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jacksonville pride…

What are giant red flags to you Anonymous 92412

here are mine
>plays total war or paradox games
this can be explained by itself
>does roids
i have personal experience with this

Anonymous 92413

What happens when you have a roided moid? Increased violence and domestic abuse?
Obvious ones but…
>watches porn
>social media to ogle at women
>nothing is ever his fault, doesn’t take accountability, victimization complex
>basically if mentally ill, red flag. No ones gonna fix your issues for you. Fix them yourself before you try to date
>50/50 on bills
>makes misogynistic jokes or comments about women, even if joking
>views men better than women

Anonymous 92415

they become very unpredictable and they either get really horny or it doesnt go up and yes it does shrink their dick

Anonymous 92422

This is a silly one but I’ve never met a guy named Justin or Dylan who wasn’t fucking insane.

Anonymous 92431

>plays total war or paradox games
b-but I do that

Anonymous 92433

for me its:
>film buff
>bipolar disorder
>terrible relationship with mother or sister

Anonymous 92451

>views men better than women
all men are like this. if they say otherwise they are lying.

Anonymous 92455

Whats wrong with 50/50 bills?

Anonymous 92459

Aggression and manipulative tendencies.

Anonymous 92462

>calls himself a film buff
>hasn't watched any movie before the 70s

Anonymous 92464

When someone is snappy without a hint of guilt. We are not teenagers, you have a personality disorder

Anonymous 92946

>50/50 on bills
Nona you have daltonism.

Anonymous 92955

>bad relationship with parents
>paints his exes as crazy and unreasonable caricatures
>challenges people's needs for his wants
>raises his voice or shuts down in conflicts
>insecure about admitting he doesn't know something
>trouble apologizing or admitting he's wrong
God damn I just want to meet one (1) young man who isn't immature and self-serving and whose approach to dating doesn't revolve around hiding being immature and self-serving until he feels you're sufficiently trapped

Anonymous 92979

What are you saying with the needs and wants bit? I'm not understanding.

Anonymous 93013

>isn't a virgin
>won't wait until marriage
>doesn't want to get married
>pressures you for sex

Anonymous 93038

>bad relationship with parents
Disagree, it can be a good sign. Depends how toxic those parents are

Anonymous 93044

>anime (probably a coomer into girls who look underage and/or has asian fetish)
>disrespects his mother
>into superhero shit
>collects funko pops or similar
>"male feminist"
>adds/interacts with e-thots on socials (obviously)

My entire high school experience tried to brainwash me into thinking I was supposed to be into "nerds" but guess what I'm not and anybody who is self-described into "nerd culture" is a giant red flag!

Anonymous 93078

With the way most animes are (poor storylines with shoehorned sexual situations, depthless characters), I don't understand how an adult can find anime mentally stimulating. And I even like some animes myself.

Anonymous 93082

If a man plays paradox games he probably had a Nazi phase. If a woman plays paradox games it means she's cool.

Anonymous 93118

>male feminist
>really into politics or anime or shitty films
>immature, impulsive, explosive, anger issues
>but at the same time can act detached
>yelling (which is emotional failure)
>enjoys dominating/degrading sex
>too whiny, low self-esteem, negative

Anonymous 93120

Honestly it's easier to ask for what count as green flags in a relationship, because almost everything about 99% of males is a red flag

Anonymous 93135

there are no males that don't display red flags in 2022 because every single on of them has access to technology.

Anonymous 93140

Wants to make me contribute to HIS mortgage. I'm fine with 50/50 bills but I'm not paying rent to my partner. My ex wanted draw up a fucking lodger contract for me when we were discussing me moving in, I obviously refused and dumped his sorry ass shortly after. It wasn't the only thing but it was so consistent with everything else he did and it still makes me so mad.

Anonymous 93170

>Talks over you constantly
>Won't stop flexing and stfu about his sex life. Had one brag about how many girls he's made cum. He couldn't make me cum even once. It's clearly overcompensating behavior.
>Oversharing when you still barely know him
>Admits to having been right-wing/incel and a Asian fetishist
>Stands too close to you
>Keeps staring at you when talking
>Seems to have only extremely cringe, far-left friends. These friends naturally have no autonomous thinking of their own and exist to only ass-pat him.
>Unironically wears a "Please be patient I have autism" hat in public. (True story)

Coincidentally most of these apply to troons I have been friends with, before I peaked.

Anonymous 93174

>drives a truck
>has poor relationship with mom or insults her
>is a drug addict or alcoholic
>plays victim frequently
>insecure which can lead to being guilt tripper or woe is me type
>tries to be "ironically" sexist
>extreme feminist (he's a liar)
>uses twitter
>is into kinks

Anonymous 93180

almost forgot one
I hate fat men, I often find them to be some of the worst but justify their shitty behavior on being fat also their fucking ugly, I hate the constant shilling on "dad bods"

Anonymous 93275

>follows girls on ig that dont follow him back… its giving GROUPIE
>has any barely disguised fetishes like at least be honest
>overly confident and arrogant (always the ugly ones who are like this btw)
>has tiktok past the age of 19
>anger issues
>too many female friends
>tries to rush sex
>ran through
>makes fun of things i enjoy
>raises his voice at me EVER
>whiny voice
>watches porn
>watches fanservice anime
>expects to be chased
>does not like animals and children
>does not respect my faith

Anonymous 93278

>jokes about having a superiority complex or being borderline narcissistic
>doesn’t read
>uses twitter
>uses Snapchat
>doesn’t make an effort to (even pretend to) care about my interests
>watches porn
>makes tasteless sex jokes
>into anime and/or vidya

Anonymous 93288

I'm part of some strange subcultures and I have niche hobbies. I refuse to date men who share similar interests. My boyfriend needs to be a normie

Anonymous 93292

Anyone who makes their sense of humor being an asshole. Way too many guys out there will say something legitimate cruel and then be like
>hurr durr can’t you take a joke
I hate people like this, not worthy to be friends with either.

Anonymous 93301

>Unironically wears a "Please be patient I have autism" hat in public. (True story)
Can you tell me more? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 93302

>follows a semitic faith
>male feminist
>whines about any woke subject
>is easily outraged
>is political online
>complains about women, especially regarding the date of the males they date
>no financial responsibility
>mental illnesses (except light autism or ADHD)
>acts like a baby wanting his mommy
>gives in to peer pressure

Anonymous 93303

*race of the males they date
This is a huge redflag

Anonymous 93307

i follow a semitic faith and i agree with you. religious men are unhinged.

Anonymous 93309


It was basically a creepy friend of one of my previous roommates who didn't even try to hide his simping for me. We ended up exchanging numbers and he wouldn't stop texting me (Another red flag btw). Back then, like an autist myself, I kept engaging platonically even guys it clearly created misunderstandings with.

This guy must have been simping because he thought I could be his IRL weeb waifu:

>invited him to check out my room one time

>sees my anime figurines
>whispers "you're amazing" under his breath

After hanging out with me, him, and roomate one time he had decided to text me asking why I wasn't wearing a bra. It's made uncomfortable to go braless in public ever since.

Anonymous 93338

In no particular order:
>>Lives with their parents
>>Highly religious
>>Socks and Sandals
>>Active Reddit Account
>>One Pillow and a Hospital Blanket (no real bedding)
>>Taking phone in the bathroom and every time
>>24 digit passcode to their phone
>>lives with their ex girlfriend
>>plays league
>>into lolishit
>>Whines about being circumcised

Anonymous 93339

This are just general red flags but some you do need to watch out for
>watches porn of any kind
>follows male podcasts or any masculinity influenecers like andrew tate
>refers to women as females
>defends tory lanez or johnny depp or any abuser
>uses reddit
>owns a pitbull or a pug
>follows insta or onlyfans models
>insults women of their own ethnicity
>uses steroids
>believes in 50/50
>hates cats
>has many "female friends"
>atheist, very scientical "trust the science" type
>"I just want something casual"
>pushing sex too soon
>if he has many kids from previous relationships especially if he's under 30 (this is more like a black flag, run girl run!)
>no effort and doesn't appreciate small gestures
>has a history of cheating
>actively rates women from 1 to 10
>overprotective of his phone
>too many previous partners (4 is my top)
>fundamentalists of any kind
>a cop or military man

Anonymous 93345

Aside from the obvious red flags:

>Has friends who cheated on their partner

>Has friends that are problematic in other ways
It's like show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. If you aren't okay with other people's behavior you wouldn't keep them as friends.
>Doesn't keep his place clean when you come over
>Spends money on status symbols
>Frequently talking bad about other people or groups of people
>Drinks alcohol more often than every other week, smokes or consumes sugar in excessive amounts

Anonymous 93379

>Owns a pug
Okay, you got me. Why is the pug a red flag?

Anonymous 93380

>plays league or overwatch
Nothing is wrong with these games in particular but they're just played by toxic moids
>Cargo shorts
>Always thinks their hair looks bad
>Complains about job while refusing and laughing off suggestions to up their career
>Complains about the tiniest inconvenience
>Calls themselves an assman or boobman
I love a guy that can appreciate my ass or boobs but the labels are so autistic and they're usually going to be ultra obsessed with comparing the feature to other women's or nitpicking it
>Never shuts up about ex and then claims you're immature if it bothers you or gaslights you about it
>Makes excuses for their life choices when they can be better if given the opportunity
>Is a "shoulder to cry on" for other girls
There's nothing wrong with this in specific situations like long term childhood friends or family, but most moids can't find boundaries when it comes to emotions

Anonymous 93383

i'm literally the female version of this

Anonymous 93394

he doesn't cook and clean
half joking with myself I might have to get fucking divorced over this lmao but I dug my own grave by ignoring it for so long

Anonymous 93395

Same here. Some of those red flags describe me. Welp.

Anonymous 93397

Sorry guys lol. I always thought red flags were "warnings" type deal that doesn't necessarily mean the person is bad but you should be more cautious and aware, where as someone being blantantly abusive was just them abusive and you dont need a flag to tell they're abusive

Anonymous 93604

>Complains about job while refusing and laughing off suggestions to up their career
Extend this to any sort of unwillingness to improve their situation

Anonymous 93692

>lying, even about harmless things or in an attempt to look better. it signals something more sinister like cluster b/dark triad personalities
>non-apology apologies / apologizes but does it again
>never takes the first step to make up because "not muh fault"
>starts fights only through texts
>dares you to end the relationship after a few weeks/months (to test if they can get away with it)
>overshares too early (lovebombing + sob stories to look like a victim so you're less likely to "abandon them")
>anounces they're X without prompt
men who present themselves as eunuchs are degenerate porn addicts, people who announce how open to criticism and how caring they are are tyrants, etc
>never says anything good about others, constantly criticizes them
>is embarrassingly silent and uncooperative in groups so people don't try to talk to you anymore when you're with them
>"you don't need other friends than me"
>all of their "morals" are especially convenient to them
>sighs at you/rolls their eyes because of something you said (too cowardly to say anything but tries to shame you anyway)
>doesn't like fiction, unable to understand themes or to identify to any character
this is a big one for me. media shape us and if someone has no insight about what they've consumed nor any attachment to stories they're probably a pitiful, hollow subhuman devoid of sentience and empathy.

>insults women of their own ethnicity
this type is especially disgusting, makes my stomach churn

Anonymous 93716

>overshares too early (lovebombing + sob stories to look like a victim so you're less likely to "abandon them")
This is so true. If someone does this, just block their number and avoid them at all costs. It's not worth it, people who do this are usually completely nuts.

Anonymous 93720

>trashtalks everyone and everything, especially other women
>abandons or treats an animal like crap
>fixated on their hate of anything.(Though I get hating trannies and men, bad moods, fixation on them, or anything just makes a person neurotic and irritating.)
>pickme behavior
>staying in a toxic relationship or obsession with relationships
>obsession with approval
>obsession with approval from men
>uptight, does not know how to laugh
>turns everything into a moral crusade even at the expense of enjoying life
>not knowing how to be alone
>fixated on appearance so much they are monstrously insecure

Anonymous 93737

>>24 digit passcode to their phone
This one seems highly specific

Anonymous 94456

>turns everything into a moral crusade even at the expense of enjoying life

I think this is my dad. I can't talk normally to him, because he often leaves the topic, picks only one world from it and start 1 hour lecturing about how is the world degenrated today and every single thing sucks. But this came with age, I don't remember him being like this when I was small.
It is very hard.

Anonymous 94490

I knew a girl who dated a guy who had one. (He ended up bringing arrested later), so yes it’s a anecdotal one. Kek
Here’s some more
>>Comments on what you eat
>>Comments on your feet size or toe length
>>Talks about eating ass
>>Shorties have height complexes in men if you’re taller than them.
>>Bartenders are drunks and man whores don’t take the party home
>>unkempt nails
>>greasy hair
>>long beards

Anonymous 94505

in my experience if someone has had a nazi phase in their teenage years, there is a big chance they become left leaning (or further) adults. i used to be a polfag at 14 playing paradox games, now it has radicalized me into fantasizing about punching faschists.

Anonymous 94506

That’s a red flag even in women. Violence and extremism of either kind is a huge no no

Anonymous 94507

Funny because the opposite also happens a lot.

Anonymous 94514

>>bad relationship with parents
I get how this is objectively a bad sign but it's important to be a bit moderate and sympathetic here. This idea that if an adult child has a conflict with their parents they're literally always in the wrong is very destructive.

Anonymous 94520

>In law enforcement in ANY capacity or the military
>Stares at women (servers, etc.)
>Starts an argument with you to prevent you from going somewhere
>Makes backhanded comments about your body, personality, education, life experience
>Always talks about himself, he's done this, he's done that, he's been everywhere, wow
>Every woman he's ever dated/been with has been "crazy"
>Calls himself humble or "a good guy/a nice guy"
>Watches porn
>Has sex toys
>Never discusses his parents, never wants you to meet his parents. Conversely, wants you to meet them too soon.
>Lives in his past, always goes on about his glory days.

Anonymous 94534

>facial scars
>self harm scars
>has a certain look in their eyes, i don't know how to describe it but it must be a blood memory of ancestral trauma

Anonymous 94546

I'm curious, why? You can certainly hurt your face without being in violent altercations. I tore my lower lip in half with my teeth in a accident when I was little.

Anonymous 94555

>men who describe themselves as 2+ of the following: leftist, anti-terf/swerf, vegan, kinky, poly, dominant
>bi women aged 25+ with next to no same sex experience

Anonymous 94559

>violent altercations.
there's your answer, you can clearly see that i was alluding to men who signal that they are dangerous/get involved in stupid shit, gang affiliated or mentally unstable and not people who get injured by accident. I live in a very bad neighborhood nona.

Anonymous 94568

>bi women aged 25+ with next to no same sex experience
I was going to dispute with "but what if she has no sexual experience with men either" but I realized that's still a red flag.
Virgin loser febfem dating app when?

Anonymous 94577

>Jordan pooperson fan
> justifies Andrew tate
> discord & reddit mod/user
> p4rn addict but hates vehemently p4rnstars
being ana addict is bad enough, but to hate the women you contribute to is so deranged

Anonymous 94578

> mental illness & bad relationship with parents
> abusive childhood
I just want someone stable

Anonymous 94581

why are you censoring the word porn

Anonymous 94588

ayrt i'm not febfem anymore but was initially and didn't lose my virginity until my early 20s because of it. it's just harder to find women overall so if a potential partner didn't have experience with either sex i'd be able to empathise. it's mostly just women who've had 10 boyfriends but never done more than kiss another woman who make me uncertain.

Anonymous 94609

>bi women aged 25+ with next to no same sex experience
Interesting. I'm younger than 25 and have only had relationships with men (still not much to be fair). It's not that I would mind dating women but in addition to living in a pretty homophobic country and having a specific type that makes me mostly attracted to people like 10 years older than me at the very least would probably make it hard to find a wlw in her 30s who would be into a weird immature younger woman and would fit my type. In addition it seems to me that I don't have much of a chance with wlw because of me generally looking straight-passing and being petite, looking a lot younger than I actually am which seems to be the type of a look that only men are into. I guess I'll turn into a red flag when I'll reach 25 assuming I don't find a wlw-unicorn with whom we'll be into each other.

Anonymous 94643

if i'd said your flaming autism was a red flag instead would you have still sent me a similarly worded butthurt reply?

Anonymous 94646

I'm not actually angry and I'm sorry if it seems this way. This was absolutely unintentional. It's just that it's a bit funny how something I have little control over would be seen as a red flag but I don't actually mind it. Same with my autism.

Anonymous 94669

I'm 25+ and I'd be open to a bi women who is inexperienced with women, it's only a red flag if she only wants to hook up but has long term relationships with men. Or is seeking a woman while dating a man (most disclose this, some don't in my experience). When I tried and failed to use apps, most of the bi women interested had boyfriends despite stating I'm not open to women currently in relationships. I don't like being used as a warm vibrator.

Anonymous 94696

1. watches porn
2. really close relationship with his mother, like too close
3. speaks poorly about his exes
4. has next to no intuition (i.e., I don’t know what to buy you, what would you like) especially when you have made your likes etc clear
5. habitual dater on tinder or apps etc
6. hasn’t had any sort of long term relationship yet is older
7. really grubby / messy environment
8. poor hygiene
9. plays LoL religiously (never met a nice LoL guy who plays it consistently)
10. far too nice & complimentary & love bombing in the beginning
11. immediately wants to hook up
12. talks about people, very drama oriented

I have a whole book but that’s just some

Anonymous 94754

>2. really close relationship with his mother, like too close
This, and it needs to be talked about more. We mostly just hear concerns that people don't get along with their parents (for which there can be some damn good reasons), we should talk more about mama's boys. I've seen some bad cases IRL.

Anonymous 94755

I met an incredibly cute boy, went to his place to study sand saw him playfully spank his own mother in the kitchen. She responded with a giggle and "boys will be boys" sigh. I was out of there, not looking back ASAP.

Anonymous 94781

What the fuck? Even online I have barely ever heard of something like this, horrifying.

Anonymous 94784

I'm struggling to believe this is real because I don't want to believe one could just walk into such a nightmarish situation.

Anonymous 95650

>Drug use of any sort including drimk
>Racist, or hateful toward other people in any similar manner


>men can't go 50/50 on pregnancy can they?
Ok but he isn't obligated to see it that way until there's actually a pregnancy involved.

Anonymous 95654

So you want a straight-edge man who categorically swears off any sort of naughty indulgence, but one who is still completely tolerant of everyone else in a world where most other people choose to drink or do drugs, especially the special interest groups you have in mind. How do you see this working out? Where do you imagine he would get such a worldview from?

Anonymous 95655

I know at least 3 moids IRL who don't drink or do drugs for personal reasons, at least one of them isnt religious whatsoever. but all of them are tolerant of people who do. get offline and you'll find that while they're not common, they're not as rare as you think

Anonymous 95656

My bf is so pure. Literally none of these things describe him. However he browses r9k daily. He's not an incel but to him it's just entertainment like sports is to some guys. Red flag? I do the same so honestly I can't judge.

Anonymous 95670

I've actually met some myself but they are rare and generally do have other issues. Not drinking at all is just kind of an odd trait, even if it's just correlational. A lot of these guys have some other addiction like video games or whatever.

Anonymous 95680

I'm not sure I know much about r9k (though i hear they're not all too fond of women) on the whole though I do know 4chan males tend to fall under two types; ironic shitposters and completely serious psychopaths. Take that how you will.

Anonymous 95859

I don't think it's a red flag in itself. You do have to admit that 4chan is entertaining. You quite literally cannot find the same type of content anywhere else on the internet.
Though I would pay attention to his friends who don't go on 4chan, the way they treat women, and the opinions they hold, because chances are he holds similar ones. And hopefully those opinions are that women are people and should be treated as such, because it's pretty obvious that a majority of the moids on 4chan don't think that.

Anonymous 95945

Not her but it's preferable to expect him to pay when you start dating. Not being cheap filters the fuckboys and narcissists who play several women at once.
Then if you go long term and don't want kids you can switch to 50/50

Anonymous 95972

i mean i browse r9k and chill around incel spaces for that very reason. the cesspool is quite fun to dip in but you can't stay too long

Anonymous 95977

They/them pronouns. Always run away from the nb subhumans. They are narcissists

Anonymous 96001

>Has any type of race fetish
I'm white but people often mistake me for Middle-Eastern and Middle Eastern women are so fetishized in my country it's insane.
>Makes fun of my style
I know I'm autistic with my interests so I don't mind small jokes about it but when moids tell me 'you'd look better like this and without this' I know they just say it for their own interest. It usually just means looking more normie anyway.
I'm not looking to be lectured by my own boyfriend about being more tolerant of trannies.

Anonymous 96013


I hate a lot of things in men so let's just get list this over with:
>race fetish
Males are very dehumanizing when it comes to women. They get even MORE dehumanizing when they socialize with women of a different background because they equate the woman's beauty and value to her race, while 9 times out of 10 talking shit about the women in his own race. Just no. Males like this should be shamed into oblivion.
>pornography watching of any type
Self-explanatory. He's watching other women in an intimate way, and at that, he's getting off on them being degraded in such a way. Hell no, if he watches porn or even uses the lingo, I have got to go.
>talks shit about every single one of his exes/diagnoses exes with BPD
It's the same gist as a person complaining about meeting nothing but assholes. If everyone is an asshole, the problem is likely just you being an asshole yourself and thinking actual normal people are "stupid heads" for not getting your vibe. Plus, if a man supposedly dated nothing but BPDs, you have to wonder if he deliberately dates them to manipulate and abuse them even more. Men who do that are even worse than their "psychotic bitch" exes at that point.
>bleeding heart liberal who supports gutter trash ideologies like trannyism
A man having a heart is one trait, but it's another trait to be dumb enough to support transgenderism. If a man is the type of man to be okay with his child being manipulated into greatly misunderstanding who or what they are, that is not a man but rather a moron who can't be trusted to raise children properly.
I want to grow into a better, healthier person. A man who let his body go to waste and does nothing about it would not make a good partner to grow healthy with.
Man who likes dick in his butt can be my acquaintance, but never my lover. Therefore, I would not date a bisexual man. Am I being a little unfair with this one? Maybe but eh.
>bad hygiene or messy living space
Just like the fat. I'm trying to get my life together, not let it become a jungle. A man with toilet paper on the floor, a bloated gut, and smegma in his penis is a creature I wouldn't even touch with the tip of my pinky fingernail.
>breeding kink
A man who would find me lovely even after I give birth is really hot, but a man who would "pump me full of ten kids" and turn me into a "breeding machine" is not. You can find your wife sexy after she has kids, and that's NOT the same as the bastardized version of it.
>funko pops and dumb toys without sentimental value
>loves anime
If a man is going to watch anime, it needs to be of substance (which means NO coomer-bait trash) and in small doses (no binge-watching).
>sex work
If a man supports sex work under the impression that it's "empowering", he might as well say he believes in human slavery if it's "yassified".
>avid Reddit user
No lol
>loves content like Filthy Frank
Every single person I met who loves Filthy Frank was always a retarded jackass who didn't know when to just shut up. Yeah, I went there!
>avid 4chan user
I'd rather not even be friends with a male if he goes to THAT place all the time. This goes for Twitter too. If he's always on Twitter, he likely cares too much about his own opinions about different things.
>getting attached to you quickly
If a man wants to date you after just a week of knowing you, or shares the most traumatic parts of his life before six months is up, just run. Run very fast and far.
>quick to anger
>religious people who are only religious in the name itself
Okay maybe not a red flag, but I met people like this. Catholics or Christians who say they believe in God and go on about how "open-hearted" they are, and proceed to act like immature assholes who you would never guess were Catholic or Christian. Why align yourself with religion if you're not going to practice it?? It feels attention-seeking at that point.

Now that I think about it, all of this can go for anyone; not just men.

Anonymous 96015

Ridiculously based post.
every single point you made is spot on.

You sound just like me :')

Anonymous 96016

>I'm white but people often mistake me for Middle-Eastern and Middle Eastern women are so fetishized in my country it's insane.

Are you from France or Belgium by any chance? I hate French moids they're so rapey and porn-addled it's insane.

Anonymous 96017

wth ur so on point we shouldve been irl friends its not fair your an anonymous internet user probably on the other side of the world as me D:

Anonymous 96021

>dumb toys without sentimental value
Thank God someone actually recognizes the difference between sentimentality and consumerism.

Anonymous 96025

I'm the anon you were replying to. If you wanna be friends, sure!

Anonymous 96030

Close! I'm from the Netherlands, it's not a bad place to live but the men.. But that's everywhere lol

Anonymous 96034

Ever since the Syrian war so many European scrotes have fetishes of raping and degrading middle eastern women especially refugee girls and they produced a ton of p0rn with this fantasy.

It’s so fucking scary and sad. A friend of mine who is a refugee from Iraq living in Belgium got disgusting messages on Linked-In from a Belgian scrote explicitly mentioning her ethnicity and what he’d like to do to her after a night out.

Euro-scrotes, not even once.

Anonymous 96038

Ew what the fuck, I'm sorry your friend has to go through that.

Anonymous 96165

Would it be weird to reply to this as a lesbian

Anonymous 96166

no lol. i'm curious

Anonymous 96168

>messy hair
Even worse if it’s an unnatural color
>puts hello kitty on everything
Sanrio is cute but the people who make it part of their aesthetic (either online or in person) are usually annoying
>talks about exes a lot
Self explanatory
>lovebombing me even though we first met
Like you barely know me. Just talk to me.
>seriously vents all the fucking time especially if we dont know each other that well
I hate people who dont have boundaries
>likes those weird lesbian frog/fairy/possum memes
It just has strikes me the same way as the sanrio thing
>says “i hate men, im thinking about becoming a full on lesbian” if theyre bi
Self explanatory
>posts those dumbass parody facebook memes
I dont know how to explain it but those posts make me want to reel
>constantly talking about things that are problematic or politics
Self explanatory
>pretty active on twitter
Theyre probably the thing I said above

Anonymous 96169

literally me minus the sanrio and twitter parts

Anonymous 96193

Lmfao same except the lovebombing

Anonymous 96581

Would you prefer he smack talks women of other races even your own?

Anonymous 96610

>active on Twitter and/or Letterboxd

Anonymous 96611

Why does he have to disparage any woman of any race?

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