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moid hate thread Anonymous 85163

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.

Anonymous 85182

I think you were traumatized by 4chan, am I right?

Anonymous 85214

Wait, so the ones that didn't have a rape kink raped you but the ones with a rape kink didn't rape you? That is not what I would have expected.

Anonymous 85224

actually, I didn’t think of that.. my pea brain didn’t connect the two I guess they all did.

Anonymous 85240

You're a idiot who falls for other idiots with no maturity or intelligence or anything. I hate people like this. The problem is you're dumb and get with men like you aka dumb, low class shits.

Anonymous 85241

It's like that subreddit for femcels that only talked about money etc. One minute there and you already know the problem.

Anonymous 85249

I hold out hope because I have a loving bf now but my past relationships with men left me with issues and I used to freak out over sex a little with him because I'd suddenly feel like I was being used again and manipulated.

Anonymous 85252

No offense but every miner I’ve talked to is dating a 4chan or discord moid. At this point it’s clear you’re never gonna get it despite how many times you’ve been warned about these sorts of scrotes.

Anonymous 85337

The thing I hate most about moids is how they ALL assert their retarded opinions as facts. They are also extremely narrow minded and won’t budge, even when actual facts contradict their retarded anecdotes.

You’ll never find anyone as self assured as a moid, even if they’re 40 IQ.

Anonymous 85345

I think most men have undiagnosed NPD (either overt or covert). Their complete inability to admit they are wrong and their penchant for denial, as well as shoving their opinions down the throats of others, is just another way of protecting their narc egos.

In fact, when a moid states his opinion, you’ll almost never hear him begin with ‘I think’ or ‘Maybe’ or ‘I’ve found that…’ or ‘In my experience/opinion’. Moid opinion vomit is always stated aggressively and forcefully, in absolute terms.

It’s annoying because I find most women are much more receptive to new information and nuance. Which is why men make up far more zealots and extremists than women.

Women understand life isn’t black and white. Men are incapable of this. It hurts their egos too much to admit that they might be wrong. If new information and facts arise, they deny it. The world always has to adhere to their delusional thought process. And if it doesn’t, they will try to force it to, often through violence.

Anonymous 85347

lmfaooo isnt this true. men are definitely the emotional gender.
moid "thought" processes go like this:

the scrote has a strong emotional response -> the scrote decreets that their feeling is an absolute truth -> to seem less delusional to himself and others, the scrote backs up his newfound subjective truth with statistics, scientific theories or, more often, mental gymnastics

on the other hand women tend to observe and inform themselves first, and then decide what to believe in. they're also definitely more flexible in changing their views or looking at things from other standpoints.
the reason i hate men was because of years of being subjected to sexual harassment and disrespect by men, and seeing other women going through the same and sadly much worse, and reading up on scrotal statistics of violence and general unpleasantness (like experiments of men being less likely to collaborate and being more selfish).
meanwhile incels will feel the itch to cum once, not have an available female to use for, and resent women for the rest of their lives while frantically looking for evidence that women are the evil gender, falling flat because their hatred is irrational and centered around their dicks, and come up with intricate conspiracy theories that make no sense but that somewhat makes them logical and self controlled.

Anonymous 85352

hi this is op, i don’t know what the hell is happening in this thread.
but i didn’t meet more than half of the men im talking about from discord or 4chan, I don’t even use 4chan. Men as a whole are the problem and you’re a self entitled bitch for no reason, how am I supposed to be warned about these scrotes when I go outside and still get harassed by random men? What, am I supposed to just not go outside to beware of them?
And same goes for you too, I didn’t make this thread to get a comment about how I’m a stupid pissant for trusting men like my own dad, you sound retarded.

This is a vent thread about men being men. Not a thread asking for criticism about the men I’ve dated, stop trying to act like you know what happened to me and my situation.

Anonymous 85364

>Men as a whole are the problem and you’re a self entitled bitch for no reason
Have you considered that this kind of hostility, blaming everyone else and calling anyone who tries to give you advice a self entitled bitch means your are part of the problem? You sound like an incel rn. You have to be at least somewhat pleasant to be around for people to like you, that goes for both men and women.

Anonymous 85367

Dude shut the fuck up, I’m being hostile because you were being hostile towards me first. I didn’t ask you for your stupid ass advice that made no sense in the first place. I sound like an incel and the problem because I don’t want to be victim blamed by some random person on a message board? And I’m sure there are men out there that are great probably, but I’ve yet to come across them. Stop typing in this thread you dumb fuck.

Anonymous 85371

Where did you meet them and what were their interests?
There are no good moids. But the ones who watch anime, don’t have a real job, use drugs (including weed), are loners or only have online friends, still play videogames past age 21, are terminally online, use 4chan or discord or any other tranny messaging app, are alt right or libertarian or ‘trad’ or have any other edgy opinions about stuff like that, and watch porn regularly are by far the worst ones of all. It’s like jumping into a shark pool on your period then asking why you got bitten. If you dated guys who genuinely had none of the interests I mentioned and were still dogshit, then I’ll be genuinely surprised. Most men are pretty crap, but someone would have to join some weird circles to encounter the kinds of men you are talking about who are that atrocious.

Anonymous 85372

Oh and any cluster B mental illnesses in moids are a red flag too. Men are heavily underdiagnosed with these mental illnesses despite plenty of the moid population having npd or bpd, and men who have it are pure demons because it just doubles their naturally evil moid nature.

Anonymous 85376

the thing i hate most about moids is how they project their selfish wicked mindsets into women. for example, when women try to discourage young girls from dating older men because they know those guys are just using and manipulating them, those women get accused of being jealous hags trying to gatekeep smelly old scrote haggots for themselves, which is bullshit. men are incapable of feeling protectiveness or care towards anyone who isn’t their immediate family and assume everyone else is as self seeking, manipulative and twisted as they are.

Anonymous 94528

It's this for me, too. Constantly projecting shit onto women that women would never do or think of. Like the sheer amount of incels who imagine women get railed by braindead Chads nonstop and want nothing but sex and cocks and sperm and to rape and coerce and humiliate and afterwards stomp on unattractive men because that's what they would do if they had any social or sexual value. They can't even imagine a world where someone wouldn't want that so their conviction is absolute. It's so utterly vile.

Even my male loved ones do it to me. Last year my boyfriend found a dust bunny on the carpet after vacuuming and immediately flew off the handle and accused me of having deliberately placed it there to make him look bad. It was baffling to me that someone could come up with such a scheme. I'm glad he outed himself though since once I was aware of it I noticed he does things like that all the time, messes with me just to stir up drama and put me down.

Anonymous 94574


>men are incapable of feeling protectiveness or care towards anyone who isn’t their immediate family
you're being too generous

it's also scary because they're not always upfront about it like anon's boyfriend here >>94528 you could say something well-intentioned and have it misinterpreted in the most perverse way by a man who will then hold a grudge against you without you knowing and that's dangerous because they're extremely petty and have no sense of proportional retaliation when they think they were wronged by someone.

But I also don't think it's always just their wickedness, sometimes you can tell they're being dishonest on purpose.

Anonymous 94621

I’m really sorry OP. Know your value. You’re better than these porn addicted pedophile freaks.

Anonymous 94688

I can't stand how these fuckers just seem to lack basic empathy.
Whenever I hear the most heinous shit (especially towards creatures/children who can't defend themselves) I just know it's gonna be some scrote bullshit. I'm so tired.

Anonymous 94717

I asked a guy if he would rather lose his dick or his legs and he said his legs. Then I asked dick or eyes and he had to think about it. Men truly are fucking stupid. I can't imagine choosing a non-vital sexual organ over the ability to walk, be independent, or fucking see.

Anonymous 94772


Do scrotes really?

Anonymous 94773

Sometimes, things like this make me wish I was a man. And like when my friends are crying about their shitty bfs. I'm not a tranny, but if I was a scrote, I'd be a way better friend and bf.

Anonymous 94782


>Meet a moid online
>Talk with him for some time
>Exchange selfies
>He's so fucking beautiful, just my type
>He thinks I'm beautiful too and keeps asking for pictures
>Deletes his pic for some reason
>Anyway, he starts talking about hwo he ruined his life and that he will never have a good relationship
>I ask why
>He says it's because of addiction
>Oh, heroin? Cocaine? Meth?
>Nope, it's porn
>I was disappointed but decided to be understanding anyway and said it's good that he recognizes it as a problem
>Later, asks me if I still have some of my nudes saved (I mentioned I used to send them to my ex-bf)
>Quickly deletes the message
>Says he deleted his reddit account again because he keeps gravitating to nsfw stuff on there
If you think just because the guy you're talking to is attractive he can't be trash on the inside, you're naive. I just feel so disappointed lmao
He wasn't even that bad compared to some other moids i talked to, just pathetic. Mostly because he needs to delete his social media account in order to stay away from porn. Yet even after that, he can't contain himself and felt the need to ask for my nudes (he didn't directly ask for them, but we know how that goes), and instantly regrets it. Pathetic filth lmao. But why does he have to look so good. I don't want to imagine him being a reddit coomer, he doesn't act like one, it can't be real right

Anonymous 94783

>if you think the guy you're talking to is so attractive he can't be trash inside
Learning about the halo effect should be mandatory in school. You're most likely to misjudge the character of someone attractive. Especially celebrities. 90% of celebrities are drug addicted pieces of shit, but people still love them.

Anonymous 94788

when i was a tween & young teen i had a crush on Fry from Futurama and was made fun of for being very open about it
the more i see of life the more i realise that Fry is actually an unrealistically decent guy and it was actually a good way of protecting myself

Anonymous 95068



Yes. They really do.

No you probably wouldn't.
If all moids are like this its probably genetic and physiological. As much as you would want to be a pure hearted goodboi your male hormones would get the best of you.

You can't fight nature even if you're a goodhearted person. The most a moid can do is suppress those feelings and never act on them in the real world, but they'll still gnaw at him on the inside forever or until he gets a girlfriend.

Either that or he's genuinely not and never been attracted to the girl he's friends with. Moids can't be true friends with women they're attracted to at least without having a deep longing feeling towards her.

The only exception is if he's had his heart broken by her rejection and chose to remain friends afterwards which happens but is super rare.

If you don't believe me ask your male friends if you have any. I have and the answer wasn't good.

Anonymous 95096


I absolutely hate how porn-infested the brains of moids are. I can't believe most of their existences actually revolve around a two second moment of pleasure. They'll go around and say that women can't be lonely because women could ask anyone at all if they'd want to have sex, and I believe that clearly shows the amount of depth there is to a moid's mind. I truly wonder how many hedonistic moids there are in the world that put up the facade of a relationship just because they want a woman by their side so that they can have sex with them and touch them at any time, zero needs for emotional connection or anything important. Take a look at 4chan, and you'll see dozens of posts attached with a random pornographic image, usually of moeshit, regardless of the content of the post.

Anonymous 95520


My god I hate moids so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 95521

thought i was over being a female but i guess it hasn’t fully left my body yet :(

i just learned about the show “butterface” hosted by a panel of judges including the worst moid on earth (howard stern.)basically, it’s a show about women who have nice bodies but ugly faces. some of the women aren’t even that facially challenged. all of the male judges were, though! strangely enough, i still care to “level-up” my face. I’m a bit black pulled but looking good and taking care of myself is the only way to navigate this world imo.

Anonymous 95525

>thought i was over being a female but i guess it hasn’t fully left my body yet :(

Anonymous 95544

I meant femcel

Anonymous 95586

Men are filth. I have so much pure unmitigated disgust for them. I fantasize about gouging their eyes out with forks. They are pure worthless filth at the end of the day. I guess this feeling is here for a reason?? Idk. Nothing can convince me to see them in any other way 99% of the time. they are sacks of pure unholy shit most days. Pure filth. Pure fucking filth. If one of them ever tried to creep on me/ take advantagd I'd become a wild animal and surprise murder them with my bare hands. I'd gouge out their eyes with my thumbs.

I don't know why I feel such rage and disgust rn but I must put it in words somewhere. I don't know what to do with it. I guess I'll put it here. Holy fuck everything they do is the complete opposite of remotely attractive. They're mostly ass ugly wastes of space and parasites. I get excited at the thought of one breaking into my home (tx :>) so I can have the pleasure of murdering one with my bear hands or an axe, or anything really it would be complete bliss.

Anonymous 95609


>tell moid I'm a lesbian
>we are friends for a few months
>he gets super possessive
>starts flipping out on me if I use my Twitter without talking to him first
>this goes in for months
>he kamikaze attacks the whole friendship by blaming me for him getting feelings for me despite me telling him I'm a lesbian from the very beginning
>he goes quiet for a week
>comes back, apologises, says he wont do it again
>"add me back on Twitter"
>"sorry I don't want to do that yet"
>immediately starts pissing and shitting because he thinks I'm hiding my Twitter to talk to guys

Anonymous 95610

kek, that's so pathetic it's funny, I'm sorry but he sounds like a complete scumbag, I wouldn't give him a second chance if I were you.

Anonymous 95613

He sounds like absolute psycho, youre better off not talking to him

Anonymous 95616

Wow he sounds fucking insane
What is keeping you from blocking him on everything and never speaking to him again, seriously
That level of nutcase is actually probably very dangerous if you continue the relationship, cut him off now before it turns into severe stalking or he murders you, he can not really come back from this kind of behavior and has shown he wasnt even interested in your friendship in the first place anyways, so

Anonymous 95631

Why the fuck did you continue talking to him

Anonymous 95660


Scrotes are completely fucked in the head

Anonymous 95705

I can’t take it anymore. Moids just repeat all the same behaviors. I need to escape this hell

Anonymous 95962

Sounds like your bf is just a terrible person

Anonymous 95982

loz twilight.gif

They say all men are dogs but I really wish men where more like dogs.
I want a loyal man. I want him to be all happy and excited to see me when I get home, with a big dumb smile. I want him to go on walks with me and be my cuddle buddy. I want a man to be willing to protect me. I want him to be able to tell when I'm down and be there or at least care.

Anonymous 95990


I could only get through the first few words and now I’m suicidal. Please spoiler that image

Anonymous 96006

When you get home from where? That's a backwards relationship dynamic

Anonymous 96007

Anon, men become as good as dogs (well not quite but mostly) when you start giving them commands and treats. I would consider myself a seasoned moid trainer having lost all faith in them aeons ago. Give them a "lift that box over there upstairs for me it won't be hard cos you're so strong!" or a "make dinner for me I feel weak and you're so good at cooking". My grandma used to always tell me you have to break men like a wild horse in order for them to be decent. You can get even strangers to do things for you for free. My grandma had a man do her gardening for 30 years and she never paid him, just berated and lovebombed him lmao. Never forget that they have to be treated worse than dogs in order to function at a basic human level. Men love being miserable and will do anything to achieve that, so you should just give it to them. Men also believe in a hierarchy of whomever is brave enough to show aggression, keep that in mind they also need jarring faux positivity in a shit sandwich in order not to absolutely tard out. "treats" should always be food or compliments, never sex or money or gifts that's for them to give to you at your command.
>Thank you for coming to my ted talk

Anonymous 96008

your grandma sounds based

Anonymous 96018

Being a working woman gives you power in a relationship then a stay at home. Until you can trust a moid never be a stay at home too soon because it can easily give him all the power in the relationship and power over you.
The treat part I have down, I know how to cook. (It really should a universal unisex skill.) Its the command part I cant seem to do.

Anonymous 96019


She was fantastic tbh the spitting image of Jessica Lange. Rip to The Boss.

Anonymous 96020

Sorry for the double post anon, you must be psychic because you posted just as I replied to the other anon. I think you might find this dog training video useful. I tell men the "ah ah ah" command if they interrupt or say something stupid and "Look at me when i'm speaking to you". The tone is also really important, calm, confident and assertive. Never let them see you get angry because they will see it as having "won". Hope that helps! I'm here all night for Man-taming tips and tricks.

Anonymous 96745


>he thirsts for internet whores and literal hentai while dating me
>they all have huge tits/chubby, i'm thin and flat
>then wonders why i think he's not attracted to me

Anonymous 96756

Men are dumb. I guarantee if he saw you browsing hot guys on the internet who look like the opposite of him, he'd be questioning your attraction to him too.

Anonymous 96803

I hate moids so much even their presence bothers me.
I am truly someone with misandry.

My coworkers never did much to me but I hate their guts.
To me, they are so disgusting, I have their voices. They smell. All moids smell. Even when they try not to.

Moids are so disgusting.
It causes me great suffering having to live among them.
Sorry for vent.

Anonymous 96828

I definitely don't like them but I see myself marrying one to protect me from other moids. I used to feel bad for my female friends who are pumped and dumped by moids or just in toxic relationships. Those who put them above other women. However, we all have free-will in life so I no longer feel bad.

Anonymous 96829

>They smell. All moids smell. Even when they try not to.

They really all do smell! It's something I've noticed. It's different but bad. My roommate used to hookup with her boyfriend in our room and he used to smell so fucking bad that it would make me sick. I'd have to open the window for the next 24 hours to air out.

Anonymous 96843

this is a question I must ask other miners:
Why is it that each time I meet a so-called "intellectual moid", he's always either:
>>a rampant degenerate
>>a condescending narcissistic sociopath
>>1-dimensionally smart but has no either personality

Meanwhile I could walk up to any intellectual woman and she's kind, resourceful, has a great personality and is all around more of a delight to be around?

Anonymous 96849

Halo effect.

Anonymous 96853

you must be a man

Anonymous 96857


Women will jump to the internet, and even on this imageboard to defend their male friends' "genuine, innocent feelings" while those said friends are in their filthy beds masturbating to mental images of their female friends being naked and performing fellatio. Those women will refuse to accept it, and deny it with angry fingers that clatter on their keyboards, but it's true. There are way too many instances of males using women at every chance they have just to sleep with them. Being their "friends", giving them gifts with hidden and ulterior motives, telling them that they love them, etc. It's more than instances. Males trying to sexually take advantage of women who give men the benefit of the doubt is a straight-up phenomenon. If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why do males always complain about being put in the "friend zone"? If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why do approximately zero males complain about friends "with benefits"?  If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why are males so much more likely than women to sexualize their friendships with the opposite sex? (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/men-and-women-cant-be-just-friends/). If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why did the vast majority (80%) of males in a survey of over one-thousand participants admit to fantasizing about sleeping with women they know outside of their own girlfriends? (https://thetab.com/2015/08/07/men-fantasise-cheating-women-48854).
If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why are fathers well-known for always being protective of their daughters about any male that enters their life? Even if the males in question are "just friends"? Why do you think fathers have to and always teach their daughters not to fully trust any guy just because he's polite or a "friend"? If a grown man that's your own father is telling you not to easily trust males just because they seem like your "friends", you better listen because his insight is coming straight from the horse's mouth (as he's a male). For countless women, there's always at least one male "friend" who later admits to finding them attractive and using that confession to shoot their shot and try to get some sex. Hell, that's even happened to me. Ask males on any social media or forum if they think about fucking their female friends, and most of those answers are gonna be "yes". One male, again coming straight from the horse's mouth, admitted that guys will always have at least one fantasy of sex and romance with any woman he meets, and that men prefer to befriend women they can see themselves dating or banging one day. So right there, males have made it clear that when they're your "friends", they're most likely putting you on the "back burner" for if they get too lonely one day. Friendships between women can be glorious, beautiful, and genuine. But if a male is in the equation, there's a large chance it's not truly platonic or genuine. Sure, there may be some exceptional and actual platonic friendships between women and males who are not relatives or homosexuals, but I don't think it happens as much as women want to believe.

Anonymous 96873

It's funny to respond to male "but what about men suffering this same issue?" comments with male-level degeneracy when they expect you to bend over backwards reassuring them their edge cases matter and are sooo terrible because that's the level of pampering they've come to expect from feminism (and women in general).

No, moids suffering doesn't fucking matter because they're objects. NPCs. Men should kill themselves far more, they should be raped far more, they should be abused by women far more. It's hot and would entertain me. They don't know how lucky they are they barely ever encounter viewpoints like mine, whereas women will see this type of male degeneracy about basic female rights every single day and still feel obligated to give a shit about male issues that they cause themselves.

What about male rape victims? More men should be raped, hopefully to death. It's hot when they are and would teach their subhuman asses a lesson. They should be grateful for being touched because men are naturally whores anyway. What about male suicide rates? Men killing themselves is hilarious and good for the planet. Most men are extraneous. What about men suffering domestic violence? They chose that woman. They can leave. Men can't suffer domestic violence anyway, it's all just moids crying wolf about being abused when they don't get picked up after enough or when they're actually the abuser.

Anonymous 96875

>raping someone to death
I never really got the logistics of that. do you just keep going until his heart gives out?

Anonymous 96876


Nah the dude gets pegged with a very large and hard dildo until his internal organs get punctured and he dies painfully.

Anonymous 96882

pegging is barely sex. you may as well jerk him off with an egg beater at that point.

Anonymous 96883

Use a double strap on

Anonymous 96885


Weird to suddenly get hung up on what constitutes sex in moid rape. Unfortunate that we have to get caught up in hypotheticals because moids don't get raped to death enough IRL. It should happen more.

Pegging is the best way to rape them anyway. Moids can't even comprehend rape unless their orifices are being violated. That's why they always think women are lying about it. They can't fathom how rape would feel like because the scenario they think of is some woman they find unattractive smothering their dick, which doesn't even sound bad to them when they would stick their piss rods into chicken sandwiches. That's why every slut moid would benefit from experiencing giant objects up their ass. They wouldn't have evolved prostates if they weren't born begging for it.

Anonymous 97048

I'm pretty sure if you really wanted to make it uncomfortable, you'd just make it disgusting for them.
Like if you were to force them to have sex while you're on your period.

Anonymous 97076

Anonymous 97080

Yet, people will say you're "overreacting" when you tell them that you would avoid males who go on 4chan. I don't trust males who use 4chan, and I will die on this hill.

Anonymous 97159

I hate how I will never be equal with my husband because he is bigger and stronger than me. He always decides when things are over. I hate men.

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