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Solitude thread Anonymous 96939

Why do you feel lonely? You dont actually owe society anything especially when youve been neglected, traumatized etc. You may feel like you dont belong, but ofcourse you do. Youre a human being that actually just wants to exist and be loved. Thats the essence of everyone, but people have different ways of doing this. Most just follow the herd. Theyre just not very smart. Everyone whos hurt you is gonna live a less meaningful feeling life than you have the potential to live. Thats the karmatic patterns of nature. Youre actually free, even if on the streets there are moids just being human garbage, its not your fault - your morals are above theirs. Nothing was ever your fault in this life, youre perfect and loved.

Anonymous 96946

Thank you so much, I actually needed to read something like this.

>Nothing was ever your fault in this life, youre perfect and loved.

You too nona.

Anonymous 96975

>Why do you feel lonely?
Because I am alone.

Anonymous 96976

I was overthinking a traumatic memory involving a moid and this helped me

Anonymous 96985

What if certain things in this life WERE my fault? I mean the only part where nothing was my fault was when i was a kid and bullied. It did end up making me grow up as a kind of a bitter dickhead though.

Anonymous 96999


Some very bad things have happened to me.

I think it's safer to be alone, even though that hurts too.

Anonymous 97000

well then you aren't the perfect penultimate victim this thread is intended for and kaRmaTiC pattErNs will make you suffer

Anonymous 97071

Op here,
I think solitude can be both like my pic and like your pic and I like both of them. For me the timeless void that is everywhere is way more real than peoples fleeting ideas of perfection. I dont comprehend loneliness anymore either. I only did as a teen because i was neglected by my parents yet had to keep living with them, and had to go to school despite my body going into shutdown from an autistic type of hypervigilance, and all the traumatic experiences of the ugliness of people around me, particularly finding out what men think of women online at 14, when i just wanted to be loved and accepted for once. Still, all that really mattered to me was the feeling of both tranquility and liveliness pieces of media id use as escapism like certain video games and manga or anime gave me, but now i know its all here. I just needed to heal on my own without meaningless societal responsibilities.
The thing is theres no real, constant you. Ive done messed up things too. But theres no moving forward if you keep blaming yourself or anything really, theres nothing to blame.

Anonymous 97116

Every time I transition into a new period of my life (middle school, high school, college, university), I expect to finally make friends, that maybe the last few years have been unlucky, but they never come. I’m now 20 and mourning the loss of my teenage years, all of which I spent in my room online trying to escape the loneliness. I realize this is still “young” but I don’t see things getting better. Hell, I feel like my life will go downhill after 20 thanks to all the shit i’ve been conditioned to believe by moids online since I was 10.

Thank you for posting this OP <3 I think CC has helped a lot with my current state of depression as I realize there are many more women just like me out there. I’m also a bit worried all the negativity is worsening it in another way, but that’s an issue for another time lol..

Anonymous 97117


What have you been conditioned to believe?

To improve you must shed these false beliefs. You're not gonna get anywhere if you keep believing the moid propaganda.

Anonymous 97121

It's ok to enjoy being alone, but never detach yourself completely from the world.

Anonymous 97122

I feel like no man will find me attractive once I pass 25. They’re all so disgustingly obsessed with barely legal girls and I wish more than anything I could stop internalizing it, but I’m stuck feeling as though all I have to offer are my looks and youth.

Anonymous 97123


Why would you want to have anything to do with fugly pedos

Anonymous 97124

You’re right but I actually want to get married some day and it seems every last moid has pedophilic tendencies. Maybe I just have to learn to appreciate being alone at this point.

Anonymous 97252

Grew up in a domestic violence situation, never left. It's why I feel unable to connect.

Caught with a partner and trying to get a lavender marriage. Bit hurt that they're not honest about it. But I'm accepting, I'm not straight either way. We "cheat" but it's kept on the down low. He's not that subtle about it so I consider it rude, but I do berate him for it, kinda defeats the whole purpose but it's hard to find another so I stay and mingle with others. I think seeing my parents fight and stay together has ruined all possibilities of an ability to connect and love others, romantic mostly, but what hurts is the friendships I can't connect with. I'm always talking to someone, longest I've been single since the age of 14 was 2 weeks. I'm always in a relationship but unable to trust and love without worrying they hate me, they'll kill me, they'll hurt me, they'll do something to harm me in some way. I don't want to be this way.

Anonymous 97253

I have a lot of great friends but I've never been in a relationship with someone I actually loved. It's a fucked up way to treat people, I know. Last time I developed a crush it got so obsessive and destructive it nearly drove my life off the rails completely. I'm mostly over that one but unfortunately I still have sky high standards, and I'm afraid there's just not very many people in the world that I am able to see as potential partners. Slowly starting to accept that I might just be too narcissistic to experience true romantic love

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