have to work but that doesn't mean I have value I'm just a drone and a slave. One time a girl said that because women make babies is why they don't respect men because if they work more and they can make babies why would they respect us? And it made so much sense and it made me realize that males are worthless and hate myself. I know you will ban me but I hope men don't exist in the future because no one should be cursed to be born as a male.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 9962

That girl was just trying to hurt you. I know it can sometimes be hard not to listen to people like that and internalize it to the point where you start to believe it, but please try not to. I struggle with the same type of self doubt/self hatred thing because of what people say about women, so I'm not going to preach to you because I have no actual solutions and I still struggle a lot, but don't do anything drastic because of what people like that say. Try to ignore it and keep on moving even though it feels like shit and it's hard. You are not worthless.

I don't know, maybe try making more male friends in your favorite hobby/chosen career path and get inspired by them, and let their successes/happiness show you that it's possible for you as well and that being male does not mean you are doomed to a life of slavery or worthlessness.

Anonymous 9964

Anon, get therapy. Being male doesn't make you worthless. I doubt most people here think that way.

Anonymous 9971

It's true what that first girl said though. Sperm are next to worthless while wombs are valuable. That's why you send men to fight and die in war while women stay behind, because you only need a few men alive to impregnate all the women and rebuild the population. Can't do that the other way around.

Everyone understands it, even if just at a subconscious level and Society is structured accordingly. Even animals understand it. The male always risks or gives it's life to protect the female. Hell look at praying mantises. After the male mates the female eats him because he's more valuable from a biological perspective as nourishment for her then to keep living.

Anonymous 9977

>after the male mates the female eats him

Anonymous 9981

I checked online, and all they say is that they do it sometimes but not all the time.

The greater point is still simply that men are the disposable sex. So boo hoo for them.

Anonymous 9983

>they do it sometimes
During food shortages, which are incredibly rare, which leads me to asking you something. Are you an anti-natalist?

Anonymous 10038

How would you feel if you got called worthless, disposable, valueless as a woman, intrinsically? Imagine how that'd make you feel. We do not live in a jungle anymore, there's no need for that. There's more or less equal amount of males and females so we don't have to do that or base our values based on some biological instincts. Do you think males choose to be born as such? Just like me, you just happened to be born female and he happened to be born male. It was just some chance. They have the same feelings you do, they are a person like you are.

Someone before here said that they hate men because of how men treat them. That they themselves hate women. How do you expect it to be any different the other way around if you do that? You refuse to accept problems of men, and yet, you expect them to accept and understand problems of women. That's not how this works, I think.

Anonymous 10044

I don't make the rules. I'm just telling them honestly.

Anonymous 10046

Then don't be surprised they'll hate you for it and maybe some other women too. Don't expect humanity from someone you don't give it to.

Anonymous 10048

Men who complain about being disposable are a tiny minority and generally shamed by the rest of society. They can't really do much to me but insult me on the internet, which I can live with.

Anonymous 10055


I did that to some of my past boyfriends though, I feel bad about it but I can't help it, I just enjoy devouring them and seeing as my belly gets bigger and bigger the more i end up swallowing them alive.

Anonymous 10058

I break their spine first, that way they can't oppose much resistance.

Anonymous 10059

>stop acting hysterical, stop feeling personally attacked
We just need a good dicking, right sweetie?

Anonymous 10060

>I once ate a candy bar
>All candy bars are no good
Nah this doesn't work

>99% of human civilizations abuse women

>get abused yourself
>rightfully think all men
This does make sense

Anonymous 10063

>I hope men don't exist in the future
Finally an internet male I can agree with.

Anonymous 10065

He's trying to blend in and redpill us dumb females about men's love for women and how we just need to open up to it lol

Anonymous 10067

Because there was a food shortage. Right?

Anonymous 10071

The stereoptypes you stroke yourself to on /pol/ and /r9k/, smeg?

Anonymous 10074


You make my blood boil, waste. It hurts me to think of the kind girl from before trying to engage you human garbage roleplaying as a married woman who has "hours of sex a day" while denying the events that are the direct cause of her depression. Using classics like hysterical and harpy too, you have no shame.

Nothing more womanly than calling women "holes" and posting naked women and anime girls on r9k. Please man, just hang yourself.

Anonymous 10076

Cyclist Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Catcalling van Drivers (KARMA!)

Anonymous 10077

You write like someone who clearly has autism.

Anonymous 10079

Dude that was low.
I get that some people here can man-hate for rather inane reasons, but I could say the same about r9k users and their woman-hating, easy. But what you do is just pathetic.

Stop stereotyping people. Most people suck in general.

Anonymous 10087

Oh my, I just watched this few minutes ago on Youtube and this is beautiful. But still, this guy should be also punched in the face.

Anonymous 10089

>How would you feel if you got called worthless, disposable, valueless as a woman, intrinsically?
You do realize that men say this about women CONSTANTLY, right? There are entire movements dedicated to thinking this way about women. People have been saying this about women since the beginning of time.

It's not hard to imagine at all.

Anonymous 10090

what did the deleted post say?

Anonymous 10091

>but if you must know I am having hours of sex daily. My husband and I are trying to conceive.
You only ovulate for roughly a day and it is possible to conceive a few days before ovulation. Surely, as a woman, you should know this. No point to try daily for /hours/, I'm pretty sure you'd get sore!

Anonymous 10093

Boy, this man disliking thread sure has a lot of very angry men in it. I think I'll just go to a different online manhating hub today, seeya scrotoids.

Anonymous 10101


All your precious accomplishments and inventions, and yet when war comes around you're the one who's sent off to die while I get to stay behind in the comfort of my home. When the boat starts sinking I'll get a spot on the lifeboat and you'll be freezing and drowning in the water. All because nothing you ever do can ever be as important as the uterus I was just born with.

That must sting.

Anonymous 10105

Life isn't fair. Deal with it.

Anonymous 10107

>why do I have to live lower than you just because of that?
That was already explained. Sperm (and men) are cheap and easily replaceable. Women (and their wombs) are not. You can rebuild a population with only a few men, but you need lots of women.
Just because you don't like the explanation doesn't mean it's going to stop being the reason.

Anonymous 10109

Maybe that'd be more fair.
But as I said, life isn't fair.
We don't live in caveman times but we still have caveman brains. And caveman brains say "protect females at the expense of males". That's not changing any time soon.

Anonymous 10111


>But caveman brains also say to kill people and rape
>but we don't do that

Anonymous 10113


>just witnessed a part from some TV show here in my country where they had 3 women cooking something
>none of them were saying anything and were just being quiet throughout the whole thing
>some stereotypical irl ''Chad'' was berating and making fun of their social anxiety and how they must be functionally mute or something
How is this socially acceptable at all?
Has everyone fallen so low as to think making fun of people on television is considered 'entertainment'?

Anonymous 10115

men made those rules because they decided women were valuable as human incubators, retard. you think men tipped their hats to spinsters?

Anonymous 10116

You seem to believe I'm the one who designed this system or something. Listen, if I could just snap my fingers and transform the world into an egalitarian utopia where everything was fair and logical, I would.

But I can't do that, so tough luck. If you want to change it, you'll have to convince society at large to change itself at a deep, fundamental level. I don't expect you to succeed though. If you're viewed as the lesser, disposable sex who's suffering doesn't matter, then obviously nobody would pay attention to your complaints about the system to begin with. If anything you'll probably be mocked and shamed.

Anonymous 10118

>But it starts here so we should all try to change it together
There's no way this is a man honestly saying this. No way.

Anonymous 10119

>But it starts here
In the "I'm so sick of men" thread? On the website where men are banned on sight and not supposed to be allowed to say things to begin with?
Maybe start somewhere easier.

Anonymous 10121

Alright here's the first thing you can do to make us like you more.

Go away. You can't sit with us.

Anonymous 10137

Pedophiles deserve to be locked up at all times.

Anonymous 10153

>Locked up
They need to be locked up in a coffin tbh.

Anonymous 10158

Capable of withstanding a ton of dynamite, dropped into the Atlantic Ocean?

Anonymous 10173

That's a good idea.

Anonymous 10246

Honestly, really considering it hard enough, modern marriage is probably the best thing you can sign up for because -
1. The only men who want to get married today are good men
2. Marriage laws have changed significantly from the past so there's no bullshit like rape in marriage and
3. From what I see in older women who are married and non-married, marriage really does make you happier and make you feel safer too.

Anonymous 10247

It was fake
I watched it and I could tell myself right away as I'm from London too. Clear give aways -
1. White van men no longer do this. They might give you looks and leer, but they'll never catcall.
2. You can't rip off a side mirror on a van like that. It's ridiculous, the strength required is huge.
3. White van men may not catcall nowadays, but they're scary people who will beat the crap out of you for anything, regardless of your sex.
4. No man would ever act like that guy on the motorbike. If something like this did happen, no man would do anything - they'd shrug their shoulders and carry on as usual.

Anonymous 10264


This kind of negative stereotype is part of the problem. I know that you probably didn't mean it like this, but until everyone starts to "allow" opinions like that to be held by men, then we'll all be held back. Why is that such a crazy thing for him to believe, just because he's a guy? Am I "allowed" to get angry at things I see, like the posters above me, without being called hysterical, or is that right reserved exclusively for men?

Also, my post apparently looks automated, so here's some extra text and an irrelevant image.

Anonymous 10266

Going back over this, I can see how ironic my image choice was, but I hope you'll take my post in good faith and realize that the image is obviously a joke and in no way reflects how I actually feel about the issue.

Anonymous 10306


>supporting and reinforcing further acts of criminal damage to someone's property
You're the pinnacle of evolution, what else can I say. Plus like >>10247 says, it's obviously fake as fuck.

Either way it wouldn't matter, the fact is you can't look at it both ways and have to take a side, sure the guy fucked around with her and made unwanted advances, but she could've easily report his car plate to the police and have it dealt with in a non violent way, what she basically did ended up being worse of an infraction than him.
>man catcalls and then dehumanizes woman
>woman starts cycling after his van, chasing the men down for a few more meters so she could rip off his car mirror and smash it into pieces
You can't even claim self-defense at that point anymore, it's just stupid, I'd fine both of them for that shit if I worked in court or as a police officer. I really wouldn't like getting hit on by some gross stranger out of nowhere like that, but I definitely wouldn't get so violent unless they actually tried forcing me down or something, violence solves nothing when you can have an easier, non-violent alternative to get things done. She can't press any sort of charges against him now since she'd be just as guilty, if not even more, police in some countries don't care much about those light 'sexual assaults' as much as when it comes to damage property.

Anonymous 10851

It's Steven of the eponymous Steven Universe.

Anonymous 10879

I'm sick of how they paw you for sex, then get annoyed when they realize you are only pretending to like it. Yes, when you continually act like it's all that will please you, don't be surprised that it's all fake from my end. I fucking hate penises and male bodies. They're so gross and ugly. I hate how these nasty mfs are so entitled. I hate it that you dumb fucks pretend that you don't equate sex with love, but most really do mix the two, even if money is the only reason anything is being done to you.

I just hate how fucking men are so sex obsessed, and yet they do nothing to relieve that sexual tension (because of muh morals or some other inane shit reason), so they sexualize every fucking woman they meet. Blow your disgusting load every day, multiple times a day, if that's what it takes to not sexualize me, a random woman.

I just want to be left alone sexual ly and romantically by men in my personal life and in my work life, I want to be unsexualized and respected (which is what I'm asking in my personal life, too, but I'll settle for being left alone, there) . This is all asking a lot from God, apparently.

Anonymous 11451


>Men change their language when women are around to not be rude or offencive because they're afraid of hurting women's feelings.

>Every nice, "chivalrous" thing he does comes from the subconscious belief that you are inherently inferior to him and need to be treated more gently.

Because men are retarded with social skills and tact. But most women get offended over stupid shit. Expecting a man to understand subtlety is like expecting a fish to understand philosophy.

It's all self reinforcing. Men treat women like children. And women selectively allow it when it benefits them(but only when it benefits them). Then those of us who actually want equality have to sit around watching this bullshit every day.

Most men are literally threatened by a woman being equal to them. But then most women seem to want to be coddled. Gender relations as a whole disgust me.

Anonymous 11453

>But then most women seem to want to be coddled.
What makes you think that?

Anonymous 11454

I feel like the world is backwards?
I have two guys in my circle of friends that are archetypes of the men I’ve met:
First guy- wears shirts about being an ally or a male feminist; asks people their pronouns; talks about BLM, the women’s march, metoo, etc all the time.
Second guy-super Catholic (but not preachy, just wears religious jewelry, never available Sundays, won’t eat meat Fridays that stuff); in discussions he’s obviously really Conservative (but hates Trump); when asked why he doesn’t date he said ‘I’m waiting for marriage’.
Also first guy- really skeevy vibe; when he thinks you aren’t looking he stares at your chest; assumes men are right & women are wrong; can’t cook, won’t clean up after himself, obviously can’t do laundry, always smells of sweat and urine; talks to men like they’re ignorant and to women like we’re mentally handicapped; never on time, never helps with the tip, etc.
Also second guy- impeccably groomed at all times; unfailingly polite; asks women their opinions first; volunteers to help clean up; will actually admit to being wrong and change his mind about things; can cook. When our friend Marcie got the flu he showed up at her place with his mother’s chicken soup and and an entire home-cooked meal for her roomies - just dropped it off, hoped everyone was ok, left.
First guy moaned that he had to do a project by himself, was shitty to Marcie the rest of the year.
I swear that the more a guy talks about women, Liberal, MRA, PUA, male feminist, whatever, the worse he is TO women and vise versa..

Anonymous 11457

My family is old fashioned, no other term fits.
Guy at our church, in his late 20’s, abandoned his pregnant wife and the 2 kids already there to literally move in with a stripper.
My dad got a call; the creep was refusing to pay alimony & child support.
Dad & all the other veterans from church went out on Saturday & came back with every nickel he owed her and his truck, signed over to her name for her to sell.
I don’t know what happened but he was never late or short on payments ever again.
Why I kinda’ want to marry a vet

Anonymous 11458

>you haven’t done it

Anonymous 11459


Beautiful. Just beautiful. I hope you're proud of your dad, that is amazing.

Also I hope that idiot pays for what he did, not only literally, but that he gets fucked in every possible way.

Anonymous 11488

2nd guy is a "real" man

Anonymous 11499

After being molested for years as a child I just hate and don't trust men at all. That's my reason. Of course I see that they all lie and just use girls too.

Anonymous 11506

I live in western society as I assume you do, and I have a different experience, I think you need to spend more time outside and more time off the internet, sis

Anonymous 11514

I'm done with man. I've never trusted them. I saw a lot of sexist things that males said, and recently, I was also used by one of them.
I'm fucking done. I don't even trust my brother anymore because, for some weird reason, he starts to watch really extreme gore videos really often. I don't know why. I just can't trust him after hearing that. He just causually watches how woman is killed. This is so fucking sick. Also recently I was used by men who said that he loved me. I just gave him what he wants, cause i thought if i love him that is normal, and he left.
And even, i can't be safe in youtube comment section or anywhere on the internet because of males sexism spread everywhere.
I don't want to be even enemy to them, i just want a paceful life. Why the fuck they always need to spread their shit everywhere?

Anonymous 11526

A woman never has to worry about getting rejected because her genitals aren't at least ___ units of ___ criteria, men do.
Also I'm not really seeing much head screaming in the comments, but most of the anger I do see is in regards to women casually joking about and endorsing genital mutilation.

Anonymous 11528

wtf I remember looking up Prince of Persia walkthroughs on ign in middle school. I didn't know they talked about that shit lmao

Anonymous 11533

>A woman never has to worry about getting rejected because her genitals aren't at least ___ units of ___ criteria

Do you live under a rock, anon, or do you use internet like once in a year?

Anonymous 11540



Anonymous 11549

>Plenty of women will absolutely back out of sex if a guys dick isn't good enough for her though.
How many times has this happened to you? Serious question.

Anonymous 11559


Right? Can we stop with the fucking circle-jerk already?

These dudes bitch on /r9k/, lolcow, and here. Constantly. About the same fucking things.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. They REEEEEE if we have standards and we're whores if we don't have standards.

But we're the problem. Like, K.

I'm at the point where I just troll male posters at every possible given opportunity and it's golden because they always take the bait.

Anonymous 11569

See >>11549

Anonymous 11576

Mods can you please wipe this guy's posts fastee and also the people replying to him, he's just going to keep coming back as long as people are giving him attention

Anonymous Moderator 11577

There are 0 reports in the queue, please use the report system so we can actually see the issue. Thank you! Cleaning up now.

Remember not to respond to male bait.

Anonymous 11668

>2nd screenshot is a guy breaking up with a woman because she can't have children.

just kill me now

Anonymous 11682

Help me understand the man-hating threads on here and LC? From what I've seen most accounts of negative experiences with men are limited to the internet. Is that alone really enough to influence your opinion? Based on my own experience men that I encounter offline, while not perfect by any means, are a world away from incels and such. I can't tell if this is because bitter posters are spouting bs or that I'm not close enough to men irl for them to reveal their powerlevels.

Anonymous 11683

men are cute but they smell bad

Anonymous 11687

>From what I've seen most accounts of negative experiences with men are limited to the internet
Where everyone is honest with having anonymity so they show their true misogynistic thoughts. There's enough of it online.

Anonymous 11688

You really think the men you've met in real life are the same ones posting autistic incel shit online?

Anonymous 11691

I feel the same way anon lol. I've never met any men irl like that either. I hate those threads tbh yeah some men are literal trash (I mean look at Onision) but to say they're ALL like that is just dumb. There's some trashy ass girls too yet I don't generalize the entire population on girls because of them.

Anonymous 11698

Online image boards tend not to attract the most normal, well together people with healthy views of the real world. Who'da thunk.

Anonymous 11700

>i'm not close enough to men irl for them to reveal their powerlevels

it's this.
most men can keep it together temporarily to appear 'acceptable'. incels/autists are the ones who have no filter and end up outing themselves irl. but if you're around any man for long enough for him to let his guard down, you'll see aspects of his personality that he doesn't show to the rest of the world. it doesn't matter if he presents himself as an angel. they're slaves to impulse.

Anonymous 11742

I know a lady whose man's only fault is that he lived his mother a lot and she died recently, and because of that he tends to drink too much and turn into a sobbing mess.

That is her only problem. And she is so upset with it. She also disrespects him (because he's a bit of a beta despite earning a lot) and is pissy about how he chooses to interact with the kids ("too much dirt into the house" tier).

I want to grab her and shake some sense into her.

Anonymous 11821

Seems like that man needs to find a healthy way to deal with his grief and adjust to living without his mother. Alcohol addiction is a serious issue and if he is drinking excessively to cope with his mother's death that could mean he has alcoholism. Don't assume it's something he will just get over on his own.

Anonymous 11901

>chimp out

didn't this phrase start out as a riff on a common racial epithet? not a very sympathetic locution

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